BU CFA: Transforming Rumi poetry into Accompanied Song in the Persian Musical Tradition

1:00 pm on Wednesday, March 22, 2023
Pardee School, 121 Bay State Rd (Bay State Room)

Discovering the Resonant Sounds of the Persian Santur, a trapezoid box zither from Iran with 72 metallic strings grouped in sets of four over wooden bridges placed on the sound board. The zither is played with two very light wooden mallets called mezrab. Each note of a group is tuned the same creating a special resonance when they are struck together or in alternation.

The santur originated in Iran. There are 12 modes known as dastgahs in Persian classical music, and pieces within these modes make up the repertory known as the Radif for Persian traditional music. It is a rich repertoire of vocal and instrumental music with mystical poetic texts, heartfelt moods, and delicate woven tapestries of sound created through improvisation.

The goal of this artist residency is to bring a renowned santur musician named Mr. Aliakbar Mehraban—who is originally from Iran but who is currently conducting business in China— to Boston for a 9-day Visiting Artist Residency to offer two interdisciplinary workshops, one class, and one recital for BU students in the Humanities and Music. March 15-24, 2023.

Transforming Rumi poetry into Accompanied Song in the Persian Musical Tradition. Vocal renditions of Rumi poetry and different ways to accompany the poetry on the 72-string hammered dulcimer known as santur. To be held on Wed. March 22, 1-3pm, in the Bay State Room at the Pardee School of Global Studies, 121 Bay State Rd., Boston, MA 02215. This event is free and open to the public.

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