• Title Lawyer, Latham & Watkins LLP

After I graduated from Boston University with a BA in Biology Specializing in Ecology and Conservation Biology and a minor in Marine Biology, I attended Duke University School of Law and graduated with my J.D. in 2016. My career today focuses on white collar defense, and government and internal investigations–quite the departure from my undergraduate studies at Boston University! Despite the fact that my career path eventually deviated from the hard sciences, not a day goes by that I don’t draw from the lessons I learned and experiences I had while at BU.
During the winter semester of my Sophomore year I began working with Peter Buston studying the behavior of Amphiprion percula, better known as the clownfish. I was fortunate enough to continue working with Dr. Buston throughout my time at Boston University, with the support of the Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program. I was also able to study abroad at BU’s Biodiversity station in Tiputini and was able to visit the BU research station in Belize.
Through the Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program I was able to develop mentorship relationships with Professors, Post-doctoral Fellows and PhD students. My mentors continually provided me with intellectually challenging work, allowing me to develop important analytical and deductive reasoning skills that are not always developed in the class room. I was provided with detailed and constructive criticism allowing me to improve in my work. My mentors always encouraged me to voice my opinions or concerns, giving me the confidence to do the same in a variety of workplace environments. I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to develop these skills in a fun and incredibly supportive environment!

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