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There are 17 comments on POV: Elect Joe Biden President

  1. Yes if you vote Biden you will be virtue signaling your trust in the same scientific community that has been called on the carpet by their own peers for producing such reliable data that 50% of it cannot be replicated by other scientists. And you should trust everything they and the political hacks who quote them say because everyone knows lies, damn lies and statistics Trump common sense.

    1. Missy are you a scientist? I am. I published papers in reputable medical journals.

      Bring me your sources on the 50% rate. That’s a lie. I’d rather believe a scientist who has clear reasoning and evidence they tried than a quack who invents crazy ideas (James Todaro and Scott Atlas, anyone?) Also, science is not a lie. But you sure want to believe a president who says that a contagious disease is actually not contagious? Who wants to deny that it killed a quarter million AMERICANS that he “appreciates”?

      And don’t tell me Joe is fearmongering. We should be afraid. Climate change will destroy our planet. The virus will debilitate our communities.

      I’d rather over-protect myself because I listen to a SCIENTIST who dedicated their entire damn life (yay, Dr Fauci!) than some quack who believes hydroxychloroquine works and masks don’t work. If you read historic counts of the 1918 flu, scientists then recommended wearing masks too. So, history repeats itself. It’s only dumb people who don’t learn from the past. Okay, corona may not have killed too many people. But imagine being so heartless that you forgot the mobile morgues in NYC. That you are okay with killing a quarter million Americans. That you’re okay with spreading a virus that causes long-term lung damage. Yeah, you’re definitely a patriot. You don’t care about your fellow Americans.

      I’m sick and tired of ignorant people like you mocking our work, the fact that we spend our entire lives working and researching and talking to people but y’all refuse to USE YOUR TWO BRAIN CELLS to actually read papers for yourselves and understand the science. The process.

        1. I followed your link and read through it. Is your argument that, because scientific research has difficulty reproducing results at times (due to various factors including advanced technologies that aren’t readily available to everyone for peer review), that we should look to our cable news hosts and reality tv stars for scientific knowledge? I certainly don’t want to judge before I fully understand your argument.

          1. No there is conservable respect for the fact the problem I cite is very real. In fact it is so real that recognition of it gave rise to NIH efforts to enhance the rigor and reproducibility of scientific data. Not my opinion simply a fact.

        2. Oh good, Missy. You’re just voicing a concern about scientific rigor, which I know we all want to make sure is as sturdy as possible. From your initial post, I thought you were tying that to the US presidential election, which of course would be asinine. Yes, we want to make sure we trust the scientists with the science and the entertainment (to each his own, I guess) to the cable news opinion hosts and reality tv stars. You’re on the right track! You just worded it awkwardly.

  2. Opening should’ve been this…”Like everyone in the US, Obama’s VP was not even in my top 10 choices, but I am an uncompromising democrat voter. So I enjoy having the DNC choose candidates for me because they certainly know whats better, instead of representing what the people want.”

    Seriously? It’s happening AGAIN. Hillary 2016, Biden 2020. The left managed to push Biden this far and you still believe they’re the woke party of the future that’s going to save the day? Dream on. Bernie supporters, do not take comfort in voting for Biden, you should be equally ashamed as the Trumpets. Biden is just another political hack that has done nothing for this country despite “serving” in politics for a 1,000 years. You know he doesn’t have a plan. There’s no specifics, ever. He’s going to be a talking piece for the party. Young people desperately need to realign the democratic party away from people like Biden and the political establishment he is sworn to…they have no interest in our future.


    1. There is no future in which to enact the policies of Bernie and Yang unless we vote Biden now. Complain all you want, but we must face the reality of this absurd moment in American history. The US will not survive another 4 years of Trump. The arguments you’re making simply enable the GOP. Put your big boy pants on and do what needs to be done in this moment.

      1. agreed. Even Bernie supporters and the man himself have said that we must vote for Biden to have a future where Bernie and Yang ideas can actually flourish.

        That’s why we’re voting for America’s future, and people who have personal issues with Biden and therefore aren’t voting for him don’t realize that the future of progressive America is at stake.

  3. “It’s the economy, stupid,” Bill Clinton (or one of his strategists) reportedly said when campaigning against the elder Bush. Now, Trump supporters are touting (and too many people are believing) that Trump will be better for the economy. Not so fast …

    Since 2010, after Obama/Biden pulled us out of the great recession left by the junior Bush and friends, and until the pandemic-induced crash, there were 106 consecutive months of jobs growth in the US. Of those months, 72 were during the Obama administration. Moreover, the rate of jobs growth during the last three years of Obama was statistically identical to the rate during the three pre-pandemic years of Trump. So, Trump INHERITED a booming economy for which he likes to take credit. Don’t believe me? Here are the Trump government’s own charts: https://www.bls.gov/web/empsit/cps_charts.pdf

    Now, we are in for a much longer and deeper recession than 2008, due in part to Trump’s willful blindness to science and common sense – and don’t forget simple compassion – about managing the pandemic.

    So, again, it’s about the economy (oh, and a few lives), stupid! I wish the Biden election campaign would make that case.

    1. The brilliant BU Professor of Economics Lawrence Kotlikoff predicted that the protectionist policies of Donald Trump would lead to a market crash in early 2017. He too was sadly blinded by his political bias and his prediction was soon proven wrong. Caveat emptor Biden supporters caveat emptor.

      1. Hello Missy! Although Professor Kotlikoff was a few years off. Trump’s failure to recognize scientists and the pandemic caused the worst unemployment rate in half a century at 14.7% according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The weakness of the Trump Administration’s economic policies during COVID have launched us into a 2020 Stock Market Crash and President Trump dramatically increased the US Budget Deficit to $3.1 trillion according to the Treasury Department. Make no mistake, President Trump has failed when it comes to maintaining the booming economy he inherited under President Obama and Vice President Biden.

        1. The reasons Kotlikoff gave for a market crash did not include a once in a hundred years pandemic that decades of doing nothing left us woefully unprepared for. Very easy to point a finger at Trump now but no one at the CDC saw this coming after covid 1 and if they did they had from 2003 to 2017 when Trump took office to prepare the nation for it. But they did not do so. If they had it done so would take a heck of a lot more than Trump’s tweets to undo all their prior hard work.

  4. Missy, what I stated about an inherited robust pre-pandemic economy is not denied (by you or most thoughtful Republicans). Trump, however, will never give credit to Obama for anything, but even the most conservative people in the financial industry recognize what the status was before Trump was elected, that’s why the market continued to rise, even when the polls were predicting a win for Hillary.

    And no one (not even the most liberal) is blaming Trump for the onset of the pandemic. We’re simply saying that he has been dishonest about it and has not managed it well, leading to the highest death rate (per capita) in the industrialized world, and worse long-term damage to the US economy than elsewhere. You can choose to indulge yourself, and go to crowded parties without a mask, but I will continue to care about the community I live in, and it’s more vulnerable members, by following the best guidance of science.

    So, again, if you think that Trump will be better for the economy going forward, there are many former Republicans leaders who would disagree with you (to wit, the Lincoln Project). Trump may make the wealthy happy with their lower taxes, but , ironically, the people hurt the most by Trump’s policies are his core base. (The people least able to afford healthcare.) Just compare the US economy, over the last 40 years, under Democrat vs Republican leaders. The only time we ever had a budget surplus since WW II was under Clinton.

    1. “We’re simply saying that he has been dishonest about it and has not managed it well, leading to the highest death rate (per capita) in the industrialized world”

      I keep hearing this argument but no one who makes it ever stops to consider the contributions of the demographics and risk characteristics of US population when discussing the death rate. Have you stopped to think that the population of the US at time of pandemic was older and had more comorbidity than the populations of other countries? Do you know for a fact this is not the reason for this discrepancy? If not, then why you are citing data without performing a proper analysis first? And how do account for the high death rate in Mass? Is that Trump’s fault too? What specifically did he do to contribute to the high death rate in a state that claims to have some of the best hospitals in the nation?

  5. Not to mention that the claim about the highest death rate is just not true.


    The United States has a case-fatality ratio slightly below the global average. If the original comment meant to imply that the covid-19 death to population ratio was the highest in the U.S. amongst the “industrialized world”, then I suppose they just don’t consider Belgium, Spain, Brazil, or Mexico to be “industrialized” countries.

  6. I’m not quite sure where you are getting that 50% statistic as I can’t seem to find it anywhere, but you’re right, there is a problem with scientific study replication. However, I don’t think it fuels your argument the way you think it does- or at least, based on what I’ve found trying to research your statistic. Scientific replication is important to solidify results and maintain scientific integrity, but the problem isn’t that the results of the study are necessarily incorrect, it is that the study is worded in such a way to make it sound better when published. This is what makes it more difficult to be repeated exactly. I found that the studies you refer to pertain more to psychological studies and not the environmental and pandemic studies referenced in this particular article.

    Articles I found based on reverse search-

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