Congratulations to Sarah Davies for Winning the ARROWS Mary Eskrine Award. The Mary Eskrine funding award is given to BU STEM faculty members to fund professional development activities that support the BU community of women and other underrepresented genders in STEM. This July, Dr. Davies attended the 15th International Coral Reef Symposium (ICRS) in Bremen, Germany with five BU graduate students working in her lab and an NSF REPs fellow. 


Together they presented six oral presentations and one poster. Dr. Davies organized a workshop called, “How can we develop tools and best practices to accurately delimit Symbiodiniaceae diversity in reef research?” She was also the chair of a coral restoration genetics session as well as a plasticity and adaption session. In addition, Dr. Davies was awarded a pin for becoming an ICRS Fellow. Dr. Davies used the funds from the Mary Eskrine award to cover travel and registration costs. 

Dr. Davies describes the most rewarding part of her job as mentoring her students:

“Watching my Ph.D. students and my technician up in front of an international room of the top reef scientists, delivering amazing talks and answering questions seamlessly was very fulfilling. I was really proud of the awesome science we delivered and it was also just really great to be together networking with many folks from all over the world.”

Congratulations to Dr. Sarah Davies and her team!


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