Curating the Body: Nurturing Voices for Reproductive Justice


Curating the Body: Nurturing Voices for Reproductive Justice is a student-led, collaborative art series on the intersection of arts and reproductive justice. Through group educational and artistic sessions, students will explore topics within reproductive health, consider their positionality in corresponding systems, and create artwork that inspires sustained, collective justice.

Loosely inspired by the Vagina Monologues, Curating the Body hopes to expand the conversation around reproductive health and justice to include individuals of all gender-diverse backgrounds. Also, rather than a one-time performance, we encourage a collaborative experience where students can learn about these subjects and create art in community. All BU students interested in the arts, reproductive justice, and/or both are welcome, regardless of prior experience. Sign up here.

This series is sponsored by the BU Arts Initiative.


Reproductive Justice & You

This session is an interactive dialogue on all things reproductive justice led by SSW students and PERIOD. At BU. We will explore various topics within reproductive justice, from queer periods to sex education and reproductive health for all bodies. Come ready to learn and collectively reflect on the impact of these topics on our personal lives and society.

Monday, March 18, 5:30 – 7 PM – BU School of Social Work Conant Lounge (264 Bay State Road)


Curating Reproductive Justice

This session will take you through a deep dive into the intersections between art and reproductive justice. We will hear from student artists whose recent work centers reproductive justice themes and explore the role that art has played in reproductive justice history. Come be inspired by art of all forms as you brainstorm your own pieces for the final showcase!

Monday, March 25, 5:30 – 7 PM – BU Arts Initiative – GSU Suite 201 (775 Comm Ave)


Co-Working Sessions (Optional)

These are optional co-working sessions for participants to create in community and gain immediate feedback. Students will have space to work on their creative projects, collaborate with others, and be surrounded by art for inspiration!

Mondays, April 1, 3, and 22, 5 – 7 PM – BU Arts Initiative – GSU Suite 201 (775 Comm Ave) and Virtual Zoom


Final Showcase

As our Final Showcase, this is the time for students who have participated throughout the series to present their learnings about art and reproductive justice in their preferred form of artistic expression. We will have visual artists, dancers, poets, . Come witness the artistic multiplicity of how reproductive health and justice show up in our lives and celebrate the work students have done all semester!

Monday, April 29, 7 – 9 PM – LGBTQIA+ Student Resource Center (808 Comm Ave, 2M)