The Biology Graduate Committee is delighted to announce the winners of the Department’s graduate teaching awards:

E Schlatter as the winner of the 2021-2022 Outstanding Teaching Fellow in Biology award for teaching excellence over the past year. E served the Department as a teaching fellow in for Genetics (BI 206), for which E has been praised their ability to guide students in dissecting and analyzing problems in course content. E’s evaluations from students noted their strengths in explaining concepts, their responsiveness to students’ needs, and their willingness to spend extra time with students, to ensure that they understood concepts from class. In this way, E has gone above and beyond typical expectations for a TF in Biology.

Isabella Muratore as the winner of the Biology Distinguished Teaching Fellow Award for teaching excellence throughout her graduate career. Isabella has served the Department for the multiple years as a teaching fellow, including for an unusually broad range of courses encompassing nonmajors (Sociobiology, BI 119), premedical Biology concentrators (Introductory Biology, BI 107, BI 108), and courses for the Specialization in Behavioral Biology (BI 225). Isabella has been noted by both students and faculty over the years for her ability to connect and engage a diversity of students with STEM and non-STEM backgrounds, her ability to provide clear explanations, her ability to encourage dynamic, interactive classes in both discussion sections and in laboratory courses. In addition to TFing, Isabella mentored many undergraduate students in her research, including students with disabilities, who have gone on to graduate programs in Biology

Each year in Biology, there are many worthy nominees for these teaching awards. The Graduate Committee is continually impressed the the quality of teaching and mentorship among our graduate students. The Committee would like to thank all of those who have contributed to Biology’s teaching mission over the past year and throughout their graduate career here at BU.

Congratulations, E and Isabella!