Activities & Recreation

Campus Activities

We are all working hard to enable students to come together in new ways and to make life on campus as rewarding and inspiring as ever. We encourage you to continue to sponsor the kinds of special events that will make that possible. This year, events and gatherings will be very different. Most will be virtual, and those in-person events will take place in spaces with strict capacity limits and with furniture fixed in place at a safe social distance. Attendance at in-person events is limited to current members of the Boston University community and specifically excludes the general public, campus visitors, or guests.

Meetings, Activities, Events, and Gatherings

Coordinating Space and Facilities

There will be capacity limits for all in-person gatherings in accordance with Massachusetts and Boston regulations. The current state capacity restriction is a maximum of 10 people for an indoor event and 25 people for an outdoor event, and all attendees must wear face coverings and are expected to be physically distanced from each other by 6 feet in all directions. In addition, all events must have an end time of 9:30 pm. NOTE: current University policy restricts all residential on- and off-campus gatherings, socials, and parties by BU students to 10 persons and under. Capacities for academic classes are calculated differently for in-person events; as a result, the same room may have different capacities for classes and extracurricular activities. All gatherings not related to a credit-bearing class must follow event capacities.

Conditions for Hosting Meetings, Events, and Gatherings

In-person, on-campus meetings, events, or gatherings other than academic in-person classes are required to abide by the conditions published on January 22 regarding the guidelines for Spring 2021 Events and Visitor Policies. These conditions can be found on the Provost’s website and will remain in place during the Spring 2021 Semester.

Guests and Visitors

The University Provost has issued guidelines stating that under the Policy Regarding Campus Visitors During the COVID-19 Pandemic, until further notice, all University campus spaces, facilities, and buildings will be open only for official University business and not to the general public. The policy lays out categories of visitors (including contractors, vendors, tenants, patients, and visiting faculty, scholars, researchers, and students) who will be permitted on campus, provided they have been invited by a host and meet a set of health and safety requirements, in conjunction with federal, state, local, and University regulations.