H.D. and Ben Jonson: Intense Rhythms

The lecture mentions H.D.’s line: “more precious than a wet rose.” Here are other examples of that formal effect of putting stressed syllables together:

Barnabe Googe (in John Williams’ anthology English Renaissance Poetry), from “On Money”:

Fair face show friends, when money doth abound.

Yusef Komunyakaa in “The Edges”:

As good-bye kisses are thrown

to the charred air, silhouettes of jets
ease over nude bodies in straw mats.

Ezra Pound in Canto I:

And the ship like a keel in ship-yard,
slung like an ox in smith’s sling,
Ribs stuck fast in the waves.

Sir Phillip Sidney in “Astrophil and Stella 30”:

With how, sad steps, O moon