Errata for Neidle, Kegl, Bahan, Aarons, and MacLaughlin 1997

Neidle, C., J. Kegl, B. Bahan, D. Aarons, and D. MacLaughlin (1997) Rightward Wh-Movement in American Sign Language. In D. Beerman [sic], D. LeBlanc, and H. van Riemsdijk (eds) Rightward Movement. Amsterdam: John Benjamins.

Please note the following corrections:

p. 252 In Table III, examples 8a, 9a, and 10a should all have non-manual marking extending over the bracketed node (i.e., over Neg in 8a, and over C in 9a and 10a).
p. 255
top line
The phrase "wh-movement to"
should read "the wh-phrase occurring in"
p. 256 A heading has been omitted. Two-thirds of the way down the page, where there are several lines of blank space, the following heading should be present:

    1.2.2. Rhetorical Questions
p. 257The English translation for (22)b. should read:

    Who loves John? Mary.
p. 272 Footnote 12, example (iii): the non-manual marking of negation should extend only over the sign NOT.
p. 276 The bibliographical listing for Kegl, J., C. Neidle and H. Poizner 1997 has one author too many. The authors of that publication are Kegl and Poizner.
There are also errors in the authors' names as they appear in the Table of Contents (Neidle's first initial is "C" rather than "S") and Preface (p. 3: "Baha" should be "Bahan").

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