On-campus Restrictions

Bicycles locked in the following manner may be removed and impounded without notice at their owners’ risk and expense:

  • Bicycles blocking safety or handicapped / accessibility equipment
  • Bicycles blocking any building entrance or exit
  • Bicycles locked to handrails along stairways
  • Bicycles parked in any area posted to prohibit bicycle parking; Marsh Plaza is an example
  • Bicycles locked to trees; the young trees along Commonwealth Ave. are particularly susceptible to damage

Locking bicycles to the curbside fencing along Commonwealth Ave. is also prohibited. The use of these fences as bicycle racks degrades their finish and will lead to rusting. Boston University is responsible for the upkeep of the Commonwealth Ave. planters and their associated fixtures. This equipment should be treated by all members of our community as University property.

The complete Bicycle Policy for the Charles River Campus is available here.

Parking for 126 bikes is now available directly behind the CAS building with easy rear door access to class!

Abandoned Bikes

If you believe a bike on campus to be abandoned, report it here. We’ll attempt to locate the owner and begin the process of removing the bike to make more bike parking available for you.