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There are 5 comments on POV: Will 2020 Finally Be the Year of the Woman?

  1. Having lived through a few “years of the woman” (as you have): The real “Year of the Woman” will be the year we no longer wonder about this because gender won’t make a difference in who has power, resources, opportunities, safety …..

  2. Nancy Pelosi and Elizabeth Warren are exhibits of opportunism and they epitomize the hypocrisy that characterizes the Democratic Party along with their loyal cabal of Democratic and rhino Republicans and goose-stepping Leftist sycophants. Their incendiary rhetoric against opposing political thought (e.g., President Trump) is aberrant and psycho/sociopathic
    that is consistent with Antisocial Personality Disorder
    (ASPD) in the definitive Diagnostic and Statistic Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5).

    Mses. Pelosi and Warren are not “role models” as referred to in this POV and their rhetoric and actions
    are antithetical and antipathetic to values and morays the majority of American women embrace and ascribe to.

    This minority element in the realm of American political thought are delusional /sic/ and their unequivocal support of Black Lives Matter, for example, and their “dog whistle” of “systemic racism” will mobilize the electorate en masse this November, and barring successful massive voter fraud (e.g., harvesting mail-in ballots), President Trump will win by a landslide.

    Meses. Pelosi, Warren and Harris are actually the evil witches of 2020 and they most certainly do not representative traditional American women. The preposition is sick and frightening, particularly if the Democrats win the White House. It will likely trigger a civil/race guerrilla war, and today’s violence, rioting and looting in Democratic controlled cities will pale to the calamity that will envelop the Union.

    1. Elizabeth Warren is the biggest liar in politics and somehow no one on the left side has addressed her problem. Nancy is also a very bad role model if her taking responsibility is “falling for the set up”, how on Earth is she a role model? Radical lefts have to wake up!

      1. Calling someone names or pointing to wrongs that are hard to verify but stick, are old ways of faulty arguments. I could do the same–attack you!
        Rather, I suggest that both Elizabeth Warren and Nancy Pelosi speak strongly for me and my beliefs and against your beliefs (it seems). So please stick to the subject not to who expresss a different opinion. Now–would you resort to attacking me personally? Be my guest. I say: You may be the most wonderful person on God’s earth. However, your way of argument is poor and weak!
        Tamar Frankel,Professor of Law Emerita. Bston University School of Law.

  3. This article was absolutely right in predicting that the COVID-19 pandemic would accelerate these trends. In fact, there’s an article in BU Today on it: http://www.bu.edu/articles/2020/pov-covid-19-and-resulting-school-closures-could-set-back-womens-gains-in-workforce-for-years-to-come/. Additionally, the truth is that as women, our competence is evaluated by our likeability and if that isn’t the primary factor, it’s definitely one that weighs heavily.

    Reshma Saujani talks about this in her book “Brave, Not Perfect,” describing how when women “do speak up, we agonize and overthink how to express ourselves, trying to hit just the right note of assertiveness without seeming too “bossy” or aggressive.”

    This article brings up plenty of valid issues faced by women, but in my opinion, we may have a long time to wait before answering “Yes” to the title. “The Year of the Woman” sounds great, and believe me, I want it just as much as the next person, but we need to remember we have a long way to go. At BU, we are mostly surrounded by a liberal population and as people, our inner circles are composed of those who share similar views, leading us to believe that the world may be making more strides than it really is.

    The 2017 study mentioned in this article still stands true, even if I narrow my view and focus on how I was raised and how, when I go back home to India, I still see children being raised. Bringing about these changes starts with parenting styles and what parents tell their daughters vs. their sons, and who knows how long it’ll be before it’s the same thing. My guess? At least another few decades.

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