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Elizabeth Co

Elizabeth Co


PhD, University of California, San Francisco
Areas of Interest: science education, human immunology and reproduction
(617) 353-5564

Current Research

Two of my utmost passions in life have been teaching and learning about the structure of human body and its diseases. Here at BU I combine those interests in teaching four courses all about health and the human body primarily for Sargent College of Health & Rehabilitation Science students going into health sciences careers. While I am no longer actively involved in laboratory research, I am constantly learning and discovering new things to keep my courses relevant, engaging and up-to-date with the current research in the field.

Courses Taught

  • BI 105 Introductory Biology for the Health Sciences
  • BI 106 Human Anatomy
  • BI 108 Fundamentals of Biology II
  • BI 114 Human Infectious Diseases
  • BI 211 Human Physiology
  • BI 315 Systems Physiology

Selected Publications

  • McIntyre M, Co E, Thompson M, Spilios K (2015) Matching Pedagogy and Content: Should What You Teach Influence How You Teach It. Journal of College Science Teaching. Submitted.
  • Co, E. with Oppelt, S (2015) BI 114 Lab Manual, Human Infectious Disease.
  • Co, E. (2014) BI 114 Lab Manual, Human Infectious Disease.
  • Co E, and Pasino D (2013) BI 105 Lab Manual, Fundamentals of Biology for the Heath Sciences.
  • Co E, Gormley M, Kapidzic M, Rosen DB, Stlop HAR, Scott MA, McMaster M, Lanier LL, Barcena A., Fisher SJ (2013) Maternal decidual macrophages inhibit NK cell killing of invasive cytotrophoblasts during human pregnancy. Biol Reprod, 88(6):155, 1–9.
  • Mackewicz C, Yuan J, Tran P, Diaz L, Mack E, Selsted M, Levy J (2003) α-Defensins can have anti-HIV activity but are not CD8 cell anti-HIV factors. AIDS. 17: F23-32.
  • Li JZ, Mack EC, Levy JA (2003) Virucidal efficacy of soap and water against human immunodeficiency virus in genital secretions. Antimicrob Agents Chemother. 47 (10): 3321-2.

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