Taiwan Scholarship Program: Study in Taiwan for your BA, MA, and PhD degrees (Application deadline March 31, 2023)

Would you like to earn your BA, MA, or PhD in Taiwan? Apply to the Taiwan Scholarship Program!

Taiwan Scholarship Program (TSP) Guidelines

Education Division, TECO-Boston


  1. Purpose

The Ministry of Education (MOE), Republic of China (Taiwan), established the Taiwan Scholarship Program to encourage outstanding international students (excluding students from Mainland China, Hong Kong and Macau SAR) to undertake degree studies in Taiwan so as to familiarize themselves with the academic environment in Taiwan and promote communication, understanding and friendship between Taiwan and countries around the world.


Scholarship application and selection procedures will be conducted by the Education Division, Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Boston (TECO-Boston), the branch office of the MOE in the New England region including: Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont.


  1. Award

The Taiwan Scholarship Program awards outstanding international students undertaking undergraduate and postgraduate studies in Taiwan by awarding each recipient as follows:

  1. Tuition and payment of academic fees, including credit fees.

Upon validation of tuition and above fees, each recipient receives one tuition grant per semester up to NT $40,000. If the total amount of the fees should exceed NT $40,000, the remainder of all costs shall be covered by the recipient, whereas any amount over NT $40,000 is the sole responsibility of the recipient. Tuition and academic fees do NOT include any of the following: administration fees, thesis advising fees, insurance premiums, accommodations, or Internet access, all of which are payable by the recipients.

  1. Subsistence allowance:

The scholarship grants each recipient undertaking undergraduate studies a monthly stipend of NT $15,000; it offers each recipient undertaking graduate studies a monthly stipend of NT $20,000.

Note: Exchange Rate (Approx.): 31NTD=1 USD


III. Scholarship Positions: 2

  1. IV. Duration of Scholarships:
  2. The maximum period of each scholarship is four years for undergraduate programs, two years for master’s programs, and four years for doctorate programs. The maximum length of the total awards for each recipient undertaking a combination of studies is five years.
  3. Annual award periods begin on September 1 and continue until August 31 of the following year. Recipients must arrive in Taiwan and enroll at their admitting universities/colleges during the scheduled registration time unless delays have been approved by the relevant institutions and the MOE. If recipients fail to arrive in Taiwan for registration, their award shall be revoked with no deferrals.
  4. Subsistence allowances begin from the month of the recipient’s registration at the university/college and ends when the award period expires or upon the recipient’s graduation, withdrawal, suspension, expulsion, or revocation of the scholarship.


  1. Eligibility:
  2. Applicant must be a United States Citizen and a resident or a student of Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island or Vermont with a high-school diploma or post-secondary degree(s), an excellent academic record, and be of good moral character.
  3. Applicants are ineligible if they meet the following criteria:

(1) Republic of China (Taiwan) Nationals or overseas Chinese students (previously/currently hold a Republic of China (Taiwan) passport).

(2) Currently registered or have obtained student status at any university/college in Taiwan. Graduating students pursuing further studies are exempt from this rule.

(3) Previously studied in Taiwan for the same level of degree as the one in which they currently intend to enroll.

(4) Are exchange or dual/joint degree students admitted in accordance with academic cooperation agreements between Taiwan universities/colleges and American universities/colleges.

(5) Previously a recipient of the Taiwan Scholarship for over a total of five years.

(6) Previously had their Taiwan Scholarship or Huayu Enrichment Scholarship from the MOE revoked.

(7) Current recipients of any other scholarship or subsidy offered by Taiwan government agencies or colleges and universities in Taiwan. This excludes subsidies offered by universities/colleges to cover tuition and other fees exceeding the scholarship limit.

  1. Applicants should apply directly for admission within the deadlines specified by each university/college.


  1. VI. Application
  2. Applicants should send the following documents from January 20 to March 31, 2023 to the following address:

Education Division

Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Boston

99 Summer Street, Suite 801

Boston, MA 02110

ATTENTION: Cynthia Huang

  1. Application Documents:

(1) Taiwan Scholarship Program Application Form (download at https:// depart.moe.edu.tw/BOS/. Webpage route: English>Studying in Taiwan>Taiwan Scholarship Program)

(2) A copy of the applicant’s passport information page(s).

(3) A copy of the highest degree (diploma) and original copy of academic transcripts (sent from registrar’s office). If issued by international educational institutions, these documents must be authenticated by an overseas Representative Office of the Republic of China (Taiwan) or be sealed and delivered by the awarding institutions. Documents in a language other than Chinese or English must be translated into Chinese or English and the translated documents must be authenticated by the above office.

(4) A copy of the admission application form sent to universities/colleges in Taiwan (e.g. copies of application fee remittance, application form, receipt confirmation of application by universities/colleges, e-mails etc.)

(5) A copy of a Chinese language proficiency certificate:

  1. A copy of certificate in “Test of Chinese as a Foreign Language” (TOCFL) Level 3 or above for programs conducted in Chinese.
  2. For applications to programs conducted in English, the applicants are exempt from this rule. For information regarding English-taught programs, please check www.studyintaiwan.org. If applicants have questions regarding English-taught programs, please contact Ms. Cynthia Huang at boston@mail.moe.gov.tw

(6) Two letters of recommendation signed and sealed in envelopes (i.e. from principals, professors, or supervisors).

  1. Applicant must send all completed documents to the Education Division, TECO-Boston by post mail before deadline. (Must be postmarked by deadline.) Failure to include any of the required documents renders the application incomplete, and the applicant will not be considered for the scholarship without further notice.
  2. Contact Person:

Ms. Cynthia Huang at boston@mail.moe.gov.tw or 617-259-1364


VII. Selection Criteria:

  1. Recipients should achieve an undergraduate GPA of 3.0 or above, and a postgraduate GPA of 3.5 or above (on a 4.5 scale) to receive favorable consideration.
  2. Interviews must be conducted in person or by video conference.
  3. Priority will be given to applicants with a certificate in TOCFL-levels of Band B or above.
  4. Application form must be completed in full. All incomplete applications are ineligible for consideration, and persons submitting incomplete applications will be withdrawn from the selection process without further notice.


VIII. Selection Notice:

  1. Upon reviewing applications and conducting interviews, the Education Division, TECO-Boston will select primary candidates and alternate candidates who will be placed on a waiting list. Primary candidates and their awarding universities/colleges will be notified by May 31, 2023.
  2. Primary candidates should submit a copy of their letter of admission to the Education Division, TECO-Boston for verification by June 30, 2023. Should candidates fail to submit this letter within the specified time period, the candidates must submit a written explanation to the Education Division, TECO-Boston for review. Failure to be admitted into a university/college will result in revocation of scholarship. Failure to submit documents within the specified time period will result in disqualification, and the scholarship position will be filled by the next alternate candidate on the waiting list.
  3. Education Division, TECO-Boston will issue recipients with a certificate of scholarship by July 31, 2023.


  1. I Upon completion of a degree program, recipients may reapply by February 28 of each year for the Taiwan Scholarship to undertake a higher degree program by following the application process as specified above. The maximum duration of each recipient’s total award period is five years.


  1. Other Key Provisions:
  2. Scholarship applicants should apply directly for admission to universities/colleges.
  3. Other than tuition and fees, recipients are responsible for the payment of all additional expenses. In case of financial hardship, recipients may apply to their registered universities/colleges for payments to be deducted from their subsistence allowances.
  4. Should a recipient’s academic and conduct performance or their attendance record fall below the required standard of their registered universities/colleges, their scholarships will be suspended or revoked in accordance with the rules and regulations of the universities/colleges.
  5. Should recipients be in simultaneous receipt of any other award or subsidy granted by a related Taiwan Government agency or education institution in Taiwan, upon verification, their scholarships will be revoked and any stipend and subsistence allowance given to them during the period of overlap shall be returned.
  6. Recipients are required to enroll in the National Health Insurance program through universities/colleges after residing in Taiwan for 6 consecutive months. They must purchase other medical insurance before enrolling in the National Health Insurance program.
  7. Upon enrollment at universities/colleges in Taiwan, recipients are not allowed to study in any other country as exchange or dual/joint degree students. Should such a case occur, the recipient’s scholarship will be revoked and the remainder of the award period shall not be retained or deferred. Recipients on exchange as part of the degree program are exempt from this rule, but they shall not receive any tuition and subsistence allowance during the time period outside of Taiwan.
  8. All documents and information provided to the Education Division, TECO-Boston shall be accurate. If the recipient submits fraudulent or altered documents, the scholarship will be revoked immediately and any tuition grant and subsistence allowance given to the recipient shall be reclaimed as well.
  9. Recipients are required to participate in all official activities related to the scholarship, such as the Recipients’ Orientation and Farewell Party, otherwise, their scholarship shall be revoked.

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