BU Community Health & Safety


Please see the letter from Healthway for information about updates to campus COVID protocols starting May 13. Please note that BU Healthway, including testing collection sites and kiosks, will close on May 24. Students requiring symptomatic testing after this date should contact Student Health Services and employees should contact Occupational Health.

Please note that on Friday, May 13, testing collection sites will be closed all day and Healthway will close at 2 pm.

Public Health Policies

The University has put in place comprehensive health and safety protocols for students, faculty, and staff with the goal of decreasing COVID-19 transmission and severe disease within our campus community. As the pandemic continues to evolve, public health protocols at the University will also evolve as we carefully monitor transmission and disease severity. This website is frequently updated with the latest health and safety announcements.

Current BU health and safety guidance should be observed by all members of the community. The plan for public health interventions on campus includes the following steps:

  • Vaccination and booster compliance. All BU students, faculty, staff, and contracted employees are required to complete a COVID-19 vaccination series with a booster shot when eligible, or have receipt of an exemption from the vaccination requirement based on a religious or medical reason.
  • Testing. RT-PCR testing is available for everyone on campus, including expedited testing for those who are experiencing symptoms.
  • Healthway is a portal for BU students and faculty/staff to schedule their COVID-19 tests, view results, upload vaccine and booster documentation, find additional COVID-19 resources, and view the COVID-19 Data Dashboard.
  • Contact tracing and case investigation is conducted for areas with ongoing transmission and among our highest-risk groups.
  • Masks are required to be worn indoors in classrooms being used for instructional purposes, the BU Shuttle, and healthcare facilities.
  • Increased ventilation and air-filtering in buildings with central air systems. 

What to Expect When You Arrive

COVID-19 Requirements When Arriving or Returning to Campus, Spring 2022

All students are tested immediately on coming to campus. Students, upon arrival to campus, are required to test and stay in place until one negative test result is received from the BU testing lab. This takes approximately 24 hours. Students are required to limit all interactions, except necessary trips for food, medical appointments, or COVID tests, but cannot attend class or any BU-sponsored programming in person until the negative test is received. We encourage testing prior to coming to campus, but this does not satisfy or change the BU testing requirement. Any Massachusetts travel advisory should be followed. Students are then required to test throughout the semester at their assigned frequency as outlined in the COVID-19 Self-Monitoring, Testing & Contact Tracing section of this website.