Dakota Mace (Diné) residency at BU School of Visual Arts, College of Fine Arts


In collaboration with the School of Visual Arts, College of Fine Arts, and Indigenous Voices in the Americas we are excited to welcome Dakota Mace (Diné) to Boston University from March 31st- April 6th, 2022.


The following events are free and open to the public

Naal Tsoos Saní

Exhibition – March 31 to April 6 | Towne Gallery – Fenway Campus. 180 Riverway, Boston. This body of work will be an extension of Dakota’s current research on the Long Walk and will focus on the Navajo Treaty from 1868. A selection of 100 cochineal cyanotypes, collected from along the Long Walk, will be set in a tabletop case, arranged in a tight grid. The prints are living artifacts and connect to interviews Dakota recorded of Diné elders. A series of 25 lithographs will hang along one of the walls, an aspect of Dakota’s research on the 1968 Treaty. Two sash belts will be displayed on cases, alongside a second audio piece, a set of interviews of Diné women elders, narrated by Dakota.
This exhibit has been funded in part by an Inclusion Catalyst Grant from BU Diversity & Inclusion.

March 31 – April 1 (10:00 am-5:00 pm)

Saturday April 2 – CLOSED

Sunday April 3 – Opening Reception 12:30 pm & Educators Workshop 1:30 pm

April 4 – 6 (10:00 am – 5:00 pm)

Opening Exhibition ReceptionSunday, April 3rd at 12:30-1:30 pm. Towne Gallery – Fenway Campus. 180 Riverway, Boston. (Register here)

Educators Workshop: Cultural Appropriation and the Intersections of Indigenous Design & Art
Sunday, April 3rd. 1:30 pm.
The Earl Center for Learning and Innovation. 180 Riverway, Boston. (Register here). A discussion with Dakota around developing tools and critical thinking challenging cultural appropriation of Indigenous art and design work. 

First Friday – Weaving & Wontons
Friday, April 1st at 4:30-5:30 pm. College of Fine Arts First Student Floor Lounge (Rm 102) (BU Students Only).   This is part of our artist residency with Diné artist, Dakota Mace! Join us in the new CFA Lounge Room 102 at 4:30 pm for a weaving demonstration by Dakota Mace, a variety of weaving activities, and tasty wontons. Take a pause in your semester and learn a new skill from an outstanding artist. We can’t wait to see you all there!

School of Visual Arts Tuesday Night Lecture Series
Tuesday, April 5th
at 7:30-9 pm.| 808 Commonwealth Ave. (Rm 410)
Hosted by the MFA programs in Painting, Sculpture, and Graphic Design at Boston University, the Tuesday Night Lecture Series brings practicing artists and curators to Boston University to present their work. (Register here)

Artist Bio:

Dakota Mace is a Diné photographer and textile artist who focuses on translating the language of Diné weaving history and beliefs through alternative photography techniques,  weaving, beadwork, and papermaking. She has also worked with numerous institutions and programs to develop dialogue on the importance of cultural appropriation concerning  Indigenous design work. 

Mace received her MA and MFA degrees in Photography and Textile Design at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and her BFA in Photography from the Institute of American Indian Arts.  She is currently a lecturer in photography at UW–Madison and the photographer for the Center of Design and Material Culture.  

Her work as an artist and scholar has been exhibited nationally and internationally at various conferences and galleries. She has received numerous awards, including the 2020  Fellowship. Art Recipient, 2019 Women’s Forward Award, and the 2019 Wisconsin Triennial  Recipient.