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There are 561 comments on Do COVID Vaccines Affect Menstruation?

  1. I am 46 years old. I had the J&J vaccine end of April 2021. My monthly cycles for the first time in my life have become more painful and heavier each month. I plan to follow-up with my Doctor today. I am a nurse. I would be interested in providing my own personal experience to this study.

        1. Hi Diane, I was your age when my period got heavier and clots, it was that way for about 3-4 years. Have your Dr check you to make sure you don’t come anemic. You may need Iron tables. I did get the vaccine April/May and my period stopped not sure if it was time or the vaccine?.

          1. I had the Phizer vaccination and my period after my second does came two weeks early, and heavy right out the gate! Crazy, I have been regular my whole adult life, I am 46. Also have weird tiny bruises up and down the underside of the arm I was vaccinated in?

          2. Hey, I’m 22 years old and I’ve got vaccinated twice with Pfizer and oh god how my pms got WORSE! I started to get huge acne on my cheeks(I never had that problem, literally used to get one pimple or two on my forehead) and oh god nothing got worse then when I started to have very painful breast tenderness for two weeks sometimes more then that and sometimes less.
            I can’t even sleep well because of that! Idk if that caused it but I had my vaccine when I was on my period the both times.
            Thanks god nothing harmed my period cycle(just little but got back to normal) but oh god the pms is killing me because before getting the vaccine I never had any painful symptoms before getting my period.

          1. Same for me. I bled for 15 weeks (after the Moderna vaccine) before my doctor gave me a D&C and an IUD to stop my bleeding.

        2. I’m 20 years old. In the second week of October I got my period and after that I got my fully vaccination. At the last week of October I’ve got bleeding again and until now it doesn’t stop yet.

          1. i got vaccinated last oct 6, first shot…and it was my first day of menstruation…it lasted 3 days if im not mistaken…and my 2nd dose was oct 27,…i was taking a pills(birth control)…but when the november comes, my period has not come yet.. until now…ive been delayed for almost 3 weeks now…i did a pregnancy test twice but it was negative results.,
            all the articles ive read about fully vaccinated has been bleeding and have a heavy period…but in my case it was delayed period…is anyone can relate in my situation…

          2. Am 31…had regular periods all my life , never been pregnant or miscarried but after phizer…my periods are not normal…I feel like am being forced into menopause

        3. My first day of period is my second dose (pfizer biotech) to be specific the vaccine but I was surprised that my period has been suddenly stopped by the next day which is my second day of my menstruation and I am expecting it to have a heavy period because that’s my it alright?

          1. I am 49 recieved the modrena vaccine in march I had not gotten my period in 3 moths due menopause i recieved the vaccine the next day i got my menstrual. It has been 8 months of not having my period On Mon. Nov. 8 i recieved the booster vaccine now Wed. Nov. 11 i started my period so i was curious & started searching found you im will be gladly to answer any more questions

          2. I am 18 years old, started bleeding when I was 9 and they used to go for about four days. But after the vaccine my periods have been sticking around for NINE days! And the pain is constant!! Everyday without a fail since I got my first jab then the second on the 6th of last month, and now the pain is becoming unbareable and if this doesn’t stop in the next few months I’m suing the government and the people who made this vaccine. This is uncalled for, they should of done more tests and stuff before giving it to everyone because it hurts so much and I’m getting angry at everyone because I’m in pain, it sucks so bad

          3. I had my 2nd covid booster shot last friday,Friday, my period following wed.the thing is,,,I’m 68 yrs old allready went thro.menopause

        4. This happened to me as well after my first dose of Pfizer’s vaccine in December 2020. I had difficulty for 4 months. At one point I had a period for 23 days. On October 20, 2021 I received a booster shot. Again receiving Pfizer. I had a cycle from November 2-6. Then on November 11th I began bleeding heavily and passing numerous large golf ball size clots. Saturating products and my clothing. Very frightening. I suspect there is a link. This has never happened before. I am 48 years old.

          1. I am 42 years old and received Moderna vaccine in Feb and March 2021. After 2nd dose I had the heaviest period of my life. My cycles were always regular and lasted 5-6 days with moderate flow and no cramping. Over the year, my periods have only become heavier and longer. I now bleed for 2 weeks or more at a time with clots. Occasional intense pain. Have tried naproxen and birth control, but still cannot get this under control. I’m thinking there is an inflammatory response of the uterus and ovaries to the vaccine. Growing more concerned each cycle and am wondering if the women who have been evaluated by GYN are being diagnosed with fibroids, polyps, cancer, or other conditions? Also, what is helping to calm this response?

            I whole-heartedly agree that research and transparency are required here. As medical providers, it is our responsibility to be curious about new medications and vaccines and to always listen to our patients! Trust their instincts. People, especially women, know their bodies.

          2. I’m 25 & received my doses back in May 2021 & June. I didn’t have a period for roughly 5 months, then it was very painful with heavy flow. That was the only one I have since & it’s now Feb. 2022. I will not be getting the booster due to the stress the vaccine has caused on my body. This simply can’t be healthy to suddenly not have periods, one large one, & them to have them stop again. My OB doesn’t even have an answer for me & no, I’m not pregnant so it makes no sense other than to relate it to the vaccine. I got mine from Walgreens so I believe it was Pfizer.

        5. Same here. Im 46. My 2nd shot was this past May. I’ve had extremely heavy periods ever since. This past month was 16 days straight. Here it is about week later and my body is preparing to get my period again. This is pure misery. Told all my doctors and they just shrug it off as soon as I tell them that it began once I had the vaccine. This is just miserable. And feel sick and in pain each month.

          1. Stacia how are things with your period now?Is it normal again?I have brown bleeding between periods right after my second moderna vaccination for over a year now. I also have fibroids and this year i have visited plenty of doctors and have done plenty of exams without getting many answers…

      1. I’m 39. I started bleeding extremely heavily 36 hours after shot. Cramping was sharp, painful, and specific, starting 1 day after shot.
        J&J 9/28/21
        Lmp 9/6/21

        1. I am 34 and received the J+J back in March. My periods are horrible. Painful cramps, heavy flow with a ton of clots, irregular, spotting throughout the month. At first I didn’t know what was going on with my body until I researched and saw that a lot of women are dealing with this

        2. Me too but month 3 n I’m clotting and worried.
          I can not be pregnant unless I’m Mary Mother of God.
          So super heavy now not blessing enough and was clotting alot worried.
          Worry equal care.
          But I am not sure what to do p

      2. I’m 28 and I am 1 month post second shot and its my first period since my second shot. I am in horrible pain and I have passed two massive clots already in a matter of 3 days. It is so brutal.

        1. Same thing happened to me. I bled for 30 days non stop. It began after my 2nd shot. I was on my 2nd day of my regular monthly cycle, after my cycle ended 3 days later. Then 3 days later I began to bleed again and it lasted 30 days straight super heavy flow and sharp painful cramping. I’ve always had minor to no cramps. I Don’t know what’s going on with my body and it’s scary. I went to my gyno, she sent me to the lab for blood work and I’m still waiting for blood results. What happens next? What will my body do next? This is scary.

          1. Nancy, same thing here. I have a neighbor who is an MD and she said I’m def anemic and to have full CBC performed ASAP. I almost collapsed walking down my hallway. I’ve never had weird periods and am not on any BC or consuming anything out of ordinary. I’m 37. Had 2 cycles in June (vaccinated in April/may) and I truly want to rule out the vaccine as a cause but who knows… this sucks big time.

      3. I am 48 years old,never had any issues with my periods until after the first dose of COVID vaccine,bleeding 20 days and counting.I am about to get some work up from OB

      4. I am 44 years old and just had the 2nd dose of Pfizer vaccine on 1-20-22, same day I started my normal cycle (1 day late) after the shot this period is the least bleeding I’ve had for over 20 years. I usually have extremely heavy 5-6 day periods with pain, lots of clots and bleeding through clothing, etc. i cannot believe I have barely bled with no real pain in 5 days. I will be curious what happens next cycle. I have had no signs of pre-menopause before the vaccine.

    1. I am 51 and always had a regular period. Had my 1st vax on July 23rd and 2nd on August 13. I haven’t had a period since July – I am now 40 days late. I no longer have hot flashes either. All my premenopausal symptoms are gone.

          1. Same here, I’m 31yr, haven’t had a period since my 1st dose of sinopharm in July, October will be 4 months since I haven’t had a period. Never had issues before…

          2. Am 45 years old . My period was life . After second dose my period delay for 3 or 3 month . My FSH is very high and doctor said its menopause !!
            But why this happen exactly after the sinopharm.shot !!

        1. Hi I had heavy bleeding day of shot . My period
          Yes menstrual cycle I’m 36 and that was September October now end November I’m barely bleeding n noticed clots.
          I’m scared
          As a Frontline worker who has had to switch careers n barely can make the bills I have to figure this out ..but my primary I see this Thursday n I’ll have to beg they run tests but they just don’t know mucb no one really does

        2. I’m 43, never missed a period, after my second dose of Pfizer i didn’t get my period until after 3 months then after that still waiting for my next period it’s now over two and half months, so far i had one period since my Pfizer over 5 months ago

          1. Hi , I am 17 and I have had my period since age 12. I have always been on time, always have had a regular period. I got my first Pfizer shot about 3 weeks ago, and I was supposed to have my period right around that time. I am now about 2.5 weeks late. It seems other people are in the same boat. Anybody else unusually late on their period after getting the vaccine. Also I am having slight cramping, which usually I cramp about a day or 2 before my period, and this has been happening for several days now and still no cycle.

          2. I received shots a year ago at 41 on Feb/march 2021 and stopped haveing a period after 2nd dose of phizer. I also had extremely high levels of FSH after doing a hormone panel. Those levels have since leveled a bit and I had 3 months of periods but now have stopped and still don’t have a period. Doctors say I’m perimenopausal and now heading towards menopause if I hit 12 consecutive months without a period. I really hadn’t had any issues with perimonaupasal sysmptoms until my second shot and this all came with a vengeance. There has to be some correlation with the vaccine and disruption to hormone production.

        3. I’m 48 and received my vaccination in April and May of 2021, I got the Pfizer. My periods have always been 3 to 4 days. A couple months after the shot I started bleeding everyday a slight pink/ red blood every time I wiped when using the bathroom. My periods started lasting 7 days, then in December I had a 7 day period with light pink/ red blood everyday after, until I started again a week and a half later, and I haven’t stopped. It’s medium flow everyday with blood clots and very painful.
          When my period was due for the month, I started bleeding even harder with severe blood clots. I’m now on 17 days of medium to heavy flow.. I’m getting ready to make an appointment with my gynecologist. This is miserable..

          1. Hi I’m 18 got my got my first vaccine on Feb 19 th and my period was six days late and I had terrible cramps and the flow was so heavy and I thought that my cycle would go back to normal but it hasn’t is anyone going through the same thing

          2. I am 36 years old. I had my 2nd dose of forced vaccination on October 27 2021. If I didn’t get it I would have been fired as a NYC school teacher. 2 days after I received 2nd shot, I started experiencing squeezing in my chest. Went to cardiologist numerous times, nothing showing up. December I begin to get heavy periods, soaking through pads. January I begin getting my period every 2 weeks. Spotting in between the 2 weeks. Then around memorial day weekend, I had my period for 3 weeks. It stopped once I went to gyno. Blood work came back normal but they found a 3cm blood filled cyst on my left ovary. Has to be monitored, I go back end of September. But my pms is insane and my cramps. Never had this issue. Doc said she has dealt with patients with bleeding after vaccine but not any who had issues months after taking it. I never would have received the vaccine if my job wasn’t threatened. I will never get another vaccine and I am advocating to others not to get it either. The government needs to be held accountable for what they are doing to women. Side note: my female gyno took me seriously when I said I believe this issue is related to vaccine. My male cardiologist did not take me seriously when I said my symptoms started after the 2nd dose. He initially refused to run tests on me. Asked me, ” well what do you want me to do? Its muscle spasms.” Then I started to cry and he orders an echocardiogram, halter monitor and stress test. Still found nothing.
            But I’m thinking of getting a hysterectomy to solve the problem. Has anyone else gone that route?

      1. I’m also 51, going on 52. I had started having hot flashes, but then got Pfizer booster. Ran a high fever (I almost never get fevers), then sweated the night away. Fever broke, and temperature was at 96.6 for a few days. Then temperature normalized. And no more hot flashes (at least as yet).

        1. I just made 50 in June and had not been vaccinated. I got Covid in July and have not had a period since. My cycles were still regular and I was down with Covid 5 weeks.

          1. I turned 52 just after my 2nd pfizer shot in July. While I still had regular periods before that, they stopped cold after that. I haven’t had a period since.

      2. I’m 44 my period is late and that never happens to me. Haven’t had period since first shot of phizor however it’s spelt.

      3. I am 44. My menstrual period was completely regular and clockwise. My last period started on 30 Sep., then I got the vaccine on 16 Oct., and I have never seen any menstrual period again.

        1. I’m 41. I have regular periods. I’m lying in bed trying to figure out why I am 10 days late when my husband had a vasectomy and there’s no chance of pregnancy. I plan vacations around my period -it’s so predictable. I got my booster 3 weeks ago. I had assumed I was starting perimenopause but that just didn’t sit right. This sounds like it’s the booster. I am now worried for my 14 year old daughter who should have had her period now based on her development. Her pediatrician agrees. She got her Covid vaccine in June. I can accept the loss of my cycle but the thought of her having issues makes me so sick. On top of that my 10 year old just received her first shot. Will she experience troubles too?

          1. I’m about 8 months post vaccination and last month I never got my period. My husband also had a vasectomy but I still worried I was pregnant. I’ve taken a number of tests and all have been negative. My period had ALWAYS been regular coming like clockwork every month. This is the first time I’ve missed one besides when I was pregnant. The only thing different is the vaccine so that has me worried about getting the booster or getting my 10 year old daughter vaccinated.

          1. hi !! i’m 21 yo and got my 3rd dose of Pfizer on November the 30th (2021) while i was having my period. My next period came on December 16th (it was shorter than usual) and now i’m late for the first time in my life, I always had 28 days regular cycle… did anyone here got their period back?

      4. Same thing is happening with me, that’s why it got me here, I am searching

        First dose was on Nov.13, no menstruation
        Second dose was on Dec. 11 until now, there’s no menstruation yet…No bf and living alone, so I know that I am not pregnant

        I’m 44, last time I got sick and was brought to hospital was when I was in first year high school but it was for only a day…meaning my health is ok

        Then last Dec 26 I started coughing but not that hard…then yesterday I noticed there’s blood in the mucus that is why I am searching if it is related to Moderna vaccine

      5. Yes me too. I am now 102 days without my period and counting. So about 3 months now with no period. With my second dose it took me 70 days for my period to start, but then luckily it started again with not any problems. Very normal cycle, but t he n I got my booster and now I have no periods again for the 100 days its been..

      6. I had the 2nd pfizer in December and 2 days later there were hot flashes and full blown menopause. hormones went from semi ok to menopause. im 51 and still have ovaries.
        Now have the chills on and off all the time.

    2. I am also 46 years old and after my first shot had an extremely heavy cycle. After my second shot I got my cycle on 8/10 it ended and again on 8/31 and had it for 12 days. Stopped for 2 days and now spotting again. Have an appt in two days. I’m concerned.

        1. I had my first shot Pfizer and just felt normal symptoms like everyone. Second shot was moderna in June and I got my period the second day. Which is not normal for me because I have never been early. So this time period came 7 days early. Didn’t think it’s a big deal and 10 days after I started cramps without any bleeding. The cramps lasted until I got my period again. I thought finally I will get relief now and right when I finished my period cramps started again. So it’s been 3 months now I am having period cramps on and off without bleeding. And my period are starting to come early 3 days. I am just tired of all the cramps. I am 39 years old. There are days I am in the bed with just heat pad. The cramps are so bad sometimes that Advil or naproxen doesn’t help. I don’t know when this will stop and I can go back to normal.

          1. Im also 39 had my second vaccine mid september and a day after i had my period start with clots for 3weeks and it stoped for a week into 2nd week of October .Days later it started again till now day inn day out

        2. I got the Pfizer September 29th 2021. Got my period when I was expecting it on 10/4 till 10/8. Not even a week later on 10/14 I had very tender swollen breasts like I was due on my period. 10/15 till now 10/17 I am light spotting. I am 45 and this has never happened before the vaccine.

        3. 45 yrs. I got my usual period 4 days after the 1st dose as expected. Period ended. 10 days after my 1 day of period I started spotting. That was 3 weeks ago. Still spotting. Not sure whether to go to OBGYO? This has never happened before the vaccine.

      1. I am 41 I had my first moderna shot on 3/12/21 and the second 4/12/21.
        My menstrual cycle has always been regular. The changes I have with my cycle is one month I was a week late last month I was two weeks late now im five days late and counting. I’ve also been having bad cramping not pregnant. My period last 5 to 6 like it normally does when it’s come and clotting.

      2. I am 37, had Moderna 4/7 and 5/3.
        My cycle has always been very regular and mild. I have also always been VERY FERTILE. I’ll leave it at that.
        After second shot, I had 2 periods in one month, the next was 10 days late with heavy sharp cramping which I’ve never experienced. Every months since it has lasted 8-10 days of heavy bleeding and mild clotting which is life altering for me. I feel like a walking hemorrhage. I’ve read some studies about estrogen uptick being part of the immune response… the other thing is I am not on any birth control. Partner and I were hoping to conceive. Knowing my body I am truly astounded that we have not since May. Am going to follow up with my doctor.

          1. Nothing conclusive. But it’s happening again. First day of Last cycle was 10/1 and I have serious bloating, cramps, enlarged breasts (no discomfort though which is abnormal, that’s usually my most common distant and annoying PMS sign) and 3 tests show I’m not pregnant. I don’t know.

      3. I am 45 and having the same issue. I have the Mirena and went probably 2 years with no period. Last month I bled for about 7 days then two week later I started bleeding again and I’m on day 11 now and it still hasn’t stopped. I had J & J vaccine in March 2021.

      4. Same here, I’m 43. I got my 1st Pfizer shot last week for a job. Next day my breasts hurt, my cramps were so bad I had to take 8 Advil’s in one day. My period has never been this heavy, I have depends on for first time in my life. I’m so scared and concerned bleeding so heavy for days now and I’m scared to get my second shot. Listening to these stories make me feel better I’m not alone but I’m seriously concerned about ever getting this shot again.

        1. Same situation with me. 44 years old and got my first shot on 10/2. My breasts starting hurting a few days later. I started my period right on time on 10/8 (I’ve ALWAYS been regular with a 28 day cycle and very normal periods), but it only lasted 3 days. Then I got a second period on 10/18 and it’s the heaviest period I’ve ever had in my entire life, with lots of cramping. It has now lasted 11 days and won’t stop. I took 600 mg of Motrin today and it seems to have helped lessen the flow, but still bleeding a lot. I was scheduled to get my second shot on 10/23, but didn’t go because of this. :(

      1. Hi can anyone shed some light on what the doctor has told them after voicing their concerns? I’m about to call my doctor because I had Moderna back in May and prior to the vaccine my period has always been three days a month for the past decade. I’m 48 years old and since getting the Moderna vaccine it’s been 10 days with heavy bleeding and clots. I’m going to go to my doctor and see what he says but I want to see if everyone gets the same advice. This is very scary!!

        1. My doctor said that the link to the vaccination has not yet been established, but that it is a possibility. Of course she had to say it could be due to other reasons like starting peri-menopause.
          I had a full blood count done and lots of other tests. She even tested my hormone levels that are not normally tested anymore as they can change daily. According to that test I was not anywhere near menopause, but my E2 Estradiol level was sky high. That is one of the main forms of estrogen that your ovaries produce. Too much estrogen causes painful and heavy periods. I was also deficient in vitamin D. Vitamin D is also a hormone. The most alarming thing was that my white blood cells were below the range. Those are your main defenders against viruses and bacteria. I think that my immune response to the vaccine (Pfizer) totally messed my ovaries hormone production and that in turn has affected the other levels as well. I’m now taking vitamin-D and I will have another blood test in few weeks time to check the white blood cells.

        2. I had my second Pfizer shot in September and in October my period lasted nearly 30 days.
          I’m 49 and always have regular light periods with almost no cramps.
          This time I had cramps and sharp stabbing pains along with clots and tissue coming out. I saw my doctor at 14 days bleeding and had an ultrasound a few weeks later.
          Result is Adenomyosis which is a new condition for me – I never had it before or anything like it.
          I wondered if it could be because of the vaccine as the timing seemed right, then saw all these comments and feel my thoughts are correct.
          Hoping menopause kicks in soon as when the production of estrogen stops the condition stops.

          1. I’m also 49, had my second vaccine dose June 28/21 and no period after that until August 28 (last period date prior to this June 8), then have had period ongoingly since then with maximum 8 day break of no bleeding (extremely heavy with very large clots). None of this is typical for me. I’ve never gone this long with no period and never had such constant, heavy periods or clots. I was diagnosed with adenomyosis (first via intravaginal ultrasound, then MRI) and a 7cm focal adenomyoma (likely benign) in November. The timing of all of this seems really coincidental to me, and given these responses (and the anecdotal stories I’ve heard from colleagues/friends), I think it’s irresponsible that endometrial/uterine effects after these vaccinations haven’t been tracked more systematically. Am currently awaiting surgery.

          2. I am in thr exactly same situation. Heavy period within hours.of first shot that lasted over 12 days…almost like when I had a D&C 20 years ago. Second shot results in same situation within hours. Periods lasting more than 11 to 14s days with significant clotting, cramping. 6 months later an ultrasound shows I have multiple cysts and polyps on one ovary (they are unable to find my other) and uterus. The last 8 months have been a spiral since I got the shots.

      1. I am 20 years old, I got my first vaccine August 24 that was the first day of my period too after recieving the vaccination my period last for 2 weeks, then the next months had been always like that, irregular bleeding, ahead of the normal date, first week was all spotting then the second week was heavy bleeding. My period was regular back then and it will only last for 5-6 days.

    3. I had Moderna in April & May. -Unfortunately I lost seven YEARS of period data due to a new phone in June – but I’ve had issues in every period since except June. There’s not been an issue with length and only a slight (noticably but I’m not sure if statistically) difference in timing. The main issue for me has been intensity of pain. Most recently I’ve worried I had clots right before my period showed up, & in the beginning it was sweating & crying & the very first one was accompanied by the same dry mouth as at the initial shot which is why I linked them.
      I’m as angry at anti vaxxers as anyone, but I’ve been frustrated at the dismissal this is getting.

      1. Hey Lisa, these stories, including yours, are the reason why millions of people are skeptical of this experimental, investigational injection. I’m sorry for your discomfort and possible vaccine injury and I hope you have better discernment going forward. These stories and countless others only reaffirm my decision and stance. I truly hope that all of you get better and recover.

    4. I got my 2nd dose of Moderna back in June 2021 and
      I am 23 years old. My periods went from a light 3-4 days to bleeding HEAVILY for 6-7 days. It’s to the point where I have to change my tampon every 30mins to an hour.

      1. Interesting to read everyone’s experiences. I got my first Pfizer in May 2021 and a couple of hours later had severe menstrual cramps, despite not being due for two weeks (and my cycle has always been like clockwork). I did not get my period until a few days later, but still a week early.

        My periods since then have felt like there is something pulling downward from my pelvis, and pain radiates to my thighs…I’ve told my pcp & obgyn I feel internally bruised, for lack of better way to describe a soreness that comes during menstruation now.

        By evening of my first dose, my upper right side was also burning/sore internally. I woke with a rash on the inside of my elbow in the morning. For the next four months, I had rashes on various parts of my body, and shingles was suspected; but they could not confirm it, as it had characteristics different from classic shingles. For those four months I also had pressure on the top of my head, that can only be described as the sensation of a rock resting on the crown of my skull. The worst rash outbreak also coincided with my left eyelid drooping, six months later it is finally functioning normally. The rash outbreaks and headaches have subsided.

        What remains is the constant discomfort in my upper right side (four months in, digestive symptoms began to accompany the side pain) and the menstrual symptoms once a month. I have had a brain mri, abdominal mri & ultrasounds, and a pelvic ultrasound (colonoscopy is scheduled for next month). Tiny vascular masses (fibroids or hemangiomas) have been found in the areas of discomfort since the vaccine, my liver and pelvis. In speaking with MA General & Mayo Clinic staff, a nurse did comment that it was noteworthy vascular masses, all of similar size, and known to form due to high estrogen (which the vaccine seems to produce) were found only in the areas I have complained about. Unlikely it’s a coincidence.

        It will be years before large studies are completed to determine if these growths, among many other things, are a more common occurrence post vaccine than we currently are aware of. It’s so important we share our experiences and research is conducted, to make the vaccines as safe as possible for all & hopefully those who have experienced adverse effects can get relief. Not sure of my next direction. I am grateful for the protection the vaccine gave me from covid; but it is so hard to feel chronically ill so suddenly when I was so healthy prior. Any input welcome.

    5. I received my Pfizer on October 22 and within 24 hours I started spotting and I have been every day since. It’s now been over 2 weeks, I’m also getting acne on my face and I’m 39.

      1. I am 34..from the Caribbean. I had the first dose of pfiser September 17 ..I always had a regular period always on time with my flo app… have always been lasting only 5 days ..
        My period came on due date. September 22. But lasted 8 days…I started bleeding again October 11….. 9 days before my period was due.. I am still bleeding.. it is also very dark brown or black… have been like this for the last 3 days .. I am now getting bad cramps and my face have been filled with bumps that hurt that I can’t seem to get rid of since that vaccine .. I went to a doctor she said it can be stress and hormones.. I don’t think any doctor will say its because if the vaccine.. I am also sickle cell, anaemic . I regret taking that vaccine and I will not be taking the second dose

      2. Same experience. Been bleeding lightly for more than 3 weeks now started 2 weeks after my second dose. I have regular cycles for 34 years now. This is crazy! Eventually No to booster shot.

    6. Anyone who has missed their periods? Or am I the only one? Women over here are experiencing heavy bleeding and clots. Any woman in here who is dealing with little to no periods?

      1. My husband had a vasectomy over 2 years ago. My periods have always been on time and I also track them on MyDaysX app. First Pfizer was 9/24, period was two weeks before and normal. Tender breasts and acne started first week of October so I was preparing for my normal cycle. I had one two days of light ( I mean light) spotting as if it was the tail end of my cycle. I usually have 1 day light, 2 days heavy, and then another light day or two and then its over – I am now 13 days over due. Breasts are still tender – not as bad, and still broken out a little. Not sure if its delayed, or if I am not going to get a period this month. Not sure if I should continue to wait it out, or take a pregnancy test. I am 38. Kinda panicking a little….

        1. Melissa, I’m 37 and experiencing exactly the same thing. I don’t want to voice it too loudly because it will discourage people from getting vaccinated…. But your “usual cycle” is precisely how mine was. For the past … forever. I’m now just on a roller coaster of mood fluctuations, boob fluctuations, and $200 of HPT’s later (all negative) just very confused.

          1. You do not need to encourage or discourage anyone to get or not get this or any other vaccine, drug, treatment, therapy, or otherwise. Really, all you need to do it accept that you have (for now) freedom to choose for yourself, for your body, what you wish to do, and accept that others have (for now) the same freedom. Each of us are provided a human body, when born. Each individual is the only person who will ever exist in said physical body. Each person makes their own choices on how to care for the body they are required to live it until death. Each person enjoys or suffers consequences of their choices related to the body they are bound to. Embrace that freedom for yourself and others. Be open, honest, and transparent about consequences you enjoy or suffer due to choices you made for your body. Be kind, loving, and caring enough to share your data/experiences, which may or may not help others to make an informed ,fair, choice for their own body.

        2. I’m 47, got Pfizer 4/21 & have had irregular cycles since. No no menses since December. Horrible headaches & night sweats. Pretty early & fast to be menopause. My doctor said symptoms are not related. I’m not giving vaccine to my daughters until more rigorous study is done on effects of vaccine on hormones.

      2. I do, haven’t had one since being vaccinated in July, it’s a little awkward, everyone seems to get abnormal bleeding or cramps whereas I haven’t had any at all

        1. I am 46 and got my first Phizer shot on July 21st and I did not have a period until October 22nd and it has been very heavy with a lot of blood clots. 11 days later it has not stopped.

        2. My period stopped for three months after getting the j&j vaccine. Then came back with a heavy period. I was always very regular before getting the vaccine.

      3. Hi Maureen,
        I received the Pfizer vaccine on 06/11 and 07/02 and didn’t get my period until 09/29. It was a normal flow, but I am very concerned as I read all those testimonials… Im 39 and don’t have any children.

      4. I’m 37 and my period is always regular. I had the Moderna in Aug and haven’t had a period since Aug 16. In Sep my Dr said I likely didn’t ovulate.

        1. Update: I started bleeding 10/25 (16 days late) and it has been the heaviest I can remember. Clots like I’ve never seen and this is day 8 of bright red blood with no end in sight. If I do not stop bleeding by the end of the week, I am going to contact my doctor. I was on birth control for over ten years and do not really want to go back on it to regulate my cycles again. Highly doubt doctor is going to link this to the vaccine – even with all these stories regarding cycle change. Will most likely tell me to keep monitoring, but will probably chalk it up to change in hormones/estrogen issue.

      5. me mam, i do experience delayed period…i got fully vaccinated last oct 27…until now i dont have my period..i do pregnancy test already, and tested twice already but the results are both negative…

        1. I got the Pfizer (just 2 shots) in October. I had a short, heavy period after, and then nothing in November. Negative pregnancy tests (several), and finally in December I had another 3days of heavy bleeding. Nothing this month though. And nothing in my life has changed, no stress, diet changes, exercise changes, nothing, I’m not even on any contraceptive, so now I’m scared that I’ll be infertile.

      6. I am 32 years old and did not have a period for approximately four months after my second dose of Moderna. I have always had somewhat irregular periods, but only two weeks early/late at the most. I probably went through an entire case of pregnancy tests during that time!

      7. I am 44. My menstrual period was completely regular and clockwise. My last period started on 30 Sep., then I got the vaccine on 16 Oct., and I have never seen any menstrual period again.

      8. I have missed mine and its what has brought me here. I got my 2nd vaccine on the 23rd Nov was meant to get my period on 27th and till now nothing. I took a pregnancy test and it came back – ve and am also on a contraceptive. I just don’t get it

      9. I have not had a period since I took the J&J shot back in September. I am 49 years old but was not experiencing any signs of menopause before the shot.

        1. Same here! I’m 43 and always had very regular periods then had one J&J shot at 42 last year and irregular periods for a few months immediately after and now missing my period for almost 4 months completely. Doc said most likely perimenopause and I’ve had some hot flashes too :( but this is so early as my mother didn’t go through menopause until 55. You usually follow your mom my doc said. The timing of my shot and now this… it’s too much of a coincidence! I am so sad that I got it and I feel like a guinea pig.

    7. I had to call out of work today bc now I get migraines when my cycle is approaching, or on. I usually get the bowel movement before my cycle and that’s it. Now it’s lower back pain, neck stiffness and migraines. The light sensitivity is the worst! I had the Pfizer vaccine. I wish I would hav just stood my ground and not got it, but I date a nurse and was heavily persuaded.

    8. I am 48,residing in Ogun state in Nigeria.. Africa. I have been bleeding for almost 10days now after taking my vaccine. Heavy with thick cloths

    9. I recieved the modrena vaccine in march I had not gotten my period in 3 moths due menopause i recieved the vaccine the next day i got my menstrual. It has been 8 months of not having my period On Mon. Nov. 8 i recieved the booster vaccine now Wed. Nov. 11 i started my period so i was curious & started searching found you im will be gladly to answer any more questions

      1. 1st & 2nd Pfizer vaccine period came fine and on time. I recieved the modrena booster vaccine on 16 Feb 2022 and my Period came on 11 Feb 2022. Now is March, I was expecting to come on the due day but I still haven’t gotten my period but i’m been getting cramps. I’m getting worried and concerns. Please tell me the answer and what What should I do? Anyone experiencing this as well. Thanks Girls. My Vaccine & Period Details:

        3rd dose: 16 Feb 2022 (Period Came on 11 Feb (5 Days) 32 Days Cycle
        2nd dose: 07 Oct 2021 Period Came on 17 Oct (5 Days) 27 Days Cycle
        1st dose: 01 Sep 2021 Period Came on 19 Sept (5 days) 30 Days Cycle

    10. Well, I was vaccinated by the 1st dose in October and my period should have come on 28th October. So it didn’t, but still thought that it could have been because of other factors. My second dose was on 12th November, period should have started two days from now. Still hasn’t come I am vaccinated by Pfizer and yes now I pretty worry about everything because we’d like to start ivf, but without period can’t even think about it. So it has been 2 months since I got last period, 2 months late. Visited my doctor who checked me using sono and it looks that uterus is close to period. Well today I am getting second shot of injection to start period this month, hormones are OK (how it should be). My feelings after this (readings, discussions) are like: OK I’m getting scared rn. I really hope that impact of vaccination would not be any serious. If so, someone should take responsibility!

      1. Received 2nd dose of Pfizer 2/3. Started spotting 2/7 cycle due 2/9 and came full blown. Usually lasts 4-5 days. On day 5, I started bleeding worse with lots of stringy like clots. Bright red bleeding with clots for 13 days. Had a good 5 days of no bleeding. Then 3/3 started all over again and still bleeding til this day. Got Tranexacid (day 2) blood not slowing down. Got ultrasound 3/11. Patiently waiting for results. I kept telling my husband nothing changed but getting that vaccine. I’m sticking by it. I already had PCOS and never been this bad. This is miserable but reading all these comments makes me feel heard in a way. The vaccine does have an affect in women. My doctor shut it down quick when I even tried to imply the vaccine. Even fb groups I’m in, the admin would delete anyone suggesting this. Why is it a problem to voice our experience? It’s important. I’m 36 and would like to have a baby but now I feel so broken. I will not be getting any of the boosters.

    11. Going on month 8 of horrible periods. The pain is awful, very heavy and exhausting. This last period just ended 9 days ago and back again full force. Whats most frustrating is there is reallt nothing your doctor can do, mainly because all you see is “most people” will be fine in a few days, or even with your menstrual, it will only last two or three cycles for “most people” however if your not most, now what? No direction there for us. None. You just get very well meaning doctors that tell you their best opinion to what they believe is happening and of course that varies depending on who you speak to. Very frustrating.

    12. I am 51 and I am fully vaccinated with my 2nd shot. Once I received my 1st shot I noticed a change in my cycle . There seemed to be a heavier presence of blood clots accompanying my cycle. After the 2nd shot my cycle is extremely heavy flow.
      I usually have pretty mild cycles and light flows. So I conclude that the Moderna Vaccine has absolutely altered my cycle. It has made it far heavier for the past two months there has been a noticeable change that started with my 1st dose of Moderna.
      Not sure what the menstrual change signifies or if it’s good or bad? However I do believe there is an absolute correlation between the Vaccine and the changes we are all experiencing with our cycles.I pray that the lack of or increase in flow is the only adverse effect on our reproductive health.

      1. I was 50 when I got my 2 set series of Pfizer and noticed also a change in my menstrual cycles too. Already in perimenopause yes but the first one ended my period, which I was okay with. The second one started it same day! Since..clots are more, cramps sometimes unbearable first day or so! Now I just got my booster 2 days ago (now 51) and my monthly period had been done as of the 27th as it showed up early before Christmas Eve, and surprise it shows up tonight!! Grrr!! Not impressed!! Oh 2nd covid after my spleen swelled up and stayed that way for 2.5 weeks…scary yes very!! The last half of the 3 weeks a lump in my throat where your thyroid would be ugh!! I did this to not only protect myself and make it so if I got Covid it would not be as bad or land me in the hospital or worse but I did NOT sign up for all the other crap that is going with it!!

    13. 43 with normal periods for years. Strong AMH levels pre-vax: doctor said good egg reserves/fertility with several years to menopause. We were trying for a baby and got the vaccine as part of prep plan. Now have missed six cycles—absolutely nothing since taking the first Pfizer vaccine. Not pregnant. AMH levels remeasured 3 months after vaccine and are 0. Appears that I went into full menopause from this vaccine—more than a decade earlier than my mother, aunts, or grandmothers did.

      So they’re finally researching this—Good, I guess? Too bad they didn’t properly test the vaccine before telling us it was safe. I feel like their unwilling lab rat.

    14. Im 30 and have always had an incredibly regular period every 28 days with moderate flow. After my first moderna vaccine I didn’t notice any immediate changes. My period in between boosters was a few days late and i didn’t think/notice much of it. My period after my second dose was a week late, which has happened once in my 15 years of cycles, I thought i could be pregnant and then read up on this happening to other women as well. I started noticing spotting, it was so severe I thought i was having a cycle every 2 weeks, when i had my 3rd cycle post vaccine the bleeding was so intense, i use a menstrual cup and it felt like i needed a bucket instead, horrible cramping – which i also luckily hardly experienced before. Some people argue it could be stress, but i am the least stressed out i have been in the past, with that argument id never would have had normal periods prior to my vaccine. I refuse to get a 3rd booster. My cycle was off for 4 months- ill never have a normal period if im being boostered every 6 months. Its not worth it in my opinion, bleeding every 2 weeks is a nightmare

    15. I am going to be 40 years old on 2-2-22 and I got the vaccine in July, every since I have been getting my period just about every two weeks. It seems to start out with what looks like old blood for a couple days, then fresh and heavy blood. It is so painful. I did not have these issues before the phizer vaccine.

    16. I’m 46 and have been on hormonal birth control for 30 years to control endometriosis. Between continuous dosage of the Pill and hormonal IUDs, I have not had a period for the better part of a decade. In late October, I got my Pfizer booster. The next day, I started experiencing minor menstrual cramps that continued for about 24 hours. (After the first two doses, I experienced minor cold and flu symptoms but nothing of the menstrual variety.) The cramps recurred in late November, lasting for about a day or two. Here we are in late December, and I am once again experiencing cramps. Each month, the cramps become progressively worse. I have not experienced any bleeding on these three occasions, but the last three months of 2021 was the first time in years that I have had any menstrual symptoms.

    17. I am now 49. I had my first child at 44, May 2017. No infertility issues, by choice. I have always had a regular, 28 day cycle with a heavy period lasting 4 to 6 days. I also suffer from iron deficiency anemia hat causes me to have to have iron infusions 1 to 2 times a year as well as vitamin D deficiency. I received both of my Pfizer vaccines in March 2021 with just a sore arm at infection site for the first shot and absolutely no side effects after the second shot. I received my booster shot on Dec 18 and that was a different story. I experienced pretty severe cramping in the hip and actually all of my joints that I didn’t attribute to the shot until it clicked that it could be the cause and I asked my sister and she said that yes, she had the same issues with her earlier shots. Well I’m still experiencing that today. I’m also having SEVERE pain in my right ovary and I do have fibroids but I keep up with my checkups and they have not grown and in some cases shrunk. I tried to schedule my mammogram before the end of this year and when they found out that I received a vaccine within a 6 week period, they denied me or suggested I wait because they said my results would likely come back abnormal. Naturally I was perplexed because the scheduler couldn’t explain why so I Googled it and what I found is because the lymph nodes under your arms can be swollen from the vaccine being introduced into your body, the mammogram cannot differentiate between that and actual breast concern. I’ve been waking up with pain in my right side being more severe so that little nugget of information has me questioning everything and those questions have lead me to you ladies who apparently are in tune to your bodies and are concerned about the changes your experiencing. I’m type O Pos and would like this looked into more thoroughly. I’ve been telling my family and friends since early 2020 that COVID is not so much respiratory but more neurological and vasculitis and to me, that has women’s health and the future of our children’s reproductive abilities written all over it. Better to vax up than to let the virus decide our fate, but we need to know more about women’s health and what lasting diseases this leaves our children.

      1. I am mortified at what I am reading. I too have experienced things that I never have before and I feel like we are never going to get the truth from the “science”. I received my 3rd shot around Thanksgiving 2021. In February 2022, my period went on for weeks. My doctor gave me hormones for a month which made me feel horrible but stopped the bleeding. She sent me for an ultrasound and they found a cyst in my left ovary. Last month, I went for an MRI. It has grown and is looking ominous. I can’t get into the oncologist until next month. It is interesting that someone mentioned joint pain. I have decreased ROM in my left hip. Previously I was doing yoga 5x per week! I’ve been told that my hip and my ovary and the bleeding are not related. They are all independent occurrences. I’m not sure I am buying it. Heard Fauci in an interview last night. He referred to our issues as that “menstrual thing” and flippantly agreed that it needed some “looking into”. My sister was dx with stage 0 breast cancer last year after receiving the vaccines. She wound up with a double mastectomy and reconstruction. Cancer does not run in our family and we do not have any genes for it. I am 49 years old.

    18. I had my period about 5-6 days before i got my first shot (this was arround 9-10 months ago) so it was over when I went in. The week after the next I went in for my second dose. I was prepared for my period to come that next Monday, but when Wednesday ended and nothing had happened, I got worried. I never did anything that could have gotting me pregnant, so that was crossed off. For the next 6 months, I didnt have my period, but I was constantly worried that mine would start. There was light brown spotting thruoght, and someimes there was a small amount of blood on tampons, but none when I wore pads. Then, 3 days before school started, I had the heaviest period I’ve ever experienced. To measure, It soaked through a super tampon and a size 2 pad (together) in 30 minutes. There were HUGE clots and it hurt so much, almost as if someone was punching me in the gut over one over. The heavy part lasted from day 2-3, and then almost stopped on the 4th day, when I went back to school. I had been stressed that something would leak when I went back to school, but it was really light for the next 4 days. My period didnt come back for 2 months, then it was there again. My cycle is now 5 weeks as opposed to 4, and the second day is the heaviest. I recently got mu boostershot and Im hoping nothing strang will happen this time.

    19. I took the J&J vaccine on nov 24, 2021, and 5 weeks later on Dec. 29th, I found out I was pregnant. Later that evening, I experienced heavy cramping, bleeding and a miscarriage. According to my OB, I was 7 weeks pregnant at the time.

    20. I’m 47. Had my second shot on Dec 14th. Started my cycle on January 10th. So heavy. So many blood clots. It’s January 28th and I’m still bleeding heavy enough that I change my pad at least once during the day. I was already anemic before this because I had weight loss surgery. Now I’m really concerned. I’ve also noticed I’m extremely moody and I get mad very easily. This is ridiculous. Most articles I’ve read say it extends the cycle a day or two. Obviously not…every person I’ve spoken to it extended it days, weeks and some extended months. How is this shot affected our hormones? This is just scary. I regret getting the vaccine

    21. I am 31. I received my Covid booster (all Moderna shots) on December 17 2021. I had a very light period 2 weeks later, as was expected, but have not had a period since. I just received a sonogram today and they found cysts on both of my ovaries as well as several anechoic masses in my uterus… I’m having a hard time believing this issue is not related to my last Covid vaccine… I’ve never experienced these issues before. More people need to be talking about this! Today is 2/4/2022

      1. Oh my gosh I am in the same situation as you! My periods got so heavy I couldn’t even work. Tried birth control and that just made it come every 2 weeks. Got the merana and. Ow o have 2 large cysts on my ovaries. Working with my doctor but oh my this is finally making sense! So sorry all of these women are suffering but so glad I’m not crazy! Lol!

      2. I’m 36 and have a had a regular period always. Since getting my 2 off Pfizer doses my period has been off. They are late and light and I get pain for a few days before when usually it comes only on the day of. My breasts also have not gone done for months, they have been swollen and uncomfortable since the vaccine. A couple of days ago I ended up in hospital with intense pain I had no idea what was going on. I had had diarrhoea for 5 days and was dehydrated. They gave me IV fluid and pain relief. An ultrasound revealed I have a hemorrhagic cyst on my ovary. This was yesterday so I have yet to see my gp about treatment. Having this thing in my body that I can feel and that causes extreme discomfort is causing serious stress. I’m here, like all of you, trying to figure out what’s going on with my body. I’m so incredibly saddened by all these stories and quite frankly, I’m angry. I don’t want the booster shot anywhere near me but here in Australia it’s looking like if we want to live a normal life, we must have it. This is simply disgusting.

      3. As a doctor I can advise serial anti mullerian hormone levels over the following 6 to 12 months to monitor ovarian reserve . See BMJ rapid response comment September 21st 2021.

      4. When my wife got her vaccine I started seeing reports of women experiencing issues with their cycle so I paid attention and noticed she began experiencing nearly non-stop bleeding with heavy clotting. I mentioned to her it may be the vaccine but scoffed and said this has happened before. This however continued and about two months ago they did a sonogram and discovers cysts on her cervix and ovaries and the dr said something like they had never seen the lining so thick. I think she still doesn’t believe it’s anything to do with the vaccine though and there were no conspiracies with our government. But she’s seeing another specialist next week to find out what the next steps are. Most likely a hysterectomy. She’s 41 and we’ve had two kids.

    22. Hi I’m 39 I got 3 shots of the maderna the first one I got about 4 months ago and I have not had a period since I been reading all these women’s comments and all there periods got worse so why am I not having one at all before the shots I started on time every month but bleeding was always heavy n painful

    23. I am SO thankful I found this post to know I am not alone!! I am a healthy, 29YO female. I received my 3rd shot (Moderna) on 12/21/21. My 1st & 2nd Moderna shots were in March & April 2021. I tested positive for Covid on 1/3/22. My period started 1/8/22 and lasted 19 days until 1/26/22, especially first week was WILDLY heavy (unlike anything I’ve ever experienced) – bleeding through Ultra/Super tampons every 1-2hrs. My timing between my Jan and Feb periods was only 3 weeks (exactly 21 days) when it’s usually a full 30+ days in between. My second period of the year started 2/8/22, and as of writing this post on 3/1/22, I am still on it at day 14…. Before all this my periods were on average 6-7 days maximum!! I thought something was wrong with me in January since it went on so long – I got tons of ultrasounds and blood work done since it was so incredibly abnormal! I can’t believe this is actually a side effect we are dealing with.

    24. I am 52 years old and in peri menopause. I had not had a period in 4 years. After getting the the Pfizer and moderna vaccines I began sporadically spotting. 8 months after the vaccines I am now in a full menstruation cycle. Very alarming.

    25. I am 37. I got the vaccine in August 2021 and I have had a complete loss of my period as of January 2022. Can’t find answers as to why.

    26. I’m moderna shots on Jan and Feb 2021..experienced heavy, longer days and painful November and December my period starting to come back on regular periods that I have before..

    27. I have had an IUD for 2 years now, I had light periods with the IUD for the first year, they waned off and eventually disappeared. After getting the COVID vaccine, my periods came back like before I got the IUD. It’s been about a year and a half since I became fully vaccinated (2 shots), my periods started getting shorter again, still bleeding heavier though. I just got my booster Monday so we will see if it has an effect. I will say that the swollen glands in my arm pit and on the side of my boob are excruciating. Been 3 days of that, and it didnt happen with the first 2 shots.

      1. I’d be interested in hearing the outcome. My wife is probably going to get an IUD to stop the excessive bleeding she’s been experiencing. Reading what you posted though makes me a little less optimistic it will help. But I think the progression for my wife will be IUD -> Ablation -> hysterectomy

    28. I got the pfizer vax in nov because I didn’t want to get fired. 2 days later, had pain, swelling and lumps in my breast and arm pit. Had an ultrasound a few weeks ago, and it came back ok. Still have pain off and on.

      Period has been messed up ever since, bleeding every 18 days. So heavy now. Exhausted. Scary. Dr trying to sell me an endometrial ablative procedure but the complications are terrifying including death and hysterectomy.

      I wish my body would go back to what it was before.

    29. My period has and always have been monthly. Never did I miss any period until I got my booster shot of Moderna last March. The whole of March, I didn’t get any monthly cycle and thats the only time I didnt get it.

      But by end of April, I started bleeding heavily. Until now (June), I still have my period. It didnt stop. Ive been checked by an OB and found a polyp. It is really possible that this booster shot which I got on the 4th of March caused my polyp and my heavy cycle :(

    30. Same here. Had vaccines in Aug 2021, skipped Sept, and in Oct 2021 I had my first heavy period. I was soaking thru super tampons and super overnight pads double protection every 1 to 2 hrs have to change everything out. I have never used tampons before because my periods were always light. I am passing blood clots. I am now getting hemorrhagic ovarian cysts which are excruciatingly painful. My small fibroid has nearly doubled in size. This has been a NIGHTMARE!!!! 45 yr old

  2. I’m 18 and I’ve had PCOS my whole life but my cycles have always been pretty much on time and I’ve always been lucky not to be a bad cramped. . Ever since I got the vaccine my cycles have been either very late or very early, cramping, Basically just spotting some months while others very heavy (much more than ever before). The only thing in my life that changed was the vaccine. (Moderna)

    1. I am 49 and I was having my period when I received the 2nd dose and prior to receiving that 2nd I felt extremely ill from I assume my period. Since that 2nd dose in May my cycle is all over the place and a couple of times it has been just spotting, when normally it is very heavy day 1 and then lighter for days 2-4. It is definitely very different. I had Moderna. Happy to participate as well.

    2. I’m 17. I am mildly obese (BMI 31.2). I have been overweight throughout my teen years. My periods are normal, which lasts two to two and a half days only. Mine isn’t a turbulent one and has no official diagnosis of PCOS. I don’t experience period cramps. Ever since I got the first dose (Pfizer) on 25/06/21, my periods had been late by two months. I had my second dose(Pfizer) on 15/08/21. Around the 24th of September, I started having this blood-stained cervical mucus ( I normally get this before my periods) followed by light bleeding for 5 days that to me wasn’t bloody-like but kind of like blood dissolved in cervical mucus that was lighter in color. It was black red on the 3rd day and had almost filled one pad. Is this spotting or period? Also, my periods are due on October 24th and it aches around the region between my thighs and lower abdomen which I doubt is the ovulation pain. I’m anxious and worried.

      1. I am not an anti-vaxxer but genuinely speaking, I REGRET taking this vaccine. Certainly, I must say that these vaccines have worked well in most countries but as vaccine-makers, they should be responsible enough to let us know the aftermath of getting vaccinated against COVID-19 so that we may prepare ourselves mentally and physically prior to this process. Instead, this turned out to be an “out of the blue” situation, creating unnecessary anxiety among women, which indirectly affects our mental health. I suffer from what I think is OCD and dealing with it seems to be unmanageable to me with all that irrational fears running in my head and the “post covid vaccine symptoms” have worsened my condition so much that I’ve got no time to think about my studies but got plenty enough to think about what’s happening to my body. VACCINE-MAKERS………just give us an answer.

        1. I am 35 years old and always had regular periods: always on time, 5 days long, no cramps; never use heating pad or take pain medicine . Im on a generic form of the Nuva Ring for birth control. I got the first dose of Moderna on Oct 9th and on Oct 14 i was expecting my period but got severe cramping instead, I had to use heating pad and take Motrin around the clock. My period was 4 days late and only lasted 2 days. After my period was over, the pain continued, especially where the right ovary is located, so I went to the ER. For the first time, I have an ovarian cyst on my left ovary and possible ruptured cyst from the right ovary which caused an infection. I’m still having severe pain on the right side, headaches and fatigue. I also regret getting the first dose; I realize it could be a coincidence but I’m skeptical after everything that has occurred. Now I’m hesitant to get the second dose.

          1. I’m 47 and had the Moderna vaccine on 10/19/21. I’m currently 6 days in with my second menstrual cycle for the month. The first was before the vaccine on 10/4, which was my normal cycle. The second started on 10/26 with minor cramps, but heavy bleeding and clots. I have never experienced anything like what’s going on now and I’m nervous and apprehensive about receiving my second vaccine.

      2. Hi Hannah, I also got ovarian cyst on left ovary and very painful cramps. My period lasts only 2 days and cramps get worst after period stops. I went to er and they said it’s hemorrhagic cyst. It’s been 6 months since my last shot and I am still dealing with the painful cramps and cyst pain.

        1. Same. I felt intense cramping less than two months after my J&J (April 2021) and thought I could feel my body ovulating. It continued, and in October I started bleeding every two weeks. Found a cyst on my left ovary and put me on BC (started Dec 2021) and my cycle is still out of whack. Thankful for this study – this was one of my hesitancies with getting the vaccine in the first place but felt pressured by family to do so, and here I am. Please shed some light to this.

  3. Glad research will be done. Don’t like that the driving goal of NIH is to “reduce vaccine hesitancy” rather then simply making sure some negative or unintended effect isn’t really happening. Please take extra efforts to be eliminate biases! Too many past cases of women / children suffering bad effects of medical treatments… DES, Thalidomide, etc.

    1. Agree. That stood out to me as well. Maybe the Dr included that language to get her grant proposal fast-tracked…but there shouldn’t have to be an overarching health goal in order to care about women’s health.

      I’m 42, was vaccine hesitant for this very reason. Finally broke down and got the J&J on September 29th. Started my period today (10.4) over two weeks early. Also feeling some vertigo and have a headache right between my eyes this morning…overall feeling pretty freaked out.

      1. This discussion is so helpful. I also thought the doctor/researcher’s primary goal was (although obviously important) rather short-sighted. To me, this is a feminist issue. Women continue to be overlooked when it comes to understanding of their physiognomy and health, even though, on average, we live far longer than men. Alissa Vitti’s excellent book (In the Flo, p. 16, in particular, but the whole of the first chapter really) explains how we are still at the mercy of a patriarchal medical system in the west (ironic, or worse, given how many women doctors there are in the western world). This article does nothing to dispel that.
        I was hesitant about the vaccine to begin with, but then became convinced by a well-thought-out youtube video produced by a health authority here in The Netherlands, and discussions with friends I consider to be wise (not forceful). I am not an anti-vaxer, but I can sympathise with their worries about the covid vaccines.
        I had the Pfizer B vaccine (two doses). First dose, 7th October, no problem at all. Second dose, 28th October, first day of my period – absolute hell! I ticked all the boxes for “systemic side effects” within 12 hours of having the jab, then had severe chills and sweating overnight. I was up from 1 to 5 am with severe back pain (the kind you get with second phase contractions when you give birth – I’ve done that twice), then out of action all day today (29th October) with similar – I thought I had a bladder infection, but no so (after a test).
        I am 43, my periods have been regular since my late 20s (when I stopped using chemical birth control), and my flow is usually light on day 1, regular on days 2 and 3, then light again for a few days before dropping off. Today (2nd day of my period and 24 hours after Pfizer b jab 2, I have soaked through twice the number of padsI usually use and passed several huge clots. I also feel weak, shivery and very very tired. I know what is normal for me better than any doctor, and this is not it!
        I trust that continuing to follow Vitti’s good advice will help rebalance my body for its (no, her, since pronouns are now so crucial) next cycle, but we shall see.
        Big love to all of you going through this, and hopefully you can find doctors who will at least listen to your own wisdom about your own bodies.
        Hugs ladies!

  4. I thought I’d had a miscarriage. Obviously I was wrong, it was just a clot but I’ve never been pregnant, never had such heavy bleeding and never seen a clot like that. I’m 41. It started after the 2nd Moderna shot and hasn’t stopped, every cycle for 4 months now. No other health problems, before or since. I submitted a VAERS form.

    1. I had two miscarriages. The clots are like having a miscarriage and painful like it. Normally I can handle the pain. I am taking 600 mg of Ibuprofen to handle the pain. I only received one shot on 9/11 and it was the Pfizer.

      1. I had the P Fizer series back in April of 2021 and I have in the last month had so many digestive issues and I have passed clots bigger than my hand with this false or early period this month. It was 9 days early I track them in my Apple app. I am 38 I just turned which I have been having this issue now for about 4 weeks.

  5. “There was an urgency to it, the fact that this was getting so much attention. We were worried this was contributing to vaccine hesitancy in reproductive-age women,” They are more worried about vaccine hesitancy than the reproductive health of women. Can we expect this bias to shine through when the results will be published?

    1. Probably, but hope they will provide more information and facts about how the vaccine changes menstrual period clots, bleeding, length and pain.

  6. I received my 1st dose August 11th and noticed clotting during my menstrual which arrived on time that month. I didnt think anything of this. Having my 2nd dose of Moderna on 9/8 and now on 9/10 I began menstruating and my cycle was not scheduled for two more weeks in frustrating! Ii literally had my menstrual about 10 days ago! I am a healthy 35 yr old woman who does not regularly take medication nor have any health concerns. There have not been any changes in my eating or activity habits nor personal stressors that can contribute to such a change. Immediately I knew it was due to this vaccine and more people should be able to report this. Many articles I have read take this side effect as a joke.

  7. I’ve had the Moderna vaccine. It has changed my cycle. Growing up my cycle has never been regular and very heavy and painful. I had the NovaSure surgery, which eased up the heavy flow and some cramping. The Moderna vaccine has reversed what was done.

  8. I am a CRNA and hear all kinds of stories regarding how the Covid vaccine has changed women’s menstrual cycles. People have told me they have come out of menopause after receiving the vaccine. Apparently my 72 year old neighbor started her cycle again per her GYN. This is mind boggling. This is also the primary reason I have not been vaccinated nor will I let my daughters get vaccinated (ages 11 and 13). I can’t wait to see the results of your study! Thank you for paying attention to this very important subject!

    1. I am clear 60 and started mensurating a gain. What is going on here. It started after the 1st shot then again with the 2nd shot. Now again this morning. I don’t like this at all. I preferred not having to mensurate.
      These people are playing God and wrecking havoc with our bodies and then don’t want to take accountability

      1. I am 41 got my first dose of vaccine heavy periods in less then 7 days even after just finishing my cycle and vaccine is the only change no other issues. Called my GP who wouldn’t even listen to this concern and in return tell me unless I am fully vaccinated she won’t even do a pelvic exam on my as I am not allowed to come to the clinic.

          1. My daughter who is 9 years old, had her first dose on Nov.12. On Nov 22, she began her first menstrual cycle and is currently still menstruating lightly. She has had no menstrual pains or symptoms other than just bleeding.

    2. I got my first Pfizer shot 2 days ago , I’m 54 and did not have my period for the past 2 years , last night I woke up with severe cramping and started bleeding….. I’m definitely not going for a second jab , this is very serious and to see it played down or dismissed is just shocking . I hope that research will be done ….
      But I’m afraid the damage has been done ..

    3. I’m 46 no I didn’t get the shot I was going to wait it out since it hasn’t been tested. My husband received it and since then 3 months later I now have different periods and wondered why my periods use to be on time and would last 3 days 4 at the most with no real cramping but now the last 3 periods have been major pain In my ovaries I’m thinking that’s where it’s coming from very different. Very light coloured bleeding but clots as well and it last for days and days and I’m wondering if it’s from having sex now from my husband who has had his shot. My daughter has talked to her friends at school and they say their periods have changed since they had the shot and they are also having a lot of pain now. Anyway thanks everyone for sharing it helps a lot to know what other women are feeling and going through.

      1. Renae, that’s awful about young girls’ periods changing. What are we doing to our children? I hope their fertility and health are spared.

        My partner received Pfizer in late Dec 2020 and the second in mid-February 2021. Early on, I’d read reports of early vaccines causing “false positive HIV tests” in trial participants in Australia ( This prompted me to be very cautious when we were intimate, never exchanging fluids, since everything is so unknown. The presence of HIV antibodies indicates changes to the immune system that *could be* sexually transmitted. We do/did want to have children.

        After being intimate without barrier in April 2021, our combined fluids had coagulated even though I was mid-cycle. It was as though I developed a sudden yeast infection (it was not that!). Within 30 minutes, my abdomen started to ache: first central, then to the sides (uterus to ovaries?). Within a few days, my back/kidneys started to ache. (Kidney infections have made me privy to what that feels like.) I felt the very strange URGE to douche with ACV, and did. I also was bearing down for an entire week, as if to purge… even when I tried to squeeze things up, my body kept bearing down. Talk about awkward grocery shopping! The abdominal pain only lasted a couple of days; the aching kidneys about 5 weeks.

        Two weeks later… my cycle started. It was ALL clots with heavy cramping, and lasted about 9 days total, with the most clots during days 3-7. I chart my cycles, and they usually last 4-5 days, and are light-moderate-light. Panicked, I called my OB. In May, the ultrasound showed many large polyps had developed in my uterus. (My scan from Feb 2021 was completely normal.) “You’ll need surgery if you still want kids.” We scheduled the biopsy for one week later, and surgery beyond that. Interestingly, one polyp developed over the top of my cervix. I looked up info on them, and found that they sometimes develop in response to an assault, chemical, injury, etc…and it’s the body’s way of protecting itself. My body doesn’t want that stuff. :-(

        Fortunately, my acupuncturist gave me herbs appropriate for my pulse, and I combined them with frequent, beautiful, loving visualizations of healing: my body completely cleared it! When I went back a week later, my OB was shocked when there was nothing to see on the ultrasound! There wasn’t anything to biopsy, much less operate on.

        Background: my fertility and cycles are normal, regular, predictable, excepting travel, which sometimes throws me off. I monitor my health very closely. As a healthy, sexual, and active 41, never has ANY of that happened before. My OB of 20 years says that of all her patients, I’m more in tune with my body than anyone. My OB, DO (osteopath), and acupuncturist confirm others having similar experiences: unvx women experiencing changes to discharge/cycles/clotting and coming out of menopause, and vx women experiencing all of the same, plus a cessation of cycling all together. Health care professionals are seeing it, but when asked “What’s going on??” they reply, “We don’t know.” Something is shedding; based on the coagulation, the prime suspect is spike protein.

        1. Spotting

          My husband received his first vaccine in august- every month since then I have had light spotting between cycles. Severe ovarian pain, low back pain with each cycle.
          I had my hormone levels done at the OB and was told they are normal.
          He said he is seeing an increase in spotting and heavier cycles since the pandemic began and to wait it out that was in September. Every month since then it has progressed and I have another appointment scheduled next week hoping to get answers.

          1. Hi guys wanna share my exp in here.

            Febraury 17 is the start of my period I had my lower back pain and I haf severe cramping. The day after this which is Feb 18 (2nd day of my period),I received my booster shot. I got Pfizer booster vaccine and after all including 1st and 2nd dose of Sinovac I didn’t experienced of any pain, what I mean abt it is just I didn’t get sick or it won’t affect me at all. But, it was strange that after my booster shot, my menstruation has stopped, instead of 5days menstruation it became only 3days. Idk why am I not bothered at all, I just like the way that my menstruation is not heavy, and it stops earlier.
            Anyways, just also want u to know that I have my history of vaccination on December last year for my Human Anti-Rabbies Vaxx, and it was less than 6months when I received my booster shot since the day I got my 2nd dose.

        2. I have been having these same thoughts. No one in my household is vaccinated, but we had some company over shortly after receiving their booster shot. Within a day or two I started passing large clots for longer than my normal cycle and now I’m 2.5 weeks late for my next cycle. This is so maddening. I’m 32, this has never happened before. The same thing happened to my sister after her husband had the J&J vax. I’m so sick of all the lies. And if I question it because it’s obviously causing something to happen to our fertility I get labeled as a conspiracy theorist. When is this going to be officially acknowledged? And for whoever said we all have a choice, kids 5 and up don’t have a choice.

        3. I respect all the stories here.
          And… Readers ought to know that there is a wild amount of misinformation in this post, in the false conclusions drawn from the experience.
          I don’t know where to begin in explaining but it worries me to see such incorrect conclusions causing fear.

  9. Prior to the vaccine, I was happy that my periods were getting lighter and lighter and fewer days in total. Now that I have had both shots it seems my periods are much more heavier than they used to be. This is the second cycle since the vaccination experiencing these heavier periods.

  10. Iam 39 years old. My periods used to be very regular. Exactly 28 days. After Moderna vaccine, my periods have become irregular and getting 1 week to 5 days earlier.

  11. After my second dose my cycle has been off. I have had a period since July 11,2021. I went the doctor who put me on birth control which has not helped. I have a light period with some cramps. I just want to know when will this stop.

  12. I am having severe cramps and much heavier periods since vaccine to a point I cant go anywhere during first few days and plan on going to see a doctor since it’s been more than 3 months since 2nd shot now. I also see a lot of clots being passed and period is so heavy I have to change Super tampon every 2 hours first 2 days and also wear tampon under and cant do much 2 days with loss of blood and fatigue.
    I plan on going to see a doctor and get ultrasound done, I have never been pregnant and my period has been regular had bad cramps before but this is severe bleeding and clots.

  13. Hi, I have irregular periods. I got the Moderna vaccine on August 30th & the 2nd dose Sept 2nd. I got my period very bad & painful right now on Sept 12th. Usually my periods are spiradic & random but now this is my 2nd period in one month & more painful then ever. Usually I get good period & then next painful excruciating period. Now they’re all bad & painful. I’ve never had 2 in one month before. They’ve only been random like for example 1 in Aug then 1 in Oct. so yes irregular & random. But these are so painful it’s uncomfortable & miserable and I’m crying. Also Im a trans man so you see why this is more overwhelming & painful to experience ;0(

  14. I am glad someone is finally looking into this. A lot of people were told that if they did not take the vaccine they could not attend classes or go to work. Institutions without knowing how the vaccine affects women decided that their bodies and fertility do not matter. I would go further to say that the reward outweighed the risk when implementing these decisions mostly because the risks are seriously understudied.

  15. A lot of misinformation in the comments. The vaccine always makes things better, and I am sure this study will support this fundamental truth once all the data are collected and properly analyzed. If not, how about, it would be much worse if you got Covid without the vaccine. There is always a positive answer if you need to find one.

    1. Are you crazy??? You probably high on something or never experienced what every woman in this forum experienced. I also experienced what they called breakthrough bleeding/uterus bleeding and huge clots, sharp abdominal pain (I felt like my uterus was about to expel out of my body, that’s how painful was) and diarrhea, with the first dose of Pfizer. I reported directly to Pfizer and they never responded. Unfortunately, and is in the history around the world that women matters are not important, or just delusional. Example: Tampax and their supper tampon/Toxic shock syndrome. It took many years and a lot of courage women to put Tampax on blast, until they recognized their product was dangerous, and it was FDA approved. I recommend and encourage every woman in this forum not to only give your information to the NHI but report this, first to the provider who gave you the vaccine, then VAERS, and Pfizer. They need to do something about this and if they want to stop hesitance, be serious do studies and improve Moderna and Pfizer. I still not taking the second dose because there was a case of a woman that had Pfizer second dose and bleed so much that her hemoglobin went down to the point that she needed Iron pills, and also hormone treatment, a woman that had regular periods and never an issue.

      1. I am this woman too!! I am having serious problems with heavy bleeding after Pfizer…2 periods in a month, more than 15 days each period and drop my hemoglobin, ferritin, I am in ferrous sulfate pills because I got an anemia.. my life is a completely hell.

    2. What missinformation are you talking about??!!! Women are telling their experiences after having been vaccinated. Experiences are not missinformation. For women who are trying to conceive and are now having issues with their cycle, you better believe they are concerned!! I’m 45, not looking to conceive, but I came to this page because I was curious if other women were experiencing the same thing I was. Heavier bleeding, more painful cramps, shorter cycles, much worse bloating are all REAL symptoms I have been experiencing since having the vaccine. I’m glad I received the vaccine, but more knowledge on what vaccines do to the body is important to know.

    3. Are you one of those scientists that is behind this? Or are you profiting from vaccines or something? We are here telling our experience and here you come trying to dismantle what we are saying.

      1. I ended up here searching for answers just like you ladies!! I’m 33.. I got moderna vaccine on 12-1-21 started my normal cycle that day before the shot, my periods usually last 6 days but here I am 4 days later cramping and spotting. After reading about your experiences I will NOT be getting the second dose nor will my children be getting this vaccine any time soon until more time has been given for proper studies. This is just ridiculous all I wanted was to further my career, this is what happens when things are pushed too fast. Under an emergency this all should of been by choice but the fact is if you wanted to keep your job or stay in a certain college it was either get vaccinated or get moving way to go ‘Merica complete bull! But in this nation if we aren’t on the top with the cash flow we’re nothing anyways.

        1. After 2nd vaccine my period completely stopped for 3 months now I got my period from last 2 months with clots and it’s not stopping

    4. Miscommunications in truth? You think these women are lying? I’m over here trying to find answers why my flow is so incredibly heavy and out of the ordinary. Mostly, I came to see if anyone else is having crazy hot flashes… something I now experience after getting vaccinated almost 3 weeks ago. These women are scared. I am scared. How dare you question someone’s symptoms. You are exactly what’s wrong with this world. God forbid anyone speak up and try to understand what is happening to their bodies when you know this isn’t right.

      1. Since I was 14 until now I’m 36 I have always been suffering my premenstrual syndome which include vomiting and headache. I had my J&J vaccination last July. As usual for me sometimes i had earlier or later mens but at least never missed. Heavy flow sometimes with clots is also common to me. But what is totally unusual to me are the lower back and abdominal pains starting before my period and very much painful when the bleeding starts that i need pain relievers and heating pads. Meanwhile i am having my fourth menses after my vaccine and still suffering pain.. I wish these are just temporary side effects.

      1. Im 42 and have always had regular cycles that last 4-5 days. After my first Moderna shot I skipped 3 months of my cycle.. Then my period came back extremely heavy, golfball size clots. I dont have the large clots anymore but my periods have become extremely heavy and last for 2 weeks. I am changing my tampon every hour. This has been going on for about 6 months now. Im sick of it and wished i had never gotten the vaccine.

        1. Same exact thing happened to me. I missed 3 months of having a men’s real cycle after getting the j&j then I had a very heavy period with clots. I have always been very regular. I WILL NOT allow my teenage daughter to get any of these vaccines.

          1. Hi, Can any one please answer me ladies who missed their perid what’s the situation right now? Is anybody got there period back? Iam in the same situation very upset.

    5. Well, I had COVID in January 2021 and was sick with fever, chills and aches for a little over a week. I got the J n J vaccine 3 weeks ago and now at the age of 69 am having severe cramps and bleeding. Please don’t assume to know which is better or how we all should feel.

    6. i believe you are incorrect about the misinformation, women are reporting real time issues here and you are calling it mis information. you appear to be part of the problem.

    7. OK EK, please let me know which means better for me. I am 44. My menstrual period was completely regular and clockwise. My last period started on 30 Sep., then I got the vaccine on 16 Oct., and I have never seen any menstrual period again. If I lost my fertility who is responsible? EK are you a woman? If you are a woman and talking in this way, means there is another target you are looking for.
      The truth is: my menstrual cycle was stopped right after the first dose and I am suffering from constant pain and cramping in ovals without any bleeding. I have constant nausea!! these are my new truth…

      1. I’m in the same situation. Got the vaccine in late May 2021, had one normal period in June, then everything went haywire and didn’t have a period for 77 days. When I did have another period it was mostly tissue. Went to my doctor and had an ultrasound showing a very thick endometrium. Had a very heavy period twice in October then skipped a month and had another heavy period in late December. My periods are now heavy and painful and I never had this problem before. Up until the vaccine, my periods were light, minimal cramping and around two days in length. I’m also having pain in my ovaries, uterus and other areas of pelvis. I never had any issues with any of this before getting the vaccine. It clearly has impacted my health and it hasn’t gone away. I’ve been to the gynecologist three times in the last four months and he doesn’t know what is going on. Have another appointment coming up in two weeks. I’m so worried the vaccine has permanently damaged my ovaries

    8. Misinformation in the comments? You say, “the vaccine always makes things better” and “it would be much worse if you got covid without the vaccine. ”
      I believe the issues suffered by the women here are at odds w statement #1. And I can speak to that second statement. After much research my family decided not to take the covid vaccine. I had covid last year, as did my entire family. My husband was exposed at work by a vaccinated workmate. We had mild cases, quarantined and recovered at home. We have all been absolutely fine since that time. My periods are normal, fine, no issues. Nothing like the women I’m reading comments from here who are suffering and hoping for help and answers. I feel for all of you having to go through this.
      I’m here trying to find answers for a friend whose teenage daughter is having pain and bleeding issues after being vaxxed and boosted. She had absolutely no type of issues before the vaccine. There is not a lot of info out there, most of the articles I see on this topic of womens health following this particular vaccine are denying there are even any problems. I’m just helping her to scour the internet, looking to see if I can find anything that might be an answer or provide her w some kind of direction. Her physician has no answers. Clearly she is not alone.
      BTW. My dear friend and her entire vaxxed & boosted family all had covid in January, in addition to what her daughter has been suffering in common w many of the women here. Best wishes to all of you women! Hang in there, some might try to dismiss you. I believe your accounts of your own health issues and hope that they are only temporary and resolve fully and quickly!

  16. I am 32, I got my first dose of Pfizer September 2nd,2021. My cycle was normally 28 days. My period came on day 33, heavier than usual, with lots of clots and the blood has been dark red the entire time. I get my period every month and on time before the shot. Now, I am on day 5 and the flow is as of I am on day 2 of the cycle. Which is odd because on day 5 there’s usually nothing or a small amount.

    1. I received the Moderna shot and was due to have my period a week later. I got it 4 days early. I am a 36 year old woman who has a very regular and consistent 28 day cycle. After the vaccine it was slightly heavier and longer than usual. This month my period was a whole week early.

  17. I got the modena vaccine and had a very late period, same with my twin sister. It’s a bit of a shame that this wasn’t studied as a possible side effect to the vaccine and women were not aware ahead of time. Many of us hate our periods but it’s very much tied to our health as women so its concerning when things like this happen.

  18. I have had an IUD for 7+ years so very rarely do I even get my period at this point. After my two shots (Pfizer), I spotted a little more than normal but nothing since. My two girls (18 and 16) were a little off cycle after the shot but seem to be back on track. They had cramping before the shot and have it after so hard to know if the vaccine affected them in that regard.

    1. I have the Mirena IUD (with hormones) and prior to getting the Pfizer vaccine I had little to no spotting occasionally. Since getting vaccinated in April, I’ve been having a much heavier cycle. Not great, but also better than having Covid.

  19. I had never heard of this, but thinking back on my own experience I wonder if there is a link. I have always had PCOS and when not on birth control might get my period once or twice in a year. I had to go to an infertility specialist to conceive my daughter using letrozole. I gave birth in October 2020 and was vaccinated in April 2021. The next month my period returned and while the cycle length can vary by up to 6 days it has come every month. I figured it had to do with hormones changing after having a baby and never considered a link to the vaccine, but will be interested to see what this study finds.

    1. I am a 36 year old women with PCOS and never have had a period unless prompted with Provera, birth control, etc. I didn’t even know what ovulating felt like as I cannot recall it ever happening in my lifetime. I could go years without a period. A few months ago, I came off of birth control pills in order to prepare to plan a pregnancy. After my second vaccine, I ovulated (I thought I was pregnant because I had entirely foreign-to-me symptoms, but I had not had intercourse in months so I know I couldn’t be) and 2 weeks later I had a real, unprompted-by-hormones period. I’m wondering if the vaccine was somehow able to lower my testosterone enough to make ovulation possible.

      I mentioned this to my gynecologist and she said many of her patients had described similar anomalies (at the very least early/late/frequent/etc periods following covid vaccination.


  20. I’m glad that research is being done on this and that the anecdotal evidence of thousands (millions?) of women is not being ignored or glossed over (as it was in BUs webinar on vaccines in the spring). However, like others, I am concerned that the evident bias shown at the outset of this research will impact the outcome. Really hoping that is not the case and that the actual truth of whether or not these vaccines impact women’s reproductive health is the ultimate goal of conducting this research, not just reducing vaccine hesitancy.

  21. I’m glad to see this issue being studied and agree that menstrual health and the well-being of people who menstruate has been seriously neglected. I was also glad to see that Diana Bianchi of the NIH, quoted here, used “people who menstruate” phrasing when discussing this research. However, I was disappointed that BU Today did not follow her lead, despite today’s publication of the POV pointing out the importance of using gender-inclusive language in coverage of abortion rights. The same people who have a uterus and can become pregnant also menstruate. These include many but not all cisgender women, some intersex people, some gender non-binary people, and some trans men. In 2021, we simply cannot assume that knowing someone’s gender identity tells us what bodily organs they possess, or that knowing what organs someone has is sufficient to accurately know their gender.
    To the reporters and editors of BU Today, I believe you can do better than this. Our university community includes increasing numbers of people who are linguistically erased and excluded by the cis-normative, gender-binary framing of socially and medically important issues — despite the fact that these issues pertain directly to their bodies. Institutionally and through the hard work of many faculty, staff, and students, BU is making large efforts, investments, and progress to become more inclusive. Please help us.

    1. Karen, thank you for your comment and submitting this powerful, I am glad we were able to publish it, and welcome more ideas and pieces like this to further this discussion. Doug Most

  22. I thought that the official narrative was that the vaccines were safe, even for pregnant women? Oh yea, they have no evidence for its effect on fertility.

  23. Uh are these comments generated by robots? Most of them have glaring grammatical issues I wouldn’t expect from actual people. Also everyone-the vaccine is fine.

    1. Just because problems aren’t effecting you, doesn’t mean they don’t exist. I’m 43 and have PCOS along with all the symptoms that come with it. It has been under control through birth control and spironolactone for 16 years. After my second shot, I noticed my skin became very oily and I started getting cystic acne again. Then came the hair loss and facial hair. I do not miss pills and had breakthrough bleeding and a period that was exactly the same as the ones I had before I started taking birth control pills. It’s been five months since my second shot and things are not evening out. The birth control pill and spironolactone are no longer controlling my PCOS and there is nothing I can do about it. For some of us, it’s more than a heavy, late period one month. Your words are insulting at best and deceiving at worst.

  24. My 12yo received her first dose of the Pfizer vaccine and had spotting the same day. She had only had one episode of spotting 8 months previous. We mentioned it at her well child visit in August but her doctor didn’t know of any connection.

      1. I daughter is 16 years old. She did not get her period for the last 7 months. I just realized that after her pfizer vaccine she did not get her periods. I visited doctors office also . At that time i did not know this is happening after vaccine short. I should i do. Please suggest. Where should i compliant and who will resolve the problem.

  25. I am perimenopausal and my cycles have become very long. I had a normal period the month before my first dose of Pfizer and it had been 126 days since my last one. After getting the first dose I had a very heavy period with large clots 21 days after the start of the one prior.

  26. Pfizer dose 1 was received 3/18 and my cycle was due any day. It ended up being 4-5 days later than normal. Dose 2 was 4/8 and I didn’t have another cycle until May 14th skipping April all together but a little earlier than what I would have expected in May. I think the timing issue is real, but I haven’t experienced long-term effects on my cycle. I would make the same decision to receive the vaccine as early as I was allowed over and over. I’m so grateful to the science community.

    1. I had Phizer vac Dec2020 and Jan2021. My cycles were 100% clockwork and tracked. I have yet to have my cycles return since I received vaccine. I absolutely think the vaccine has contributed to my missing cycle. I have visited my Dr and had every lab hormone/ultrasound/biopsy done and there are no answers for this change over night!!

  27. By the 2nd day of my first Pfizer shot I got my period 2 weeks early. More painful and heavier than usual. I let my doctor know right away, but she said it had nothing to do with the vaccine. I got my second shot 4 weeks after and exactly the same thing happened. And now I’m having irregular bleeding in between periods. I really hope there’s nothing more to it than a normal immune system response to the vaccine. Anyways I think it took them to long to take this seriously and try to find out what’s really happening.

  28. 25 years old with no prior health concerns. 28 day regular cycle. My cycle has been 18-22 days since my second COVID shot 6 months ago. I’ve experienced heart palpitations and extremely painful and very oddly short periods. No one will listen to me or help me. I’ve been told it’s just anxiety over and over again and it’s horrible. Doing everything I can to help my body heal.

    I would love to participate in this study. Please connect me.

  29. I am 31 and got my second vaccine yesterday and woke up the next morning to spotting and cramping. I have the nexplanon implant and don’t usually get a period or experience any cramping. There is no mistaking that my menstrual cycle was affected by the vaccine.

  30. I would be curious if any of these women had the actual virus prior to receiving the vaccine. Wondering if the link is with the virus??? I have not been vaccinated yet, but am 99% sure I have COVID in February 2020. I’m 42 years old and for the first time in my life had an abnormal period that lasted 22 days, stopped for 8 days, then started again for 9 days with excruciating pain and excessive bleeding with half dollar sized clots or more. I had a checkup and they determined my uterus to be enlarged and ordered an ultrasound. The ultrasound and Pap smear, both came back clear. I would also be willing to participate in this study.

    1. I had Covid early August and getting Pfizer this weekend. With the Covid itself I had a much heavier and longer period. I’m always irregular and have PMDD but this period was definitely different. The next period I had this month was “normal” for me. I am ok with getting Pfizer at this point (I’m a nurse ) but wonder if will affect period again.

    2. I had Covid. Age 50 as of June, periods were always regular. I tested positive for Covid late July. Its been 90 over days since i had a libido and a cycle. Very depressing, waiting to hear back from GP and OB/GYN before i take vaccine, SMH

    3. I have had covid and it had no affect on my cycle at all. My cycle was however changed when I company over that had just received their booster shot. I started having large clots, now I am 2.5 weeks late for my next cycle with no signs of it coming anytime soon. They said this vaccine doesn’t shed. They lied. Same thing happen to my sister after her husband got vaccinated.

  31. I received the Moderna in March of this year. I had no idea about the effects of the vaccine on menstrual cycles- but I now join many of you who have experienced changes. My cycle has not been as consistent- coming a day of two earlier or later than expected. I also haven’t had cramps since I was 14 years old. I am now 44 years old and have experienced cramping. I am praying that this is temporary and not indicative of future issues with this vaccine because my daughters (13 and 18) were vaccinated earlier this month. Frightening to say the least- but what is even more frightening is the thought of them being taken out by COVID.

  32. I’m 43 and I had Moderna vaccine in May and my cycle has been heavier and painful. I didn’t have cramps prior to the vaccine. My daughter is 13 and has complained about the pain as well. She had the Pfizer vaccine. I am interested in the study.

  33. I am 48 and just had my first dose of Pfizer vaccine two days ago on 9/12/21. On 9/13 I woke up in the middle of the night gushing blood. Not to be graphic but it was so bad you would have thought someone was seriously injured. I have been bleeding so heavy, having large blood clots, and having to change a super plus tampon every 30 minutes. This is not normal for me at all. I have terrible cramps and feel exhausted. I had no idea that this was a side effect or possible side effect of the vaccine. This needs to be talked about. More women need to know that this could happen to them. I was forced to get this vaccine or lose my job. I was concerned that this vaccine was distributed too soon to the public to be safe. Women need to know what they are signing up for!

    1. I’m with you! I will be part of the new mandate and lose my job as well if I don’t get the vaccine, unless my state is able to block the mandate. It’s honestly stressing me out to hear women are having these issues, because I’m currently experiencing these issues (abnormal heavy bleeding, extremely large clots and severe pain for extended period of time) without having received the vaccine.

      1. Me too!!! That’s why I came on this site. This vaccine sheds. I had company over that had just received their booster within a few days I started passing large clots, and now I’m 2.5 weeks late with no period in sight.

  34. I received J&J in April and my periods have always been relatively light. I never had COVID that I was aware of. The cycle remains the same every 27 days but I have noticed I’m getting more and more severe cramps. This last one I am going through now literally has my stomach completely bloated and I’m holding my stomach in pain. I can’t sleep because it’s so uncomfortable and Tylenol does not help much. I had no idea the vaccine could do this until I did a search and found this article.

  35. I am 36yrs old. Very regular periods lasting 5-7 days for years. After first dose of Pfizer on Aug. 31st I noticed spotting same day and I wasn’t due for my menstrual cycle until the second week of September. Next day after vaccine I started bleeding very heavily and passing blood clots ever since. That makes it 15 days now and doesn’t seem to be getting any lighter. I have horrible cramps and horrible headaches. I feel tired and weak all day long. My second vaccine is due September 28 which I’m definitely not getting. I’m afraid it might make my bleeding worse or extend it even longer. I so regret even getting the first dose.

  36. I had my second dose of Moderna in April. I’m 31 and have a Mirena IUD, which has kept my periods so light I didn’t even notice them. In the past few months my body has reverted back to pre-IUD days. I had to start buying tampons again, I have cramping again, I have multiple days of symptoms. I thought maybe my IUD shifted or something, but now I realize it lines up perfectly with the vaccine. I cannot imagine the burden of this for women who already had heavy or difficult periods.

  37. My period is very heavy, clots, very painful cramps and leg pains for the first three days. This was my first period after the second dose (moderna). I am 53 with normal periods without pain before the shot. Something is different for sure.

    1. I am also 53 and have had regular periods since I was 12. I am “fully vaccinated” and the craziness with my cycle started after the first shot and continued for 6 months. 21 day periods (my usual is 5 days), the heavy bleeding with massive clots that others are reporting, missed periods. I just had my first normal (though a little longer) cycle after 6 months. I did a VAERS report but have no idea where to find any VAERS statistics that mention menstrual cycle problems. I’m frustrated with our stories being “anecdotal” and hearing about how the stress of the pandemic caused it, etc. I’m not worried about my fertility, but the fact that this obviously affected my monthly cycle AND is continually swept under the rug is frustrating. It honestly feels like since it doesn’t fit the current narrative of “no critical thinking,” our concerns have been largely ignored.

  38. I had the first dose of Moderna about 26 days ago, I’m 44. I have had regular clockwork periods since I was 13. 3 days of heavy. 2 days of light. 5 days total, all my life. Now, this past period after my first dose, I bleed heavy for 4 days, then light for 2, and spotting light blood now, for 10 days! I am concerned. But what do I do?? Not sure, and I’m due for my next covid shot in a few days :(

  39. Wow I can’t believe this is a huge issue and there is barely any news regarding women’s cycles being affected. Thank you BU for publishing this and following the research! I am 28 from Canada and received both shots of Pfizer vaccine last one Aug 8. I was diagnosed pcos in my early 20’s and been battling irregular periods most of my life but being off BC since I was 22. Been fairly consistent with the odd cycle maybe lasting 3 weeks if I skipped a month. Since having my second dose (I was mid cycle at the time) I had heavier flow for the next week which started slowing then had spotting for a couple days but thought not much of it. Then out of no where had heavy bleeding the next week and hasn’t stopped bleeding since. Flow has levelled out but have been going for about 8 weeks now total cycle. You bet I am doing a crazy amount of research. Would hate to have anyone else go through this and would have most definitely thought twice if the vaccine had more research based on women’s health.

  40. My closest friend of 56 years old have not had her menstruation since the last four years ( menopause). A month after the second dose of Moderna, she started bleeding for 3 weeks now. Before the vaccines she was healthy no problems. She has to go to the the hospital because the bleeding was too strong. Doctors are doing a series of tests but they have never mentionned a potential adverse effect of the vaccine.

  41. I’m 47 and my period has been regular my entire life. So much so that I got pregnant on the first try both times. After I was vaccinated with Moderna, I had two periods in one month, the next month was longer and heavier, then I was 2 weeks late. My periods are all over the place. I’m convinced it was the vaccine. This should have come out in the studies and it’s frustrating that this wasn’t studied and listed as a side effect. How is this missed; seems very prevalent.

  42. I am 42, always been very regular. I have not taken the jab and yet I’m experiencing the same things vaccinated women are sharing. So are others I’ve spoken to. There is obviously something to all this, yet the articles I read claim we all must be stressed and simply need to take better care of ourselves through diet, exercise, etc. Maddening. I hope their research brings about Truth, but I don’t have much faith in it.

    1. I had my second Pfizer vaccine in May. Ever since that my cycles are off. I’ve had normal cycles for years. This current cycle is so weird. It’s been a week of weird spotting…..tmi but it’s like the end of a cycle and then followed by some heavier bleeding and then back to the weird end of cycle stuff. I’m convinced that this is due to the vaccine as this has never happened before. I’m glad there are studies going on with the vaccine. Ive also experienced other side effects that I’m hoping are just short term. I don’t want to take Zyrtec daily until I die.

  43. I’m glad BU is finally opening up to an alternate discussion on vaccines, not just the ‘safe and effective’ rhetoric that glosses over these things.

    It deeply saddens me to see so many people commenting that they wish they had known this was a possible side-effect BEFORE getting the vaccine, because of course – of course! – they should have been able to know this, but over recent years (and especially over recent months) anything that dares to question the safety or efficacy of vaccines is simply labeled as “misinformation”, and is taken down/censored, ridiculed, or the authors/researchers are discredited as people who are simply looking to make money from their articles and events (yet ironically, no-one ever comments on how big pharma also have a very obvious financial incentive to push the vaccine narrative). Everyone should have a right to know what will happen to them if they opt for this vaccine or any other.

    So my plea to anyone who might read this is this: let’s open up conversation about these issues. Let’s allow for viewpoints that contradict the mainstream, because that’s how discoveries and advances are made. Let’s not ridicule those who choose not to get a vaccine, but rather, listen to what their concerns are. Let’s be open to learning from one another.

    There’s enough division in the world. In 2020 we were “all in this together”, but 2021 has been about tearing each other apart for believing in different things. People are allowed to have different perspectives. Let’s try and embrace that and create a more positive culture around these differences, rather than engage in the shaming, ridicule and blame that has prevailed lately.

    1. I don’t disagree with anything you’ve stated, but also research the effects of getting covid-19. There are studies being done on fertility, menstruation, etc. Based on my research, i feel more comfortable being vaccinated. Glad this study is being done also!

  44. I’m 39 and have had periods like clockwork all my life until recently. Two months after taking the second dose of covid vaccine, my periods are totally out of whack!! My periods usually last 4-5 days but this time around, I only had them for two days. Then they stopped but I’m feeling period-like cramps ALL THE TIME!

    Another thing that has totally freaked me out is the pain in my right breast and armpit. I have a few fibroadenomas in my right breast that have suddenly started hurting a lot. I have scheduled an ultrasound mammogram for next week. To say the last few weeks have been stressful is an understatement. Someone needs to give us answers!!!

    1. Did you get the shot in your right arm?

      Because I got it in my left and have had deep pain in my left breast and armpit ever since (got it less than a week ago, though)

      Also have had leg cramps, shortness of breath. Today I woke up and started my period…over two weeks early. Last one ended just a couple days before I got the vaccine. I also have a headache and blurry vision this morning.

    1. Absolutely! Then we find out that we are in fact in a massive, global trial. I have not had the vaccine, but my best friend did. She received the vaccine. Following that day, she felt ill and so I went to be with her and to comfort her. A huge mistake, on my part. I ended up having a week of heart palpitations, racing heart rate, headache, chills, fatigue… and ever since, I have had the worst periods of my life. My last period, I thought I might die. There is something going on here, nothing feels right

  45. I’m 47 no family history with any female issues. I never had bad or irregular periods. I never had real bad cramping or large clots with my periods. I had 4 normal pregnancies and PAP tests with zero issues. I received the Pfizer shots and now having all on these issues now. Had to cancel my PAP test 2 times. When I finally got it done. My Dr. looked at me with fear and seemed to be afraid to do my PAP. Stated I was completely inflamed. I had a health heart scan a month before covid that came back great but I also now having chest pressure and pains after the vaccine. I have to go get a ultrasound and blood work for my pelvic to see whats going on. Then see a heart Dr. to check me. I am outraged they are mandating this for everyone. I work in a hospital and my own bosses don’t care about my health. The town hall meeting we had they don’t want to hear it. I also learned that many others are having the same health issues and our hospital whats us to just be quiet. Now my boss questioned me why I went to the meeting and told me I need to watch what I say. I feel my job could be in danger. I no longer have faith in the hospital I work at because they also stated they are only using Remdisivir and no Dr’s are allowed to give any patient anything else for covid. Doing research on that med. and found out it causes kidney failure and more. It even was taken out of a study because of deaths. We need to start researching and not just take what anyone says. I found Dr Bryan Ardis on Rumble very interesting and also Jesse Ventura in 2009 interviewed a Scientist that stated all this will happen.

  46. I just turned 50. My period stopped after the second dose on May 11th. Last period was after the first dose.
    The last cycle was on May 6th. No sign since then.
    I first thought, it was a early onset of menopause but my
    Hormone tests show that I am not peri menopausal.
    Then I read this. It could be because of the vaccine.
    I took Pfizer.

  47. So I don’t know if this will help anyone.
    I actually had the total opposite experience.

    I was on my.period and got the 1st covid vaccine, Pfizer.

    28 days later, 8 day long period, but usually I get such bad cramps. This time around no cramping or tenderness at all, I was even shocked I was on my period.

    Only abnormality for me was the increased length from 4 to 8 days.
    But symptoms wise, it was a pleasant surprise.

  48. I am 28 year old, work as an attorney. I have been getting very erratic periods every 15 days since 4 months after I took the second dose of vaccine. I would like to get updates on this study.

    1. I am 44. My menstrual period was completely regular and clockwise. My last period started on 30 Sep., then I got the vaccine on 16 Oct., and I have never seen any menstrual period again.
      I have constant nausea, cramping and pain in ovals. Doctors said because of hormona!! no one is responsible. Before mandatory for vaccination, at least, they should have put Menstrual Effects under the side-effects!! but there is nothing even now…

  49. I am a 42 year old nurse. For 28 years I have had light, short (3day), very regular periods with minimal cramping. Three months ago, 2 days after my first Moderna vaccine I got an enexpected period that I was not due to get for another week. This was the worst period I have ever experienced in my life. Heavy bleeding, heavy clotting, debilitating cramps, lasting about 10 days. Every month since has been the same. I lose so much blood that I get dizzy very easily. I am passing very large clots along with large pieces fleshy tissue. The blood has a much different smell then ever before.

    In the last 6 weeks I have also grown a large fibrous (benign) cyst like mass in my breast, accompanied by severe breast pain.

    I have an abdominal ultrasound to rule out uterine fibroids or polyps.

    This situation has caused me great confusion and worry. I don’t talk about it to anyone in the fear that I will be labeled a conspiracy theorist. There are no answers at this point. I hope that enough of us reach out with our story to inspire an unbiased controlled research study that will provide real answers.

    1. I am also 42 and have a similar cycle to you. I’ve always enjoyed the fact that my periods are so short. 3 days!!!

      Day One is medium, Day Two is heavy (and if I’m going to get any cramping or other symptoms, it happens mostly on Day Two), Day Three is barely there. Been this way since I started at 11.

      I also track my period on my phone and am incredibly regular every 21-22 days. Don’t mind the shorter cycle sonde I also have shorter periods.

      Woke up today (10/4) and realized I started my period out of nowhere. Last day of last period was 10/28, had the J&J vaccine 10/29. Not predicted to have period until 10/19 to 10/21 so I’m over 2 weeks early.

      I’m also having a headache right between my eyes and slightly blurred vision.

      I do hope we get some answers on this…and that o go back to my regular cycle soon.

  50. Just received my first pfizer shot yesterday on September 22, 2001. I am 36 years old and the next day my period showed up. Not sure if its related to the covid shot or anything. Since I haven’t kept track of last months menstruation however it feels as though it has arrived earlier than expected. Is this normal?

  51. I had my first period when I was 12. I just turned 50. Aside from the 2 times I was pregnant, my period has always been regular: 28 day cycle with first day light, second and third day heavy, and fourth and fifth day tapering off.

    I got my first dose of Moderna on the second day of my period (September 12). My period stopped for a full 24 hours then I started spotting. I spotted up until yesterday (September 23rd) when it started to resemble a normal second day and now my period is VERY heavy with some clotting. No real impact that I have noticed in regards to cramping. Also, not period related but started to develop rash on arm (what they are now labeling COVID arm, as of the 22nd of September).
    Needless to say, I have some apprehension about what the second dose might do.

  52. Hi I’m 28.. mom of 4 beautiful kiddos.. I’ve been on the 3month injection for a year and since my first Pfizer covid shot (about 30+- days ago), I’d been having period pains. Today for the first time since I’ve started the 3month injection, I got my period… Heavy painful and very uncomfortable… I’m due for my next jab in October.

    Also I had my vaccine done a week before I went for my contraceptive injection… Did it knock my contraceptive injection out?? I’m extremely worried about this…

  53. I just had my second Pfizer shot and two week later, I started my period 5 days earlier (not concerning) and pain like I have never felt in my life. Doubled over, took 6 advil and 4 Extra Strength Tylenol before it would help. The flow is heavier as well, but the pain, OMG I sure hope it is not going to be like this every month. My normal period pain is “uncomfortable” day 1 or 2 but manageable with a couple of OTC’s. This is next level. I have heard stories of others that have already been through menopause suddenly starting their periods again after the vaccine. This cannot be JUST a coincidence. I sure appreciate for forum to discuss and compare stories as well as research being done to figure this out.

  54. I am 46 years old. I have had consistent periods until my moderna vaccine with the second shot in June. Immediately following the vaccine I had one very unnaturally heavy menstruation cycle that had me concerned. Since then I have been very inconsistently spotting. No solid period at all. I was concerned I was jumping to menopause much earlier than I should. I’m not experiencing any other symptoms of menopause however. But I have not truly had a period since June and it is now September. Just some light spotting at random times. I have an appointment with my GYN coming up. Glad to know it isn’t just me.

  55. 32, Nurse, Mother, Healthy.

    Had Moderna vaccine Sept 14. Sept 25 started an extremely heavy period. I’ve never had anything like this in my life and it’s 14 days early. This is insane, my period is like clockwork and light for 3-5 days. I woke up to a very large gush and clots. This is abnormal.

  56. I am a 65 year old woman who received both Pfizer vaccines. No issue with bleeding and glad to have had the vaccine. My 27 year old daughter had the Moderna vaccine and has had no issue. She is on birth control. Let’s all share information and support one another. I have worked as a nurse for 45 years and I am pleased women are reporting theses issues to VAERS. The only way to have voices heard is to work together.

  57. I am a 46 year old with non medicated lupus. I received the Modena vaccine in May. My period following the second dose was pretty normal but then I continued to bleed lightly for another month. Since then I have not had a period.

  58. Hello, I am 40 years old, and had my first Pfizer dose one week ago. Since then I have experienced issues with sexual dysfunction/loss of sensitivity. I raise this (even though it’s a hard/scary topic to share), because I believe it’s a related issue, and something is going wrong here between the mRNA vaccine immune response and female reproductive hormones. Not sure if it’s happening with other types of vaccines.

    Plus, this was the only reputable forum on the internet that is not only listening to women but also acting to investigate. All but one person I’ve spoken to, including my doctor has dismissed my report as unrelated to the vaccine and due to “pandemic stress” or other factors. I can categorically confirm that this has never been an issue for me even in worse times of trauma/stress, and was not a mere 24 hours before my shot. We can’t yet say for sure that these changes are temporary (though of course I hope so) but if we can identify the issue this will be the first step.

    It’s too early to know how my menstrual cycle has been affected because I chose to get a jab outside the time I get PMS symptoms. But everyone I’ve asked (here in Australia) has reported some kind of cycle change with Pfizer. Thank you for researching this for us!

  59. I am 45 and had a consistent period. At first I thought I was starting peri-menopause early and did not associate the changes to the vaccine until I saw other’s experience. After the first dose, had more cramps, period came earlier, and it lasted 6 days vs previous 5 days. After the 2nd dose, no cramps but period lasted 7 days with heavier flow throughout (and I was already a heavy flow-er!). The pain isn’t as much but the constant flow and length isn’t what I’m accustomed to. Hopefully this isn’t permanent.

  60. My first dose for astra last august 18,after 2days got my period,it was heavy,cramps and clots feels like im dying in pain…2nd dose sept 15 right after the shot i was bleed not heavy for 1 day thought im going to have my early period then it stop on the next day…sept 27 i had spotting for 1 day…

  61. I’m a 48 yr old that has not had a period in almost 2 years.I had the first Pfizer vaccine and 2 days later I had spotting & cramps. My bloodwork shows that I’m POST menopause. My ultrasound shows that everything was “normal”. My doctor can’t explain it.

    1. I am 44. My menstrual period was completely regular and like clockwork. My last period started on 30 Sep., then I got the vaccine on 16 Oct., and I have never seen any menstrual period again.

  62. I had my vaccine (to keep my job) on September 15th J&J, last night unexpectedly I started my period, 10 days early. I’m not experiencing pain, but very heavy flow. I started searching to see if others are having the same issue and found this article. Definitely concerning as I’ve always been very regular.
    I’m 42.

  63. I am 53 and had a partial hysterectomy over 10 years ago, so obviously haven’t had a period since then. I got my 1st vaccine on a wed at 4pm. At 1030 am the next morning I was spotting for only about an hour but so strange since i don’t have a uterus any longer. Did not have any spotting after the 2nd shot

  64. Is there a link to the Doctor/Scientist/Group that is researching this? I have been on BU and Harvard Medicals websites and there are no links with appropriate questions for any woman who has experienced this to answer.

  65. I am 41 I had Pfizer took 2nd shot in February. I missed my cycle in May and June then in July I came on and here it is September 29th and I am still on. I started having mega blood clots and was rushed to the ER. I was put on clotting meds(don’t work) birth control pills (slowed down but never stopped). I never have issues with my cycle it was normal all my life.

  66. I am 45, have had regular periods, flow heavy day 2 and 3 and done after 5 or 6 days. No pain or cramps. I had covid in July and took my 1st pfizer jab 14th Sept. I have since had irregular period, ranging from spotting to heavy with huge blood clots and period pains…this is no joke…

  67. Hi! I had me vaccine on 27 September and usually my periods starts on 28th,Am not seeing my periods coming but my PMS is so high,I tested negative for pregnancy am worried as hell,mind you i have never skip a month.

  68. I’m 38 and have been referred to a specialist due to the exact same issue. Heavy periods, LONG periods and horrendous pain

  69. I’m 38 years old. I’ve never suffered from anything more than mild period pain my entire life but since the moderna vaccine my day 1 cramps have been so painful I have been throwing up. It’s incredible the change in my cycle and I think that this should be something that all women need to be aware of however we could not have been as we were all told to get this vaccine straight away without knowing the side effects.

  70. Don’t know if it’s the vaccine but my periods are always regular, it came on the exact day but only spots not bleeding like the way it’s supposed to be on the second day..I know God will take care of us all..

  71. I am 46 and after the second Pfizer shot I didn’t have a period for about 2 months. After that I started having them again but in shorter cycles (24 days, 23, and 20). The flow has not changed from before, but before the vaccine I never skipped a period and cycles were between 25-29 days.

  72. I am 57 years old and had both Pfizer vaccinate in June. I was diagnosed with stage four endometriosis. Therefore I never had periods because it bleed inside and caked onto my uterus and bowel was being treated with hormones treatments. I was done with menopause and of course no longer would be bleeding so hormone treatment was done, but after receiving these shots I’m now having hot flashes all over again with menstrual cramping. Now if I start to bleed that will be a problem but more likely I am but it’s bleeding inside again. Feeling very concerned because not sure what to do at this point beside consult with my doctor. Endometriosis is something that hard to detect without surgery. Hope your this information helps your research

  73. I’ve had both doses of Pfizer and for the first time ever my period is early, heavy and painful. I’m 33 yrs old with 4 kids and I’d choose Labor over my current cramping. I had no issues after getting the first jab on august 26th but after receiving the second one on September 22nd I’ve had this issue, severe tiredness and insomnia….

  74. I usually get cramping and breast tenderness a week before I start. I took moderna. No more cramping or my period sneaks up on me.

  75. I’m having the same issues, I took moderna my first vaccine I spotted for 2 days and had a regular cycle for two days. Then I received my 2nd vaccine this month and has cramps but no cycle.

  76. I’m 38 years old. I have had very predictable periods my entire life- 28 days on the dot since age 13. Since Moderna my periods have been as close together as 16 days. I want to know why this was never warned to me as a side affect and how this is impacting my overall health.

  77. Its definitely something wrong with this vaccine and periods. I normally regular scheduled periods. My periods come every 27 days and last 6 days. When I received my first Pfizer shot 0n July 14th everything was fine. My period that month came on time. On August 4th I received my second jab. My period that month started on August 24th which was two days later than normal, and it went to hell from there. I had cramps with no clotting. I normally bleed heavy on my third and fourth day but I didn’t, instead my period went back and forth from light to moderate for 20 days. My period didn’t end until September 13th. I’m now on my period which came three days late again praying that I don’t have another menstrual like I had last month.

  78. 34 years old, got my j&j beginning of july. my regular and normal cycles last 3 days. in august my cycle was 7 days. this one, i’ve been bleeding since september 18th. factors however are i had a csection in march and august was my first cycle since c section. i don’t know what to think but i have never NEVER gone over 3 days with my previous births.

  79. I am 49 years old. I am a physician.
    Always have regular periods. After booster-3rd- Pfizer I spotted about 1 week later and then had menses 18 days into cycle which is very early. This has never occurred prior.
    I do think there is an association and it certainly must be looked into.

  80. I also have problems since both of my vaccines I skipped a period in august but been having a period off and on all of September and now still have my period in October I’m making an appointment with my provider hope she can help

  81. Lots of comments from pre-menopause people but what about post-menopause. I’ve had increasing peri-menopause systems since my 2nd Pfizer dose; hot flashes acne, racing heart, cramping(w/o breakthrough bleeding), mood instability, fatigue and memory issues. After my booster it has become a daily occurrence. My last period was Oct 2008. I just wonder how many post-menopause women where studied since their concern seems to be with fertility issues and the resulting vaccine hesitancy and not with the health and quality of life of all people with a uterus/overies no matter if it’s pre, peri or post menstrual.

  82. I am 68 years old. Stopped having a period 15 years ago. Got first Moderna shot end of March, second shot end of April. After second shot I started spotting. Then started getting heavier clots. It never really stopped. I would go a day here and there and just when I thought it might be stopping it would start up again. Then the cramps started. I dont ever remember having cramps that bad when I did have an actual period. Now they are daily and last for 2 hours at least. I have been taking an over the counter pain medication in the beginning but don’t want to be doing that on a daily basis. I have to make sure I have a pain pill with me if I go out as I have no idea when the pain will start. I would love to know how long I have to go through this. I refuse to get the booster shot when it’s available for me. What’s my other option…get a hysterectomy? I hope all these comments make their way to the CDC, Moderna and anyone else who has been involved in the Covid vaccine.

  83. I am a 40 year old woman and can honestly speak for myself that I am actively experiencing the worse pain in my life leading up to my menstrual. I have been experiencing sore breast for 10 days and cramping more than a week. It hurts so bad I can barely sit up right or walk. I’ve had to use a heating pad all day. I have PCOS and have never been triggered with this amount of pain or menstrual dis function in my life! This vaccine is not right for everyone and I’m afraid it is going to affected my getting pregnant process I am currently working on with my GYN. I really regret getting this vaccine. I was trying to protect my child who has been new diagnosed with a illness but this right here is horrible to suffer this way.

  84. Is there a link to be added to the study I am 31 periods are usually normal. Amount are days are usually normal . Flow is usually normal I took the Pfizer vaccine on 8/30 for work purposes only. But my period came 9 days early so that’s was twice a month it was lighter than usually, bleed long than usually flow usually is about 2/3 days I bleed about 7 days which 3-4 days included spotting I almost though it was implantation bleeding, because I was hoping to be pregnant which I’ve never had a problem with getting pregnant when I want. I have been nauseous since the week I was actually suppose to get my period cramps since taking the vaccine which isn’t normal for me. So I was hesitant to take the second really didn’t want to but had to. I just took the 2 dose yesterday a little under 3 weeks

  85. Less than a month after my second pfizer shot I experienced what felt like PMS and then, to my surprise, bleeding. I was 61 years old, post menopausal for over three years. The bleeding led to all kinds of worry, tests, and two surgeries. One to make sure I didn’t have cancer, and one to stop my periods because they seemed to be right on schedule again and the one I had after the first D & C was HELL. So heavy. Awful.

    So, why is it that women’s adverse reactions are not showing up in the VAERS data base in great numbers? Well, my doctor waved me off and yelled “FAKE NEWS” when I asked if the vaccine might have cause it. I didn’t appreciate his attitude, but took his word for it … mostly … keeping the concern in the back of my mind. When I saw the NIH was now funding five studies on womens’ cycles and the vaccine I decided to report my situation to Pfizer and to VAERS.

    The moral of the story is DOCTORS DON’T DISMISS YOUR PATIENTS!!!!

    PATIENTS don’t let a doctor put you off. If you are concerned, report it. LET THE VAERS system count all the numbers and gather statitistics across the board. They can’t do that if we don’t tell them what happened. And, docs who don’t report are actually breaking the law, but it happens all the time.

  86. I’m 30 years old. I had a consistent dysmenorrhea since when I was 14 years old. I always go to clinic or emergency room when my dysmenorrhea attacks. It take 1-2 hours for me to cope up for severe pain. I was diagnosed with Adenomyosis and ovarian cyst when I was 26. I took Hormonal pills for a couple of month to manage may ovarian cyst. I received my first dose of Astra Zeneca vaccine last April 5 and notice that my duration of menstruation shorten and I had a minimal blood flow compared in my regular menstrual flow. I also notice that after I received my second dose last July, I did not experience any dysmenorrhea or severe abdominal cramps during my menstruation for the past 4 months. I think the vaccine have something to do with our hormones.

  87. I’m 40 and my periods, according to flo, are normal, with occasional heavy cycles that are longer than the normal range. To me they are heavy for my height, weight, and body size. I am anemic. But my iron pills helped fine, especially around my cycle. After getting Pfizer I noticed my periods are harder. I feel way more tired and it seems my iron pills aren’t helping that much. My period was already a rough stage to get through. Now its like I’m not functioning well at all between ovulation and menses. Just feel weak and drained and my bones hurt and I’m cold often. Seeing the Dr. About this now.

    1. …also, my first period after my shot lasted 11 days. That was 1 and a half cycle ago. I don’t think my body has recuperated from that yet.

  88. 40 y/o and had my second child earlier this year. I refused the vax while pregnant. After my periods had returned to my VERY normal schedule (29 days, light bleeding for 4 days), I reluctantly got the vaccine because as a gov employee I have to. A day later, I started bleeding even though it wasn’t my time. I bled for 14 days soaking through a super tampon an hour. My OB finally sent me to the hospital – they thought my uterus had ruptured even though I was months postpartum and my C/S had healed completely I was bleeding so badly. Had CT scans, the doc considered a blood transfusion. My pelvic exam looked like a miscarriage with blood and clots everywhere. They didn’t find any other reason for spontaneous bleeding and finally gave me clotting medicine, so it stopped after 18 days. I just got my cycle again and I’m on Day 9 again of bleeding. This is insanity and I’m very concerned that permanent damage has been done. Why is this being mandated with these kind of unknown and frankly scary and widespread side effect?

  89. I have not had a period since I had my first Pfizer vaccine 6 weeks ago. I am not pregnant, have no other health issues and have never missed a period before. My doctor says this is normal but I am really scared and don’t understand why no one can give me information on why I am no longer menstruating. I don’t want my 2nd shot anymore but I will lose my job if I don’t.

  90. I am 59 and post menopausal. After my Pfizer shot I am having a light period for the first time in years. So scary. Especially since I just stopped having chest pain.

  91. Postmenopausal for more than 15 years. Started having PMS (breast tenderness, diarrhea, cold feet…) 24h after first shot of Pfizer vaccine. 3 days later started bleeding which looked like a normal period. Since then, nothing. Should receive my second dose next week….

    1. Update: PMS started again exactly 3 weeks after the “post-vaccine period”. Breast tenderness, cramps and very light beige to brown discharge. If it’s another cycle, I should expect to bleed in the few coming days. I am 15 years postmenopausal…

  92. I am 57 and a general surgeon MD for 25 years. I had regular periods all my life and stopped 180 days ago. No menopausal symptoms. Got the Johnson Johnson shot and about 1 week later got my period.

  93. I would be interested in giving my 2 cents as well. I’m 52, and post-menopausal. I got my 2nd Moderna Shot at the end of May. In July, I went to the ER with cramping so bad I thought I had a tubal pregnancy because nothing could hurt that bad. Very little blood. BUT in September extremely heavy bleeding started, so much heavy clotting that tampons + pads were not doing the trick, and I resorted to using the cup, which i was emptying on the hour. I’m still bleeding – now almost a fully month later – and it got lighter for about a week – like normal period – and now i’m back to extremely flow.

    1. i have a similar situation. I’m 52 and my cycle has started to be short and heavy. I had my period, and then a week later had the moderna booster. About a week later my period started up again with huge clots. The clots are smaller now, but I’m still bleeding over 3 weeks later. We are just supposed to follow along like sheep. I wish I had done more research.

  94. I am 42. Have always been 100% regular, exactly 28 days. I received the Moderna vaccine and ever since the 2nd dose my cycle is occurring every two to three weeks. It’s 3 days of extremely heavy bleeding, clots and pain. I have not been to the doctor, but a coworker, who is also my age and got the vaccine at the same time, experienced the same issue. I will be following this study. I saw a survey related to this study, but for some reason I can’t find it again.

  95. I’m 37 years old and I’m on a medication that I shouldn’t even get a period but since I have been double vaccinated a month later I got a nine day period that was beyond heavy and lots of blood clots, a month later a 25 day period that was so heavy it was hard to function and so many blood clots a day , I got a 5 day break and it stated up again yesterday and so far a lot of blood clots and heavy
    When will this end

  96. I have started my menstration a little early I spotted blood all last week this week starting Monday I start cramping and now I’m bleeding so much and it’s ridiculous I feel like it was the shot because I know my body so when I research today and seeing all these comments I know I going crazy so it’s the shot

  97. I am 45 yrs old. I have always been normal with my cycle, every 26 days. I have never missed one period. if I did, I was pregnant. I received my first shot on sept 16, 2021 (moderna. I had just got off my period, when I received the vaccine. Exactly 11 day’s later, I started bleeding with clots the size of a silver dollar! I have never in my life bled or had clots like that! I was so scared! I called the pharmacist, Dr, and went to my Gynecologist, He checked my hormones, and did a ultra sound to check my uterus, and ovaries. The exam came back great! I wasn’t going through the change. The Dr said they had no reports or data on the vaccine causing this in women, but I just feel it was the cause. I already have low ferritin, and I’m just not at peace with going back to get the 2nd vaccine, and not going back to get the vaccine, because I have lost loved ones to Covid. I’m so confused what to do. I hope they will take this serious and get all this info out to the public.

  98. I’m 40yrs old had my first shot 3 August 2021. Was supposed to start menstruating the 17th August but up until today had no period and its October already. My periods was always regular I just wish there was more research done on the vaccine for women to be aware that the chances of missing a few cycles is a reality.

  99. I got off birth control this past spring age 51.
    Thought I was finally at menopause. Recv Phizer shot back in
    Nothing for months. Then went in August to get the booster shot. All the sudden two days after the booster I started having heavy periods and got anemic from it,

    My gyno put me on a very low dose BC after I hade to take a high dosage for couple of weeks to stop the bleeding.

    Well since the booster in late August. I have had a period every other week! The pain is intense and I’m going back to my doctor. I would still get the booster no matter what but this can’t be just random timing.

  100. Got my first shot on August 9 2021 and my second September 10 2021, Pfizer. My periods have traditionally been on time about every 30 days, very heavy and painful, where sometimes I can’t go to work. I have a Mirena IUD which helps greatly with all the side effects. However, I’ve noticed since getting vaccinated I’ve have two periods since the last shot. They seemed to come quicker. I’m on one right now and although the bleeding isn’t horrible, it’s lasting longer than usual and I’m bleeding more than usual. Sometimes slight cramps. Honestly if I didn’t have the Mirena it would likely be way worse. I’m 37, never been pregnant, healthy. I’m hoping this will be short lived.

  101. I am 24. I’ve always had regular periods. I was on my period when I received the J&J shot September 8th 2021. About a week and a half later on Septemeber 19th I started bleeding again. The period was very weird not heavy but I had blood clots and it was dark in color. Now it is 10/14 and I haven’t had my period yet.. I was supposed to get it 10/6. I am very concerned. I went into the Dr. and they said lots of women are having issues and that it was “normal” Now I am reading all of your comments and this is definitely not normal. I wish someone would do some proper research instead of saying that it’s normal. I was against the vaccine for so long until I was forced to take it for work. I’m sorry all of you are having problems too.. I also have inflammation in my wrists.. not sure if anyone else has this problem.

  102. Ever since I got my Moderna shots (two doses), I have been getting my period every 3 weeks! I thought it would go back to normal after a couple of cycles, but I’m going on 6 cycles of my period coming every 3 weeks. Flow is normal, not heavier, though. When is this going to normalize?!

  103. I didn’t have a period at all for 60 days after the second shot of Moderna, but now they are heavier and more painful then they have ever been in my life, it’s been like that for the last five months, and now I’m also spotting. I’ve never had spotting before either until now, hope it clears up soon.

  104. After 2 years without a period and confirmation of menopause in February with a FSH of 72 I started bleeding 2 weeks after my 2nd shot. Gyno said everything looks OK but they are seeing this in post menopausal women and only explanation given is the vaccine stresses the ovaries and awakens them out of their dormant state. Hopefully this is just a one-time deal. My lady parts didn’t work just fine!!!

  105. I’m 35, I have always had a regular 5 day cycle since I started menstruating. Since getting the first vaccine my cycle has gone from 5 days to 13 days. Extremely heavy and painful. I can say without a doubt it has been the most painful period I have ever experienced. I’ve also had light spotting off and on since that I’ve never experienced before. I can’t even get in to see anyone because they keep saying it’s not supposed to be a side effect of the vaccine. I keep getting medically gaslit and it’s ridiculous!

  106. I am going on 3+ weeks now of having my period… started after my 2nd shot and hasn’t ended. I had COVID in Nov/Dec of 2020. Didn’t want to get the vaccine, but well, you know, mandates… not happy to learn this is a side effect. Especially since I already had natural immunity.

  107. I’m 41 years old, 5’5″. 120 pounds. Healthy, active. Own my own business, always on the go person. Don’t use drugs, 3-4 drinks a week. Periods have always been a 28 day cycle. Been working out since 2 months in to covid (1st wave)

    I got Moderna April 2021 and May 2021 in Las Vegas (the recommended 28 day spread) and since then, my periods have been 24 day cycles exactly. (Shortened by 4 days) 1st 2 periods were horrible. I usually have 1-2 midol, never miss work, a little cramping on day one for a couple hours.. the 1st 2 periods post Moderna vaccine were the worst periods I ever had in my life.. went through 8-10 midol, had to take the 1st day of each period off. Had to lie in bed the 1st day of each of the 2 months with no desire to do anything.. which is super strange for me because I am a go getter type of person.
    Periods have gotten a bit better.. manageable but not fun.
    While I was working out in my garage for a year before the 1st vaccine dose, there were no changes to my cycle.. (some people say that working out 3-4 days a week constituted to the issue but I don’t think so)
    Periods used to just affect me, for the most part, emotionally (you know, the usual: snappy, taking things more personal, sad and weird thoughts for a few days leading up to day 1) but now, my periods are actually more manageable psychologically but have transferred to more of a physical nuisance. If that makes any sense!
    Anyway, there are pod casts out about this very topic that I listened to over the summer that are quite interesting. Talks about issues with menopause too.
    Anyway, good luck everyone. Hope everyone is able to find peace is this ”new’ reality and to all the women that have stopped menstruating or have more serious issues, I hope you are able to get answers from good doctors. Get more than 1 opinion as doctors are still learning too. And consider getting in touch to help this study as we all need to get this out there to the masses. I’m Canadian, so I’ll need to find another study here to offer my story to but we all have to do our part to get our storiea heard so we can help others.

    Vancouver, BC

  108. I am 30 always had regular period, barely any cramps, always on time. After receiving my second dose of Pfizer a few months later my period became very painful, heavy, and irregular. The pain is so bad sometimes I can’t or don’t want to go to work. I will not be getting my booster.

  109. I am glad that I found this article and your comments. I live in Australia, but my family is in Finland. I was keen to get vaccinated soon, so I could travel again when the border opens. I had my Pfizer vaccinations in June. All changed after the second dose and I had the worst period of my life which lasted for 10 days. Lots of cramping and clotting, not normal to me at all. I was reassured when I read that the first cycle could be a bit off, but now months later it has not returned back to normal. I had a regular cycle, but that is not the case anymore. I also had a very mild period only 4-5 days max, not 10days. I have been to a doctor as my last period was so late. It finally came, but now I’m still in pain. I’m going to see a doctor again. I certainly won’t rush to get my daughter vaccinated when she turns 12.
    I am also happy to participate in this study.

  110. I am glad I got the vax, but extremely upset that the medical community is largely playing down or denying the effects of the vax on menstrual cycles.

    I am 33 and have always had a regular cycle, even in times of stress. After my second dose, my period arrived two weeks early, heavily, with pain and unusual clotting. I then had my period for FOUR AND A HALF MONTHS. I gave it some time since what little information I found noted that the cycle should return to normal after a month or two. After three months I saw a GP who immediately dismissed the vax connection as rumor. So did a teledoc. When my gyno finally saw me, she admitted that the connection was possible but not much was known so we did some tests (all normal, but the waiting time was brutal as by this time I was convinced it had to be cancer) and just had to “wait and see” unless I could afford more expensive and invasive scans. Period has FINALLY gone away/back to normal but now I’m dreading my booster shot.

    I couldn’t share my concerns with others for fear of contributing to vax skepticism. It was miserable and now even my normal period freaks me out.

  111. I’m 29. I have started bleeding between my periods. I have got my periods 10 days late after my first shot of pfizer vaccination. After my second shot, I have been bleeding during my ovulation continuosly for 10 days straight, I have gone to see my doctor. Got my smear test done and some blood tests too. waiting on the results.

    Did anyone experienced vaginal bleeding in between periods? I am worried :(

  112. I’ve had my second shot of Phizer 6 weeks ago. A period after the shot was normal but this one has been going on for 10 days now. I had heavier bleeding for about 3 days and have been spotting bright red blood ever since and cramping. My periods have always been 5 days long so this is definitely out of norm. After the first shot I’ve also had a period which lasted 9 days but at the time I was thinking it’s just my cycle going wacky. Now I’m sure it’s the vaccine.

  113. I am 35yrs old, and I had my first dose of the pfizer vaccine in August, and my period came two weeks early!!! This was very strange to me being that I have had my cycle since 10 yrs old and have never been late or early or missed a period. I also have tracked my cycle on the mydays app for years and I know for a fact my period has never came 14 days early before. Fast forward to my second vaccine, a week after getting the 2nd pfizer vaccine I had intercourse and started to bleed during intercourse! I was shocked because it was not time for my period to come. I had intercourse 2 weeks later and bled again. This has never happened to me ever in my life! I am so confused, I have made a doctors appointment and I will come back with and update.

  114. I’m 47 years old and have had a normal period (5-7 day & mild cramps on 1st day) my entire life. I do not regret getting the vaccine and I’m going to get my booster shot. I received my first dose of moderna in January and my second dose in February. My period became very heavy after my second dose and last about 2 days longer than usual. I also had cramps for the first day which is unusual for me. I was not able to use tampons for the first two days because it was so heavy. I went to my GYN and had tests done and well results were normal. In October my period was normal (5 days, regular bleeding & no cramps). I’m guessing it must take about 6-7 months for periods to normalize after the vaccine. I’m hopeful that the study being conducted will give us some more insight as to when we can expect our cycles to normalize.

  115. 54 years old here. My period had finally stopped. I got my second shot of Pfizer September 23rd and have been cramping, spotting, and sometimes heavy bleeding every day since then. Very very tired. I guess because I bleed all the time. I am a nail tech and wanted to be safe. I didn’t ask for this. I hope this stops soon. I wear pain patches all over my body everyday because I ache ALOT. That’s been my experience with this jab. I traded anxiety for pain I guess. If this continues I probably won’t do another one and just stay to myself.

  116. I’m 41 years old, always have a normal period, after the vaccine I got heavier bleeding, spotting, longer periods. I’ve had several doc appointments a uterine biopsy and all came back normal. I do not take any medications, and my cycle only changed after getting the Pfizer vaccine. I hope to get answers like the rest of you because it is concerning and disrupting life.

  117. I am 30 and started my period the day after my first shot. I am on birth control pills that make me only have my period 4 times a year, and that lasts for 6 days exact. I was suppose to start my period in December, but am now on it while still taking my pills and it does not seem to be letting up anytime soon

  118. My daughter hasn’t had a period since her Pfizer vaccine in June. She’s 12 and has had her period since she was 11. I’m regretting having her vaccinated. I had her hormones tested and her testosterone levels were way higher than expected. They’re sending us to the endocrinologist. I’m not saying it’s the cause, but the timing is suspect. I’m done having babies and my periods are the same, but she’s young and has all this in front of her.

  119. My wife has been experiencing these problems ever since having vax 2X. All depending on the dr you speak to, there have been different opinions to the cause and possible effects.

    One dr says “it could never be due to the covid-19 vax, it’s adenomyosis”, while another dr says, “immediate blood labs are necessary”

    I will also add, she had specific leg pain after both shots. She could barely walk for ~ 1 month. It attacked the knee meniscus (ie, cartilage between your shinbone and thighbone) and had to take steroids for months.

    I have many other family members who experienced similar and other health problems. My aunt died unexpectedly of heart disease, when getting food surgery; my mother has ovarian cancer; my brother in law has the same leg/knee problems has my wife had; my inlaws are fatigued all the time..

    Let’s face the facts folks..this vaccine has horrible side affects which are not being reported by the CDC, FDA, or MSM.

    Take care.

  120. Hi!
    I’m 40 yrs old and I’m on birth control “in continu” because menstrual period was too difficult… long story short… I had my first dose Moderna vaccine at the end of May and got my second dose end of June. Now, after the 2nd dose I’ve started having breast pain, and spotting after intercourse. After a month started to spot everyday… Now, 4 month after 2nd dose …started bleeding heavily and having severe clotting with it and cramps and lower belly spasms as well and never stopped the birth control pill… I’m still bleeding, having less clott but still having cramps. Called for monitoring but nobody knows or heard anything about this side effect, am glad I’m reading all of these stories here… not sure if I want a 3rd shot cause I’m very concerned right now about all this. I don’t appreciate the fact that this is not taken seriously at all.

    1. *Followup*
      Turns out I’ve decided to take Iron 28mg in the morning and Aleve (Naproxen) 220mg in the morning and in the evening for a while… after the first day… my pain and menstruation reduced by half, another half the second day and is almost done with pain and menstruation by day 3…. To my surprise it seems to work! Coincidence or Not maybe …but if someone else feel the need to try…(I was bleeding since end of july non-stop…)
      I tried because heavy bleeding is leading to Iron deficiency and many women is having this issue for this situation and taking Aleve because it is recommended non steroidal anti inflamatory when menstrual problem is occuring(which I think inflammation is caused by the reaction to the vaccine), to my surprise the result is phenomenal so far! Still in doubt about vaccination… such a bad experience for me. Hope they will get answer and explanation for all of us… Wish you all the best. Take care!

  121. My wife is a restaurant server, and we shared a drink yesterday at her place of work. My wife’s co-worker was working behind the bar and she shared with my wife and I her personal experience regarding the her vaccination. She is in her late forties and said she has had a heavy period every week since she got the shot. She said it was worth it because she would not be allowed to see her parents who are elderly had she not got the shot. My wife has allergies to nitrile gloves and she is also allergic to the silicone plastics in “sofmed” toric contact lenses. She has refused to get the shot because she believes she would have a negative reaction. Her CHOICE not to be vaccinated was reaffirmed when she heard first hand the troubles her co-worker was having. And now they want to give this to kids?!? The medical professionals promoting the vaccine have lost out trust and we will not be listening to them regarding this vaccination, but worse we will be reluctant to ever trust them again on any other subject either. Every one in this restaurant has already had Covid and no one has gotten sick with it for many months despite constant interaction with the public. We all have natural immunity anyways, and as far as I am concerned vaccination only compounds our risk.

  122. I know a lady who is 73. When she received her booster shot on a Friday she started to have her period on Saturday
    Another reason I will not get the shot. I am 70 and do not want to go through that again. To many questions for me.

  123. I am 25. I got 2 phizer shots while I was pregnant with my third. After I gave birth, I started getting my period every 19/20 days instead of 28/29 like after my first and 34/35 like after my second.
    They are longer (like 6 days instead of 4/5) and heavier. My doctor told me that they are not ovulation periods (I am only breastfeeding) and he expects them to regulate when ovulation begins. Now I am on Norethizine. Did anyone go back to normal????

  124. I had my AstraZeneca in April during my period, now I have not had a period since. I had regular monthly periods up until then, like clockwork. Now they have completely stopped. I am 44. No warning. Just stopped.

  125. Based Ireland – Age 41 – Period always between 27-30 day cycles got first shot of pfizer the end of june 2021. missed a period as did not get it until nearly 7/8weeks after the first shot and had second shot end of July 2021. another long break 6-7 weeks gap an a week of light spotting followed by 10 days of heavy bleeding and still counting booked in with doctor now for appointment.

  126. I’m 38. Received Moderna in January and Feburary of 2021. I’ve had no changes in my period. I caught COVID in August 2021 and had mild symptoms. I still haven’t had any changes to my cycle. I am happily married and have chosen to not be on any birth control for personal reasons.

  127. I am 43 and have experienced symptoms including passing clots, cycle lasting 15 days, heavy bleeding and cramping, and now I have my cycle every 2 weeks. I don’t know how much more I can take.

  128. After Pfizer vaccines I’ve had tachycardia. Hi Bp. I’ve bled for weeks. Suddenly without warning Blood clots size larger than golf balls. Now anemic.

  129. I’m 40 and I took the second dose of Pfizer on Aug 18, after that I had my period normally, but since the following cycle my periods were late for 10 days, which is unusual because I always had a regular cycle. I was worried and I’m relieved that a research will be conducted.

  130. Had the M vaccination both shots and booster shot same manufacture
    Each time the booster not has bad but still
    Each time get a similar reaction
    What it feels like the best way I can describe it I’ve never had anything like this happen prior
    Would be if you can imagine a flare or a firework being inserted into your vagina and it going off shooting hot searing pain
    Then horrible cramping light bleeding
    It seems to affect the areas where I’ve had prior female surgery and the area where I had the bladder mesh and they had to take it out seems most affected
    It leaves a lingering burning hot cramping sensation
    When I got the booster shot this is weird but it activated the other areas I previously got a shot in each of those areas became swollen hot and red recently had gotten the flu vaccination and that area also was affected

  131. I’m 34 and took the Pfizer vaccine in April/May. I experienced so much clotting for maybe my next 3 or 4 menstrual cycles. The clots were copious and so large, 3 times as big as a quarter (and they say having clots over the size of a quarter is cause for concern). I could literally feel them dropping from my body. So I called my doctor and after they heard my symptoms, they said that it’s normal. It was not validating. My cycles are back to normal now (minimal clotting, nothing worrisome). But now that I’ve hit 6 months since my primary vaccine, I’m wondering which booster shot to take. I still want the booster because I’m way more afraid of Covid-19, but reading these comments (which has been sooo validating!) I’m wondering if Moderna or Pfizer produces worse symptoms. I won’t even consider J&J or Astra-Zeneca, so that’s out of the question.

  132. I’m 32 years old. Got my first dose of sinopharm vaccine on 1/11/2021. My second dose is on 22/11/2021. After getting my shot within 12 hours I started experiencing very bad cramps. Which lasted for 3 days before my period came 9 days before it was suppose to come. The very harsh cramps is still there along with a very heavy flow and lots of clots. Have never experienced this in my life

  133. I turned 40 in February this year and took the first dose of the Moderna Vaccine on 22 September. My first cycle came early and did appear to be heavier. I also have noticed clots in mine as well and not small bits, but large chunks. I do notice more discomfort during my cycle as well. I had cramps bad as a teen and kind of grew out of it, but now it feels like I am a teen once more where the cramps are concerned. Then I got my second dose on October 25, my next cycle.started same day or next and I use an app in my phone to.track it, it flashed a red banner at me too when I entered the date, it said I was 25 days late. So yeah, I would be willing to enter into this study or take a survey also.

  134. Had my 2nd vaccine 9/10/21 was due for my period 28/10/21, came on time but has been light all week, Ive never had a light period ever as my periods r regular but always 2 days heavy and slowly the 3 to 4 days easing, so 5-7 days but im on my 8th day of up and down bleeding and thats not normal for me, Hoping its not related to the jab, but cant put it down to anything else.

  135. Im 56 havent had a period in 2 years before moderna shot. 3 days after shot I broke out in a rash from head to feet. Started my period it lasted 10 days and leaking fluid for 10 days from my breasts. That was the first shot it was recommended to me not to get the 2nd. 6 months later I still have a rash all over me.

    1. My mother 62 and my son 14 broke in a rash as well all over their body. Its funny how they wouldn’t help her and my son got cream we thought it was wing-worm

  136. I’m 49. I got the Pfizer vaccine in April 2021 (age 48 at the time) and haven’t had a period since then.

    I had been having perimenopause symptoms (mainly irregular periods w/heavier bleeding than I had when I was younger). Aside from pregnancy, I have never gone this long without my period.

    I assume I am in menopause. It all happened suddenly: no libido, no period, dryness, some hot flashes.

    My GYN said it’s “hard to tell” if the vaccine caused it. She did not offer any follow-up.

  137. I am 38 and just had my first Moderna shot this evening 11/10. Came home and had been sitting on the couch however I just got up and I had bled all over my couch and of course myself. I just had my period 2 weeks ago and was not due. I haven’t had any cramping or even indication that I was bleeding.

  138. I was 6 weeks pregnant when I got my second dose of the Pfizer vaccine. I miscarried the next day. Since then my periods have been totally irregular after a lifetime of being like clockwork. The doctor said I could be entering perimenopause and/or perhaps it is a coincidence. I am grateful for the vaccine and the reduced chance of infecting older family members. But I want doctors to take the effects on women’s cycles seriously. I want better studies beyond just reporting an adverse event.

  139. I am 24 years old. I got 2 vaccine (the first was Moderna and the second Pfizer). After the first vaccination, my menstruations came on time, but continued more than 2 weeks. But after the second vaccination, I still don`t get started my menstruations (I`m waitig for menstruation over 3 weeks)

  140. For 20 years I’ve had very regular periods with moderate flow and very little cramping. Starting in January (right after everyone started getting vaccinated)I had the worst period of my life – almost went to the emergency room the bleeding was so heavy and pain was so bad.

    Every month since then I’ve had extremely heavy and painful periods… so painful it brings me to tears! My GYN can’t find anything wrong but clearly something is wrong!!!

    All of my friend who are in there 30s and younger are having the same problems with their period. Some vaccinated and some are not. This can’t be happening this many women for no reason!

  141. My 16yr old is having extremely painful cramps post Pfizer vaccine. She has blacked out from pain and another time had to be taken to the ER because the pain was unbearable. She is also suffering from Long COVID for a year and seven months. Some answers on the post vaccine menstrual cramping would be nice.

    FYI – for women with heavy bleeding…have a big bowl of edamame and women that are not getting their period should try raspberry leaf extract. I didn’t react well to hormone medication and this is a natural way to regulate.

  142. Hi there. I’ve always had heavy but very regular and manageable, periods my whole life. I am 27 years old. I got the second shot of Pfizer in July. I have bled almost every single day since and have the most debilitating cramps all month long. I am missing work regularly. I also have the feeling like my bladder is being pressed on and am having to urinate up to six times in the night. I have lower abdomen bloating and severe pain in my hips and back. All of this started immediately after the second vaccine.

    Have others had urinary symptoms alongside the irregular bleeding?

    Has anyone found that the irregular bleeding symptoms resolve over time?

    My OGBYN is brushing this off, but after 120 days of bleeding near-constantly, I am extremely concerned.

    1. Please check that you don’t have a yeast infection after the vaccination. I had it and it was more severe than anything I have ever experienced before. I took virgin coconut oil for it and also over the counter yeast medication pill from the pharmacy. There is a possible link with more severe yeast infections after the Pfizer vaccination. I was also low on vitamin D, which helps to lower you oestrogen levels. If you have too much oestrogen then that can cause more painful and longer periods. I suffered for four months, but after finding out that I was vitamin D deficient and starting to take vitamin D supplement, my period returned back to normal. I hope this helps. I had lots of tests even an internal ultrasound, as I was so worried that I have a cancer. I hope this helps.

  143. Hi I am 35, Live in Australia. I’m confused with what is going on with my body after my first dose of PFIZER Vaccine…Please share your thoughts or experience if you have had similar.
    My last period ended on the 29/9/21,(always has been Regular) on the 6/10/21 I started a contraceptive ( Depo Injection) this has made me not have a period the whole time since getting my first injection of that, so no period for 7weeks..
    Now go back just 2 day, to Monday 15/11/21 I had my first dose of PFIZER & by Tuesday 16/11/21 in the evening I start getting Cramps in the belly & Brown discharge each time I go to the toilet & will happening 17/11/21
    If this from getting the Vaccine, unknown anti bodies into my other what reasonably healthy body? Or Iam just over reading to much in to this?
    To me it just seemed to coincidental.
    Thanks in advance for any insight, I will be seeing my GP at the end of the week.

  144. I’m 37 and haven’t had a period in 5 years due to my hormonal IUD. I had 3 heavy, painful periods after receiving the 2nd Moderna shot. I’m not an antivaxer and this wouldn’t stop me from getting the vaccine again in the future, but I feel lied to. It’s upsetting that this wasn’t listed as any of the side effects and as a person with endometriosis and a family history of reproductive cancers – this was scary enough for me to make an emergency OB/GYN appointment to find out what the heck was going on.

    I later found out through friends, coworkers and the Internet that this is actually common and I’m angry. I’m sorry, but I feel that if men experienced any reproductive side effects from the vaccine, it would’ve been taken seriously and listed as a side effect to comfort concerns. I mentioned that I have endometriosis and family history of reproductive cancers and I think that says enough about how often my female family members and I have experienced negligence and poor treatment within a healthcare system we pay too much for. This was yet another example of that and while I’m not surprised, I sure am disappointed and certainly do not trust our sexist (and racist) healthcare system any more than I did before.

  145. I had my booster on 11/17 and I had spontaneous bleeding….not sure if it will continue, will keep an eye on it to see how long it will last

  146. I’m 43. After my first shot I was fine. My second I got a rash 4 days after the shot it cleared up in 3 to 4 days. Then the pain started. Cramps so bad I felt like I had been hit with a bat in my kidneys. The blood was everywhere. Like when I had my miscarriages .My periods were so light before for 3 years no need for tampons or pads only after I used the restroom did I see anything. And they were every other month or more. I’ve been on he nexplanon birth control for 3 years.I was so happy to finally be ending this stage of my life. Now I regret getting vaccinated. Never again and I will not be getting my kids vaccinated.

  147. I’m 61 and experienced pelvic pressure and pain and spotting after getting the Moderna Booster.
    Spotting lasted for 2 days and the pain and pressure lasted for at least a week.
    Originally I received the J&J shot and decided to go with the Moderna booster after seeing how this would increase my protection.

  148. I am 47 experienceing the same problem longer,heavier darker periods.I took the Moderna vaccine first dose in Aug,second dose on Sept.In the month of October I noticed I came on much later and spotted more.November I came on earlier and longer came on Tues 2,21,and still on its Nov.11,21.i normally stay on just 6 to 7 days the most.

  149. Correction I came on in Nov 2,21,spotted first then came on heavier, more painful,and darker,,and severe back pain up till now I am still on.I normally just stay on 6 to 7 days the most.Oct I spotted more and came on later, stayed on 7 days.

  150. I have been on birth control for 6+ yrs now, and usually when my period starts on a Friday it ends 5 days later on Tuesday.
    Since I have taken the 1st shot of sinopharm on the 4/10/2021 I have been getting lots of spotting and signs of blood.
    And then I took my 2nd shot on the , 25/10/2021 and is still seeing blood
    I have NEVER had problems with my period since I took the covid vaccine sinopharm I started getting problems with my periods.
    I am 29 yrs

  151. I took Pfizer in 3/31/21 and 4/21/21. After that, I got a heavy period every two weeks with extreme pain for about 10 days before /during each period for several months – in other words extreme pain 10 out of 14 days for months. Before this, as I am on the minipill, I usually do not bleed at all, or occasionally have a light bleed every couple of months. I ended up in the hospital on referral by my GP and was told I had ovarian cysts, which I had never had before. Given the timing, vaccine causation seems likely to me.

  152. After I got the J&J vaccine my periods have gone from three or four days to about twice as long and twice as heavy. This most recent one was only two weeks after the last one. Two of my friends are having the same issues after having the vaccine. I feel like I’m always PMSing because I literally almost always am.

  153. I am 36 years old. I had a baby in July 2020. I was vaccinated with the J&J back in April of this year. My period had already come back in December after having my baby. I have always had very regular periods. They were heavy but always on time and always ended the same time. I am on almost 8 months of irregular, painful, horrible periods. Since receiving the vaccine, I have had 2 periods a month for 3 months. I have never had that and I hit puberty at age 9! My last period lasted 8 days! I even passed blood clots after 7 days of bleeding! In 27 years of having a period, this has never happened! My husband and I want to have another baby but my cycle will not regulate. I have 2 cycle tracking apps which are wrong every month. I have even used ovulation sticks. Still off. This is frustrating! It is getting increasingly worse with each month! I will definitely participate in the study!

    1. I just received a booster 3rd dose Pfizer after 2 astra zeneca, i was disappointed I can’t take astra zeneca in the EU anymore as I had only mild reaction to it and I am not fond of mRNA vaccines. Since the third dose in our country (European) has to br only mRNA now, I took Pfizer. My last period was five days prior to the vaccine. It is the second day after vaccination and I got my period again… I had never ever had problems with my cycle… Will this go back to normal????

  154. I’m 68 years old. I received the Moderna shot in February. Started spotting in March. By April I was having a full cycle after 18 tears of no menses. I’ve been bleeding heavily with clots for months, now, with now being November. I bleed every day, with the heavy bleeding with clots lasting about a week. At least my family doctor did not deny nothing is going on. He said, “They just don’t know,” Thankful you ladies are putting this “out there”. We must stand together so they can not say,”It’s just stress.

  155. Hello, I received my first and only covid shot today, the Johnson and Johnson and I have the lielleta iud so I haven’t had my period in about 10 months. I haven’t started my period after the shot either, but my cramps are feeling like if I’m about to start or on my first days on my period. My back hurts on and off and it also feels like I’m about to start my period. I’m curious if the shot causes this? I don’t have a left ovary because it was removed in 2015, due to a mass that ended up being a teratoma which they had to remove it because it was too close to the teratoma and they couldn’t stop the bleeding. I still have my Fallopian tubes, and I do get normal cramps here and there every so often as if I was starting my period so that happens every month just not as intense. Lately ( before the shot), I had been having right pelvic pain( but not as severe as I did with my left side because before surgery the pain was so bad that I couldn’t take normal steps without my pelvic hurting. I guess im just concerned if anyone without periods with an iud has experienced these type of cramps after the covid John and Johnson shot?

  156. My sister was vaccinated in March of this yr. 4 months later which makes it July, my sister started bleeding nonstop & here it is November, her gyn gave her meds to decrease the bleeding & she’s getting ready to have a hysterectomy, because of it. Her daughter received the vaccine in June & towards the end of October, she started bleeding heavy, she did not have a cycle for 2 months, she is bleeding heavy, she can’t even go to school, because of it. Her mom took her to school, because of her little brother. She came to my house on a public bus & bled through. She has to constantly change all through the night. I’m a concerned sister & aunt, because there’s something not right.

  157. I am in a birth control injectable last June 20 because of endometriosis and myoma and my doctor said it is ok to got vaccinated. So i decided to be vaccinated J & J last July 22. One month after, I think I had my menstruation but it lasted three months… So I went back to my doctor and injected me my 3rd shot of birth control. Then the bleeding stops. I don’t know if it is the J & J vaccine that made my bleeding worse. I decided not to go on a booster shot.

  158. I am 65 years old and have a hormonal response to the Pfizer vaccine. Three weeks after the second dose I almost fainted and had horrible diarrhea and them positional vertigo for two weeks.

    Three weeks after my booster, the same thing happened. Not as severe buy scary and unpleasant. This time I had hot flashes leading up to the event.

    Not thrilled to learn with the new variant we need another shot.

    Anyone else have this problem?

  159. After first shot I got my period two weeks early. I always have regular period, except once before about one year. After my second shot, I had once painful period, once heavy period, now I have again two weeks period. I am 43 years old.

  160. My concern isn’t abnormal bleeding. I had a hysterectomy a few years ago and have fully recovered. I had both Pfizer vaccines last year with normal side effects. I recently had a Moderna booster. The night I received the booster I found myself sleeping in the fetal position due the pain in my ovary. I continue to have ovary sensitivity and hot flashes. I am only 43. Is it coincidental or am I still reacting to the vaccine?

  161. 37 years old – received my Pfizer booster November 10.2021. Chills and aches two days post booster.
    was supposed to get my period on November 21,2021 …9 days later and still no period.Took 3 pregnancy tests.

    I am very normal with my cycle, with an occasional 1-2 day. variance. I have used a tracker for the last 3 years.

    I received my booster at work and called to report the side effect, but they said there is no link. I had guessed there was nothing they could do, but was livid that they wouldn’t even report this as a side effect and dismissed it so easily. I know my damn body and this is more than just coincidence.

    Two months after my second dose, I showed a low blood cell count (went up slightly the next month)..

    Made an appointment with my obgyn.

    I’m by no means anti vax, but I’m terrified about what damage these vaccines may have done (also worried about covid, so it’s lose lose). I won’t be getting another covid vaccine until it’s been out a bit longer.

    1. My period has stopped after the first dose of Pfizer vaccine. I am not antivacc at all too. But, now who is responsible for it? why there is no Menstrual Changes in the list of side effects? Why after thousands report I could not find the answer? What I should do now? I had very regular and clockwise period, but now!!!!!

  162. I have had an IUD put in a few years ago due to heavy bleeding, I stopped bleeding until I got my 2nd shot of Modena in September & I have been bleeding nonstop since. Now I’m preparing for an eblasion or hysterectomy next week, I’m so tired of this.

  163. I am 30 years old. I just had my 2nd shot. (moderna)
    I had my 1st shot in Aug. Now I do have PCOS which has been a lot of the hold up on why I haven’t tried seeking medical attention. I didn’t want to seem silly rushing in a doctor’s office for the same stuff I have been struggling with since 21 years old…. but I am now at the point I do not believe this is NOT my PCOS alone. I was already having severe menstrual stuff earlier this year. I bled from May to July. It was heavy, torturous, painful.. never ending. I went to the doctor and they did say the cause was my polycystic ovarian syndrome. I had a few weeks off and started bleeding again in August and it lasted until beginning of Oct (that was after round 1 vaccine) .. then I stopped for 2 weeks in Oct and thought my diaper wearing days were over.. I got my new vaccine Nov 23.. its Dec 1.. I am on day 4 of bleeding again. It fluctuates from light flow to heavy flow with clots. Literally just depends on the day but it is every single day.

    Now do I think PCOS helps the issue? No not at all. Do I think the vaccines have also affected my period in some fashion…. Yes I do. It is just something as a woman we know.. we know our bodies and something is happening for sure.

    I guess it is time for that OBGYN appt. I have no babies yet and I really want just 1 in the next couple of years.. so I can’t make more permanent decisions as of right now but I really am sick of the bleeding…the cramps, clots, body pain, exhaustion. I have gotten pregnant in the past (years ago) that then resulted in miscarriage so I do pregnancy is possible for me.. I just don’t need really anything else negative in the reproductive area… but something is defiantly out of whack.. more than normal.. and I think the vaccine has had a lot to do with that.

  164. I am desperate. After vaccination of the first dose of Pfizer on 16 Oct. I did not see any period at all. My menstrual period was completely regular and clockwise. My last period started on 30 Sep., then I got the vaccine on 16 Oct., and I have never seen any menstrual period again.
    I saw a nonlogical reason that our bodies immune system is responsible!! It means the vaccine that triggers our immune system in a wrong way is not wrong.
    It is so strange that in the list of side effects there is nothing about the menstrual changes option. It means women and the female issues in 2021 are worth nothing.

  165. I’m 41 years old, I received my C-19 vaccine late August and second dose in September. Late October I got my flu shot too! I’m very regular and have kept of my menstrual thru and app since 2015. It always started and ended on schedule. I started my menstrual in November two days late, I was cramping but bleeding very light, never really developed what was my normal flow. It lasted for 5days and then after 2 days after I thought was the end picked back up, its been 12 days of bleeding and then evening its so heavy that I called my Mom whose 62. She mentioned an article about the COVID-19 vaccine being connected to late or heavy menstruals which lead me to Google and here I am finding that alot of women are having the same issues. Guess they forgot to mention this side effect, huh! I’m now wondering if its gonna let up anytime soon and now considering going to the ER. This is so stressful! I’ve NEVER had this happen and even considered my age but honest my menstrual had gotten shorter and were less than 5 days. I just so wish it would end. This is crazy!

    1. Update: I wound up going to the ER on the 4th later in the night, they kept me until 2am in the morning. First off I was treated like I was bleeding and had them give me something to sit on while in the waiting room. After getting to the exam room I mentioned I had gotten the Pfizer vaccine and neither the PA pr RN would answer any questions about it… final DX was Menarrhgia due to irregular cylce. Lies, Lies and more Lies. They prescribed Provera, which for now has slowed the bleeding down and had my contact my OB-GYN who now is telling me after taking the Provera when I’m done I’ll have some break thru bleeding. I again explained to her this has NEVER happened but for some reason they don’t want to her that…..”its my age, she said and well sometime things happened suddenly”….someone spare me the BS, please!!!! You know I made the decision to get the vaccine after my job mandated it, I felt great about my decision because…..IT WAS MINE! Ppl yelling don’t get it fearing “population control” and “DNA altering concerns”…..I have to admit I have felt myself since the vaccine. Side effects that were discussed are now being published in articles and there for all of us to see… my Dr wants me to get another pelvic exam and ultrasound. Now, my only option after having normal periods are to most like have surgery. No support for how it got this way. I’m sure I’ll have them tell me like they are always encouraging women to get a hysterectomy. Well seems to me they’re the one benefitting off the vaccine and even if I wanted to have more kids, taken that choice too!!!
      They say the vaccine was better then the price we would pay or the side effects. And they wonder why I didn’t want to get it in the first place.

      1. Well my obgyn has suggested i may end up with hysterctomy and im only 35 but i dont plan on any more children. She said it may be only way to stop it. Because bc pills not helping. And she even had me double up on the bc pills to get it to stop and all my test are normal and they dont know why im bleeding like i am and she wont admit to the shot being the problem. I had j& shot aug 2021 and been bleeding with clots and painful cramps everyday for 2 months straight clots got smaller but im still bleeding everyday.

    1. I believe so , yes. I just submitted my story but left the age out but added it in and hope it gets published as it was a bit long but not too long. Stay strong ladies!

  166. My cycle is beyond not okay and has been like clockwork my entire life. I’m in constant pain and am taking Vitamin D and Anti-Inflammation things and Iron but to no avail. The pictures I took are gut turning so since nobody is taking us seriously I would like to THANK profusely the woman who started this article and did this. Please keep this going, women right now are not thinking right because of a ton of reasons and one is that we should be thoroughly educated on what also can go wrong with this and it’s not like ten of us. I would “wager” it’s in the tens of thousands as literally every Doctor I talk to goes off on it as the ones that don’t I don’t go to anymore. This needs to be really looked into as well as long term effects. I am mad I got it but glad when I realize I won’t die of Covid, I also don’t want to lose so much blood I die that way because all the beds in some areas are filled up already with people not vaccinated. Thank you for letting me tell my story.

  167. I received the Vaccine in March, and I have had a period ever since. It may go away for a week, or a day. I have tried the IUD, the pill that means 3 pills a day, nothing stops it, cramping is the worst, I am 48 years old and I have never dealt with this. Next up surgery to try to stop this period. Its just too much.

  168. Good that they are doing this research. I had no issues after my first and second shot, but after my third i’ve now experienced heavy bleeding and cramps the night of getting vaccinated, and my period had just ended 7 days previous. I am 23 and I got moderna for my first two shots and Pfizer/Biontech for my third one as this is what they recommend here in Germany for under 30s. This is very rare for this to happen to me, and I am on the pill so my cycle should be regulated. The doctors here don’t know what to do so I am not sure what to do besides wait but it keeps getting heavier by the day, which normally my period is extremely light, so I need to take the day off work and go to the gynecologist. Hopefully that helps. BU Alum here too, thanks to the scientists for researching this!

  169. I am Myrie I took the Pfizer Covid 19 vaccine in October After the 2nd dose I missed my cycle for 2 months, I just got my cycles this month and it was heavier than ever in my 40 years Now my concern is that my blood becomes thicker and the color also changed. I am open to answer more questions.

  170. I’m glad I found you all here. By google search suggestions alone, it’s obvious that woman have been largely affected by the vaccines. I had regular periods. I received my first Moderna dose in March 2021. The second in April. After my second dose, my cycle was 14 days late. When it finally came on, it was much lighter and shorter than normal. It went from five days with a gradual flow from heavy to light, to a two or three day extremely light flow. In July, I spotted but it didn’t come on fully. I’m 32, no children but having them are important to me so I scheduled an OB appointment but couldn’t get in until September. During the months before my visit, my “periods” were still light but grew longer. I would spot for up to ten days and blood flow would increase when I passed stool. Finally got to the doctor, told her everything I just shared with you and we decided that I would come in the following month for an ultrasound. October comes and I find out that I now have two Ovarian cysts that are disrupting my period. Her direction was to wait for a few months to see if they disappeared or grew. If the latter, or if they remain the same size, I’ll have to get them surgically removed. Period inconsistencies have still been the same.

    I doubt I’ll get the booster because of what it’s done to my body. Be clear, I think everyone should do what’s best for them like I will do what’s best for me. I’m just sharing my story.

    To be continued…

  171. I am 42,and have had 28-30 day cycles my entire menstruating life,I was a “late bloomer” and not likely in menopause. Had my first Moderna vax end of March 2021,second one 4 weeks later in April. My periods first began to be uber heavy,large clots, starting between the first and second vax. After that and still,I am having periods every 18-21 days and spotting ( only when wiping) for many days in between. I am NOT anti vax at all-I would prefer to be protected from the virus than risk it-which is why Im afraid to discuss this openly or to anyone who may be looking for an excuse not to vax! But here I am not alone and I want SCIENTIFIC answers to this problem. I am near certain there
    Is a correlation and we need to know what to do to try and regulate our cycles. Gyne is of little help here. This needs to be an immunology and endocrine project perhaps? Im SICK of wearing “protection” all month “just in case”’and its killing any inkling of spontaneous romance in my marriage!’

    1. Im 41 and my period is substantially heavier and more painful. I have very low energy. I had my booster 3 weeks ago. Feel free to contact me with any questions

  172. I recently turned 49. I have a very regular cycle. I took the j&j vaccine in May 2021. I missed my period the following month. Month 2 post jab, I profusely bled. It was so scary, pools of blood released from my inside. Month 3 post jab (and subsequent months), I have a normal cycle and flow….. but I have PMS… very tender breasts, very swollen and bloated body . Of all my menstruating years, I’ve never had PMS. It started after the vaccine. I’m confident there is a correlation.
    Given my experience with the vax, and the research I’ve discovered related to the vaccines affecting the reproduction system, I will not let my 20 year old or 15 year old daughters get the vaccine.

  173. I am 60 and have gone through menopause several years ago. Twelve days after my second shot I began bleeding again. Six months later I had to undergo a hysterectomy. I to find the premise of this research is to undermine females once again. If the scientists were concerned for us s as much as they’ve been about Erectile dysfunction, there would be a being thrown at it. The fact that they Don’t want the studies done during their research published for 50 years certainly seems they are hiding something.

  174. I had my first Moderna shot in March with no negative response. After my 2nd shot in April around midnight the day of the shot I started feeling horrible. Very debilitating cramps and my period started. At that point it was 2 weeks early. It was heavier than usual and extremely painful. I have had a period every 3 weeks since then. Prior to the shot it was every 28 days like clockwork. I talked with my doctor. She had not heard that this was a symptom of the shot. So, it’s not being communicated to our doctors. She tested me to see if I am premenopausal and said there were no hormonal indicators. She reported; however, that I was now iron deficient anemic. This is also new.

    Last week, I had my period. It was over on Tuesday. It ran its full cycle.

    I did not want to get the booster bc there is not enough scientific research explaining why so many women are experiencing menstrual problems following the vaccine. Nonetheless, I did get the booster Friday bc my husband has put a lot of pressure on me to do so. Today is Saturday and my body is starting my cycle again. There definitely has to be correlation.

    I’m now reading that scientist are saying… “Oh, sorry… we’ve known for years that vaccines cause an autoimmune response in women and it’s the autoimmune response that causes the women’s period to become irregular, heavy, painful, etc.”

    I’m not sure I’m convinced. I’ve received vaccines in the past. It’s not ANY vaccine, it’s THIS vaccine that is problematic for my body and many others. I’d like to know why!! We need more answers, please!!

    It feels like that common answer in medicine. If they don’t know what it is, they say it’s something benign without really knowing. We need concrete answers!

  175. Jeez…its amazing to see so many women experiencing problems also. I am 29 and have been on BC for years. Since starting my last BC, my periods have been regular give or take 2-3 days. After the vax, my period got so heavy, I also went 58 days without a period, (not pregnant). Then I got my period and got it again 2 weeks later, and now it seems its coming again after 16 days. Let’s hope these are the only side effects, and we won’t be long lasting or something worse.

  176. I am 37 I had first covid vaccine moderna July second moderna August. Short light period September and October I have now been bleeding heavy since November 10th 2021 it’s now December 22 2021. All blood work normal internal untral sound external ultrasound normal except she said looked like a ruptured cyst had healed. She put me on birthcontrol and naproxen I refuse to put anything else in my body. The clots were the size of a donut.. never ever have had this happen.. Lower back aches like labor pains. Cramps 24/7. I know my body something isn’t right. Now I’m depressed and it’s putting strain on my marriage. What is going on with us. I’m scared! When will the bleeding stop

    1. Follow up My doctor is trying me on Lysteda it’s a 5 day pill and if that doesn’t work she will perform a biopsy of my uterus to check for cancer then proceed to an ablasion. This vaccine has ruined me. I’m 37 and have never had issues with my cycle until now.

  177. Im 41 and my period is substantially heavier and more painful. I have very low energy. I had my booster 3 weeks ago. Feel free to contact me with any questions

  178. I got my second vaccine and booster and have had constant severe pelvic pain and intermittent bleeding ever since. I was in menopause for 3 years before the vaccine and now I am in so much constant pelvic pain I cannot sleep or have sex. Does the vaccine cause cancer?

  179. I’ve had PCOS for 20 years. I am 33 years old, and currently normal weight with a bmi of 20.

    Got my 1st dose on July 29, 2nd dose September 22.
    Both Moderna. My periods have always been irregular, lasting about 10 days on average, heavy flows with massive cramps and pains. Bleeding for 15 days is not new to me. I am bed ridden during the first 3 days of bleeding. This is caused by PCOS in my case, I have however noticed a slight difference in my cycle since I got the 2nd shot. In November, I got massive clots, much larger than usual (clots are not new to me), and it was a week earlier than expected according to the period tracking app I’m using. Same happened to me now, I got my period on December 22nd, 10 days before I was due. I usually never get my period before the app prediction, and I’ve been tracking my period since 2015 with the same app.

    I’m very sorry you all have to experience this, it must be very frightening.

    For me, this is just how my life as a woman has been ever since I got my period for the first time 20 years ago. PCOS really made my life a living hell.
    I’m not scared of taking a 3rd dose, I doubt my period cycle will get any worse than it already is.

  180. It’s annoying that everything online states covid vaccine isn’t linked when it clearly is. My periods used to be regular now nothing at all. I get all the cramps sore boots etc but no period? This thread has actually put me at ease that it’s not just me, but annoying that we are being lied too!!

  181. This is my 14 day on my period. Every since I got the second vaccine at first I didn’t get my period for over a month and a half then after I got my period back it’s been taking more than 2 weeks go away. So frustrating

  182. I’m 34 years old I got my Moderna Covid-19 vaccine on December 20,2021 Monday..And on December 22,2021 my menstruation is coming back again until now and it’s heavy flow even I already done my menstruation period in December 1-6,2021.What is the best advice for this situation.Thank you.

  183. Anyone who HAS NOT taken the Covid vaccine also experiencing abnormal periods? I’m 39, every single cycle used to last me 27-29 days and normal. My cycle lasted 34 days this month!!!! In the Summer it was 10 days early, then stopped, then came back a couple of weeks later. My friend who is a doctor, not Obgyn, says that I’m having hormonal changes. I’m trying to tell her the changes coincidentally started this year. I eat a healthy diet, not overweight, stay active, pretty much my lifestyle hasn’t changed in years and I’m questioning if it has to do with everyone else around me being vaccinated and I’m being called paranoid and basically dumb for thinking this way. There is such thing as menstrual synchrony” and “the McClintock effect.” It’s based on the theory that when you come in physical contact with another person who menstruates, your pheromones influence each other so that eventually, your monthly cycles lineup. Who knows, but I’m extremely frustrated with this. And it’s not just me who is not vaccinated who have had this issue. I know a lot of other women as well.

    1. I am postpartum and my menstruation returned fairly normal, so I can’t relate to you there, but I have heard that being around people right after they are vaxxed is affecting people, my cousin said she gets headaches like never before, and she associates it with being around people right after getting their vaccine. She works with a fairly large crew, so it has happened to her several times.

  184. I’m 33, I got my first pfizer shot Dec 1, 2021. My period this month has been unbearable. The bleeding, cramps, and nausea are no joke, having 2 c-sections and a miscarriage was nothing compared to my period this month. I only got vaccinated due to nursing school, however, this has left me against getting the second shot. Knowing that I’m not the only one going through this brings me some ease. I hope we all get answers soon, because this HAS to be caused by the covid vaccines.

  185. My daughter is 11, she got the Moderna vaccine won 12/29 and starter her period for the first time on 12/31. I’m
    Curious if there is a connection between this.

  186. Hi, I’m 38 years old and am being forced to get the vaccine to keep my job. I am terrified of it affecting my menstrual cycle and people keep telling me I’m crazy and there is no evidence it affects fertility. My cycle is extremely regular. I already experience painful periods my entire life and just finally got it somewhat under control with vitamins and increasing magnesium and anti inflammatory things like adding turmeric. My biggest fear is my cycle being affected once I get the vaccine. I want to have a child of my own more than anything and my age is already against me so the thought of this affecting my cycle scares me more than anything. I feel like my back is up against a wall here bc I have to keep my job that’s my livelihood. I have an appointment to get vaccinated on Tuesday and I’m panicking. Everything in me says not to but I literally have no choice and reading these comments I’m even more terrified.

  187. I haven’t had a normal period since I got my second shot in May 7 months ago! After my first shot, I got a period 2 weeks early. Since then, it’s been irregular, heavier than usual, spotting at odd times, and in December I bled for 16 days then after a 9 day break, returned. I’m 51. Never ever had any problems with my period–it has basically been a non-event for me for my entire life! A normal period for me would be 3-4 days, no pain, no cramping, average to light bleeding. So to suddenly have issues and now this bizarre extra long, super heavy flow… oh AND 3 weeks ago I also had the first menstrual cramp OF MY LIFE; it was BRUTAL. Were it not for the fact that 2 female coworkers in their 30s also have had issues since getting their vaccines I might have chalked it up to my age. But there are only 11 women at my workplace, and I don’t talk to all of them about bodily functions, so that translates to nearly 30% of us have reported menstrual anomalies MONTHS after receiving the vaccine. This phenomenon is FAR more widespread than anyone is reporting, no doubt because we, as women, have been taught our whole lives NOT to talk about our periods. It’s impolite. It’s ‘gross’. And furthermore, we’re constantly told ‘we don’t know what we’re talking about’ or “it’s all in your head” or ‘it’s normal’. But we all know what’s ‘normal’, yet doctors completely disregard our very astute observations. “It’s just anecdotal” they say. Well, if 30% of women are telling the same ‘anecdote’, something is the hell going on! If 30% of men said they could no longer get an erection after a vaccine, we all KNOW, (a) they would be believed without any doubts, and (b) 10s of millions of $$$ would be spent immediately trying to figure out the connection!!! I am desperate to be part of one of these studies. Unfortunately, the pittance of funding provided by the NIH for this issue (let’s face it… it’s because it’s about women’s health and it’s no secret that women are often excluded from clinical trials because, “female hormones” are too “difficult” to deal with!) probably means they won’t be able to study this phenomenon as thoroughly as it clearly deserves. The U of Illinois was also conducting a study (they started that back in March or April already I think?) but I don’t know what happened with that. This is incredibly frustrating, but I’m a tiny bit reassured to read just how many other women out there have experienced exactly the same thing. WE MUST BE HEARD! I was one of the first in line to get a vaccine when my group became eligible. Now I’m terrified of getting a booster because of what’s happened to me since getting the vaccine (I have OTHER ongoing bizarre effects as well–it’s like my body went haywire after getting the vaccine). So yeah, I NEVER considered myself a vaccine hesitant person until this happened to me.

    1. Do not get it. I feel like my life is ruined. After having two Maderna injections, my menstrual cycle is nonstop and the pain is unbearable. I have had a CT, two ultrasounds, scope test, biopsy, and no answer for my pain. I suffer all the time. It feels like needles jabbing in my stomach. Please if anyone has any information and can help me I would appreciate
      Prior to the injections I had never had any issues whatsoever, none.

  188. Same thing here. 39 yrs old, typical periods. After second Pfizer shot, my period was late. Then, my periods were long (like 10-12 days) for about 5 months then settled down. Then, after my booster, period was late, then had on again off again bleeding for a month. I have never had break through bleeding or irregular periods until this shot. I realize I am older, but I do not have any other symptoms of perimenopause. Went to OB, and she will do an ultrasound next week to rule out fibroid or polyps.

  189. In the same boat. After both doses of Astra-z, then a Pfizer booster and now whilst having covid I’m bleeding so badly. Huge clots, cramping. It stops and starts but can last for weeks. Have been on medication to reduce flow in combination with the pill. Am 42 and before Covid was stable on the Mirena Coil. Have lost count of the times I’ve woken up having flooded the bed and last week it came on suddenly in a restaurant and I had to leave quickly – people could see what was happening. We need an investigation which I believe is coming and answers soon. What are the long term effects? I don’t want another vaccine as I can’t bear this anymore.

  190. I don’t normally post comments, but need to as I have been tracking menses for years and am experiencing very heavy bleeds that are alarming. I am already experiencing low iron fatigue so will be visiting my GP. However, I am also aware that the medical community are inundated, so do not want to put pressure on an already overloaded system. Last week I had my 3rd vaccine (Pfizer) booster and am now on third day of heavy bleeding. I am pro-vaccination and understand the benefits outweigh any discomfort. I just seek guidance on why this is happening. Also want to support improvements to the clinical stages of vaccine testing to ensure the most common feminine process is incorporated. Please let me know how we can contribute to improvements.

  191. I know these comments won’t make it into a study anyone will publish, but it’s astounding to see so many similar stories. I am 45 and had my Moderna shot April 2021. My period started early, 2 days after the injection, and over the next 8 months I had nearly constant moderate to heavy bleeding with spotting in between. After 8-10 days of heavy bleeding it would taper to spotting and then start back up within a few days. I reached out to my gynecologist numerous times and she continued to assure me that it would stop eventually. I became severely anemic and finally had to have a hysterectomy in December. It was an absolutely miserable and life altering 8 months of constant bleeding.

    1. My experience exactly, I am 53 and I feel like my life has drastically turned for the worse. I had never had any problems until after having my second Maderna shot. I constantly have periods and severe pain in my lower belly. I have had multiple test, CT, ultrasounds, biopsy, bladdar scope test and nothing is showing. I suffer all the time. It feels like jabbing needles in my belly. If anyone has any suggestions I would gladly love to hear them. I would have never had this vaccine had I known it would have done this to me.

  192. I got the Pfizer vaccine in June. Around October/November started getting extreme pain in my lower left back. I thought I was passing a kidney stone. Went to the ER and they performed a CAT and ultrasound. Turns out I have an Ovarian Cyst. I have no prior history of ovarian cysts. The nurse at the ER said they are seeing around 2-3 patients a week with cysts coming in and the prior month she was one of them. Wondering if anyone else is having this as side effect???

    1. Hi Christina,

      Sorry to hear this and I hope you’re as well as can be, given the circumstances.

      Last week (after my first post above on 22 Dec 2021) I received MRI results from a scan 4 Jan 2022, and I too have an ovarian cyst (in addition to cervical cysts, and a 7cm adenomyoma). I have never had any gynecological cysts/tumours. My diagnosis is stage 4 adenomyosis and stage 3 endometriosis.

      Again, I think it’s irresponsible that these and other post-vaccine gynecological adverse effects aren’t being tracked systematically. It’s the only way to get a fulsome picture of whether our reports are true side effects. I will not get a booster until a more robust adverse event reporting system has been implemented.

      Be well!

    2. Yes, the same thing happened to me about 1-2 months after the pfizer vaccine. I have never had any problems with ovarian cysts before. The pain was so extreme, my doctor confirmed the cyst most likely ruptured and that they tend to go away on their own after a couple cycles. 6 months later and I’m still getting cysts every single month before each cycle. My cycles have also changed, my belly looks bloated constantly, and I’m tired of being in pain every month. It’s so disheartening.

  193. I’m glad to hear there are people looking into this. As “anecdotal” as it may seem I know my body and my systems and there was a measurable difference in my period after my first pfizar shot which I relayed to the pharmacist when receiving my second dose. It was met with scepticism and an almost unwillingness to contribute the sudden change to the single factor that had changed in my day to day life. I’ve had my tubes tied so I am included in a group not represented in this trial because I’m no longer able to get pregnant. That doesn’t affect if someone has a menstrual cycle so it seems rather narrow in my view. But something is better than the alternative.

  194. I’m 43 I’ve been going through menopause for roughly 10 to 12 years.
    I’ve had blood tests to confirm that I wasn’t premenopausal that I was actually post.
    I got the Pfizer vaccine in April of 2021.
    I currently had a cold (tested negative for covid twice) and within 3 days of not feeling well I’ve had a full-blown that is heavier and I’m clotting off and on.

  195. I had my first shot of pfizer 15 of December and i haven’t had my period since 45 days. I wonder if it will take months like some people said in the comments, anyway it really affects my overall health since i have every symptom that my period will start and its been like that for 10 days
    Im 19 btw and my periods were 28/29 days long
    I wonder if i should take the second shot

  196. I am 47 got the Pfizer vaccine in April of 2021. Then tested posted for Covid-19 for the first time since I was 9 years old (other than after child birth) my cycle lasted for 14 days. Subsequent cycles I have had a lot of clotting, back pain and cramps that I have never had before. Some of them since have lasted the normal 7 days some longer. My last cycle was 14 days although not heavy just there. I understand that some of this could be due to premenopausal however, it does seem suspect that this happens just after the vaccine and having Covid-19. I certainly hope for all that are experiencing issues that it is not permanent nor becomes worse. Thanks to everyone that posted. Stay Safe!

  197. I am 69 years old and have not had a period for about 20 years. Had my first Pfizer vaccination in February 2021 and 2nd in March with no side effects. However, I was edible for the booster at the end of October. Approximately 2 weeks after the booster I had a period, not heavy, but a significant discharge. Went to a gynecologist and had an exam and a biopsy was taken of my uterus. Everything was negative. However, in December had a light period again. I spoke with my General Practitioner and he said that if this continues to happen after 4 to 5 months to contact him again.

    I just happened to be looking for information about the vaccination and side effects on a women’ menstrual cycle and found this article, as I am having some cramping again today. This is quite interesting and I hope this information all of us are getting to the right people.

  198. This is my second dose and I have my period again before it is due. After my first dose of moderna I got my period again after ending it a week before. I am on prometrium for migraines so I had a theory that it blocks absorption. If I mess up my pill I’ll get my period sooner than my cycle should be. I have always been on time with no bad symptoms of period so this is extremely concerning.

  199. I was 38 when I got the second dose of the Pfizer vaccine. For the past 7 years I’ve had very predictable cycles. After the first dose I didn’t have a period until 9 weeks later. I got my second dose at that time. My next cycle was 47 days. The following cycle returned to normal (28 days). But now, 12 days after the first day of my last period, I’m having another period. You can’t tell me there isn’t a direct correlation between my cycles and the vaccine. The vaccine is the only thing that’s changed in my medical history. I will 100% not be getting the booster or any more new vaccines.

  200. Felt lightheaded for mabe an hour after my 1st shot. Same with the 2nd shot but with stiff neck that went away in two days. My issues were with the booster! Though I would have similar to no side effects. Felt lightheaded for the entire day. 2nd day is when I felt all the side effects except fever. 3rd day I thought I was getting my period. Strong period cramps that lasted 2 days. No blood just feeling like it was on its way. I checked my app I use because I already had my period in the beginning of the month. And there it was. I already had it. So what the heck was going on. My neck Pain and soreness in the back of my neck was ridiculous it lasted all month and I felt like it was affecting my brain. I told my assigned doctor and I even went to the emergency room cause I felt like I was fainting throughout the day I would have these moments where I felt like I was going to pass out I haven’t worked since. The doctor told me the vaccine has nothing to do with any of these symptoms but that’s impossible because it was all after getting the Moderna booster.

  201. My 17 yo daughter was just diagnosed with PCOS in late 2019. She is preparing to go to college and many colleges required this vaccine when it was first available. After her second shot her period became normal for about 4 months….usually she only has 1 period every 4 months,,,after the shot her cycle went normal to 1 week of menses every 4 weeks. I have a younger daughter also but I am hesitant to have her vaccinated because of these side effects and the unknown long term side effects that are unknown.

  202. I am 48 years old. My periods have always been regular and medium flow. I had the 1st doze of Pfizer in April followed by the second doze 21 days after. Since then, my periods became heavier and more inconsistent. In December 2021 I got it on the 20th and lasted 6 days. Then again, on December 31 and went away on January 5th. Today is the 20th and is back. Had a biopsy and thankfully all is okay. As I read many of your comments, very similar to mine, it’s got to be the vaccine. Reason why I will not get a booster shot.

  203. I am 40, on birth control and only ever have random very light spotting. I recieved my vaccine 01/19/2021 and started a period that is heavier than my random spotting days but very painful like a full blown regular period.

  204. I’ve had normal 28 day cycles to the T my whole life. I’ve been having two periods every month for the last 9 months. I assumed I was just having some ovulation issues. I heard something about the covid vaccine affecting your periods. I looked at my period tracker app and the month I got my second vaccine, is the exact month that my period changed. I was so shocked. This can’t be a coincidence. It’s really frustrating and I don’t know what to do.

  205. I was 67 when I got the J&J in March, 2021. Two weeks later, I had a brown bloody discharge for several days. That’s never happened before or since. I also had bruises on my abdomen and tiny blood spots on my arms. I had bloodwork done the following week to test platelets and everything came back normal. I do have lupus and other autoimmune conditions.

  206. I also experienced a heavier and more painful period than normal after receiving my first Moderna vaccine. After receiving my booster, my period stopped all together for two months. I at first thought maybe it was my age of 49, however, I’ve always been very regular and was dismayed it would end so abruptly. It did return to normal until I received my booster. Now it’s gone again. So far it hasn’t come back and it’s been a couple months.

  207. 15 yo got period a little more than one week early after booster. So far no heavy flow or cramps. She was surprised, curious, felt she had been very regular. Thought it might have been due to a day of very strenuous exercise, but then remembered vaccine related anecdotes. Not concerned at this time.

  208. I am 46, will be 47 in February, and I am experiencing a lot of the same things. I have been 28 days always, never late and never early. Since my 2nd dose of the Pfizer vaccine my period is extremely heavy with clots and either 3-4 days late and/or early. I honestly wasn’t concerned thinking it’s perimenopause due to my age. Now, I received the booster on Dec. 14th and got my period on January 9th and as of today January 23rd I’m still bleeding. 15 days straight so far! This has NEVER happened to me before. I called my gynecologist and have an appointment this week. I just can’t believe this is a coincidence.

  209. I’m 52 and I received my Pfizer booster a couple of weeks ago. I am getting many hot flashes – more than 8 per day and lots of night sweats. They have increased substantially beginning within 24 hours of receiving the vaccine.

  210. I am 29 years old and received the complete Moderna vaccine series. I received my first and second doses of the Moderna vaccine on 3/18/2021 and 4/16/2021. I started experiencing migraines the week before my period which I had not experienced prior for the past year. I received the Moderna booster on 12/20/2021. I had my period the first week of January 2022 and I am now currently on my period again since 1/17. I am experiencing two periods in 1 month. I am also on birth control since 2/2020, I have the Nexplanon arm implant. Not sure if any other women on birth control are experiencing similar side effects.

    1. I also an on Nexplanon. And yes I definitely experienced side effects. I thought I needed to go to the hospital I was bleeding so badly.

  211. After my second Pfizer started having my period irregularly, sometimes 2 times a month. Then 3 months after the vaccine started lightly spotting, and got an incredible pain in my lower back for hours that I couldn’t even stand up an walk. The next day I visited the gynaecologist and he told me I developed an uterine polyp. (I just had a check up before the vaccine and my uterus was completely clear). Did anyone else experienced polyps appearing after vaccine?

    1. Yes, I have. 3 months after my second pfizer vaccine I had breakthrough bleeding (1 week after my period ended) The bleeding turned into large clots, the size of eggs. They tried to stop it with high doses of birth control, but I ended up getting admitted for blood transfusions. Once they got the bleeding under control I had a hysteroscopy and they found my uterus was full of polyps. I don’t have the typical risk factors listed for uterine polyps. I’m not sure if it was vaccine related or a coincidence. This happened last March

    2. I have, but it’s unclear if it was before or after. It’s small so doctors said most likely isn’t cause for the increase in pain and heavy periods but I’m not sure.

  212. Hi, my menstrual cycle has been irregular each time the Pfizer vaccine was received (first two doses cycle resumes back to normal the following month. Yet, was is alarming to me after taking the booster vaccine and having a regular cycle the week the booster was received; I am still bleeding as if I am on my cycle and experiencing the menstrual symptoms all over again. I’ve reached out to my PCP. If there is a study, I would like to be a candidate if eligible and feasible.

  213. I am 46 years old, got Vax 1 (June 2021) and Vax 2 (August 2021), both Pfizer. Not much to report after the first shot, but the second shot messed up my menses in a big, big way. Like many others here, my periods have been moderate and regular my whole life. My. Whole. Life. I am a ridiculously healthy person…not to brag, but to emphasize that the only thing out of the ordinary was Vax #2. After Vax #2, I went on a 8-week trip in the wilderness, fully prepared to deal with my period as it normally occurs. But I missed my next period, then was subjected to multiple days of erratic, heavy bleeding. There was no easing in/tapering off like I usually experience. As my “clock” was now off, I thought I was hemorrhaging. I was terrified. I bled through everything: pads, tampons, pads AND tampons (never had to rock that combo before), clothing, sleeping bags, car seat…I once woke up in a blood puddle so large my friend thought I had had a miscarriage. I had to drive long stretches of rural road sitting on an army blanket that doubled as a giant makeshift maxipad. I would bleed through a Super tampon in less than 30 minutes. I would bleed down my legs as I scrambled to the outhouse in the dark. Gushing blood. All the while experiencing all the worst aspects of PMS, non-stop. This continued for three months, unabated. I had no idea when my “period” would come anymore, since now it seemed to be an eternal nightmare of fatigue, irritability, unexpected torrents of blood, and endless cleanup. Who can live like this? My friend, a doctor and researcher who was exasperated as I, told me women are more likely than men to suffer adverse side effects of medications because drug dosages have historically been based on clinical trials conducted on men. In fact, women in clinical studies are their own check-box, a medical “anomaly”. I was disgusted, though not surprised, to learn this. Even now, the mainstream reaction to this – ALL OF US – is a kind of, “ho hum, just deal with it, it’s only a period” that shows just how little women are valued. Shameful to ignore the health concerns of half the population. I know getting Covid is bad, but so is this, on every level. I will not be getting a booster.

  214. I will be 52 in May. I stopped menstruating in June of 2019, almost 2.5 years before I got the booster shot in November of 2021. I was very sick with the booster – low fever, chills, and exhaustion for about five days every evening. Then, two weeks later, I got a period. A month after that, I got another period. The periods have not been heavy, but they have dragged out over the course of 10-12 days, which is unusual for me even when I was menstruating. I am not happy at all about re-starting menstruation, as I have always had difficulties with my periods, and they are accompanied by exhaustion, nausea, body pain, ocular migraines, and more. I have ME, and menopause had pretty much put my ME into remission. Now, all my symptoms are back. I am so grateful to have found this article, and to hear that I am not simply going insane, but that other women are experiencing hormonal side effects from these shots. I never even considered NOT getting vaccinated, as I feel like it is part of our civic duty to do so. I am happy to be protected against COVID, but feel really wobbly about these hormonal effects. I hope they wear off for as many of us as possible, and that there are no hidden side effects for the younger women who have been vaccinated. I had all three vaccinations from Pfizer.

  215. OMG I want to include my history in this too. Yes, this is a FACT. I had never ever before in my life experienced a period is heavy and as long as the one directly after my first covid shot. I am 37 years old and have Nexplanon in my arm for 2 years at the time.

    1. I am 31 and have PCOS so I normally skip a cycle and go months between periods. I had my Moderna booster in January and was surprised when I got my period immediately afterwards, especially given that my last regular period ended only two weeks earlier. I have not stopped bleeding since. It has been one month of this. I sincerely hope it is temporary.

  216. I’m 49 years old. I’ve never had an irregular period my whole life. Got pregnant on the first time all 5 times we tried! My last child was born when I was 36. My mother was 56 when menopause started. My grandmother was 49 when she gave birth to her 7th child. I say this to let you know of my history of a very healthy reproductive system into older age. I always had a 27 day cycle with mild cramps. I received the Pfizer booster on 1-4-22 while I was on day 2 of a normal period. I didn’t have other side effects like fever etc., just perhaps a headache which I couldn’t contribute solely to the booster. I thought I breezed through. Then Jan 19th my period started again, 11 days early, with a lot of cramping and heavy bleeding, including large volume of extra fluid with the normal bleeding, though it only lasted my regular 4 days. I had signs of ovulation on the 26th, so we’ll see if I’m early again.
    My 21 year old daughter had her vaccine in Germany beginning back in October. She was a week late with her next period, then she would call me and complain of terrible cramps, then pain in her “sides” (right where the ovaries are) between periods over the next 2 months. Then after her 2nd shot, she was 2 weeks early and the ovarian pain and cramping started up again. Now this month, she says she’s back on track, but she is concerned about her reproductive health in the future. I pray she has nothing to worry about.

    1. I’m 48 years old and my cycle is never late unless pregnant…After receiving the Pfizer booster on December 10, 2022, my next 2 cycles were very heavy and lasted over 10 days. This month my cycle hasn’t started at all and it is 2 weeks late! My mother and aunts were all in their late 50’s when they started menopause. I’m going to the GYN on Monday for an exam and a hormone level test. The last hormonal test was 2 years ago and at that time the doctor said my levels were very high and not to expect menopause for at least another 10 years. Please let me know how I can participate it this study?

  217. I can relate to many of the stories here and hope that this study provides some real answers. I’m 45 and have had four children the last of whom are twins born in 2018. My periods were irregular many years ago prior to having children, but became very regular after having my first child and going on birth control in between. I even had am IUD at one point and ever since my periods were very light and I never had any pain. I got the first dose of Pfizer vaccine in April 2021 and second by May 14. Ever since, my period is extremely heavy and won’t stop. I’ve had intermittent bleeding throughout my cycle and can honestly say I may only go a week or so without bleeding. It’s miserable and I’ve had to use heating pad and medication for the first time in my life. One job has required a vaccine booster but I’ve applied for medical (and religious) exemption based on the impact on my body and my belief that we should have a choice about what to put in it. While Covid is also awful, there is still way too much uncertainty to force people to vaccinate when the side effects are clearly erratic and person specific. My hope is that this study will provide accurate information and will not be biased toward the companies that are paying for it. When I asked my own doctor for medical support she suggested I go back on birth control (which I never took well to). Now why would I do that when I had my stuff tied up after my twins were born???? This advice makes no sense to me and I’m looking for a doctor who can actually provide some more solid and unbiased advice.

  218. I am 45. I started bleeding five days after the first injection very lightly. Ever since my second vaccination dose my period has been very erratic. Heavy bleeding, cramps, increased from five days to nine days. I also have spotting in between periods for two or three days, which I have never had before. Although I do not feel that anything will come out about this in the mainstream media, I feel like I am not going crazy because there are others going through this. My doses were given over the summer of 2021 – Moderna.
    It might be too late for us, but I hope studies will help other be able to make decisions.

  219. I am experiencing extremely painful periods following the second dose of the COVID vaccine. Vomiting, shaking, nausea, heavy, extreme clotting, fainting, debilitating cramps. I have been to the emergency room twice for this already due to pain and bleeding. I’ve had two ultrasounds (internal/external), bloodwork. Follow up appointments and nothing has come up. No cysts, fibroids, PCOS, nothing. They offer pain meds and those aren’t working for the pain. This has been an issue for the last 8 months. I’ve reported to Pfizer & CDC and have gotten no where. I’ve read so many other women having issues but there are “no supporting reports”. I know I am not alone with this. I am not against the vaccine-obviously since I received two doses. I am looking for anyone who has had something similar to please speak up and reach out/comment.

    1. I am also 8 months post vaccination (Pfizer 2 dose in June 2021) with almost identical symptoms. Incredibly heavy, large clots, etc. — and have also been vomiting / had nausea during my cycle, but didn’t even connect it to this, until I read your comment. I am waiting to get in to see my GYN, but sadly, am not expecting many answers. This is all so discouraging, though I am glad to see I’m not alone.

  220. Im 30, from the Philippines. I got my first dose of Pfizer vaccine first week of July 2021. I was on my period then. I got my second dose July 28th. Im regular all my life. Came August my period was 7 days delayed. Same during September and October. November i did not have my period. Come december i bled for 10 days but it is just light flow. On December 31st i had spotting. I thought because i was just too tired from baking. January 1 as i woke up, i can feel im already bleeding. It was normal flow for a few days then I got my schedule for booster shot last January 6th. After my booster my bleeding went heavy again. I got so worries because im bleeding for more than 12 days already. I went for a consult but the OB i went to dismissed that it might be an effect of the vaccine. She said it could be because of my weight gain. She gave me contraceptives to stop the bleeding. It stopped after 3 days. But on the last day of my 3rd week taking pills, i started spotting. I visited my OB again 2 days ago because i got worried she said it’s normal to experience spotting while on pills. And told me to finish my pack first and wait for the “real” bleeding which suppose to come after a month of finishing my pack. This is getting frustrating!

  221. I have been dealing with menstrual changes since the vaccine as well. Currently as we speak I’m sitting in my bathtub because I’m bleeding so heavily/feel so sick and have been having clots the size of an egg or bigger every month since I got vaccinated. When I got my first shot, as I was sitting in the room to wait out any reactions, I felt my stomach cramp. Any person that has ever had a period knows a period cramp from anything else. I got home, sure enough it was my period.
    The following month is when all hell broke loose with my cycle. I also ended up in the ER because I was so nauseous, dizzy, dehydrated and mentioned the heavy period and the nurses just exchanged looks and kept on about their business. There’s nothing in this world at this point that could convince me that its caused from anything else.
    I’m 29. I’ve had light periods my entire life and then it all’s so frustrating doing what I thought was to the benefit for positive changes in the pandemic-but somehow I’m now paying for it.

  222. I am so happy people are taking this seriously. My 17 year old daughter was vaccinated in April of 2021. Two days after she received her first dose of Pfizer vaccine she began to bleed. She was in the middle of her birth control pill pack and had not missed a dose. She bled for almost 8 months non stop. She was put on many different types of birth control to try to stop her flow, but it did not help. Her bleeding was so heavy and painful. In November I had to rush her to the emergency room because she was in so much pain. She had an ovarian cyst that had burst.

  223. Add me to the list. Although I most likely had Covid back in November 2019; which caused the biggest change to my cycle; weeks with on and off spotting, followed by bleeding that was heavier than I could ever imagine (filling a menstrual cup to the brim in an hour).

    I contacted my GP, who scheduled a full cancer workup, with V. Ultrasound, Pap smear, blood tests, the works. I was told that apart from an enlarged uterus, everything was fine, and that I’m probably entering perimenopause (I was 39).

    Now, I’ve had the same, albeit milder reaction from both Pfizer shots, and a slightly stronger, but less than the first time, reaction to my Moderna booster.

    I also have a young daughter, who I have chosen to vaccinate. Considering that the virus itself affected me so much more, I hope that the vaccine will protect her from the most severe reproductive side effects (if it even has one).

    That said, as I’m currently housebound due to the heavy bleeding, it is worrying. My body has never acted like this before, not even during my teens, IVF cycles, miscarriages, or post partum. I can’t help but feel that something is wrong.

  224. I am a 38 year old female.
    I am 5’ tall and weigh 100lbs.
    I am a non smoker, non drinker, non drug user.
    I am a stay at home mom with a supportive husband and family.
    I had regular periods, at the same time of month with no minor menstrual symptoms for the last 14 years.
    After receiving the 2nd dose of the Pfizer vaccine the menstrual cycle that followed it was extremely heavy. I went through a full box of super plus tampons within 5 days. I used pads for the leaking that occurred even with the super plus tampons. My period lasted 10 days instead of my usual 7 day cycle. I had very painful cramps, hot flashes and stomach upset.
    I was told these symptoms would decrease after a few cycles.
    It has remained very heavy with painful symptoms.
    Instead of being regular each month my period occurs at any time during the month.
    These symptoms started after receiving my 2nd dose of the Pfizer vaccine and has continued for 6 months.

  225. I am 45. Had two doses of Moderna. I have had heavy periods but have always been extremely regular. After the second dose (4/2021), my periods became irregular, extremely debilitating, painful and ginormous amounts of blood loss and blood clots.
    On 10/2, I started the period from hell that never quit! By mid-October, I was in the ER. I had almost passed out several times that day. I was anemic, dizzy and extremely exhausted. I had v. ultrasound, blood work, IV fluids, biopsies- the whole 9 yards… Scheduled with a GYN next day. She put me on iron and a hormone. Hormone seemed to slightly slow the bleeding for about 5 days-mind you still extremely heavy. Then it didn’t even phase it. Tried a double dose of a different hormone. Nothing!
    Long story short, had to have a hysterectomy in Nov 18 2021. Which, by the way was still excessively bleeding from 10/2/21!
    I hope serious research goes into this as my life and many other women’s have been permanently changed!

  226. I am 45 years old and have had a regular cycle since I was 12. 4 days: days 1-2 mod. heavy, day 3 medium to light, day 4 spotting. Never many symptoms, mild cramps, pms, tender breasts sometimes. You could predict my cycle to the day, every 28-30 days. In my early 30’s, I suffered from fibroids (had 4 myomectomies to have them removed, then one final robotic abdominal surgery and have not had a fibroid since), PCOS, and infertility. After 10 years and multiple fertility treatments, finally had 2 boys (2015 & 2017). But still, my cycle was every 28-30 days and lasted 4 days each time… maybe 5 days if I was super stressed.
    July 2021, my cycle started acting up — incredibly heavy (going through 5-6 pads, plus 4-5 tampons a day, and STILL leaking through my clothes — I haven’t had that happen since I was a preteen trying to figure out how my cycle even worked), large clots, horrible cramping, brutal PMS, headaches, tender everything and the worst part, my cycle has now extended from 4 days to 7-8 days, will stop for 1-2 days, then come back for another 2 days. I automatically assumed I must be starting menopause, especially after so many years of fertility treatments, but it just doesn’t feel like that’s it.
    I had both rounds of the Pfizer vaccination in June 2021, the month before this all started. 8 months later, I come across this article and see hundreds of women who are experiencing the exact same thing as me. I am by no means an anti-vaxxer, but something isn’t right here.
    I’m waiting to get in to see my GYN, but doubtful that will produce many answers other than going on the pill or possible hysterectomy — neither of which I’m wanting to do.
    I sure hope it’s not years before it surfaces that the vaccines have indeed been the cause of multiple health issues.

  227. I’m a 52-year-old woman with normal testosterone and estrogen levels. After getting vaccinated with Pfizer, I have noticed menstruation starting about 4 days earlier than normal some months.

  228. I’m 46, I had my booster Pfizer on January 31, it was 2-3 days before my menstrual period was about to start. Today is February 15, I haven’t gotten my period yet, my pregnancy test is negative. My cycles have always been regular, never abnormal bleeding. I never had any delays or heavy bleeding after my 1st and 2nd Pfizer vaccines.

  229. I am 22 years old, my period has never been heavy, painful or I haven’t ever had clotting this bad. I got my 2nd F Vaccine mid December and have only just gotten my period today (mid Feb). It has always been on schedule.

    I have been non stop bleeding and clotting since yesterday, and am constantly changing Overnight/Extra heavy and long pads every 2 hours. I use to be very light, never filled a pad up, and would always use ultra thins.
    Something is definitely wrong and in the vaccines, to have MULTIPLE woman with the same issues. Who knows what the long term effects are.

  230. Georgia

    I am 47, after first vaccines I had two periods in one month, then a 48 day gap, then stop/ start bleeding, then combo of spotting and full bleeding for the following 22 days. (still going) Dr has now prescribed progesterone to try to stop the bleeding. I had the booster shot a few days ago. I now wish I hadn’t !. This is scary that something like this has obviously been over looked in the scientific trials. Shows of how little is understood/ or studied about women’s bodies. My Dr has given me the party line that this is most likely peri-menopause. However I am not convinced bleeding for 22 days is “normal perimenopause”.
    Hopefully we will all get some answers as to why this is happening soon and what the long terms effects might be.

  231. I live in Europe and now it seems the European Medical Agency is investigating menstrual disorders after vaccines, so let’s hope we get some answers.
    I have experienced terrible abdominal pain, headaches, migraine and nausea in the days leading up to my period since I had my first Pfizer jab last August 2021, having had some more headaches than usual in the weeks after receiving it. I was bed-ridden for several days in September and October and I still have similar ongoing issues, with some months being worse than others. Bleeding pattern has changed somewhat too but the other symptoms are the most difficult for me. My GP also mentioned perimenopause but I think this does not explain the dramatic issues that have arisen, given their timing. The gynaecologist stated it is unlikely that the symptoms are gynae-related based on scans and bloods but I feel something in the vaccine has upset my system and it is hormonally triggered from about a week before my period arrives each month. Currently I am awaiting further scans. It is very upsetting being left to deal with such a terrible outcome, while trying to keep safe, trying to work, raise a family etc. and dealing with the lack of acknowledgement of these issues by the general medical system as well as being judged for not having further vaccines for fear of additional damage to my health. I and all my family have always taken recommended vaccines. A radiographer at one of my scans was the only member of medical staff I encountered who acknowledged that they had seen quite a few women with similar issues to mine and that further investigations are needed, so at least I felt I wasn’t alone. Of course now I know I am far from alone seeing everyone’s experiences documented here. It breaks my heart that as women we have to go through this agony and the price we are paying in all areas of our lives but still getting so little understanding and no answers. I just hope this EMA investigation helps us.

  232. I’m 37 years now I just went for my booster yesterday 16/3/22 and I already had my period a week ago. But I’m bleeding today 17/2/22 heavy and I don’t understand I feel weak

  233. My 21 year old daughter has not had a period for the 6 months since her Pfizer jabs. She has always been regular prior to vaccinations. I am 49 and after the 1st Jab I had a heavy period the next day which was 10 days earlier than expected.I have not bled since ( 4 months).. I would expect this for myself at 49, but not for my daughter. All her hormone levels are normal and the 2 Doctors she has visited aren’t even flinching or connecting it to the vax. One told her to go back on the pill.

  234. my friend ‘s period came suddenly after vaccine booster injected.
    Date of first day period: 4jan , 18jan, 1feb, and today again 22feb another period.

    Total of 4 periods, in these 2 month.

    Kindly advice.

    Thank you.

  235. I’ve been looking for answers! Ever since I got J&J feel like life has been ruined! Too scared to get booster! Example of my month stopped my 9 day period 4 days ago only to start again 2 days ago this is every month! Longest one lasted 16 days! I use to take bc to not get one then once started bleeding though after vaccine I stopped that was 4 months ago! Every day is like day one and from so much blood lose I’m always extremely tired! Pretty sure I should be taking iron pills to help! I can’t keep living like this ready to make appointment to have everything removed! Thanks J&J you have ruined my life! Sorry you all are dealing with the same

  236. Unbelievable how many women have been affected.

    After a missed period I had a period that would not stop and kept spotting for another 7 days into another period again. Living the dream right ladies? Not to mention we already had it not easy at all.

    I had no clue it could be because of the vaccine until I called my doctor 3 times and she accidentally said many women report it. And after that, I googled it.. wow.. no words.

    Now I am thinking… Looks like most of us seem to have menstrual issues after the second vaccine, but curious if any had stomach issues after the first dose or at all? I developed a weird nauseous symptom that led me to endoscopy and absolutely no problem there but the symptom.

    Maybe indeed like many other ladies here mentioned we should seek answers.

    1. Natalie,

      FWIW: I’m experiencing nausea and vomiting each month right before my period starts. I was on my period when I got my second dose, so the nausea and vomiting didn’t start until the cycle after that — but has happened every month since July 2021.
      My cycle is slated to start tomorrow and yesterday and today, the nausea is bad (very reminiscent of both both my pregnancies, but am in no way, pregnant).
      If I find anything out from my doctors, I’ll report back here.

  237. I’m 28 years old and have been getting my period twice a month since my second Phizer vaccine. I have always had regular periods and this has never happened before. It’s extremely scary especially when it comes to family planning.

    I went to the doctor and they found nothing wrong internally that could be causing it and when I told her I suspected the vaccine due to timing, she said she’s had numerous patients come in with irregular periods also citing the vaccine as a correlation.

    Very scary.

  238. Hi Natalie,
    Yes I have had ongoing nausea, pain and migraine every month since the first vaccination and am awaiting further investigation. At times it is debilitating and I have woken up in the middle of night with nausea and pain. I never experienced such issues before. I am awaiting further scans to check what is going on but I have been living with this for 6 months now and it is so worrying and frustrating that there are no answers forthcoming and I don’t really know what I can do about it anymore.

  239. I am 57 and have been in menopause for five years since cancer. I had my booster a week ago and now I have tender breasts and I’m bleeding. Can’t get a doctor appointment

  240. I am 36 and been irregular since periods started at 13. I’ve been tracking for 7 years. Since my 1st Pfiezer vaccination my periods are strangly spot on 28 days. I do cramp throughout my cycle now too. Also bleeding days are different. Heavier up until day 5. Used to slow down on day 3.

  241. I had my last shot on 11/18/21. I bleed for 1 full month non-stop. I just turned 46 years and have always had regular periods. Now, I’m so afraid to get the booster shot and my employer is forcing me to do so even though I am a remote worker.

  242. I’m 63 & in late October 2021 I started my period. I got both of my Covid vaccines in March & April. Just went & got a Ultra Sound & Pelvic exam on March 4th 22. I will find out the results on the 18th.
    My bleeding is heavy @ times. Looked like a crime scene on my bed sheets the other morning, walking too the bathroom wasn’t any better. Had to take a shower to clean up & remove spots from my carpet & floor.

    1. Lisa I can relate … the crime scene part . Omg it’s horrible this was my post . I don’t understand what is going on . It is so very frustrating.. 50 yr of age past normal cycles 3-5 days every 6-8 wks. pre menopause 53,51,& 21 days !!!! vaccine 1st dose 2 days later started unschedule cycle with cramps I have never encountered my entire adult life. Continued bleeding lead up to my 2nd dose 3weeks later . Let me tell you I’m angry and confused ! After 2nd dose . Period was on with vengeance!!! 53 day cycle doubled pads , tampons were impossible to wear due to the massive bleeding and blood clots so huge I was in disbelief on the size . My uterus was in over drive with a constant feeling of contraction. Finally slows down enough to break approximately 2 weeks. Than 51 day cycle worse than the 53 day cycle . Omg could not go any where , a cough or sneeze. Even standing the heavy flow cramping and blood clots again , along with the cramping is horrible , I literally can feel my uterus contracting. Finally a break long enough to have test ran ultrasound , blood work and papsmear along with cervix biopsy. Everything came back normal. Started cycle again 21 day cycle same extreme bleeding amd clots . Dr. Puts me on a hormone pill she says will thin out my uterus ‍♀️‍♀️… would some one please tell me why am I having this issue I have never had in my entire life , I keep being told it is not from the vaccine from medical professionals. My instincts says it’s from the Pfizer vaccine … please help me find ppl to talk to about this or related women in premenopausal , I can’t find anyone talking about this on any social platforms . It is distressing at my age of 50 almost 51. I regret getting the vaccine

      1. I am in pretty much the exact same boat as you. I had Maderna shots and booster. After 2nd shot skipped period then went back to normal. After booster skipped period the had a longer than normal one then from about middle of feb – end of April had constant period. So insanely heavy did one round 10 mg progesterone which slowed it. 2 days after finishing rx came back even worse. Now on birth control. Did all the same tests pap, blood work, 2 internal ultrasounds, uterine biopsy all which came back completely normal. Saying it’s peri menopause. Blood work says not even close. So frustrating. Still having break through bleeding on pill. Everyday.
        Now everyone just saying hysterectomy. Why is this an only option. Has womens healthcare had such small advancements that this is the only option when there is a problem?!?! So frustrating.
        I’m glad I found this to know I’m not alone.

        1. Hi Jen. I’m curious, did the birth control make any notable difference for you? You mention breakthrough bleeding everyday. I’m wondering if it’s light or the heavy clotting kind. Just interested in this pill approach, thanks in advance for weighing in!

  243. Hi I’m 43 and have noticed changes in my cycle since getting the Moderna shot. I have periods that are about 21 days apart. They are very heavy and very painful. I use to be very regular and a 28 day cycle. I’m convinced the shots changed something to make these cycles so different. I’m worried and a bit tired of dealing with this every 21 days. I had a gut feeling something has changed since the shot and I’m happy to learn I’m not the only one.

  244. I am 34, I have always had my cycle one time a month for 4 to 5 days. I have had my period 3 times this month. The first week I was bleeding for a few days and then stopped, then I started my cycle again and bleed for 4-5 days, and now I started again and its been almost 9 days now. I am tired of dealing with this! My husband and I want to have our first kid and I can not even track my fertility right now.

  245. I am currently 18. Took the Pfizer vaccine and had no issues until the 2nd dose. From then I had went 70 days without my period. After that time I then started again as normal. Now I had to get a booster shot and now I am going on 100 days without my period. I still get cramps sometimes as if I’m going to start my period soon, but I get no bleeding whatsoever. It’s a hassle because i have to keep wasting period products, just in case i end up bleeding everywhere. I wish there was more data on this. It’s very annoying and I cant believe people actually denied that the vaccine changed our cycles.

  246. Thank you all for sharing since I’m looking for answers as a Mom. My daughter is 19 and at college. She started experiencing abdominal pains in her right side Friday evening and wound up in the ER on Saturday. Her urgent care physician suggested she go when she winced in the area of her appendix from his palpating. Bloodwork, ultrasound and CT were all normal. No ovarian cysts, or ruptured cysts, appendix, gall bladder stones, etc. She was ovulating on Friday and had never experienced any mittelschmerz. It’s now 3 days later and she is still in pain. After sharing this with a few people a woman who takes my classes mentioned there is some validation between pain in the ovaries months after the vaccine. She had her 3rd shot in December.

  247. I just turned 46 end of the year and after my Moderna vaccines in the late summer, my period completely stopped for months. Also had insane hot flashes. Most people said I was probably starting menopause but it didn’t seem right to me. My period just started again after a month of feeling like it was imminent, and I’m bleeding very heavily, like all those months I didn’t get it, it stockpiled up inside me. Told my doctor and she said she’s been hearing this a lot from other women as well.

  248. Im 51 and only have my ovaries. I had a hysterectomy at 23. I am diabetic and have fibromyalgia. After 2nd Pfizer shot I developed what I thought was a fever but it was hot flushes, soo bad! my blood sugar has got worse and my hormones now show being in menopause. 3 months ago hormones were borderline. I have the chills and get goosebumps for no reason, I have felt nothing short of ill since December.

  249. 35yo. I was fine with the first two pfizer vaccines, i had one earlier period with them but after that things went back to normal.
    Not so with the moderna booster. Since getting it all my periods have been extremely painful, my first period after the vaccine came 2 weeks early and now I dread them because they are so painful I am incapacitated for 2 days. This was never my situation before.

    It was worth it. I lost people to covid. I can put up with pain.

  250. Just wow! So scary to read all of your stories. I’m trying to find answers why I’m five days late… I had my 1st dose of Pfizer in January, 2nd one in February, period came between the two doses. I’m 46 and always pretty regular, sometimes couple days earlier or later, not very heavy flow. This time though it seems different – I had cramps but period didn’t come yet, not even a spotting. I am not pregnant either.

  251. I’m 53 years old haven’t had my period in 17 months, few days after my Pfizer booster had spotting, about 2 weeks later (3 weeks after booster) had cramping, PMS symptoms then got heavy bleeding. On day 5 now of very heavy bleeding – went to Dr got blood tests and have an ultrasound in a few weeks. The Dr said they have had many calls and office visits with other women but cannot correlate with vaccine. (Of course not!)

    I strongly believe the booster caused me to come out of menopause since it was 17 months – not a coincidence! I just hope I don’t have to go through menopause again or have any other issues (fibroids, need for D&C etc). I’m very uncomfortable with extreme cramping and worried about my health.

  252. My daughter is 15 years old. She had been getting her period every 30 days since she was 12! She got her second dose of Pfizer September 20. She was supposed to get her period that week. She never got. She still hasn’t gotten it! It has been 6 months. Our gyno gave her progesterone for a week to see if it would come on. Nothing. She is starting birth control pills on Sunday to see if that brings it on. We are praying!! Our gyno did hormone bloodwork on her and everything c