Congratulations to Dr. Tuan Leng Tay for receiving the 2023 Spivack Neuroscience Pilot Award.

Jack Spivack, a founding member of the MED Dean’s Advisory Board, established these awards in 2013 to recognize and support the research of outstanding faculty conducting either clinical or basic research in Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy, and other neurological disorders.

Dr. Tay seeks to understand the processes and mechanisms underlying these changes across the lifespan by studying microglia, which are implicated in all brain pathologies. The Tay lab applies various approaches, including using different biological models, high-resolution microscopy, next-generation sequencing, multi-omic technologies, and machine learning-based analyses. Dr. Tay wants to investigate how microglia function and why they fail to function in chronic neurodegeneration.

Congratulations, Dr. Tay!

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