CFA presents Carlo Gozzi's LA ZOBEIDE

5:00 pm on Saturday, April 26, 2014
Fuller Building 808 Commonwealth Avenue
Studio 270A
Boston University College of Fine Arts School of Theatre will present a new translation of Carlo Gozzi's LA ZOBEIDE - translated by Emma Dassori and directed by Michael Kaye - April 26-30. LA ZOBEIDE is a presentation of the BU New Play Initiative based on ZOBEIDE, a commedia dell’arte tale and one of Gozzi’s ten fiabe, or fairy-tale plays. Queen Zobeide is recently married to King Sinadab of Samandal, a Moor who appears outwardly to be an ideal husband, but who secretly practices the dark arts. Aided by the sympathetic high priest Abdalac, Zobeide learns the truth about Sinadab and is handed the Herculean task of subverting her spouse. We are taken underground to the castle’s forbidden grotto, guarded by a pair of wild cats, where dwell Sinadab’s prior victims: one hundred discarded wives and would-be lovers. No reservations necessary for this FREE event.