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There are 5 comments on Supreme Court Decision Is Bad News for Voting Rights

  1. The only restrictions I see are Democrats continuing to use minorities and people of color to vote them into office then discard them after the election.

    As a Latino, arguments like this basically say I’m too stupid or too poor to be able to make it to the correct polling place to vote. Give me a break!

    Next up should be a national voter ID law where we should show proper identification in order to vote! I don’t want someone voting for me nor do I want my dead relatives voting.

    1. Good points Juan. There is nothing suppressing anyone from validly voting in these laws. It does, however, curtail voting fraud. Voting fraud is a big problem and laws to ensure the integrity of our American elections need strengthening.

      Regarding your comment about national voting ID, you need an ID to drive a car, to purchase alcohol, to drink a beer in a restaurant, to travel outside the country, to buy a gun, to get your football tickets at will-call, to get on an airplane, to cash a check……why all the sudden is it “racist” and “for the purpose of restricting voting rights” when you need an ID to vote? The argument against voter ID hasn’t any basis.

      What race of people will never ever cash a check, drink a beer, drive a car, or travel on an airplane, are opposed to getting an identification card or cannot do it for some reason, but wants to vote? Is there a race that because of their race they will never do these things or cannot simply because of their race?

      I am not shocked because of the extreme liberal views at BU, but disappointed that a BU professor would make such one sided misguided statements and opinions about a law enacted to stop voting fraud.

      Notice in his comments he never once acknowledged the importance of voting integrity or analyzed the effect of integrity in our voting laws in comparison to the real potential “suppression;” he simply made legal conclusions with derogatory language “voter suppression laws” without any basis.

      These are not voter suppression laws, these are voting fraud protection laws that allow every American to legally vote.

      1. Please provide legitimate sources for this massive voter fraud that you believe has taken place. You can’t, because it doesn’t exist.

        Mandatory voter ID is a solution to a “problem” that doesn’t actually exist. In-person voter fraud has been proven, over and over again, to be almost non-existent.
        There are many millions of US citizens that don’t drive, many millions that don’t drink, many millions that have never flown, etc. They all have a Constitutional right to vote. There is nothing in the Constitution requiring voter ID.

        We’re lucky in “liberal” Massachusetts. We have polls in every neighborhood. We make it easy for citizens to register to vote and easy for them to vote. Early Voting, Absentee Voting, and Mail-in Voting all help ensure that all Citizens who wish to vote, can vote.
        The longest distance to a poll for me has been 1 mile. The longest wait to vote for me has been 15 minutes. I am appalled when the severe restrictions on voting that are in place in other states. Restricted hours and very few polling locations, loooong lines out in the weather.

        The John Lewis Voting Right Act can’t pass quick enough.

        1. There are many proofs of votes fraud that you can find because those people were sent to jail periodically throughout the years but your MSM news didn’t cover because it is against their narrative.

      2. Be honest. You don’t like minorities and are creating a narrative that has no basis in fact. Equality cuts different ways. We don’t have equal opportunity and this has a bearing of wealth distribution. In the case of voting, for less fortunate people of color, transportation is often an issue. That extends to getting certain types of voter ID cards. In that regard, compensating by making things easier goes a long way.
        The GOP isn’t promoting impediments to voting or gerrymandering because they want to operate on a level playing field, they do this because most people thing along Democratic Party lines. The small guy should always trump corporate citizens since corporate paternalism is a fantasy. That also includes Citizens United which opened the floodgates to unlimited legalized bribery. If that doesn’t gel, move to another planet and test the voting rights there.

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