Planning “Households”

Students will create small communities, or “households,” that are a key component of our planning for living on campus. The University’s Housing staff has already done some of that work, by reducing the occupancy of quads and triples to doubles.

A household may consist of just one student in a single, two students in a double room, and suitemates, or it may include others on one floor who share a common bathroom. Please refer to the residence hall table for more details by style of residence. Whatever the household’s makeup, students living in these defined spaces will be asked to live together in new ways. They must exercise careful control of how shared spaces are used and maintained, and everything from bathroom use to household cleaning to shared elevator use must be scheduled and coordinated. Students on floors with common bathrooms will be asked to develop daily schedules for bathroom use that will limit the number of students in a common bathroom at one time. Common bathrooms will receive frequent cleaning of high-touch surfaces by Facilities Management staff, and each bathroom in apartments and suites will be provided with a starter kit of disinfecting products for students to wipe down surfaces before and after use. Students in apartments and suites will be asked to provide their own sanitation products after the supply in the starter kit is depleted.