Beyond the Headlines: Before COVID-- Global Issues That Did Not Go Away

9:00 am on Tuesday, May 5, 2020
10:00 am on Tuesday, May 5, 2020

The BU Alumni Association presents "Things We Worried About Before COVID: Global Issues That Did Not Go Away."

The world had no dearth of crises when the coronavirus suddenly erupted – global climate change, U.S. Elections 2020, Trade Wars, Brexit, the Middle East Peace Plan, US-China tensions, Afghanistan, Terrorism, and much more. Many of these may have fallen off the front pages of newspapers and our social media feeds, but they have not gone away. Some, like the recent oil price crisis, are beginning to return – now wrapped in COVID and with a new vengeance. Others will. This special panel discussion with Pardee School faculty experts (@BUPardeeSchool), moderated by Dean Adil Najam (@AdilNajam), will be a recap of what is happening to the global agenda we may have forgotten but which have not gone away. It will also look at how the COVID-19 crisis might influence these issues. This discussion is presented as a “Special Alumni Edition” of the Pardee School’s “Beyond the Headlines” Series.