Temporary Public Art Proposal Information

Boston University celebrates the arts, their significance in our vibrant community, and distinct value as part of our students’ learning experiences. Public art enhances community space, community connections, artistic development, cultural heritage recognition, a supportive learning environment, productivity and morale, and increases awareness of shared values. Public art refers to work of any medium installed in outdoor spaces, landscape, or on building facades or interiors that temporarily changes the physical appearance. This includes, but is not limited to murals, sculptures, light shows, graphic applications, and projections.

The BU Arts Initiative manages the process of shepherding proposals through the university approval process. The approval process and timing depend on the scope and scale of the project. The process can take as little as a few weeks or as long as several months. Proposals can come from any BU affiliate and will be reviewed based on the following:

  • Aesthetics
  • Creative concept of the artist
  • Scale
  • Materials
  • Cost
  • Safety
  • Appropriateness of content (in alignment with BU’s position as a global, inclusive, urban research university with a highly trafficked campus)
  • Potential of the work to educate, generate dialogue, and enrich the cultural life of the University
  • Ability for the University to provide care and upkeep for the proposed project

Projects must be proposed for a specific time period (limits depend upon the scale and scope of the project). Even if approved for that time period, there are a variety of reasons the university may need to remove the work before the end of that period.

If you would like to discuss a public art idea, please complete the form below, then schedule a meeting to discuss with the Managing Director of the BU Arts Initiative, Ty Furman. Proposals will not be accepted without this initial consultation coversation.

Temporary Public Art Inquiry

Please share as much detail as possible about your idea. Then schedule a meeting to discuss the idea with Ty Furman.

    Please share your best guess of the cost of the project. Please note full project proposals will need to have a funding plan.
  • Please share anything not covered above that you feel is relevant.