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SPAM and finding things in your Junk folder

As spam filters have become more adaptive, they increasingly make mistakes. You need to periodically check your Junk folder – I would suggest once a week, but minimally once a month. When you find an e-mail incorrectly sent to your Junk folder, you can take action to prevent it from happening again. As these filters are personal, and located at Microsoft, you need to train them as no one else at BU can.

  • Log in to your BU account at
  • Enter your Junk folder and right-click on the e-mail; select ‘Mark as not junk’ and then ‘Move’ it to your ‘Inbox’. This will train your filter. (I actually have two Junk folders – ‘Junk’ and ‘Junk Email’ so check both if you also have two.)
  • You can also be more proactive and add the sender to your ‘whitelist’. Whitelisted accounts will bypass the spam filters completely. To set a whitelist in the outlook settings: select ‘settings/Mail/Accounts/Block or allow’ and add the address to your Safe Senders list. (Settings is the gear icon at the upper right, the select Mail under ‘Your App Settings’ – then you should see ‘Block or allow.’) I also select ‘Trust email from my contacts.’

Although it is getting less relevant, you should also make sure you’ve turned on SpamAssassin for your BU mail: instructions.


The most important thing to know about computers is that they will fail.  When they do, a good backup plan will make recovery a breeze.  No backup will mean you lost all your files…


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The next thing to know about computers is that there are many people on the internet who will steal your stuff if you give them a chance – don’t.  Read this page and save yourself from loss:


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