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BU Arts Initiative

The BU Arts Initiative office space also serves as a gallery for student work during the academic year and features the work of a Boston area artist over the summer. Students and visitors are welcome to visit our office to see these works in person or view the works virtually below.

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The gallery is curated by the BU Arts Initiative Student Advisory Council, Gallery Committee 

Current exhibition:


Corinne Vietorisz– GRS Biology, 2025

Instagram: @crvieart

Artist Statement:

I enjoy combining surrealism and pop art to create dissonant themes in my oil paintings. In this series, the surreal landscapes represent intangible spaces within my mind, populated by odd, childish characters I’m trying to make sense of. I’m trying to look inward and lay out the dark, light, foreboding, ironic, funny, confusing parts of my brain in a personal mindmap. While each part means something different to me, it’s fair game to take out whatever meaning you want from these pieces and my other artwork.


The Garden of My Unearthly Subconscious, 2019, Oil on Masonite, middle panel 30” x 48”, side panels 18” x 48”