Pamela Garcia Lopez of the Siggers Lab recently received the Kilachand Doctoral Fellowship. This fellowship is awarded by the Multicellular Design Program (MDP), which combines research in Synthetic Biology, Microbial Engineering, Tissue Engineering, Data Science, and Biophysics to understand the design principles of multicellular systems. The mission of MDP, which is funded through the Rajen Kilachand Fund, is to understand the underlying design principles governing multicellular systems, and to leverage these principles for the development of new technologies.

Pamela is a second year PhD student in the Cell & Molecular Biology program. Her research aims to decipher the rules of cofactor recruitment by transcription factors in mammalian cells. She’s particularly interested in the design of synthetic cofactors with the goal of building integrators of endogenous signaling pathways to understand how multicellular systems respond to signaling environments.

Congratulations, Pamela!