Heaven and Earth: The Blue Maps of China (at the Leventhal Map & Education Center, Boston Public Library, opening in May 2024)

The next exhibition at the Leventhal Center, opening in May 2024, takes a close look at an extraordinary pair of maps from early nineteenth-century China. This exhibition, Heaven and Earth: The Blue Maps of China, will draw viewers into conversations about Chinese material culture, the circulation of printing techniques around the world, and the different perspectives on space and place that emerge from different intellectual traditions.

Click here to read an interview with Dr. Richard Pegg, the guest curator of Heaven and Earth, about these extraordinary maps  https://www.leventhalmap.org/articles/interview-richard-pegg/?utm_source=emailoctopus&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=2024-01-22%20General%20Newsletter)

大清萬年一統地理全圖 Daqing wannian yitong dili quantu; Complete map of the geography of the everlasting, unified Great Qing (ca. 1820)

The star chart in the Adler Planetarium collection. This image features a digital edit to include the leftmost panel, which is not in this position in the original object.