• Stephen Decina
    Biogeochemical Cycling of Carbon, Nitrogen, and Phosphorus Across the Greater Boston Area
    Advisor: Templer
  • Amanda Gallinat
    Effects of Climate Change and Invasive Plants on Autumn Phenology in Massachusetts, USA
    Advisor: Primack
  • Jesse Delia
    Ecology and Evolution of Parent-Embryo Interactions in Neotropical Glassfrogs
    Advisor: Warkentin

  • Caitlin McDonough
    Climate Change, Species Loss, and Spring Phenology in and Around Acadia National Park, Maine
    Advisor: Primack
  • Kristina Cohen
    Anuran Hatching Mechanisms and Their Role in Adaptive Plasticity
    Advisor: Warkentin
  • Rebecca Sanders-DeMott
    Interacting effects of growing season and winter climate change on nitrogen and carbon cycling in northern hardwood forests
    Advisor: Templer
  • Darcy Greer Gordon
    Evolutionary Neurobiology of Exceptionally Polymorphic Ants
    Advisor: Traniello
  • Allison Gill
    Coupling of Belowground Biogeochemical Cycles and Plant Carbon Allocation Strategies Highlight Global Patterns in Resource Limitation and Ecosystem-Level Responses to Global Change
    Advisor: Finzi