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There are 204 comments on Are You a Novid—Someone Who’s Never Had COVID? Science Has Some Clues Why

  1. “Vaccination is the number-one reason I would say. That’s the major factor. Cautious behavior is big. Wearing masks on public transportation and other crowded settings matters. ”

    While I admire narrative-supporting speculation as much as anyone, I presume Prof. Assoumou is being interviewed for her expertise and knowledge of the literature. If so, what research supports her contention that vaccination, cautious behavior, or mask wearing were significant reasons that some people did not get COVID?

    1. Never had Covid. No vaccine. 4 out of 6 people in my household have had it twice or more. 3 of them were vaccinated with boosters. I’m confused as to why I’ve never gotten it.

        1. Same here. I commuted across state lines once a week during 2020. I went to Tijuana mexico many times during 2020 and I was not surprised that I didn’t get sick. Perhaps because I don’t recall ever having the flu and I’m 65.

      1. Me too . I was even tested Aug. 2022 while in Cleveland Clinic with a Spinal Fluid analysis and proved to so many Specialists that I AM UNVAXED , and have NEVER HAD COVID or the FLU . I am 62 yr old with too many medical conditions to list .. so I am not in the best health but I STILL HAVEN’T HAD COVID .

        1. I am a 75 years old now but when covid was at its peak I was 73 yo and was being treated for breast cancer in 2020 with chemo therapy. I actually worked doing the pandemic with a population that had covid. I have never had a flu shot, pneumonia shot or any of the covid vaccines. I’m curious to know if it’s possible to have a natural immunity to that virus.

          1. I once read an article in a medical magazine, and they postulated that SARS CV 1 maybe the reason some of us don’t get COVID-19. The similarities between those two viruses was high enough and those of us that did have the first one have an immune systems that recognized COVID-19. We had an immune response that blocked it from entering our cells potentially.

        2. I too am not vaccinated, 65, ventricular tachycardia, hypothyroidism and never tested positive for COVID. My husband too, we both worked everyday out in public during the pandemic. I only wore a mask if I had to. Why don’t they study people like us.

          1. I agree. I worked in the ER even before we knew what it was called. I still am working on covid floors in my facility. In a surgical mask only. I don’t do the whole n95 and face shield and all that we were doing in the beginning. ( In my ER we were down to using garbage bags and reusing 1 time masks) at that point. Still… never once had it. We definatley should be studied as to why we were definatley exposed but never sick.

      2. Same, I’ve never had Covid or the vaccine, my whole family of 10 got it accept me, I don’t wear masks either, even during the pandemic when it was really bad,I still never caught Covid. I wouldn’t even wear a mask, and I would go out side and walk everywhere. I’m very curious on why I never caught it.

      3. Me too. Front lines during Covid and I skated through with not contracting it. Family all took vaccines and boosters and all had Covid at least 2x. I’m still front line and still Covid free. I do get the reg cold about ever 2 years but it leaves in 3-4 days. Have all other vaccines but felt no need to do the gene therapy w an immune system as strong as mine. Worked in dental field for many years. It gAve me a strong immune system.

      4. Same! Never had Covid and I’m unvaccinated. Plus I was doing weekly PCR testing as per the requirement of my job for not being vaccinated so I know I wasn’t just asymptomatic. Both my son and husband contracted it (my son twice) and I slept in his room both times taking care of him.

      5. Never had Covid been exposed directly over 50 times currently my husband has the new strain right now as I type this. We traveled to Chicago last week so must have gotten it from airport. However I have never had it he had it twice, my son had it and exhusband and I took care of them all no mask no gloves. Everyone at my job had it and I was the only one left without getting it. All my friends had it and currently one friend also has it today. However recently had genetic testing done and dr said I have zero genetic diseases out of the 151 they test for, also was exposed to hiv by an ex and never got it. So there is definitely something there

    2. I’m 69 years old working in a medical facility for the past 3 years. I’ve been directly and indirectly exposed numerous times to covid and thank the Lord have yet to come down with Covid. I’ve had both Moderna shots with boosters, no side effects. Another interesting fact is I haven’t had a cold since I was in High School. I’ve never had the flu but because of my age I now get a flu shot and pneumonia vaccine. Everyone around me was getting covid even though they had the vaccine. I feel blessed at my age not to be as ill as these 30 year olds I work with. When the shut down first hit I was running around getting groceries for friends and family that were either sick or afraid to leave the house, of course I was masking and taking all precautions. I have a friend who is 76 who also is a Novid , but she rarely leaves her home.

      1. Well, here is my story. I was in Vegas during the Chinese New Year 2020. I am 61 years old and rarely get sick, although I have had recurring cancer since 2014. Anyway, I have had no vaccines. I appreciate the medical field, but Doctors always want to jump to drugs quickly. I take no medications. I only wore a mask several times, usually in a medical facility. I work full-time and am directly exposed to the public dozens of times daily. My adult daughter, 23, who still lives in my house, has had it twice. Her vaccinated marine fiancé has also had it while visiting my home. He was pretty bad, and he stayed with us to recoup. My only therapeutic activity is 5000 units a day of vitamin D. I have been taking this for years.

        My wife and I would seek out places of normalcy on the weekends during the covid campaign. Communities and suburbs that embraced the freedoms of individual choice. You could wear a mask and not be shamed; most did not. It was healing to remove myself every weekend from the Baltimore area and grocery shop and dine with people who lived during covid. I believe it was a mental break and a way to live without the stress of covid. I can’t tell if I’m correct, but I have never been sick with covid and never avoided life.

        1. I too have a similar story, including the Vit D 5000k per day. Same with recurring cancer and I also have MS. Household family members and friends who have visited have had Covid more than once. Son had it and cuddled up with me as I slept. So I was exposed.

          I am not vaccinated.

          I know that I have never gotten it as my neuro ran antibody lab work for me. Came back negative.

        2. My wife is a care partner nurse at a major hospital. The first time she contracted Covid she was sick but didn’t lose her taste. Lots of coughing and we never masked up at home. We were always in close contact with one another. I didn’t contract the virus. She got it again this week along with another nurse. Her first contact was eight days prior and her first symptoms were about 6 days later. She lost taste and has the mega headache and flu like symptoms. I wear a mask at work when out of my office and have a air purifier on. I have had no symptoms and we don’t take any precautions when at home. I did get the two vaccine but no others in 2020. My wife’s first positive was about 9 months ago. I have O-negative blood type and only take one anxiety medicine. I don’t take anything but maybe multi vitamin every now and then.

      2. Lucky you thats great..
        Im a novid. Had 2 vaccinations and was surrounded by people with it continuously testing at least once a week 2 years and still dont seem to have had it.

    3. I’m in Australia. Unvaccinated, immunocompromised, cancer, DM1, IHD. I’m now 52yrs old. Spent 27 days in hospital in 2022 had to have 2 operations, was on same level as Hospital Covid Ward, was sure I’d probably get it in there- didn’t! Fairdinkum unbelievable! Didn’t have half my cancer treatment either, given 6 months at best to live (Stage 3, Grade 3) that was in 2016 (just passed 7 years now!)…still here LoL! Haven’t had a cold or flu since 1990. Only recently started taking some herbs and specific individual vitamins. Oh! And I’m also a heavy smoker 50+ a day. Never done viral very well, I do bacterial well though!! I’d be really interested in being a part of a study. Regularly get crowded public transport. See GP at least once a month, she can verify. Even during lockdowns, I saw her weekly – across town. I’m in Melbourne. Most people I know have it (Covid) up to 4 times.

    4. My fiancé and I both are not vaccinated and both currently have never had Covid. Too many of our friends got really sick due to taking the vaccine so we chose not to. I have always seemed to have a super strong immune system ever since I was a kid. We wonder if we can get checked to see if we have some kind of super antibodies or if it’s just been luck..

      1. I am 71 years old. Have a medical history of Graves disease and treated with radioactive iodine. Later developed hypothyroid and was treated with thyroid medication with no improvement. Now in my later years I have been diagnosed with hashimoto disease a derived condition associated with the radioactive iodine which treated my hyperthyroidism. None of medicines have improved my t3 or t4 levels . I have had the shingles and a stroke and refused to take any of the prescribed medications including the shingles vaccine. I am currently under the care of a physician who monitors my blood levels. I have two daughters and 3 grands and all 5 have had symptons of covid and been vaccinated including boosters. I do not wear masks at home and when in public as a courtesy to others I may choose out of respect to others to mask up. As a young child I received all the vaccines required to enter school and was held back because even after I was vaccinated I was quarantined at home with the chicken pox and the whooping cough.

    5. I’ve never had covid and Im unvaccinated. My 3 family members have been vaccinated and all 3 have gotten covid twice. My son had it very bad at the start of the pandemic and I kissed him, hugged him, lied down next to him with him breathing on my face and still never got it. Was close with my husband the night before he tested positive and still never got it. Took care of everyone, without a mask. I did sanitize my hands and items they touched but they’ve coughed on me, sneezed on me and nothing. I test constantly, especially when they were sick to make sure I wouldn’t give it to someone else. When the test was negative,
      I would test 3 days later to be sure it was still negative. I’m very grateful that I haven’t had covid and pray I never will.

    6. Not vaccinated. Never had Covid. Masked only when mandatory. Exposed at home by 2 family members. Currently 80 years old. No flu shots ever. Pneumonia vax once. Never again.

      Never replied before. But my comment is being refused.

    7. I have not had any vaccines for COVID. I have not had COVID, and work with public every day. Nearly everyone I know who has had vaccine has had COVID.?? Very strange

    8. I never had Covid – I was an Active working teacher in school starting in August 2020. I constantly was testing for Covid but it was always my seasonal allergies or sinus infections. My husband had Covid and I was hoping to get it so I could have immunity.
      I do however have an autoimmune disease and maybe that accounts for not getting it. I normally don’t get sick.
      It would be interesting that I could save the world with my antibodies considering I have Anticardopin lipid syndrome.

      1. I’ve never had Covid, my whole family has not had it. Husband, mother or son. My son and I worked right in the middle of it all. We were merchandisers working in Walgreens, CVS, Target, Walmart, Post Office so many places. We wore masks everywhere. We got the first 2 vaccines nothing after that until this year. My mother and I got the yearly.
        I find it weird since all of my family and friends have had it numerus times. And being around strangers with it.
        My husband got really sick Dec 2019 and was put in the hospital. Got tested months later and test show he did not have it either. He has not been vaccinated.

  2. I guess I’m Novid. I was scared into getting the first Pfizer dose but quickly regretted it. My husband has had Covid twice now but I have not gotten it yet. I do take precautions still by wearing a mask in public areas and carrying hand sanitizer. I sanitize heavily used areas in my house but otherwise carry-on as I was pre pandemic.

  3. I am a “super dodger” who’s never had the covid or maybe I had it but with no symptom in the past three long year. Maybe two cure reasons can explain my luck: fully vaccinated plus two boosters, always mask up when going outside until now, avoid crowded places. But I am also curious that if I have some immune systems which can protect me from the COVID-19 virus, therefore if there are some research projects study about this, I am happy to join as the research subject.

    1. Im a novid too! I have a rare autoimmune disease, coronary artery disease and osteoarthritis which puts me at risk at 61. I am retired so keep a small social circle but volunteer at homeless shelter and mission food pantry all during lockdown. I cannot and will not be vaccinated as my immune system cannot be altered in any way. Ive been tested three times and all negative No symptoms. My Mom has had is twice and my daughter a nurse has had it. My friends have had it. Guess Im just lucky!

  4. I too have not had Covid. Following the guidelines I feel is the reason I as well as my husband and grandchild have not had Covid. We have been vaccinated and two boosters for myself and my husband with my 5 year old grandchild being vaccinated with no boosters.. I truly think the guidelines kept us safe. We go church and mini staycations .. No big crowds and ALWAYS wear mask… ALWAYS…We sanitize not so much now but hand washing is very very frequent through out the day..We don’t have many guest over but older children are tested at times when they come over..We mask when shopping or around other people that don’t live in our house hold.. Jesus has kept us SAFE..He lives here and goes wherever we go…Facts…

  5. We are not vaccinated and never will be,We stay home, We wear two kN95 or N95 mask everywhere….. We don’t have company over,We don’t eat at restaurants or bars..We avoid big crowds we Pray to GOD !!!! We wash hands, sanitize..we wear gloves when touching things like mail,door knobs etc.. We workout.. We take herbs and vitamins and eat healthy,We use Instacart we wash groceries down with bleach and water
    Common Sense things…

      1. I have not had covid. I am not and will not ever be vaccinated. And the only reason I ever put on a mask is when they wouldn’t let me in the grocery store. Luck cannot be the reason cause if it wasn’t for bad luck I wouldn’t have any.

        1. I am the exact same. I took precautions in the beginning, but haven’t since mid last year. I work in a bar and do massage and never had any symptoms like the people I have been around.
          How can someone like us get genome testing to see if we really are Novid?

    1. Thank goodness for the Enlightenment period, when humanity realized the benefits of science for public health, instead of just accepting religious nonsense. It’s one thing to be religious and keep your beliefs to yourself, within your private sphere. However, the religious wackos are once again trying to impose their own beliefs upon public institutions. The good news is that these ultra religious freaks constitute a declining fringe population, and no amount of prayer is going to reverse that.

      Vaccinations are backed by science. Praying to GOD is backed by no evidence at all. Don’t just use your common sense, people. Use SCIENCE, and take advice from scientific specialists who have spent years researching in their area of expertise.

  6. My husband caught COVID last yr in January! While he we I did put up signs on our door that he was positive nd we were on isolation he had it for a whole month! His was so bad he couldn’t even get up stopped eating for 3 weeks his pain was excruciating nd while I had to monitor his oxygen levels nd his temperature every 2 hrs push fluids nd try to get him to eat I wasn’t wearing a mask gloves I did disinfect the room we were in the bed we slept in and now here we are a whole yr later nd I haven’t had COVID since it started 3yrs ago! Not once I’ve tested negative home tested all negative! Tested with him he read positive I was negative jan10 last yr tested again 5 days later on his bday Jan 15 he still was positive nd I still was negative the nurse nd dr couldn’t believe it cuz I was in close contact with him with no mask or gloves nd I never got it !

  7. Okay, I’m glad people are talking about this, but it appears they avoided saying “air filtration” and only talked about “ventilation”. Ventilation helps but we do need HEPA air purification too. Glad they’re at least bringing up masks and ventilation, but we can do better, and we can be louder.

  8. Family of 5. Super careful for the first 6 months. Kids returned to full in person in fall of 2020. and our family gradually resumed normal lives. We were all vaccinated early and have kept up with boosters, but otherwise are no longer doing anything specific to avoid Covid. None of us have tested positive for Covid we do test if we have symptoms. Are we lucky? Did we have it before tests were available prior to the lockdowns? I have we had asymptomatic cases or had Covid despite negative tests?

  9. I have not had Covid that I am aware of. I have been fully vaccinated and boosters with Moderna, and have been closely exposed 5 times – on was with my spouse, and we did nothing special to isolate. I am not rigorous in my practices to avoid exposure, but do take moderate precautions. I have self-tested numerous times and have always been negative. So, I don’t know if I am a Covid virgin or just asymptomatic. I would really like to understand if there is a DNA anomaly that gives me an additional protection.

  10. As far as I know I’m a NOVID. My vaccines are up to date and I’ve been exposed many times (including my husband and daughter who had it at different times – they isolated and we all masked).

    It’s possible that I had a very mild case when my husband had it – had a cold but never tested positive on a rapid test.

    I’m happy to have science look at me to see what can be learned

  11. I have always wondered how I avoided it. I continued to work in a factory and was around folks who had it. I always took supplements but was never vaxxed for Covid. I did however get the flu vax.

    1. While I’m sure there are genetic factors at play, they need to look at supplements, especially vitamin D. I am also over here knocking on wood that I have dodged this long. I have had other colds recently that did not test positive for COVID but had symptoms not unlike my reactions to the vaccine. I am someone who historically has gotten sick a LOT. But since 2020, I ramped up my D intake based on a study showing D effective against flu and living in a low daylight region. I would also be glad to submit to being studied. I was very strict with the protocols but have slacked a bit since summer 22.

  12. I may have had it before the government was telling us about it. But I am fully paranoid and thoroughly vaxed as well as immunocompromised due to medications for psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis and other autoimmune disorders in general, i’#m not going to breed the variants! I don’t do anything and I don’t go anywhere. I am a super germaphobe and obsessive compulsive. I don’t have any friends and I don’t allow many people in my life. My circle is super small. I have strict rules and do not break them. If you know basic germ theory and wash your hands and refrain from picking your nose until you have washed your hands, prepare your own food and pick up your own panties you will do just fine. Stay home. Watch you tube videos, read books and work in your garden and shuffle the hoard.

  13. I have not had covid nor my husband and 2 out 3 kids have not had either , husband a dr too
    I also volunteered at local surgery from first vaccinations and have continued to do so
    All of us fully vaccinated
    Daughter who we think had covid prior to lockdown worked as junior dr on respiratory unit through lockdown.

  14. I haven’t gotten it. It’s very confusing to me. I have worked in a preschool for most of the three years. I have been exposed over and over. I was required to surveillance test for a year and a half,PCR, I have never been positive. I am not cautious. I rarely wear a mask. I still test if I have a known exposure, or any symptoms . I have spent over 20 hrs driving cross country with two of my family members with fresh Covid. We were all unmasked. 9 months later more positive among my children who I cared for, me? No Covid. I have been exposed so many times at work and at home. I also haven’t gotten any more boosters.

    1. I work in a pharmacy and have been exposed hundreds of times! I am one of two (of dozens) of coworkers who still haven’t gotten it! I administer covid tests and vaccines, and nada. I have only had the first 2 Pfizer doses (Jan/Feb 2021) but developed reactivated EBV so swore off ever getting another dose (never again). Covid is over in a few days or weeks; reactivated EBV destroyed nearly a year of my life. My brother and I are both novids. I often wonder why?

  15. Neither my husband or I have had COVID-19. We received the first 2 vaccines and one booster each. Like many I worked for home the first year, while my husband did the grocery shopping and everything else outside the home. Neither of us went into large crowds and always wore a mask when out. We cooked all meals at home that year (2020). In 2021 we after vaccinations we traveled across the country to visit with our son and family in San Antonio, Texas and back home again, stopping to stay in hotels along the way and eating out either via drive-thru or sit down restaurants – we wore our mask. At our sons we finally went to a mall – the first time in over a year and again ate out in restaurants. After that we traveled to Florida several times in 2021 and other resorts with friends of ours who were also working from home. While away we all worked during the day and spent evenings working or going out some. We ate all our meals at the resorts cooking in our own kitchens because most trips were to Florida and their numbers were still high we avoided crowds. When not on trips, I was going into homes working with Hospice patients – many who had just tested Positive for COVID (some I knew before time and most I did not). We are active in our church and back to life as usual for almost a year, however we try to avoid huge crowds.. I still have many patients with COVID during our visits and traveling. We just got back from Texas again, only this time we flew. My grandchildren have had COVID, however my son who works in several Hospitals and my daughter-in-law who took care of my grandchildren are also Covid-NOVID. Why we have not gotten it … who knows. My sister who has also been around it and not acquired COVID-19 believes it’s because of all the vaccines (we got 2 smallpox vaccines, for heaven’s sake -lol) we were given when we were young (50’s and 60’s) traveling from the US to other countries and back several times with my father who was in the military but other siblings have had COVID-19 so , I can’t say that is why.

  16. Jessie J Lopez from Corpus Christi Texas living with my wife and her mom and her stepdad the beginning of covid he had passed and everybody in the house that live with us tested positive covid-19 but incept me to care them late in the same room and bed with them and took care of them and I never tested positive covid and the last week of this month my son tested positive 3 days later my wife tested positive again and I’ve been here taking care of them and I haven’t gotten covid and I take care of them and I tested negative I’m just trying to see if I’m immune to it I haven’t gotten sick cold or fever for the past 6 years I’m not saying I’m Superman I just want to know if maybe my antibodies or my immune T cells could help research scientists around the world to help this pandemic to stop this just want to help cuz I know a lot of people lost a lot of lives and families members friends and I have lost in a lot Not Just 2 3 4 5 plus can you leave me for somebody to help somebody else’s lives I’m not asking for money I’m just asking to help what can I do thank you God bless

  17. I am a NOVID, and have never been vaccinated. I have been exposed numerous times at work, at home, and at family functions. I don’t restrict myself from going anywhere and I do not wear a mask in public unless required. I do however use hand sanitizer, have a good habit of not sticking my fingers in my nose or mouth and wash my hands frequently. Not sure if that is what has kept me from getting it, gene’s, past infections non Covid related. I am not sure, but would be great to find out!

  18. Im a Novid. I have worked in person 5 days a week as a crisis counselor. Idk , im also ten years sober. Maybe alcohol pickled me? in all seriousness I was staring to wonder why I never got it. I rarely wear a mask and only got the initial shot

  19. Never been vaccinated didnt trust it to be honest never had it, family had it, got tested everytime we could to make sure cause I work, and always came up negative never positive at this point i truly believe I’m immune to covid, I’m a caretaker for my grandpa and his wife gave him covid and youd think I’d get it being a caretaker but I tested twice a week and came up negative so I’d say I’m negative at getting covid lol

  20. I have never been vaccinated, i stopped wearing masks like 2 weeks in when covid started. My dad and husband have gotten it in my household and I wouldn’t wear a mask around them nor sanitize my home, i still slept in the same room as my husband i would still kiss him and never got sick and kept testing negative for covid. Ive also been around family who tested positive and still test negative. Am i the only one who doesn’t take care of themselves and still never got it??

  21. I haven’t ever gotten any vaccination for COVID or the flu. I have only worn a mask when it was required in order to enter a building. For the most part, I haven’t really done much different in my life, but I’ve never had COVID, although I did get tested for it once. Come to think of it, I haven’t actually been sick at all in the past 3+ years. It’s probably just a combination of luck and having no life whatsoever.

  22. Unvaccinated, unmasked, not cautious in the slightest, and a “novid” so what does that make me? Also a mom of 3 young ones in school daily. I do love the outdoors, working out, and eating healthy. We prioritize those things, actually.

  23. Neither my wife, nor I, have been covid infected, as far as we know. We have both been tested a few times, since we were exposed on several occasions. My wife was Pfizer vaccinated but chose not to get boosters, while I made the decision not to get vaccinated. We initially wore masks, and we avoid exposure to crowds. We get a lot of sunshine and fresh air outside, take immune boosters like C,D,E,Zn, and have early treatment prescription meds available if we need them (as recommended by my doctor) So far so good.

  24. Ok my turn now! Just read everyone’s comments and quite interesting stuff! Ok have never had flu, and refuse any vaccine to prevent it! Have NOT had had a simple common cold for 6 years! However last year I was “talked” into having a covid shot in Feb! All cool no problems but the usual pain in the arm one expects! Second shot 2/12 later almost killed me! Within less than 24/24 later I developed severe chest pain, inspirational and expiring too! Also severe epigastric and retro sternal chest pain! The worst was that I developed a massive tachycardia and heart flutterings! These symptoms lasted for 48 hours and very scary indeed! The pain in my left shoulder was pretty horrific indeed! As a trained A/E nurse and married to a GP we put this down to acute pericarditis, post vaccination! As I have PMR and being on oral steroids we believe that I managed to get over it pretty quickly! But horrid pain! However following this recovery I sustained four severe respiratory viral infections, usually picked up from my grand daughter whom has a very low auto immune response to circulating viruses, especially RSA! Have done multiple RATs and all negative so do not believe that during those horrid RTI I was covid pos at all! Nobody else got sick even tho they were exposed to my continual coughing and phylum production! Interesting very much in ur response!

    1. I have been vaccinated and gotten the two boosters. My husband has also had four shots. Neither of us have gotten covid, as far as we know. He worked all through the pandemic. His company was very careful and proactive. He works in an essential personnel job. I went back to work in a dance studio for children in July 2019 when things opened up. We all wore masks and even the younger children did. In late July 2022 we both stopped wearing masks. I think, for me, using a nasal rinse at least twice a day helped. I generally used it after I came home from public places too. I use it for my sinus issues. I also take vitamins D, C and B daily. I know so many friends and family members who have gotten the virus. No idea why we did not.

  25. I have been vaccinated. I have been in contact many times. Took care of my husband when he had it. My son doesn’t live with me but had it while I was around him. I wear a mask sometimes less now. I have a large family everyone has had it but me. I am elderly and have autoimmune disease. I don’t know why I am a novid!

  26. I haven’t had Covid. I’ve been fully vaccinated and have had 3 boosters. People in my family have had Covid, we didn’t separate or wear masks. In the past 6 months, I have stopped wearing masks except at Doctors’ offices. I do avoid big crowds including festivals, public transportation, and big parties. I have taken Hydroxychloroqiune for many years for Lupus.

    1. I am RN with multiple exposures , + family members . Fully vaccinated and boosted. I also take plaquinel for auto immune disease. People call me the unicorn! Happy to join a study if it will help the cause!

  27. Ok, me my husband and my two sons have not been vaccinated, we live life as we normally have. No mask no gives we wash our hands as we always have, and we have all been tested over and over and over again throughout the years. NEVER NOT ONCE have we had anything more than sinus infections or common cold we’ve only had two flu shots our entire life. And both times caught the worst flu of our lives. Idk what Novid is or anything else all I know is somehow, by the grace of God we have never had it? I have Chrons disease also. To my knowledge my husband and sis. Are healthy. We haven’t tested weekly or monthly but if similar symptoms occur we test or just quarterly? Never a positive. How many others are there like us?

  28. I am NOT vaccinated against Covid. I do get my flu shot every year and did get my pneumonia shot also. Have not had a common cold for over 9 years. Worked the last 4 years in our local hospital cafeteria. Only masked up when absolutely required to go into a public facility. Don’t use sanitizer, or any other precautions that I didn’t do before Covid. To my knowledge, I have never had it. I recently had routine blood work done, don’t know if they have added any type of Covid antigen testing to it. I’m 65, no underlying health conditions. Maybe I’ve just been lucky so far?

  29. I have only had the first vaccine so that I could do things in Aus, still haven’t had covid nor has my wife or daughter. I have not actively avoided it or people who were infected (my entire office had it at one point) and i refuse to wear a mask. I was looking forward to my week off to get some house stuff done.

  30. I have never had Covid and have had only the basic two vaccines against it, i.e. no boosters. I have flown internationally throughout the pandemic and have also ridden on buses. I never get a flu shot and have never had the flu either. I have been a lifelong vegetarian and have been to see a doctor only once in several years (for a tennis elbow). My daughter has also never had Covid or the flu. She has also had only the two basic Covid vaccines. She did have a slightly sore arm from the Covid vaccine, but I never had any reaction whatsoever to my two vaccines. I have never “isolated” but I also do not eat “junk” food, smoke, or drink alcohol. My age? Well, I am at an age at which catching Covid is supposed to be very likely!! I did wear masks (properly, not below the nose as some idiots choose to do!!), but now do not. I have always washed my hands at appropriate times. I am slender and have no health problems whatsoever.

  31. I never had covid it was confirmed by blood work. I never had the shots . For the first year and half .I worked as a cashier. I did not where a mask most of the time, or when I had to it was as thin as possible. I was just tested for antibodies. I don’t have them .

  32. I don’t know it’s pretty wild to me that my parents have gotten Covid my sister, my girlfriend at the time. Looking back I never did have any complications. Never had any of the symptoms. Never got sick never felt fatigue. I’m 42 years old. I’m a male Hispanic. Bipolar ADHD been around a lot of people and I don’t understand it. I mean, I do not want it don’t get me wrong, but I just don’t understand that I’ve been around. I did get the first and second shot. Never followed up after it took me take me a while to get those because I was on the fence of getting it or not by the time I got mine I believe the third round was already out I’m clueless.

  33. Neither I nor my husband have contracted covid. We were both mid-60s when it hit, older now!

    We took the pandemic seriously: masking when asked to do so, being cautious when we went out in public (masks, distancing), washing hands more than we already do, getting vaxxed and boosted.

    Most of our pursuits are outdoors pursuits, and we like ventilation as opposed to stuffy houses. Windows are usually open at night until temps hit low 40s.

    We modified our habits with regard to large indoor gatherings only “some” once things opened up.

    We don’t have the chronic diseases so pervasive these days. Glad to be a test subject if someone needs one.

  34. I’ve never had covid. I have taken care of family members directly exposed repeatedly and never once tested positive. I took covid test many times along the way to make sure I was asymptomatic. Same with the Flu. I had the flu one time in 2012. I take care of all my family who gets the flu. No, I do not get a flu shot. ;)

  35. I’m a Novid. I’ve been in a 3-person “pod” for the entire pandemic with my boyfriend and his very elderly mother, so we are certain none of us had it. That was until he took her to an ER visit, and they both came down with Covid three days later.

    However, in spite of his breathing on me for 5 full days while he was Covid positive (two days are when he was contagious but didn’t have symptoms yet) and 3 days of symptoms while thinking he had a bad cold, I never got it.
    I did 5 home tests and even a PCR test and after two weeks never came down with it.

    I had the JJ vax and one booster—nothing else since December 2021. That’s been fifteen months, so theoretically, I am unvaccinated?

    I take a lot of supplements daily—C, D, Mag, Quercetin, zinc. Then there are the “next level” supplements I take if I think I’m exposed to something: oregano oil, elderberry, goldenseal, Umcka etc.

    I’m fairly careful. Mask in crowded places. I don’t interact with lots of strangers.

    I’d love to know how I never got it.

  36. I have not been sick with any ailment since the pandemic. I test regularly for work. The one thing I do take is Pepcid ( famotidine) every night. For some reason, that is reason I have not contracted Covid. My son has been diagnosed twice. We are all fully vaccinated however, Covid was around for a year before a vaccine was available. I do mask and use hand sanitizers.

  37. As someone who hasn’t gone COVID yet, I found my way to this article because I was curious. I know I haven’t because I know I would have symptoms and I’ve also tested frequently. Most people I know have gotten it and I’ve been exposed a lot of times. ‍♀️

  38. I have never had covid. My son has had covid 3 time and all 3 time I took care of him. This last time I even drank out of the same cup as him while he had covid and I never got it. I barely wore mask only time I wore one is when it was mandatory.

  39. I’m a 61 year old man and I have had only one vaccination it was the physer shot and I have never even had any of the symptoms for COVID any type. And I never really stayed at home. I went to the stores daily. I also went to the hospital where I live and nothing.

  40. I’m in Australia and all my 2x siblings have had it but mum, dad and I are yet to get it. We have all had 2 vaccines and nothing more. We are very social to the point mum and dad are at crown casino in Melbourne weekly and to the shops daily they are both in their 70’s and nothing. I am not as social but was with my partner the night before he tested positive we slept in the same bed with the door closed and even kissed a lot and I still didn’t get it. So it’s very confusing to say the least.

  41. Nobody in my immediate family has gotten Covid that we know of (Me, my 2 teenage kids, my boyfriend and his 10 year old son). Although we were careful during the lockdown and are all up to date with shots and boosters, we now travel, see concerts, go to parties, museums, etc., eat out a lot and our three kids go to three different schools, mixing with a lot of different people. We all stopped wearing masks as soon as they were no longer required. We have a lot of tests on hand so test whenever one of us feels ill but so far no positive results. Not sure how we’ve avoided it.

  42. I am also a NOVID. 59yo female, Pfizer vaccinated and boosted. My husband had it last year and I cared for him unmasked. I know that I have been exposed numerous times at work, yet still manage to stay healthy. I haven’t masked in about a year, except in medical facilities in the Phoenix area. Coincidently, my niece has also managed to avoid it, even while caring for sick family with no precautions except her vaccination. I sure would be interested in any study that might help others.

  43. edible marijuana. i use a little every day for 3 years. have not been ill with anything. i have hashimoto’s disease and take 250mcg daily of levothyroxine. i work with people who have had it a few times. i do not wear a mask.

  44. Super Dodger here

    have been lab tested for antibodies – results negative.
    wash my hands
    avoid touching my face
    only wear masks where required
    never vaccinated or boosted for covid19
    have been exposed to family member who is contagious sleeping in bed with me
    have MS as a result I take a daily D3 5000
    had cancer
    have several rapid tests and test regularly

    In the beginning I was stressed about it. So much was unknown. Once we started seeing patterns we were able to make proper adjustments.

    I wish everyone safe harbor as you navigate this period of history!

  45. I had Covid-19 for the 1st time in March 2023. I had my 3rd vaccine at the beginning of 2022. I stopped wearing a mask in public in February 2023, as I thought maybe it is OK to do that now. I visited a friend’s home for the 1st time (whose son had a cough) in March 2023.

    So, I stopped being cautious, and I got it pretty much instantly. Feel quite foolish about it, really.

  46. I have had covid once and never got it again; however, I had it at the end of the “bad times.” I realize covid is still here, but we know 2020 was the worst, and I got it towards the end of 2022. I am a teacher in an elementary school, and most of my students and/or their family members had covid. I was exposed to it on a daily basis (and still am). I have often wondered… How did I not get covid within those 2 years before I got it? And when I did get it… it was mild. The only reason why I took the test was because my husband tested positive. With that said… Are Novids really novids (unicorns)? Or are they Novids because they never tested? Did Novid’s not test because their symptoms were so mild they didn’t think they needed to test?

  47. I dont believe I have had Covid. Had 2 of the 3 boosters offered in the UK but haven’t worn a mask for the past 1.5yrs. Im a big football (soccer) fan and attend home and many away matches in crowds of 50k+ and of course having a few beers in the pubs beforehand.

    My job also requires me to travel, so spend a lot of time on trains, cramped in with the great unwashed at rush hour.

    Yet I still haven’t had Covid, even though my wife, brother, sister in law, close friends have all had it. Interestingly my son who was at College and is now at University also hasnt tested positive, even though he partakes in the student lifestyle.

    I do test frequently as my mother is 94, so there is always a worry that you pass it on unwittingly.

    The only tablets/supplements I take are vitamin D (2000iu) but only in the winter months.

    Maybe its just luck but with each passing month statistically it appears more likely to at least be some level of inherent immunity.

    Famous last words :-)

  48. I never got it, I was exposed to people who tested positive the same day of being exposed to them, no one in my household got it, none of my family in my household, none of my animals, I didn’t wear a mask or social distance, I didn’t wash my hands or sanitize. I went on with life as if it didn’t exist. My exposure was for more than an hour and I hugged and gave my niece a kiss on the top of her head. I’m 59 now so 56 when it broke, no vaccines and you won’t ever get me to take one. I do smoke a lot, I have prostate cancer, and I take opioids for pain everyday. I never get the flu either, no flu shots ever, I won’t get into my beliefs but everything I have stated here is absolutely true and I will swear to it under the penalty of perjury.

  49. I am a 60 year old nurse who works in Assisted Living, worked through the pandemic. 0+ blood. Smoke. Unvaccinated.
    Had multiple residents with Covid a couple of months ago.
    I go about my business without a mask, and so far, so good. Not bragging, just the way I choose to live my life. Will I be sorry one day? Well…I smoke, so what are the chances that I will regret that too one day.?
    I believe we all have the right to choice in this country, and fortunately, my employer allowed me to make mine.

  50. I am interested in being in a study. I am 56 years old. I weigh 300lbs +/- depending on the day. I have not had covid. I have not been vaccinated or boostered or taken any supplements rumored to prevent infection. Until I quit smoking 10 years ago, I would get bronchitis &/or pneumonia 1-3 times a year. At least one of those times severely. I have never avoided crowds, family, friends, events, stores, or work to prevent infection. I only wore a mask when absolutely necessary for work or to visit my daughter with a TBI in her care facility. I was/am exposed to positive covid people regularly. I am an employee shuttle driver for Mayo Clinic and a School bus driver.

    I was exposed to my 5 year old grandson the day before he tested positive. For 9 hours he was hugging and kissing on me, we shared drinks, food and silverware, playing and napping together. I didn’t get covid.

    I was exposed to one of my best friends the day before she tested positive. We were cooking together and shared a glass and silverware while taste testing. I didn’t get covid.

    I know I didn’t get covid because I was tested by the Mayo Clinic 1-2 times a week for approximately 2 years. I had to test to gain entrance into the Mayo care facility my daughter lives in. I had to test for my shuttle job with Mayo also.

    As a school bus driver, I was exposed on a daily basis with kids that didn’t keep their masks on when mandatory. I had dozens and dozens of kids test positive on a weekly basis. Some days I only had 3 or 4 kids on a route of 50+. I drove a junior high route of 50+ kids and an elementary route of 50+ kids. When masks were no longer mandatory, they were still getting sick and exposing me. I never wore the mask unless it was required. I didn’t catch covid.

    As a Mayo Clinic employee shuttle driver, I was exposed on a daily basis to doctors, nurses, er workers, techs, admin, researchers, subcontractors, visiting medical personnel and others who were working with mild severe, and deadly covid patients. I haven’t caught covid.

    Since the weekly testing has stopped, I have only had a cold once. I took 3 at home covid tests in 48 hours to make sure I wasn’t covid positive. All negative.

    I would be very interested in helping with a study to figure out what it is that has kept me healthy around so much sickness.

  51. I would love to be involved in a study for Novids. My husband and I never had COVID that we know about. We were exposed for sure from friends. We were in the US central FL Astra Zenica vaccine trial. We were cautious until 2021. For two years no mask, months on cruise ships, church active and store loving. I am 65.

  52. I am also a Novid. I have asthma and take preventative medications, along with COVID vaccines and boosters. I work in education and have been exposed to COVID by family members and students. I am still masking and sanitizing along with several of my co-workers.

    I would be happy to participate in a study to help others stay healthy.

  53. Hi, My Name is Anand Sapruu and I am from India Basically I want to share that I never had COVID in the sense i have never been tested Positive. there can me multiple reason for this as i am a virgin and never had sex my age is 28 years old. The other reason can be my Blood Type is O negative which is high in immunity and attracts Mosquitoes than other blood type. And RNA composition is complex for COVID Strain to attach to my blood.

    I would say if any kind of research will happen over this i would be happy to join.

  54. My husband works in a hospital and was exposed repeatedly – often multiple times on the same day. Every person in his department got COVID, he did not. I didn’t get it either. We had the JNJ vaccine in 2020, no boosters either.

    Neither of us has had it. We often wonder why. I am grateful that we never had it, especially seeing all the death he did. We consider ourselves lucky. We took precautions – him with an N95 and me with a simple mask.

    We did take herbal supplements like Elderberry, but other than that, we just kept living how we normally do.

  55. I am a Novid and No vaccine. I am also A Rh negative blood type. Antibodies were tested once as I traveled a lot and was in an airport and for curiosities sake I asked my doctor to do antibody testing. It showed I had acute exposure to covid. So I went and got tested at an urgent care center. I had the most reliable test that can be done. I had no symptoms of covid. The test came back negative. So I did not have covid. I cannot take the vaccine due to a history of allergies to vaccines. I am a very healthy 59 year old woman.. I do not take any pharmaceutical medications. And this virus does not concern me. But if I could help others by offering my blood or any testing to know why I was unaffected, I would surely oblige any such research.

  56. my partner and i are NOVIDS.

    first round moderna vaccinated, boosted and bivalent boosted.

    but we also consistently mask in any closed-air setting and have not stopped since March 2020.

    i was exposed twice that i know of but did not get it.
    always interested in helping with research.

  57. I’ve been exposed to covid at least 100 times that I know of and that’s not including the person in the grocery store or at work I was next to that may have it. I used to work in a long time care home where we got hit hard with covid. Everyone in my family has gotten it, I’ve been in close prolonged contact with them yef I have never had covid.
    I self tested twice a week at my former place of work where there were outbreaks of covid and have never had it. I tested at home when I felt symptoms and have gone to clinics for a rapid test and a pcr and it has never been positive. I have the two series Moderna vaccination and 2 boosters.


  59. Havent had any flu or such in the last 6 years. Havent had any covid shots either. Have been exposed to the virus on many occasions, even kissing my partner and the next day she was diagnosed with covid and i was fine. Only wore a mask when it was compulsory, like going into shops etc. I did not hide away or isolate. I lead a very healthy lifestyle, very active, lots of time outdoors and have a healthy diet.

  60. I am the King Novid! No vaccines for Flu nor Covid. Never had the Flu nor Covid. I Only have masked when it was required to enter a building such as doctors office or grocery stores and even now the grocery stores no longer require it. 56 year old male.

  61. My wife was infected twice. Bedridden for a week both times. On the other hand I’ve weathered the storm without a scratch even though we live in a three-room apartment. Go figure.

  62. I haven’t had covid yet, or as far as I know, haven’t been sick at all in 2 yrs. Also I dont have any vaccines and ai do not intended to get any.

  63. I’ve never had the flu, never had covid. I did get vaccinated out of sheer peer pressure from my work before it became mandatory and even then I had no side effects. My husband had it twice and my son had it once. I still haven’t gotten it and never had the flu either. I find it all very interesting!

  64. My 81 year old mum and 15 year old son live with me and none of us have had covid and we have not been vaccinated at all.
    I do homeschool but we do get out and about and attend lots of activities but are very hygienic.
    I have also been in proximity with people that have had covid which has been everyone around me.
    I also have a lot of health issues but have not had covid.

  65. I am a 58yo RN. I worked in an ILI clinic swabbing very sick patients before we knew what COVID was. I swabbed many patients with no mask before the pandemic. Never got sick.
    When the pandemic exploded, I headed to the back of our ER and worked 60+ hours in the COVID clinic. I work on the Navajo Nation. Navajo Nation was hit very hard with COVID19. After months of working long hours in the COVID clinic- still never got sick.
    I wouldn’t have minded getting COVID19, heck all my co-workers were getting time off!
    I tested several times after I had a known unprotected exposure- but still never positive for COVID19.
    I would say I am definitely a NOVID. Probably as NOVID as one can be!

  66. I am a super dodger. In the first year of the pandemic, I was part of a study Emory did that confirmed I hadn’t been exposed to the virus at that point. As soon as the vaccine was available I got it and I have been boosted twice. I test frequently whenever I have come into contact with someone who is infected.

    I am fortunate enough to work from home and until recently masked in public and avoided crowds. But the virus has made it into my own home several times because I have kids who work in the public.

    For example, one night my daughter and I watched a movie together, side by side, as she coughed up a storm. the next day, she tested positive. I tested for 2 weeks but somehow evaded the virus.

    I would be interested in being tested to verify whether or not I have ever unknowingly had the virus, and would love to contribute in some way to this needed body of research to help increase our knowledge for the next time a devastating virus shows up to change our world.

  67. I’m a 41 year old woman who’s never had any of the vaccines and has never tested positive for covid. Since the beginning of the pandemic, I’ve been in close contact with many friends and family that were very ill. Both of my parents and both of my brothers (who all live together) had rather severe covid infections and since I wasn’t sick I would go to their house and help out, and never once wore a mask(although i was getting tested all the time). I also helped out when my daughter and her father were sick with covid, again never wearing a mask.(still getting tested). When my boyfriend and his mother got sick with covid, I’d helped them out too, still never got covid and always tested negative. I should state that these interactions with them were spaced out over 3yrs. My parents and brothers were sick in late 2020, my daughter and her father were sick in late 2021 and my boyfriend and his mother were sick in the summer of last year. I tested negative then and I’ve tested negative since then. And just to clarify so no one thinks I’m a careless disease spreader. I worked from home and I always wore a mask in public.
    And on a side note. I’ve also never had the flu and I’ve never had a flu shot. I guess I’ve just got an interesting immune system.

  68. I am not vaccinated , Never had covid even tho during covid period I was a lot exposed , I was travelling and working from the office I was doing all the time tests to be able to travel even a blood test .. since 2019 I didn’t even had any flu or I got sick but even before covid I was never really sick with any type of flu… so I think is my good immune system ?

  69. Never caught covid worked in a school, lots of kids teachers and fellow workers caught it, family members friends some caught it twice, my nose is constantly blocked im a mouth breather pretty sure that’s why it’s never bothered me.
    I have had vaccines and tested everytime someone has had covid.
    I was a carrier of epstein barr or mono depending where you live as a teenager I never caught it just passed it on, I also had a TB jab cos I’m from uk. Still never caught anything but had a few colds yearly.

  70. My father, brother, and I are all novids. The crazy part is that while I (36) was vaccinated early (I worked admin in a hospital and there was extra vaccine mixed up that was going to be wasted, so I decided to take it. I wouldn’t have otherwise been eligible for the vaccine in early 2021), I have never had any boosters. I was also pregnant during 2021/2022. My father (78 at the time) was vaccinated, but only AFTER spending months being in and out of the ER (for non-Covid issues; he is a type one diabetic) and BH while unvaccinated all throughout 2020. My brother (32) isn’t very social, but he lives with my dad and was going to the hospital a ton because of him. He is also unvaccinated. My husband thinks he had Covid earlier on in 2020, but until now I thought he must have had the flu since I never got it. Now I’m not so sure.

  71. I am a Novid. I have not been vaccinated and do not plan to be. I rarely get sick with anything, so if I had covid it was asymptomatic. I work in retail sales, and was back to working full time as of May 2020. My husband had already retired and did minimal local errands. I was the one out 4-5 days a week, meeting new people each day. I only wore the mask when it was strictly required and certainly not outside. I pretty much did everything as before- grocery shopping, errands, etc. I didn’t get stuff delivered to the house. I’m curious if I ever did have it, but not curious enough to pay for an antibody test.

  72. I did not wear a mask threw the entirety of the pandemic “I’d have panic attacks”
    I did not get any vaccine “ #jabbfreee “
    I did not even get a cold or flu from 2020- to present 5/23
    Am I just lucky or is science still working on that part ?

  73. I’ll be 58 in June.no vax i smoke and eat lots of meat.i haven’t been sick in years.been around many with covid.hardly ever used masked.i haven’t even had a cold a sniffle nothing.i kept my life as normal I as possible could and tried not to avoid life.i take my 80yr old moms advise who has copd get busy living or get busy dying.my mom has not had covid an she’s active out and about.i was with her at least 4 days a week even during lockdowns.hugged and kissed.she finally got 2 shots2 years into the pandemic after being constantly nagged about it from certain people.it flared up her arthritis in her knees and left her with bony lumps on her knees in under 48 hrs after vaccination.she will not get a booster now.

  74. I worked frontline before the vaccine. As an asthmatic and autoimmune reactive person, never tested positive for it, or got sick. It’s interesting.

    1. I have wondered if people with auto-immune disease who aren’t on immunosuppressants might have better protection? I am not vaccinated at all, I worked in the service industry throughout covid, and have had several negative antibody tests. I’ve also tested repeatedly after every known exposure to an infected person and never had a positive test. I drank from my daughter’s straw and she slept in my bed 2 nights when she had it. I used the vape pen of someone with an active infection *hoping* to get it but I can’t seem to. Still no antibodies.

  75. Age 94, Moderna vaccinated and Pfizer boosted, yearly flu shot. No noticeable reactions except my hearing suddenly deteriorated to the point where I needed hearing aids.Not particularly cautious, socially inclined, attending many public events. Do not smoke, eat fairly healthfully, take vitamins. Neither my husband nor I have had COVID. He under cancer treatment died July, 2022. I Have never had the flu nor even a head cold for at least 30 years.

  76. 52, have been fully vaccinated, had on a mask a lot during the time the world essentially shut down. Eventually removed the mask. I go to concerts, sport events, bars, whatever..but I also hike, bike, and skate a lot. Honestly, I’ve had allergies for years. Covid shots didn’t put me down. If I’ve had covid it’s symptoms were so mild that my allergies masked it. Have taken multiple at home tests and always negative. Honestly the shingles shots I took last year had way more impact on me than a single covid shot. Covid shots I went to work the next day. Shingles shots put me down for 3 days both times.

  77. I have never had Covid or at least shown symptoms of it. While I could chalk that up to luck, I’d say not quite because my 5 children 14, 17, twin 18, and a 20 year old, has never has gotten or shown symptoms of it… what are the odds of having that kind of luck? My husband had Covid while he was deployed. I’m wondering if it’s genetic? My kids and I have different blood types too. I’d love to hear some science behind this.

  78. In December I was exposed to Covid by my sister on Saturday, Wednesday I thought I had covid (it was like a bad cold), I went for a covid test and it was negative. On Friday, since I felt fine and had twice tested negative I went to a wedding. When I returned home on Sunday, my husband was sick and I made him test for covid. He tested positive. The next day I spoke to my step brother and he and his youngest daughter and son in law were all sick with covid ( I spent time with them at the wedding so I was certain I would get sick having been exposed to it 3 times in a week). I never had any symptoms except that one day!

  79. I am 61 years young and my husband is 65. He is unvaccinated and I took 2 Moderna shots initially but no follow up booster. Though I don’t have any chronic illnesses I have never had the best immune system and seem to catch everything from everybody and am a slow healer to boot. If someone gets a cold they get over it in a few days to a week, for me it’s usually double that or longer. My hubby was very sick with the Delta variety of COVID 2 years ago. He refused to believe he had it and it took me 8 days to convince him to go get tested at Urgent Care. They started him on some medication and he initially improved but then started deteriorating. I was certain he had pneumonia as my late husband had Cystic Fibrosis and I was familiar with the signs. So I sent him back to Urgent Care and he was put on different and stronger medications. It was a very frightening experience and I thought I might lose husband number 2. But after 3 weeks he was well enough to return to work and about the 5 week point was feeling pretty much back to normal. I slept in a different part of the house with the windows open (20 degrees sometimes), had an air purifier going in the room he was in, we masked while around each other, and I sprayed counters etc. regularly and I never got it. I had read some medical journals that said the regular flu vaccine could offer some baseline protection, so I did take the flu shot after that. By then I wasn’t keen on taking any more COVID shots after reading of so many people’s adverse reactions and I still wonder if there will be findings down the road that I put my body at risk for. Six months later my hubby was on a retreat and came home with what he thought was a cold, but I knew right away it was COVID again, because it was the same exact way he started the last time. We had home tests now and sure enough he had it again and I made him call the doctor ASAP and he was put on Paxlovid and was feeling better within days and only missed a few days of work. We took the same precautions in our home as the last time and once again I did not come down with COVID. In September of 2022 the day after my dad’s funeral, 2 of my siblings and several other people came down with COVID that I was in close contact with. I still somehow did not come down with it. I have been exposed at this point to many people who have had it and as far as I know still have not had it. Two weeks ago I thought I had it but tested negative, and determined that what I had was the regular flu (neglected to get the shot this year). When I have been exposed to people with COVID I do take some extra Vit. D but only 2000, usually take 1000 a day. So yes, it’s so interesting that I’m one of 2 or 3 in a family that numbers over 40 now that has not gotten it and would love to be part of a study to know why.

  80. Hello,
    I guess I’m a “Novid”… or maybe not, if I did catch it I experienced no symptoms. I got the J&J “one and done” in March 2021 and no subsequent boosters. I only masked when it was “required” to, mainly at a medical facility and at my job when I was in patient areas. I went out frequently when the establishments were open. Tried to maintain a “normal” life during those times when things were shut down. I’m 63 now, and I think the last time I even had a cold in recent times was about 9 years ago. And I think the last time I caught the flu was when I was 18! I have been around people at work who have caught it (and multiple times!) Other family members and close friends have caught it…so not sure if I have that super gene or just damn lucky….

  81. I am 48. Never vaxxed. Never had covid. Last time i had flu was in 1997.
    I was tested every 2 weeks from the get go due to my client having a son who is susceptible to everything. So ive never tested positive.

  82. Former RN, Louisiana. Everyone in my family has had Covid EXCEPT my mother (90yrs old), one granddaughter (13 yrs old) and me (66 yrs old.) I had slept in the bed with my husband who the next day tested positive; took care of my daughter, her husband and a granddaughter who tested positive. Then, two other daughters and another granddaughter tested positive. We always had a least three exposures happening at the same time. We had repeat positives months later. Yet, I never test positive. No symptoms. I have always taken Vit D3 (2000iu), E (400iu), CoQ 10 and a multivitamin daily. I added Elderberry with immune support during the pandemic. I did take all of the Moderna vaccine and boosters. I don’t know why? Are we “Super-Dodger,” “Novider,” “Super genes,” “Lucky,” or GOD! I Don’t Know. My daughter was really sick. My sister was a Long-Covider (hair loss, heart issues, brain fog…)

    If studying me could help someone else, if there is a study to learn why some people did not get Covid after exposure(s), I’ll participate.

  83. I was in clinical trials for vaccine and booster, I have had five shots. I was a covid screener in the hospital and exposed many times. I wore a mask from the start and was careful. Most of my family has had covid, some vaccinated, some not. I tested negative every time. No symptoms, haven’t had a bad cold or flu since 2014, I’m 74.

  84. I’ve not had Covid. I guess I’m a”Novid.” I was in England, Scotland and Wales on tour, playing music in crowded venues in February into March 2020. Finally, I flew home to NY on 22 March 2020. We were around a lot of people and the UK was riddled with Covid. 2 people in the band caught it. We were all around each other for the last week I was there because we had to stay in the same house. I stayed in the back and only saw my sick bandmates in the living room now and then. Prior to this, we had been in these crowded venues all over the place. We had hand sanitizer but no masks! Somehow, I didn’t catch it. Then I was taking care of my husband in January 2021 as he got an infection that wouldn’t heal and was in the hospital for 6 days on antibiotics. Neither of us was vaxxed yet. The hospital was so crowded that hubby was out in the hall on a stretcher for the first day! Neither of us caught Covid. I traveled back and forth to help my elderly mother in another state, staying at hotels and around a lot of people .. still didn’t catch it, and neither did my Mom but by then we were all vaxxed. Still, I know people who were vaxxed and got Covid 3 times! After being vaccinated! We are glad that we never got it but we don’t know why. I stopped getting boosters in November 2021. Haven’t had any of the newer ones. Not sure if I should or shouldn’t get one! Yikes. I got the J&J originally so I only got 1 booster. No clue why we all stayed well but glad about this. p.s. I’m 61 years old now.

  85. I am one of these-so is my son and mom. Both my son and I were exposed to my husband who had covid but never got it. My mom was exposed as well-to my brother and her parents who also had it (they are not genetically related) and my son has been in 3 years of school with peers—2 unmasked and never had it. I’m happy about this but it’s also kinda unusual. We are all vaccinated.

  86. I can’t tell you that any of your theories are right or wrong but I’ve tested myself several times I don’t have the antigens I never get sick anyways but listen I’m homeless or I live in the woods I have a home but anyways I work at a carwash and i dumpster dive religiously I’ve even handled Covid tests that was positive how in the world have I not caught it I never got the vaccine didn’t where a mask I’m just real curious I mean I have theories but everyone here will laugh but whatever I ain’t dumb I’ve forgot more then most people will ever know. Ok I’ve been a pretty hardcore drug addict these last 10 years ok I’m a needle junkie unfortunately but I felt I’ll in 2021 scratchy throat I had a few of the symptoms and I did a good size shot of meth and it all went away. I’m not saying meth kills Covid. I don’t know if I even started to have it if that’s what it was but is it possible that the meth did kill it and that is why I don’t have the antigens cause even if I do have a super good immune system I’d have the antigens don’t judge it may be a dumb question but I’d like to know

  87. I am a nurse and had to test frequently and never had COVID positive test, neither had my fiancé. We never even had gotten a cold to indicate any symptoms. I’d be very interested to see if I am wrong and had it and not known it. I don’t see how? We count our blessings!! And thank God, and prayers. Also during the pandemic my fiancé was in and out of the hospital with secondary issues from non -alcoholic cirrhosis of the liver. Would like To be in a research study?
    Ty. Sherry B

  88. Out of our household of 4 only one teenager got Covid. We were all vaccinated but the one who got sick had his appointment for the shot in the afternoon but tested positive in the a.m. I got diagnosed with cirrhosis 4 months before the pandemic started and was in public. Rarely wore a mask unless it was mandatory.I
    I worked the whole pandemic and never tested positive and still haven’t. Someone would get a cough and we would test. Everytime Negative. Still to this day if we feel sick we test.
    We must be “NOVID” people. ITS AMAZING! Lost friends and family members

  89. At 78 years old I have never had Covid or flu even though my husband had Covid caught via grandson.I’ve tested myself regularly during the pandemic and had a test done by the GP for research.I have always worn a mask in crowded places and did when husband had Covid with other precautions.

  90. Family of 3 (15 yr old, 45 year old, 46 year old): Vaccinated, boosted. Sheltered for most of the time but recently have been going out (malls, restaurants, doctor appointments, dentist appointments – without masks).

    None of us have contracted Covid. It could be because we sheltered way longer than most and didn’t venture out until the virus died down but we’re not sure. We still had people delivering our groceries and hot foods during that time so we had contact with other humans in that period. We had to venture out to the pharmacy for meds but we wore masks at the height of the pandemic.

    Curious if we just got lucky or if there’s something more at play here. Maybe a variety of reasons.

  91. Maybe one tiny positive of having a behavioral health condition namely Social Anxiety Disorder could be a factor in a small percentage of novids. We were conditioned, albeit abnormally to avoid people and social distance. While depressing socially and mentally having the disorder, the whole covid lockdown was a cakewalk I think for some of us. Which helped avoid people and the virus altogether. Not that it’s a solution. But more of an irony. I wouldn’t wish either social anxiety or covid on anyone obviously.

  92. I’ve never had a vaccine. I never wore a mask unless it was mandatory for entering a store. I’ve never had covid. I rarely get sick at all but I’ve known several people that have had it. I just never did for whatever reason.

  93. I’m immunocompromised. Been tested multiple times due to others’ exposure and my own but never tested positive. Was vaccinated late 2021 (it nearly did me in). Family members caught it but I did not even though I personally was exposed to it a number of times and worked with other vaccinated people who caught it multiple times. I have lupus among other autoimmune diseases and was quite pleased I didn’t get it. Due to the terrible effects of the “vaccine” I will never get a booster.

  94. I have never had Covid, nor has my husband. I am completely vaxxed and boosted and as a teacher, wore a mask at work and in closed public places.
    I sat in a car with my daughter for 2 hrs after she tested positive for Covid to get her to my home from a vacation spot. We were both masked, I never got it. I’ve been exposed many times.
    Feeling fortunate and always careful.

  95. Never had COVID, neither has my special needs daughter. I’m cautious, but I’m human. We both are vaccinated and up-to-date on the COVID vaccines. I see my self as a wall to protect my daughter. We purchase our food by the use of parking lot pickups or have it sent in. At parking lot pickup, I place lids from large plastic tubs behind my small car on the pavement, I ask the store employee to place our food on the lids rather than in the back of the car to keep my daughter isolated. I wear an N95 mask. We stay home. I’m a retired school teacher, and I’ve been exposed to a lot of viruses over the years of teaching. I have severe food allergies, my throat is continually covered in T-cells, so maybe it’s the T-cells, and previous infections. I feel very blessed, and I’m very thankful that my daughter is still safe. I plan on continuing to do what we’re doing because it’s working.

  96. I guess I’m one of the lucky ones. I never was vaccinated nor did I ever get covid . My husband had it and was terribly sick for over 2 weeks running a temp over 103. I did not mask up or wear gloves as I took care of him . In fact most of my extended family and friends have had the virus . I had my titers checked and was told by my physician that I have never had it .

  97. Me, my husband, and our son never got COVID. Our son was exposed to it multiple times by his college roommates and Army ROTC buddies he shared quarters with during trainings who had become ill with it. My husband and I were considered essential workers so didn’t have the luxury of sheltering at home. We aren’t sure how we avoided getting it even when coworkers around us did.

  98. I am a Novid, I am 79 years old and have chronic illnesses. I took very good care of myself and took all the Covid vaccines and boosters. I missed a lot of family gatherings because I have COPD. I wore masks when I went out. All of my family have had Covid. Some three times. For me it’s a combination of taking all of the vaccines and boosters and taking care of myself. I was afraid I would not make it if I got Covid because of the COPD.

  99. I give God all the praise! I have asthma and I’m a Novid! My husband works at a hospital and during covid he would come home and I’d take his clothes and wash them, he’d come home and shower then I’d give him a welcome home
    kiss. I always wore a mask if I left the house even if it was just tp the mailbox and always washed my hands. I say keep germs away! Always wash hands, wear mask in high risk situations and if exposed make sure even clothes are washed before you put them together with your other clothes, it may sound like alot BUT to me it was worth it. God will watch over us but we also have to watch over ourselves! -:)

  100. I’m a Novid and have actually been tested for antibodies a few times in addition to several Covid tests all negative
    I also never get the flu nor do I ever get the flu vaccine
    I rarely get colds and if I do it’s mild and goes away within usually 3-5 days
    At the beginning of the pandemic I worked in a public facing job which hosted 1000s of people from all over the world.
    I think I would make a good “test subject”
    Crazy thing is my children did get Covid and some got it more than once ??!!!

  101. To those of you who have never had Covid (whether vaccinated or not), if you’ve done 23andme or other genetic testing, I’d be very curious to know if you have a double mutation on the FUT2 gene (making you a fellow non-secretor – you know, like that serial killer a while back).
    Supposedly we are not likely to get the flu so maybe that’s why we didn’t end up with Covid?

    1. I am a non-secretor with blood type O. In my 70s. Have had vaccines for covid and have been careful. Several instances where I was with others who got covid on a next day basis but I did not. My brother, also in his 70s, is a non-secretor and blood type is AB and did not get covid even when all other household members did. There are hypotheses and is some data out there.

      For example, COVID-19 and Secretor Status:
      A 2021 study found that people with type A blood are at a higher risk of severity of COVID-19 than type O individuals. Several other studies have also made this connection (and blood type matters for disease susceptibility to several other pathogens as well). This study, though, broke out the type A individuals into secretors vs. non-secretors. The results showed that non-secretors that were type A were not at an increased COVID risk. The type A link to increased severity, according to this study, was just in secretors.[ref] I want to note, though, that this study was rather small and needs to be replicated before putting much weight on it.
      source: geneticlifehacks.com referencing https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC8176350/

      Also, 23andme is doing research among those who had dna test and agreed to be surveyed. The FUT2 gene is listed among those impacting getting covid or not. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC10208981/

      There is lots more out there.

  102. I have never had COVID. My sister with whom I live, has had it twice. The first strain and then again with the Delta variant. We live in a 700 sq ft home with one bathroom. I am in my late 40’s. I work on the administrative side of healthcare but had to assist with screenings and vaccination clinics for over 10,000 vaccinations and thousands of daily screenings (I did have proper PPO during these events). I handled the self-completed paperwork of positive covid patients every business day for the last three years, with which I did not wear PPO (a lot of negative ones also, but also the positives).

    I have had multiple exposures from all my friends, family, and co-workers. Traveled by plane multiple times. Attended large events. I moderately protect myself. I wore a mask only in the required areas such as stores. When I walked into work, when I would get to my office at work, the mask came off and never asked anyone to wear one unless it made them more comfortable. I washed my hands often. I sanitized often. In my group of friends, family and coworkers, I am the only one left that I know of that has not had COVID.

    I just traveled with coworkers and one tested positive upon return from our weeklong trip. I’m still testing negative.

    I’ve had the IGG and IGA testing to see if I’ve ever had the virus and this testing was negative. I have self-tested hundreds of times due to the number of exposures I’ve had and the nature of the work I do.

    I know that there are still many people who have never had it. I just find it interesting that it’s no one I know. Of ALL of my family, friends, coworkers, I am the last one in my circle. I’m a NOVID.

  103. I am a novid. Prior to covid 19, I started supplementing with Vitamin D after finding out I was very low. During that low vitamin D period, I seem to catch every cold and flu bug that came into our office, as well as developing some new allergies. I started to take Vitamin D and then increased the daily amount at the recommendation of my MD. So it was fairly high when we were sent home from work for Covid. During that time, my nephew arrived to stay from NYC when they shut down the universities there. I started to work in the office when requested. Several time I received emails saying someone I was in close quarters with had Covid. I am attributing my well being to maintaining Vitamin D through out. Hope this helps!

  104. No one in my house has had it, but we’ve been quarantining and masking if we had to go out. The only places we have been inside are doctor’s offices.We haven’t visited with family in over 3 years (without a mask). We are lucky We are such a big household. No one ever gets lonely here. We are vaccinated and have had all boosters available. Husband is immunocompromised. I’m really shocked that more people aren’t more careful. It’s sad that everyone has grown so çomplacent with the equivalent of a new 9/11’s worth of deaths happens every week.

  105. I have never had Covid and test often. I am a Chaplain in a hospital setting (during height of pandemic, in the MICU, 40 hrs/wk as primary unit chaplain, in and out of isolation rooms all day long – still am). All my family members have had it numerous times. Spouse has it for second time right now. I have tested countless times over the last three years for work; always negative. There have been times where I felt like something is hitting me in the evening, and by morning it is gone. I have been vaccinated 2x. It just seems uncanny. I am not a precautious mask wearer, travelled freely during pandemic, went to restaurants, etc. It just seems odd, and am wondering why? I run, I take lots of vitamins including elderberry immunity gummies, and apple cider vinegar, but it still feels like I’m immune. Would love to take part in a study if there is one.

  106. I was an ICU nurse that worked in a dedicated COVID ICU. I had patient number one in the ICU I worked in when Covid was discovered. I wasn’t vaccinated until I had plenty of exposure. I have been tested for antibodies and tested for COVID. I have never had it that I am aware of, despite being surrounded by those who have, to include family members, and also patients. I don’t know how or why. My son hasn’t had it either. His siblings and my husband have. I can’t explain it. Initially I joked about my super human immune system but I’ve wondered all along what the genetic connection is.

  107. I am rh-blood type ,and I am not susceptible to hiv virus also,I have worked in a casino/ bar in a hotel the whole time from the beginning of covid,I hardly wore a mask,and no vaccs..and I have never had covid or sick at all what so ever this whole time, all 4 of my kids and everyone I know around me has had it at least once and I’ve been just fine this whole time ,I’ve tried to study up on it myself why I haven’t ever caught it but I just get to a dead end every time

  108. Fifty-nine years young, and neither my husband nor I ever got Covid. We had all the vaccines, and we both wear masks. We didn’t get out at all in the beginning, but later we did go to the grocery and even visit family. I’m not going to be so optimistic to say we will never get it, but it’s not because we haven’t tried to avoid it.

  109. Never had covid. Got 2 vaccines as my Mom’s request. Went out every day during the pandemic. Wore a sequence mask. Never had a flu shot. Never get sick by God’s grace. Won’t get any more vaccines after my brother visits. I’m getting a covid vaccine at his request even though I don’t want it.

    I got an infection in my arm after previnar 13 vaccine. Dr gave me 10 days of penicillin for the infection in my arm.

    I’m done with vaccines after my brothers visit. Children need them.

    1. As far as I know, I’ve never had it. Husband caught it in January 2020 in NY visiting his mother in a nursing home & brought it back with him. We thought it was a bad flu except he said it was hard to breathe (harder than previous bouts with bronchitis and pneumonia) . NOTE; he was in process of being evaluated for a liver transplant at the time. I wiped everything (walls, doors, handles, etc.) down with alcohol, we both wore masks when near and he isolated in a bedroom with window open for several weeks, even after fever broke to be on safe side. I never felt like I caught anything. Thank goodness! We only learned about his exposure to Covid after he was tested for antibodies a few months later. He was loaded to the surprise of his doctor, although he had seen his doctor several times during his illness and was never even tested. They were only testing hospitalized patients at that time.

      Later in the spring, we both received vaccine and boosters. He had bad reaction Dec. ’21 from 3rd Pfizer booster and ended up in hospital (whether there was a link between his liver decompensation and vaccine, we will never know). He passed away in January 2022 from complications of liver disease.

      I did get a flu shot followed several weeks later by 1 of 2 shingle shots. I lost a huge clump of hair a few months later following the vaccinations. I do not know if the vaccine(s) or the emotional stress of becoming a widow or the combo caused hair loss. The shingle shot made me violently ill though! After speaking with physician and pharmacist, the 2nd shingle dose was discouraged because of adverse reaction. If I do get shingles, 1 shot may keep it from being a bad case per the professionals.

      Again, as far as I know, I’ve never had Covid, I’ve had no ill feelings, no head colds, no congestion, nothing. I am counting my lucky stars (only have a couple left). I am over 60, a redhead and I do have psoriasis that comes and goes. Only treatment has been topical steroid creams as needed and moderate sunshine exposure. Other than that, I have no health problems I’m aware of. BP, weight, cholesterol, all “normal” ranges. Non-cigarette smoker but cannabis use on regular basis for 40 years.

  110. My whole family has been immune to the virus (myself, my husband, my son, my mom and my dad). None of us have taken the vaccines either. Yes we were those people that didn’t wear a mask either (unless we couldn’t get in an establishment without it). We also still ran our public shops and went on vacation to Flordia and Mexico. There are way more people than you think that have not gotten covid.

  111. I have never had covid. I have been around multiple people in my offic that had it, but never got it. I am vaccinated. J&J, then Pfizer boosters. I am 55 .

  112. My partner had COVID all of his tests were positive even the one at the hospital.
    Mine were all negative and I even slept with him in bed I didn’t get it.at the very end I felt like I had a slight flu but I still didn’t test positive
    I was also wondering y

  113. I am 66 years old. I have never had flu shots, never had the flu or covid or covid vaccine. All my family and friends have had covid. Some severe and some not so bad. Have worked in office jobs most of my life with people around me getting sick often but not me. . I eat healthy most of the time, no fast food, but real homemade food. I feel blessed/lucky that I don’t get sick. I am on no medication for ANY health issues.

  114. My child(minor), spouse, and I are all Novids. Everyone in my home maintained the COVID protocols up through the unofficial stand down this spring. We have all had contact with people since who have tested positive for COVID, yet none of us have been infected. To put a fine point on it, my spouse and I both have comorbidities and my child is in Grade school, they pass around viruses as fast as candy. Yet, we are still fortunate to have avoided it. At this rate, I am looking for studies I can volunteer for for two reasons, one, Im selfish and I want to know why I haven’t been infected; was it luck, the vaccines, or like HBV am I naturally immune? Two, if I am immune naturally can someone use the data to make free vaccines? Because that would be awesome.

  115. I never had covid. No vaccine and/or boosters ever for covid. I work construction and never wore a mask if i could help it. Im 46yo. Been in direct contact in covid homes.

  116. There are various reasons as to why I have yet to contract covid. I live alone, was working from home yrs before the start of the pandemic, prior to being vaccinated I always used masks when in public, and had the covid vaccine along with the boosters. I attribute all of these to not getting infected yet. I do wonder if the fact that I am hlab-27 positive has helped. From what I understand, this helps with the acquiring HIV. I am not sure if this has helped with avoiding covid.

  117. We have never had covid. Tested negative for antibodies …except for spike protein from the vaccine. The reason? We wear an N-95 mask in EVERY building except for our home. Anyone who enters our home must have a negative covid test. Have surgery next week and will not be wearing a mask while under anesthesia. I am greatly worried about this.

  118. It’s September 2023 and I am surprised by articles saying it’s difficult to find people who haven’t had COVID. Neither my husband nor I nor our parents (who live in different states) have had it. Our 20-something daughters have had it but only this summer. I have many friends both local and not who have either never had it or got it for the first time this summer. We are all vaccinated and most of us wore masks in public spaces until last spring. Most of us don’t have to take public transportation and don’t have to work with others.

    It shouldn’t be tha difficult to find people to study if you just look outside your own circles.

  119. 70 years old … fully vaxed (except the newest 9/2023). Both sons living in my house got it a week apart. I took care of them while they were ill. Sanitized everything at night when everyone was down for their sleep. I am the middle child of 5. My siblings got everything as children, I did not. They had mumps, chicken pox, measles, etc.; I did not. I work in a school and have been exposed many times. I continue to wear a mask in crowded places (including at work with my munchkins). I guess I’m a NOVID.

  120. I recently lost my status is being a Novid this past week. I held it as a badge of honor. During the height of Covid I did wear a mask, bc it was mandated, and I worked from home. Once the ban was lifted, my life went back to normal. I stopped wearing a mask, traveled frequently, and went to large gatherings. I have had several occasions where I was in direct contact with people who had the virus, yet I never tested positive, or displayed symptoms . That all came out to an end on a trip to Cabo. The symptoms are bad, but not as bad as no longer being apart of the covet Novid group.

  121. Never had covid. Never had the vaccine. Work in Healthcare as an xray tech. Been coughed on sneezed on and even thrown up on, but yet I’ve never had covid. Not even so much as a sniffle. I even got the blood test to see if I had it and didn’t know it, test came back negative. Never had covid. I wish someone would do testing on me to find out why, so that maybe we can eliminate this once and for all and get back to normal life again.

  122. I was an essential worker working grocery on the west coast when Covid began. I spent the first year of Covid unvaccinated until April 2021 when I got my first dose of Pfizer. My roommate got it and we were in close contact. Somehow I managed to stay covid free, probably due to . I’ve tested multiple times…at least 20 and all negative.
    It’s 2023, still have yet to get a positive test. I’m grateful, but I’m now the only person in my family who hasn’t gotten it now. Im actually shocked as to how I’ve managed to fly under the radar for this long. Yeah I’ve been careful, but not to a crazy degree.

  123. I’m a NOVID too. Also tested positive for Lupus but never activated. I have a PALB2 gene mutation which gave me breast cancer. Wonder if this gene also plays a role in why i never got it, even tho i was fully vaccinated, boosted and lived with someone in the same house who had COVID. How do I become that part of the research?

  124. I went back to face to face university teaching in August 2020 after shitting down in March 2020. I wore my mask, I got mRNA vaccinations, and the booster. I quit wearing a mask in February 2023. Many of my students had Covid, co-workers all got it. I never did, or I was asymptomatic. I seem to do the same with common colds, too.

  125. I never had covid but i never leave my house exceptvto go to the doctor n im always wearing my mask n using hand sanitizer everytime i get back in the car or see it on a desk somewhere

  126. My husband and I are NoVids as well. We are fully vaccinated and I’m sure that helps, but everyone of my employees (15 total) and their families have had it… despite being vaccinated. We even traveled abroad last June and all 5 of our traveling companions contracted CoVid on the trip. We travelled with them in close quarters for 10 days and never got CoVid.

    So far so good, despite traveling again during this recent resurgence. We would love to know if we have had asymptomatic infections, or have some natural immunity.

  127. I am a Registered Nurse in Canada, Worked through the pandemic. Still working through the outbreaks. Had Covid once. Not really sick. I am unvaccinated with a valid medical exemption. Since March 2020 I have had to work with critical staffing levels. At present, we are still using untrained agency staff to replace staff out with Covid for a 3rd time. All staff up to date on vaccines and boosters. We have never stopped wearing masks. So, my question is: If the vaccines/masking were mandated to reduce the strain on the healthcare system, reduce the spread of the virus, reduce staff sick time….why…3 years and 7 months later…are healthcare facilities still experiencing staffing crisis? Why are hospitals still receiving patients with complications related to Covid, even though they are fully vaccinated? Why are news media not asking these questions?

  128. I have not had Covid. I have had 3 vaccinations. All members of my family except my son and I have had it. I played chess with my husband while he had it and still didn’t get it. I tested myself regularly all through the pandemic and results were always negative.

  129. I got the initial vaccine in 2020. No boosters no other vaccines. My husband had Covid early in 2020. I was wiping his forehead with cold cloths, changing his bed linens, etc. I work in a public environment where I come in contact with many people. I do not wear a mask.
    I have never contracted Covid. I donate blood to the Rec Cross and have never had Covid antibodies. I would be happy to be studied if it can help others.

  130. My husband and I are both 75 years old. We chose to get vaccinated because of our ages and other health issues, mine being chronic bronchitis (NOT A SMOKER) and he had recently had Whooping Cough. We both got the Pfizer two part vaccine and the first Booster when it was made available. All through the lockdown and up until August of 2023 we never contracted COVID-19. On August 24, 2023 we flew to the West Coast (Portland, OR) from Nashville, TN to Chicago and on to Portland.
    Once there we boarded an American Cruise Lines Paddle Wheeler and took a river cruise on the Columbia and Snake Rivers. We flew home on Sept. 1, 2023 from Lewiston, ID, through Salt Lake City, UT and from there on to Nashville. We did not mask up. However, I certainly wish that we had. We both started to fill under the weather especially on the plane from Salt Lake. By Sunday afternoon, Sept. 3, I was feeling worse and decided to test for COVID. I tested positive almost immediately and I tested my husband shortly thereafter. His test was also positive almost immediately also. We called our doctor later that afternoon. We were both given PaxLovid. My husband took it. I chose not to due to the side effects. My husband had a rebounding of symptoms about the 4th or 5th day into our isolation. He ran a high fever in the beginning and again on the 4th or 5th day. His fevers were both over 102. I only ran a low fever 99 to 100 degrees in the beginning. My normal temp is usually only 97 degrees F. It was not something either one of us wants to get again but I think he felt worse than I did. I was able to do the necessary chores, cooking, light cleaning, and washing for us and walking our dogs. I don’t think they got it during the time we had it and still have not gotten it.

  131. I have never had covid but everyone around me has my aunt died from covid as she nursed people that were sick and infected as well. I have a theory I havent done any research so I have no idea if anyone that has RH Negative blood type has any confirmed tests positive for covid. I am AB-RH Negative or B-RH Negative I dont remember for sure but I know most definitely I am RH Negative. So maybe some scientists could check and see if the rhesus monkey protein myself and other ppl that are RH Negative lack if it could be the answer to a cure? Let me know if anyone agrees with me or knows anything about what ive just said thanks

  132. My husband and I have never had COVID. We both received the original 2 vaccines and one of the follow-up vaccines. I have been in many patient homes who were actively infected – wearing mask. My husband did all the shopping wearing a mask during the entire 2020-2022 years. His email is jrmartin77@hotmail.com

  133. I have not had Covid or RSV. I am RH negative 0. I am an ENT nurse. My husband is an Ent surgeon. He had iCovid twice and also had RSV. He was briefly hospitalized with Covid. 40 of my friends and relatives have had Covid-some 3 times and some with long haul but I never contracted it.

  134. 46 years old.. Not vaxed. Never had Covid. I have taken 2 antibody tests and multiple covid test each time I was directly exposed. I am the only one in my family and friend group who did not get the virus. No explanation really .However, I never isolated myself(ran errands for elders during the original covid outbreak), am huge into health/wellness and organics and drink 1-2 lemons daily. But, still use bleach to clean everything. Bleach & lemons might be the answer folks :)

  135. I never got Covid. I got every available recommended vaccination. I DO NOT SHAKE HANDS. I wash my hands every time I touch anything another person has touched. The only exception is things in the house my wife has touched.

    And I am perhaps lucky. Take care, everyone.

  136. this is a good article. I’m NOVID, I have not been vaccinated yet either. I’ve always been healthy, my blood type is O+ but I won’t lie Im a germaphobe ;)

  137. 58 years old. Never had it. Traveled to Vegas every single year including 2020 & 2021, 2022 & 2023. The last time I had the regular flu was when I was a child.
    Note: Vaccinated with 2 boosters.

  138. I had the flu when I was 12 and then in 2004, I had a stomach virus. That has been it for me and I am 58 and used to be a light smoker.

    I actually got covid a few days ago, mild. Had a good amount of nausea with it and tired. After 6 days, I feel better but not 100%.

    In 2022, we went to a wedding with 150 people. About 30% got covid including my husband. I did not and I was way past the one year mark since having the 2nd covid shot. A wedding is a super spreader. I got covid this time from one person. Go figure.

  139. My husband (54, high school teacher) and daughter (18, college student) but my son (21, college student) and I (59, self employed) have never gotten it and we have both been exposed many times (he even went to Europe in summer of 2022). We live outside of Los Angeles. Kids are currently at school in Santa Barbara. Each of us has had the vaccine; only husband and I have had the most recent booster. Last time I was sick with a cold was November 2019. I haven’t worn a mask in over a year & a half. I have isolated twice after being exposed, but I tested several times & never felt sick. Not sure if it’s luck, response to the vaccines, or genes. May be a little of all 3.

  140. I have never had Covid. I received the first vaccination but never had any others. I donate blood to the Red Cross and have never shown antibodies. I lived with someone who had Covid in early 2020. i cared for them, wiped their head with cloths, changed their bed linens. Did not get it. i work with the public. Almost everyone I work with had it at some point. Not me. I’d be happy to be studied. I am thankful to be a NOVID.

  141. November 2023 and I still have not had Covid. My husband has had it twice. I’ve actually tried to catch it from him..as silly as that sounds, just to see…and he’s not restricting his movement in the house. He currently has it for the second time. I’ve tested myself twice, when he first came down with it on Sunday, and again tonight before heading to choir practice. My son also has not had Covid, though my daughter has had it twice. (They do not live at home.) so strange. I’ve had cancer, but not covid.

  142. Still have not had covid also daughter and family have had ir 3 times and each time I have been with them close contact like sitting in same car dont know if just lucky knock on wood and at my age of 62 I think I’m doing good

  143. Honestly I don’t believe people have not had this. I am NOT vaccinated ( not that it matters) and had it 2 times. The ONLY reason I know I had it at all was I HAD to test. My first time I had ZERO symptoms and tested because my BF tested and came back positive. 2nd time I had mild cold/allergy symptoms and was testing weekly due to requirements at work. So I’m sure there are people out there that have had it with no symptoms or had such mild symptoms so they honesty believe they have not had it at all because they didn’t test. Without regular testing there is no way to tell for sure.

  144. I never had Covid. I had 2 Pfizer shots and still haven’t caught it. I worked at a grocery store during the pandemic too. We had very thin cloth masks they gave us to wear and that was it.

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