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There are 9 comments on Guns, God, Abortion, Affirmative Action: US Supreme Court’s Historic 2022

  1. The Supreme Court has been turned into a political weapon for conservatives. No matter how much they want to deny this, and deify their institution as something above politics, there’s no denying now that it’s an un-democratic institution that does not represent the will of the electorate. Just like gerrymandering, it’s a way for a political minority to have outsized power and it needs to be heavily reformed. Good luck figuring out how though.

    1. We live in a republic, not a democracy. This is part of the checks and balances so the 51% does not rule over the 49%. Like it or not about half the people in the country agree with the courts decision. Instead of complaining over it, maybe try to understand their views. Conservatives are not a political minority. At BU it is, but go out beyond your comfort zone and talk to people who don’t think the same as you and you will see the difference.

      1. Really, the Supreme Court is not supposed to represent “the will of the electorate.” That is the job of your executive and legislative branch. The Supreme Court is supposed to interpret laws, most importantly the Constitution.

        My problem with the conservative wing of the Supreme Court is not that conservatives make up less than 50% of the country but have appointed 66% of Justices. Rather, the problem is that the conservatives of the court invariably interpret laws in a biased manner to suit their interests instead of impartially “calling balls and strikes.” See the failure of textualism to reach a coherent argument in Castle Rock v. Gonzales, the insane decision to award corporation spending the right of “speech” in Citizens United, or their obvious disdain and disregard for the Ninth Amendment.

      2. “We live in a republic, not a democracy ” is always wrong and shows that anyone who uses it doesn’t understand what a republic is. Representatives in a republic are elected through power vested in the people, AKA, democracy. Conservatives are actively trying to subvert democratic elections of these representatives by invalidating election results they don’t like, disenfranchising ethnic minorities, and violently overthrowing the capital on January 6th. So really, they’re trying to create governments ruled by a thuggish minority.

        Conservatives have bent over backwards to try to silence and invalidate the votes of anyone who doesn’t vote republican, so I’ve heard quite enough from them by now. I’ve heard quite enough from them, so maybe spare me your condescending advice and consider how the right wing in this country is trying to turn the US into an authoritarian state where your vote matters less and less every year.

      3. I don’t know about the other issues here but I know 70% of people in America agree with a woman’s right to choose; the Supreme Court overturning it would not be a case of checks and balances but an outright denial of the wishes of a large majority of constituents. All that aside, my right to choose does not belong in the hands of six old men and a woman who is in a literal Christian cult (look up People of Praise, it’s literally like something out of the Handmaid’s Tale).

        1. A fetus is not a woman’s body, it is a unique DNA sequence. Court will no doubt roll back Roe vs Wade, if it follows the science. Abortion is murder, and I expect access to abortion to be banned or at least limited to extreme situations.

        2. I’m so confused by your statement because there are 9 (not 7) Supreme Court justices (including the Chief) and 3 (not 1) of those are women.

        3. @BU Student – SCOTUS Justices are unelected and don’t have ‘constituents’. They decide cases based on the constitution. If there isn’t a specific power granted by the constitution to resolve an issue, that case gets referred back to the States, or the people.

          This is exactly what the Alito draft did to R v W. It’s been a long time coming.

  2. A unique DNA sequence that is inside the body of a unique DNA sequence that contains a fully developed brain. That woman will make that decision for her life. Neither you or the federal government, the pope, or any other power on this earth will make that decision.
    Concentrate on your own life and what is within it and stay out of other women’s lives.

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