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There are 9 comments on “People Are Fired Up and Ready to Go”—BU Students React to Protests

    1. Gregory McMichael is a retired police officer. The racism & violence perpetrated by police is one part of the systemic racism & anti-Black violence in America. Whether the perpetrator is a police officer or a vigilante, it’s part of the same problem.

    2. Ahmaud Arbery may not have been killed by police, but he was gun downed and killed by racist white supremacist and their white ideology that believes that black lives DON’T matter. It is the same white ideology and systemic racism that you not only see in society but also in police departments.

      Before you come and comment with your ignorance again, why not take the time to educate yourself on the vicious cycle and injustices that plague black and brown Americans.


  1. Really! Could you please set-aside your radical leftist political ideology and be realistic ? Suppress the radical leftist narrative, to prevent “fomenting” rioting
    and looting, and in particular, the widespread destruction of property and barbaric violence against
    targeted individuals – white (and) black!

    The radical leftist Indocrination of students the past 40 years by teachers, professors and leftist politicians is disconcerting and the reason for the rioting and looting, and violence that is rampaging throughout the U.S.A. and Europe.

    Here in the U.S., it is incumbent on President Trump to deploy U.S. Millitary troops to troubled towns and
    enforce the rule-of-law and apprehend and incarcerate indefinitely under the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) the terrorists sowing discord and violence throughout the USA.

    Grow-up, students; and demonstrate responsibility and respect for the rule-of-law, to ensure the welfare and safety of the citizenry, and equally important, stabilize the country, to stave-off a potential civil war the radical left will lose but at a high-cost to the citizenry in general.

    The U.S. government have conducted an in-depth examination of a potential civil war between the political right and left; interested in learning their conclusion? They determined that the political right
    will win decisively…and quickly.

    1. I ask you, which do you believe is worse: the murder of innocent Black lives or does a shatter storefront window matter more? Please take a step back and realize that people have been trying to protest peacefully for countless years now, and nothing has changed. How long do we have to watch Black men and women be murdered before we do something. People are sick of not having their voices heard, so no I can’t blame them for standing up for the rights that have been stolen from them.
      We need to listen to each other and help each other, so stop talking “the radical left” because it’s not radical by any means. People just don’t want to be murdered.

      1. > stop talking “the radical left” because it’s not radical by any means

        exactly. it is no longer ‘radical’ to openly advocate for indiscriminate violence in cities around the globe as a necessary means of political advocacy.

        being _against rioting_ is racist, insensitive, white supremacy. it’s yet another example of “white privilege” shutting down critical discussions on race in America.

        we can’t expect People of Color – who have been through so much in this country – to adhere to our ‘rule of law’ anymore; we must now support their violent uprising.

        this is where we are now.

  2. After reading this article, I could not let THOSE be the only two comments that it gets. Thank you for listening to the student body and acknowledging the validity of the pain, anger, and sadness that they’re experiencing. Thank you for highlighting important resources like the Umoja/StuGov fundraiser, the petition for BU to match the fundraiser, the HTC talks, etc. And, most of all, thank you for amplifying the voices of the strong, black student leaders on campus. It is our responsibility to support them in any way that we can.

    1. Thank you Maria for pointing this out. The insert by Solange Hackshaw (COM’21) was particularly inspiring and I’m sure the comments would have been much more thoughtful had the commenters slowed down to appreciate some of the resources therein.

  3. I hope Boston University can engage in systemic changes at BU as well.

    1. Punish all students and staff who use racist rhetoric no matter of how much money the student or their family has
    2. Punish and intervene when a minority faces abuse on school projects. I feel my grades were affected because of it.
    3. Remove all fraternities and sororities. They are institutions for racism. There is very little integration. There is a lot of hazing and poor behavior. Maybe more investments in clubs and activities is needed.

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