Visitors and Travel Policies


Key to our efforts to maintain healthy learning, living, and working environments across the University is our policy to limit the flow of travel and outside visitors to our campuses.

Under the Policy Regarding Campus Visitors During the COVID-19 Pandemic, until further notice, all University campus spaces, facilities, and buildings are open only for official University business and not to the general public. The policy lays out categories of visitors (including contractors, vendors, tenants, patients, and visiting faculty, scholars, researchers, and students) who will be permitted on campus, provided they have been invited by a host and meet a set of health and safety requirements, in conjunction with federal, state, local, and University regulations.


The Updated University-Sponsored Travel Policy, Travel Guidance, and Compliance Expectations prohibits University-sponsored domestic and international travel for faculty, staff, and students through the Spring 2021 semester. The University will provide an update on the status of these restrictions on April 5, 2021, taking into account COVID-19 vaccine developments. The full text of the winter break and spring 2021 policy can be found on the Office of the Provost website.

As a reminder, all travelers remain subject to federal, state, and local travel restrictions and quarantine requirements, as well as any applicable University quarantine requirements.