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There are 10 comments on Sujin Pak Appointed New Dean of BU’s School of Theology

  1. What a powerful, authentic, declarative appointment! Congratulations to all involved. You make us old alums proud and confident. Tom Redmon, AB, Duke 1969, Th.M., BU-STH 1972.

  2. As an Alum let me congratulate with prayers incoming Dean Sujin Pak. It is my most sincere prayer she will create a needed big tent of numerous identity standpoints in theology, congregational development ,and evangelism and do so without privileging one identity over others and to assure respect for different histories of oppressions rather than convoluting them. It will be interesting to see whether or not under incoming Dean Pak’s leadership how much attention will be paid to teaching, learning, and research about intersectionality in contextual theological experiences.

    My prayers and good wishes to Dean Pak. Blessings, Prof John

  3. Congratulations and welcome Dean Pak. How fitting that your announcement came on the same day as my daily devotion which included Psalm 85:11 – “Faithfulness springs forth from the earth, and righteousness looks down from heaven”. The author of the reflection shares how “We desire our beliefs and actions to form one seamless garment.” She goes on “In reality though, we are often confronted by painful division.” The writer talks of “Jesus, the Great Unifier, promoting oneness, peace and reconciliation.” She ends with a prayer for “the oneness we long for…and ask for strength to help heal division wherever we may find it.” I look forward to your steady hand and visionary guidance to best manage the challenging times ahead as well as to take full advantage of the new opportunities before us. God bless you and your family during this time of transition and new beginnings.

  4. This makes me so proud of BU and what STH has accomplished by inclusion of minorities and multicultural communities. Coming from a person who is trying hard to follow Christ and navigate our current state of fairs especially in this corporate and divided country, I always felt the same way as the new Dean of STH. I am a passionate advocate of Diversity and Inclusion, focusing on representation and inclusion in marketing and advertising, it is great to see such leadership and at this level of position which gets missed quite often in big corporations. I will be paying extra attention in growth and looking forward to the inclusion that is much needed in Christianity.

    Great job BU! Makes me even prouder Terrier!

  5. I am proud and hopeful to see that BU’s second woman Dean is so curious and supportive of non-European perspectives as well as European ones. I recall how Howard Thurman called us to look to the “growing edge.” It’s important that our academic leadership drives the institution toward that which is underdeveloped, unknown, or underrepresented. The status quo will always be a strong force of gravity. I am glad to see that Dean Pak is an experienced, recognized, and enthusiastic leader who clearly values history and tradition as well as looking to BU STH’s growing edge. Godspeed, Dean Pak! Your success is our success.

  6. She sounds like a solid choice. Seeing the article’s sketchy biographical information, I can’t be certain but wonder if she might be niece of Paul Park, the Americanized spelling of Pak Bong Bae (phonetic spelling). He came to the School of Theology in 1959. I roomed with Paul in BUST’s single student dorm for one semester, but he and other Korean students left the dorm to rent an apartment. The meals in the student Commons didn’t measure up to the demands of their Korean taste buds.

    George P. Carter, ’61 STH

  7. Welcome to BU, Dean Pak! I am grateful for BUST’s decision to call a woman of expansive vision to be a leader of the School in this time of challenge and necessary change. The world has become too small for any one group to claim to have the corner on truth. The future of the Church seems to be interdenominational and interfaith. Every faith group – including evangelical Christians – has baptized the same percentage of LGBTQ+ babies and young adults as are present in the society at large. Jesus did not oppose the science and knowledge of his day, nor did he shun new interpretations of ancient texts, so the Church of Jesus needs to be as fearless and welcoming to the sciences and to new interpretations of Scripture in regard to issues of sexuality and biology. I’m grateful for Dean Pak’s presence and Christ-like passion for faithfulness, justice and inclusion. I pray for her success and that of BUST in this time of great urgency to educate clergy who are learned and wise enough to be open and affirming of all the people God has made and declared good.

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