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There are 5 comments on How to Talk to Kids about the Israel-Hamas War

  1. Shame on you for titling this “Israel- Hamas” war. This is not a war. This is a genocide and in no way a fair fight. In no way is it fair to call this a war.

  2. The sentiments expressed here – moral relativism – could not be more wrong and disturbing. You should definitely explain this to your children in a dichotomous manner. There is good and evil in the world, despite the very disturbing opinion sentiments presented here.

    1. Hamas is a terrorist organization operating 100% outside any internationally established standard of warfare. They deliberately targeted and slaughtered 1,500+ civilians. They raped hundreds of women. They literally sawed the heads off of babies. And finally they took over 200 hostages which are still being held. All of this is outside any recognized laws of war.

    2. Israel – whether you agree or not with their political agenda or goals – is fighting with a legitimate army within the confines of the established international laws of war. You can nitpick or complain that Israel could do MORE, but they are operating in a comprehensive manner lawfully. At no time during this war has Israel targeted civilians deliberately. At no time have they raped women. At no time have they taken hostages. Civilians are going to die in war – that is inevitable. Show me the evidence where Israel has deliberately pursued that goal. The unfortunate reality of civilian causalities does not mean you allow terrorist attacks to go unpunished. Thousands of civilians died in the US Civil War while ending slavery. Millions of civilians died in WW2 to end the evil rule of Hitler, Mussolini and Tojo. Why should evil thrive now, when civilian casualties are mitigated by modern western armies like the IDF at an unprecedented level?

    3. The response to my argument will be as follows: Israel is a colonial, oppressive regime which has illegitimately occupied Palestinian lands, so Hamas’ conduct is somehow “justifiable” or did not occur within a “vacuum” All of this is incorrect – but – for the sake of argument, let us assume these statements are true. In other words, let us pretend Israel is an illegitimate, evil, imperialist regime. Even in such a case – Hamas’ conduct would still be completely inappropriate! The Third Reich was evil and illegitimate. So, would that somehow have justified American troops crossing the Rhine river and sawing off the heads of German babies, raping German women or taking German civilians hostage? Of course not! Despite all of Hitler’s evil – none of that conduct would be “justifiable” nor would the situation be in way “dichotomous”. American soldiers would have been just as much terrorists if they were slaughtering unarmed 7 year old Hitler Youth in 1945 – just the same as Hamas are truly terrorists in their unjustifiable actions of October 7.

    So, yes, do exactly the opposite of the morally indefensible advice proposed here. Evil is evil and deserves to be called out.

  3. Do not agree with her views as this is what is responsible for making the young generation confused. We should call spade a spade by telling the reality of what each side stands for. While one is trying to protect its citizen the other’s goal is to obliterate the existent of its enemy at any cost even if means endless war in its own citizens and using them as shields.We need to explain the charter/goals/objective what both countries stands for and the reason behind it and should also explain which is right and more on the side of humanity. Otherwise we will be covering the wrongdoing of one side by thinking both use the same moral compass.

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