How to Get Technical Help

There are several ways to get help, but the first method is the preferred method. Requesting help from the correct unit can speed the request, but if all goes well your ticket will find its way however you submit it. Do not submit multiple tickets for the same issue, as that will create confusion and likely slow the response.  You can also check to see if the issue is known to IS&T by checking their incidents page.

  1. Submit a help ticket to CAS IT:
    Fill out the brief form. This will work for anything except items completely local to astronomy such as personal laptops, poster printing, etc. Even if it is local to astronomy, it should be redirected properly.
  2. Send an e-mail to CAS IT:
    Possibly less preferable as it will necessitate someone at the other end creating a ticket for you, but it will work just as well: send an email to You can also phone their front desk if you are uncertain what to do: 353-5930.
  3. Submit an IS&T ticket:
    If you are certain the ticket deals with an IS&T issue: the MGHPCC, the campus network, or something like that, you can submit a ticket to the IS&T system. A misdirected ticket here should eventually find its way, but try not to submit here unless you are certain it is an IS&T issue.

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Instructional Videos

Access to Astronomy Department instructional videos. Intended for faculty, staff, and teaching assistants. If you think you should be able to access these and you are denied, contact Quinn Sykes. (Use your Kerberos information to log in.)

Telephone Quick Reference Card (PDF) (More detailed instructions.)