Webinar: Education at Home During the Pandemic (and beyond)

8:30 pm on Thursday, May 14, 2020
9:15 pm on Thursday, May 14, 2020

Stuck at home with the kids? Everyone fed up with video school and the educational disruption of the pandemic? The Brown Club in NY is ready with experts to help! Join us for any or all of our "Family Life in the Pandemic: Interactive Series for Parents" including a 3-part online series on education in the home. Our experts will share smart advice, tips and tools for parents to engage students and enhance the home learning experience for both parents and children. Submit your questions in advance and on-the-spot for our experts to answer!

For parents of pre-school and early primary school-age children -- Thursday, May 14: 8:30-9:15 pm

Dr. Megina Baker of Boston University's Wheelock College of Education and Human Development, a parent of two young children herself, is an expert in play and inquiry-based learning. In her seminar, she will offer smart advice and actionable ideas for parents juggling the challenges of teaching and parenting young children at home.