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There are 12 comments on Analysis Finds True US Pandemic Death Toll Is Much Higher Than 200,000

  1. This research is important and the results of it are devastating. As in so many areas of our lives in 2020, the personal is political. Systemic racism is real and it is clearly affecting all of us in disparate ways. I hope this research will be widely reported and that it will be another brick on the path to all of us doing our part to end racism in America, forever.

  2. We know that there are more than 8 million cases of COVID-19 reported in the US. But thanks to the Trump administration for blocking the CDC from collecting data, the outcomes of these cases have not been reported for more than 2.6 million cases. Even if the death rate is only 4% that would mean that another 100,000 deaths may be unreported.

  3. So 100% of excess deaths are from COVID? That is a huge assumption. There have been other years in which we have had “excess deaths” due to drug overdoses, flu, etc. To assume that 100% of excess deaths are COVID seems like a really baseless assumption. The 65,451 likely have some COVID deaths, but is it all COVID? Doubt it. Really sloppy science.

    >They found that for the 249,167 total excess deaths in these 1,021 counties, there were 183,686 deaths directly assigned to COVID-19 on death certificates, and another 65,481 excess deaths not officially assigned to COVID-19. This means 26 percent of all excess deaths were not directly attributed to COVID-19—or viewed another way, that actual excess deaths were 36 percent higher than the number that has been officially attributed to COVID-19.

  4. This conclusion is wrong and I do not know where they are getting their numbers. It is so hard for people to fact check. But the best data we have is cdc. Provisional data from cdc for total deaths is the best data we have for current year and usually only last 2 weeks are low. So as of end of October there are about 2.3 million us deaths all causes. If you extrapolate that for 2 more months you get a figure around 2.7 million. That is almost identical to last couple of years. It is actually a little lower. No way are there 200,000 or 300,000 excess deaths unless something really crazy happens in Nov and Dec.

    1. Hi there, here’s a paragraph from the story describing the data source:

      For their analysis, Stokes and his collaborators looked at county-level mortality data from the National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS) for 1,021 counties with 10 or more COVID-19 deaths from February 1 to September 23. Although previous studies have estimated excess deaths at the national and state levels, this is the first study to examine the question at the county level, allowing researchers to better examine how patterns of excess deaths vary by demographic and sociostructural factors.

  5. How can anyone trust any information about anything published anymore? It’s all being used to confuse and control! You would think with all the sophisticated technology, that the actual numbers for all types of things contributing to any death, should be readily available! But everything is being politicized to the point, no real or true information can be gleaned from anything or anyone! Trust in God, not science, is all we have!

  6. Emergency care giver here having a good laugh at this one. Start asking medics, firefighters ect. I think they might tell you that almost every death brought to er was called covid. When was that emergency fund set up towards the start of all this? Just saw this article, had to respond

    1. Please clarify. Why would we ask “Medics or Firefighters” about the cause of death reported by the receiving institution? Is it not up to the receiving institution to process the patient, test for Covid and then report an official cause of death? If you’re suggesting some conspiracy among institutions or that tests weren’t performed, I think it would be extremely valuable to us to hear from someone like yourself more concreted details. You must have a lot of specific examples to share. Let’s hear them.

  7. i can’t even find a simple month to month covid death graph starting in march of 2020 to current (august 2021). i have a feeling that the images don’t fit the media narrative and thus are irrelevant. honestly, there is no accurate way to count. estimates are fine, but don’t go claiming your best guess is 100% accurate.

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