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There are 22 comments on New Gun Subculture Is on the Rise in Liberal States with Stricter Gun Laws

    1. “But the new BU study identifies a third mentality, made up
      of people who view the defense of the Second Amendment
      as necessary to freedom in the United States.”

      Still trying to figure out why some people would considered this a bad thing.
      I would defend all of our constitutional rights. Whether someone likes it or not.

      1. Trump is the president of law and order. Biden’s radical left say they want to defund the police and military. Simple really. Biden, or what is left of him mentally, will be controlled by the BLM Marxist movement. Scary to think about . Only way for the law abiding citizens to protect themselves from the lawless thugs is to take up arms.

        1. You’re 100% correct. Even some liberals are beginning to understand this. Some of my close friends who are on the left have purchased firearms recently because of threats from radical BLM rioters and looters. Even my mother who has always been against guns (and refused to allow me to purchase one) said she wished I were back home with a gun!

          1. Funny. I know liberals and minorities that bought weapons years ago to combat the threat from racists on the right wing side. No better hate crime protection eh?

          1. What many people either don’t realize, or refuse to realize is that any kind of a weapon, including a gun, can be taken away from the owner and used against them. Learning to use one’s body as a means of self-defense is a better way to go.

  1. democrats want this as they think they can have one party control through chaos, change culture, change history burn books just like the Nazi’s did

    1. I disagree here, KAP, It’s Donald Trump and the Republicans who want precisely the kind of one-party control that you’re referring to, not the Democrats.

  2. We have seen a surge of interest and buying from first time gun buyers who self identify as being liberals and progressives. Roughly 39% are first time gun buyers which suggests that the demographic is shifting as more and more citizens are determined to exercise their Second Amendment rights regardless of political leanings. Many of these first time buyers also appear to be shocked that they can’t simply buy a firearm and walk out of the retail outlet with their firearms as many laces have several legal requirements ranging from background checks and waiting periods. That has opened the eyes of many who had been informed by much of the media that buying firearms was as easy as buying any other consumer product. Perhaps the surge in firearms and ammo sales will accelerate the closer we get to the November elections. The real question is whether firearms and ammo manufacturers can keep up with demand and replenish stock under these conditions.

  3. “But the new BU study identifies a third mentality, made up of people who view the defense of the Second Amendment as necessary to freedom in the United States.”

    While the core right to arms begins with self-defense, the enumerated protection in the Bill of Rights is for the purpose of guaranteeing the American people the means to -protect their liberty.

    The post-Constitution leftist meme that paints such a proposition as lunacy is counterfeit; that right, as set forth in the Declaration of Independence, is historical fact, and the Second Amendment was included specifically to give that guarantee teeth.

    Times change, but principles don’t. The so-called “3.0” straw man derogates the essential purpose and understanding of the enumerated guarantee, as if it’s hallucinatory.

    Well, it isn’t. It is real. It is documented. And it ain’t going away.

  4. So city gun ownership purchases are different from country gun ownership purchases?
    So non-gun owners simply misunderstand [ie. “blame”] gun owners.
    So the government is the biggest problem, not a solution.
    So the ground-breaking news is?

    I grew up when JFK once stated “ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country!”

  5. The comments from the researchers give away their bias.

    The fact that the researchers miss the obvious correlation between the states that have the most draconian and ineffectual gun laws and the ‘2A gun culture’ gives away the fact that this research and the conclusions are complete bunk.

    Duh, the states that are actively attempting to restrict ownership have created a movement of citizens attempting to preserve their freedoms and prevent themselves from becoming felons overnight by overzealous ideological governments. Whodathunk?

    Boston University should be ashamed to be trumpeting this as anything more than straight propaganda.

  6. “The NRA [National Rifle Association] has been spreading insurrectionist rhetoric for the past few decades, undermining Americans’ trust in their legislators and the federal government, while passing for a patriotic organization,” says the study’s lead author, Claire Boine.”
    By that logic organizations such as the ACLU can be accused of “undermining Americans’ trust in their legislators and the federal goverment”. The ACLU advocates for peoples constitutional rights by lobbying and fighting legal battles against unconstitutional legislation, and legaly challenges both federal and state agencies violations of peoples constitutional rights. Wich obviously by each challenge show Americans that their elected officials cannot be trusted by passing legislation in violation of the constitution. It also constantly challenges Federal agencies claiming their actions violated a persons or groups constitutional rights. In short it shows that we must question and not entirely trust our goverment. Since I am fairly certain that Claire Boine would not propose that the ACLU undermines Americans trust in their goverment I think it is safe to say that her statment about The NRA is completely bias.

  7. The right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. Why is that concept so hard for the researchers to grasp? The 2nd amendment is not for hunting or recreation. It is for exactly what the study revealed: to keep states with over reaching governments scared and accountable to we the people.

  8. Feel free to criticize Progressives for their stance on gun-control, but don’t try to co-opt the movement, or create some gun-loving Progressive subculture.

    1. Progressives stance on gun control reminds me a great deal like Progressives stance on drugs (i.e. the “War on Drugs), and we can see how well that one has worked out for them, can’t we? Several of my “progressive” friends have already purchased their first ever firearms (something they previously have all claimed they would never do.) What does that tell you?

  9. Did BU ever think that Maybe states, such as New York and Massachusetts, have very low recreational and self-defense gun cultures but very high Second Amendment activism because they have such restrictive gun laws!

  10. There’s no such thing as a “liberal state.” There are conservative areas (by land, 99% of America) and liberal cities (along with the occasional liberal resort or college town), which are bound into states by government tradition.

    The gun politics of the residents of St. Louis, Seattle, San Francisco, and Stamford are all similar; the ability to implement such policies is limited by the makeup of their states.

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