Dr. Jenny Bhatnagar, PhD candidate in Biology Zoey Werbin, and Bioinformatics grad student Kathryn Atherton recently published a paper in Nature Ecology & Evolution titled, “Soil microbiome predictability increases with spatial and taxonomic scale”. BU alum, Colin Averill (CAS ’08) and Michael Dietze, Professor Earth & Environtment at BU were also authors on the paper. The goal of the paper was to “develop predictive models of bacterial and fungal community composition in soil”. In their work, these researchers found that soil microbe predictability increased with the size of the land area being surveyed and predictions were more accurate when based on symbiotic relationships that microbes have with local plant species.

You can read the whole paper here and read more about the process of the research in The Brink. Congratulations to Jenny, Zoey, Kathryn, Colin, and Michael on their publication.