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There are 16 comments on Video: Four BU Students on the Pain Caused by the Israel-Hamas War

  1. Here’s what BU leadership needs to have said at the wake of this conflict: if we cannot come together as a community and support each other and have meaningful dialogue, then what hope does the world have?

  2. You are not alone!
    Many of you feel alone at times like this. Know that you are a part of a community and that people will always help you if you reach out.

  3. It is sad that our children and grandchildren on college campuses are experiencing this pain.At the same time I’m glad they can speak out and express their reality

  4. Great segment–many thanks for putting it together.

    Perhaps BU leadership can put together some face-to-face sessions in which students can continue to talk about this situation in a respectful environment.

    For that to happen, it would be helpful if a ceasefire in Gaza were called. It will be hard to keep emotions under control if students are still seeing images coming out of the military campaign being waged there.

    1. I agree that allowing for and encouraging conversations, in a safe setting could be helpfulI. But, it would also be helpful if the hostages were released, to help keep emotions “under control.” However, as that is unlikely, have the conversations anyway. Make sure the students can talk about what’s going on in a productive manner that allows for critical thinking and intelligent expression.

  5. Hearing the anxiety and emotion from the voices of students who are experiencing these feelings on our campus truly has an impact. This piece was well done! Please do more like it in the future.

  6. Thank you so much for this wonderful video. It is so important that we hear our students’ voices away from the snipets of social media and the twists and turns of political rhetoric that drown out the pain of innocence. These students are our future. Its their pain that will affect who they are as they move into leadership positions. How do we protect them from one another on this campus is the major question I grapple with every day.

  7. Thank you so much for this very well produced video. I feel for all people who are dealing with this very real ongoing trauma.
    Know that Alum are behind you all!

  8. Thank you for a thoughtful message, and thank you to the students who volunteered their voices to add a little bit more sense and humanity to this extremely difficult time. We all need to truly listen to each other more than ever.

    Though my kids are not on BU campus, I know they are going through similar experiences in their school communities. I have shared this video with them, hoping it will help them feel less alone, less scared, and a bit more hopeful.

  9. Very well done. As an alumna, who has been aware of the conflict for decades, it makes me want to be available for conversation with others. We are doing that a little bit, and I mean a very little bit, in my Unitarian Universalist congregation. We have about 25% active members ands leaders, who grew up religious or secular Jews. The rest have Christian or a religious, secular upbringings. I hope BU and other universities can make room for the primal scream most need, while at the same time making the space safe for those outbursts of pain, rage, anxiety, and other emotions.

  10. As a Muslim graduate student who started classes at BU a week before 9/11, I feel heartbroken that 22 years on, these students are still feeling so alone on campus. I had the benefit of tremendously open minded friends who were there to listen and learn. Please know that it gets better. That there are good people out there who will be there to support you, and help you feel safe. Please reach out if you need support. As an alumna, my door is always open, no matter what your beliefs are.

  11. BU ALUM Jonathan very impressed and emotionally moved .. am directly involved in efforts for Israel-Palestine peace and Justice. I’m proudly Jewish and lived in Israel and feel despair but unafraid because that’s the only way to fight hate and ignorance. I’m worried that the virulent bigotry unleashed will remain long after the Gaza War is ended. I’ve stated from the beginning that Jews in the Diaspora are not responsible for what the Israeli government is doing and Palestinians here are not responsible for Hamas. It’s tine
    For both flags be carried together!

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