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There are 7 comments on POV: Erdoğan’s Response to Earthquake Leaves Turkish People Feeling Abandoned—Again

  1. Good day,
    My initial question to Google was, how many people who were killed by the 2023 earthquake were descendants of the Ottoman Empire. The children of, essentially, the ones who were responsible for the Armenian genocide of 1915.

    1. This is straight up hate speech. While thousands of people are waiting under the rubble for the small chance of seeing the daylight again, with tens of thousands already dead and thousands more bodies waiting to be discovered, that is the most inhuman and racist question you could have asked. You should go reflect on what in your life had caused yourself to be such a selfish and emotionless person while so many people are devastated on the other side of the globe.

      Someone’s ancestors doing something having done something wrong does not make them any less of a human, and does not make their life any less important.
      We are all descendants of the Ottoman Empire in Turkey. If you think someone dead under that rubble has deserved that for something another empire has done in the past, you are the single most sick-minded person I have encountered in my life.

      What makes me sad is how thousands of people are stuck under a rubble waiting for death while someone like you could have used such a slow death to reflect on how inhumane and racist they are. It should be so easy for someone like you in the comfort of your privileges to type things without a second thought while people are losing everything they have in Turkey and Syria. This lack of empathy is the main reason of all our community’s problems, and those like you are the offscourings of our society. I am ashamed to be present on the same platform with you.

      The Indian genocide does not make a current American less of a human, the holocaust does not make a current German less of a human, and the Armenian genocide does not make a current Turk less of a human. What determines that is these people’s thoughts on these subjects. We as most Turks do not defend the Armenian genocide, so I am as innocent as an Armenian on that topic. Your two sentences up here tho, they make you less of a human and more of a racist more than any Turk, German, or American.

    2. This comment is heartless in the face of this horrible disaster. I don’t know how you find it appropriate to try and dismiss thousands of deaths, especially since the people injured have nothing to do with what a different empire did in the past. The people living in Turkey TODAY are INJURED and DYING. Try and focus your efforts on helping those who are suffering instead of bashing them. You and I are truly so privileged to be discussing this behind a computer, in the safety of our homes, instead of fighting for our lives under the rubble in Turkey.

    3. If that was your first question to Google, I would also recommend that you search “How to stop being utterly ignorant and racist” but I don’t think Google has the answer to that.

      We can’t teach people to show compassion, and if you think it’s okay to blame people who lost their lives in the most painful and unimaginable ways in Turkey for something done by the Ottoman Empire more than 100 years ago, then you don’t deserve the respect that you, for some reason, might think you deserve.

      I’d also recommend that you think about what you commented, but I don’t think you have the capability.

    4. Hate begets hate. Homo sapiens will not thrive on hatred. No religion, ethnicity, nationality, or creed is above our common vulnerabilities to natural disasters and climate change. Cooperation for a better world for every one and for the preservation of nature is the best answer to hate speech.

  2. Yesterday a rescue team from Armenia reach to the disaster area and rescued two wictims. Turks and Armenians are living in peace inTurkey. You should asahemed what you commented.

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