The Wolves

7:30 pm on Sunday, February 23, 2020
College of Fine Arts
855 Commonwealth Ave
This play was conceived as a kind of war movie. Instead of a troop of young men preparing for battle, we watch a team of young women warming up for their soccer games. There’s a captain, a rebel, an innocent, a recent recruit, a common enemy. The arc follows an escalation of blood and viscera both in the content of their speech and the actual sustained injuries and traumas. Of course, their battlefield is a carpet of artificial grass. On that turf, these girls are allowed to define themselves amongst themselves. It’s essential that these girls are playing indoor soccer, deep in the suburbs. These American teenagers exist, quite literally, in a bubble. At that particular age when the stakes of everyday life could not be higher, they are desperate to understand themselves and the world around them, but they can only see so far. This play is physical. Concerned with the body, with women’s bodies, not as eye candy or symbolic vessels bus as muscular, dexterous, capable, contradictory and fallible individuals. Welcome to a planet of teenage girls.