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There are 11 comments on The Trump Tapes vs the Nixon Tapes

  1. BU Today has become unreadable – it’s just terrible in its naked bias … and sadly my once very much beloved alma mater BU (SMG ’83) would seem to be locked in it’s own hyper liberal downward spiral!

    Disagree with me if you like, but then perhaps try finding one or two ‘positive’ BU Today articles that truly praise POTUS and the actions of his administration from the past years … the accomplishments are certainly there – from what was an extremely robust (pre-covid) economy and record low unemployment in every imaginable catagory, to the criminal justice reform legislation, to stemming the raging tide of illegal immigration, to reworking a couple of trade agreements that had totally decimated the middle class and our manufacturing base, to having gone four years without senselessly bombing/starting another stupid foreign war, to having offered veterans the concept of choice at the VA, to right to try legislation for those facing terminal illness, to having brokered PEACE IN THE MIDDLE EAST, etc etc etc … and yet, the story of the day is ‘Trump said something on a tape that makes him the meanest man in the world’ … ughhh, get over yourselves!

    Here’s a NEWSFLASH to BU Today and the entire (current) BU community: There are a LOT of conservative thinking alums who have been/are totally turned off by the endless stream of negativity from the university. This isn’t to say that we’re all thin skinned. After all, we went to school in ultra liberal MA and managed to gain our education in what has always been a somewhat liberally biased culture – in fact, our skin is actually/likely a little ‘thicker’ than most! We can take a negative/wildly liberal article here and there (again, many of us had classes with Howard Zinn), BUT it needs to be balance against a positive/somewhat conservative article too (because John Silber was the university president for many of us).

    So, at a time when EVERY university should be trying to pull together its alumni base, you’ve instead chosen to lop off a big chunk of yours … cause, rest assured, I’m FAR from the only thoroughly disgusted former supporter.

    And lastly, on September 11, you couldn’t have found a better way to have honored the country than this sort of garbage … ughhhhhh!

    1. We must remember that everyone at BU Today suffers from Trump Derangement Syndrome. They and their CNN or MSDNC cronies are deathly scared about the very real possibility Trump is re-elected. Their brains will surely turn to scrambled eggs when he shocks the world again! Just look at the thousands turning up for the most recent rallies, the talking heads on CNN don’t know what to do, they are so desperate because this man causes them so much pain. It’s hilarious and pathetic to see.

    2. so true Gregs. I used to enjoy reading BU today but it is so one sided . Equating Trump recorded by Woodward to the Nixon tapes is grossly wrong.. You are so obviously partisan ad not fair.
      The tapes actually make Trump look good He knew that the virus was serious and worse than the flu But as he said he didnt want to panic the public . Dr. Fauchi verified that Trump listened to him and the scientists. The public was already in a panic mode with all the fights for toilet paper,bleach,bread and meats. Why should he have added to it. He was working with Dr Fauchi .I remember when President Bush was reading to young children when his chief of staff whispered in his ear the downing of twin towers.
      Instead of jumping up in a panic he thought about what to do and finished the readings. The dems were all ver him for not acting more quickly . Again he was avoiding a panic especially around young children
      The media is so un fair to President Trump I haven heard any of them mention his nomination for the nobel prize
      They havent mentinoned his success with the middle east and arab countries making agreements with israel This was thought to be unheard of under other presidents such as Obama
      Why havent mentioned the god things Trump has done prior the the pandemic Why hasnt BU today reported on members of the Mueller team who conviently erased the info on their government phones What are they hiding? We know that 2 wks after the investigation started they knew there was no collusion between Trump ad the Russians. Look how long it dragged out and what it did to our country let alone the millions in costs.
      I am an independent thinker and see BU today as one sided
      The university has become very liberal You rarely see conservative speakers on campus I attended the talk by Ben Cohen he was relegated to the tennis center at west campus
      Why is it the dems are the ones that dont want too hear different opinions and often try to shut down free speech often using violence Isnt the free flow of ideas what a university is all about
      There are a lot of conservative alums . We have jobs and not living in our parents basement . We may not contribute to the university if it does not act fairly for all opiions

      He was very good and fair. He mother is actually a BU alum
      There a lot of conservative BU alum and your articles should keep this in mind

  2. This is one big garbage article. Why not discuss his Nobel Peace nomination, or about his support of police officers during the rise of Antifa and BLM thugs? Trump will win the re-election.

  3. Agreed, it is curious that 9/11 was overlooked by the BU community.

    While Donald Trump is unlikable, I must agree with the above that he is extremely competent and has accomplished many things of which the media has been unaware. Just look at what’s NOT in the news anymore.

    As for lying, Nixon (and Clinton) did it to protect themselves, Trump did it to protect the country. While saying one thing publicly to avoid panic, privately he was working ambitiously against the virus. I think he chose the best path. Would there have been a panic? I’ll answer with two words: toilet paper. If Trump had really hit the panic button we can only imagine how much crazier things might have been.

    As an aside, but in response to this article, I don’t think “journalism” as it is presently practiced will last much longer. They’ve lost credibility with all but the radical left. They are the only ones that haven’t realized it. On the bright side, many Americans are learning to think critically and find information outside the approved channels.

  4. This pretty disingenuous. Trump *admitted* to downplaying the virus? Is everyone going to pretend like they weren’t criticizing him en masse for obviously downplaying the virus back in March?

  5. Judging by the comments on this article “snowflake” should really be a bipartisan term. So one historian’s take on Nixon/Trump/Woodward parallels is evidence of an anti-conservative/liberal spiral by BU Today and BU? The historian is a BU graduate and it makes sense to ask him for his perspective during an election year.

    The WSJ editorial board had no issues comparing Joe Biden to Hubert Humphrey last week. Is it so strange to compare Nixon to Trump? They certainly have some friends in common (SEE: Roger Stone).

    For what it’s worth, I thought the Journal’s article was an interesting and illuminating read. Look at me, a liberal reading the WSJ! Oh but it was so hard for me. What a rag of a publication!

    You see where I’m going with this?

    Everyone needs to take a break, turn off cable news, and breathe. This article was one in a serious of perspectives, which is what conservatives want, right?

  6. GreggS has one perspective on the Trump presidency. Another might look at “robust economy” and see a widening gulf between the uber rich favored by tax laws and the rest of us. “Low unemployment” also translates as demonstrably stagnant wages, with people having to work 2 jobs to afford to live in our city. A “walled America” sort of begs the question of where the workers will come from to work in the fields, hotels, and meatpacking plants at the same time that we heavily subsidize corporate farming to produce more soybeans. While I am delighted that we are moving out of wars, we do so by kicking the Kurds to the curb and thumbing our nose at the European and Canadians. Is “American First” really workable? As to the agreements between a corrupt Bibi and the Gulf sheiks, all to the good unless you are Palestinian. The Cabinet is filled with lightweights at VA, Education, and elsewhere. Our differences would be very wide since I view this presidency as a complete disaster attempting to stoke by fear a diminishing white voter base.

    I went to BU in the 1950s; was a member of the BU Republican Club and stayed with the party for years, even running for office, until it was apparent that there was no room for liberals. I guess I have “matured” (as my BU’23 grand-daughter might say) into a pragmatic progressive, the new label for our (hopefully) new Member of Congress from the 4th District of Massachusetts.

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