EU Enlargement: Do the EU and the Western Balkans Share the Same Future?

5:00 pm on Tuesday, April 25, 2023
6:15 pm on Tuesday, April 25, 2023
Pardee School of Global Studies, 121 Bay State Road
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Center for the Study of Europe
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Elizabeth Amrien
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Jasmin Mujanović, Jelena Subotić, Vesko Garčević

Join us for a panel discussion with Jasmin Mujanović, Balkans researcher, commentator, and bogger, and Jelena Subotić, Associate Professor of Political Science, Georgia State University. Moderated by Vesko Garčević, Professor the Practice of International Relations, Pardee School of Global Studies.

Jasmin Mujanović (@JasminMuj) is a political scientist (PhD, York University) specializing in the politics of post-authoritarian and post-conflict democratization and the co-host of the Southeast European affairs podcast “Sarajevo Calling.” His first book Hunger and Fury: The Crisis of Democracy in the Balkans (Hurst Publishers & Oxford University Press, 2018) examines the persistence of authoritarian and illiberal forms of governance in the Western Balkans since the end of the Yugoslav Wars.

Jelena Subotić is a Professor in the Department of Political Science at Georgia State University (PhD, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2007). She writes broadly about international relations theory, memory politics, human rights, transitional justice, international ethics, state identity, and the politics of the Western Balkans. Her new book, Yellow Star, Red Star: Holocaust Remembrance after Communism was published by Cornell University Press in 2019 and won the 2020 Joseph Rothschild Prize in Nationalism and Ethnic Studies among other prizes.

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