Video examples to accompany

The Syntax of American Sign Language:
Functional Categories and Hierarchical Structure

by Carol Neidle, Judy Kegl, Dawn MacLaughlin, Benjamin Bahan, and Robert G. Lee

Cambridge, Massachusetts: MIT Press


Digitized QuickTime movies* corresponding to many of the examples in the book are available from this site. For each chapter, you will find a master file listed in the table below that will enable you to view (or download) specific examples.

Individual movie files may be viewed by clicking on the video icon to the left of each gloss.

In some cases, the example on video differs in some way from the gloss (as indicated by the notation "variant" below the video icon). For example, it may involve the same construction with slightly different lexical items.

You may obtain all of these examples (linked to a master file to facilitate viewing them) on CD-ROM.

In order to make use of the files provided, you must have QuickTime 3.0 or later (, which is available for both Macintosh and non-Macintosh platforms.

*You will notice that the quality of the video examples varies greatly. Some of these examples come from video that was produced several years ago (and is of lower quality than the more recent examples). Some of the examples are of significantly higher quality than the rest: these examples were collected in the National Center for Sign Language and Gesture Resources, which has just been established. For these examples, additional views are available, as we collected data from four synchronized digital video cameras. This icon indicates the availability of additional views. One of those views is a side view and another is a close-up of the face.

Information about viewing and/or downloading materials
You may either view these examples directly within your Web browser, via the QuickTime plug-in, or download files for later viewing.

If your browser is configured to view QuickTime files via a plug-in, you will need to option-click (Macintosh) or right-click (non-Macintosh) on the links in order to download the file to your local system.

Materials currently available

Materials that are available may be accessed by clicking on the links below.



Click on a link below to go to a page with links to movies you may view or download.

Click here to see multiple views of the subset of the example sentences for which data were collected in the NCSLGR.


master file

multiple views of one of the examples


master file

multiple views of some of the examples


master file

multiple views of some of the examples


master file

multiple views of some of the examples


master file

multiple views of some of the examples

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Photographs from figures in the book

It has come to our attention that there is a paperback edition of the book in which quality of the photographic illustrations is poor. Linked in here is a pdf file with the figures that include photographs. (All copyright restrictions associated with the book apply.)