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There are 42 comments on Are We “Brain Washed” during Sleep?

  1. This is the “tide” in the CSF which is happening all the time, not only during sleep. Craniosacral Therapy works with this tide by sensing the movement and helping its potency to improve health. Finally we have science confirm what has been known by many for decades

    1. you are exactly right. i find it remarkable that they think this is some sort of new knowledge. There are disciplines from the osteopath profession to craniosacral therapists that manipulate these patterns.

      dont get me wrong, glad they are “learning” this but the fact that they just now learned this is the only thing i see remarkable here.

  2. This is exciting research – but one parameter has not been mentioned: the make-up of CSF.

    Just as our hormone profiles change over time – and many people’s health is improved by addition or subtraction to create a better balance – so we should not suppose that the recipe for CSF is stable over time, or exactly the same between individuals.

    It may be that part of the aging process is the deteriorating quality of CSF. If this is the case, then the proteins responsible for eg Alzheimer’s may be present all the time, but the nature of the CSF during youth is good enough to wash them all away. But if the quality of CFS decays then progressively the cleansing operation will be less and less effective. It follows, therefore, that if the CFS could be re-optimised it may be that much more efficient cleansing could still take place. Indeed it may be that one could identify the specific functions of different elements of the CSF ‘soup’.

    At a deeper level it would be most interesting to establish the causes of the changing recipe of CSF.

    1. Fascinating. I suspect CSF is responsible for more than waste removal, though. It’d be interesting to see CSF flow and activity over 24hrs to compare activity and patterns.

    2. Another parameter may be missing: compromised spinal cord. I have spinal stenosis from Ankylosing Spondylitis; the AS has narrowed the spinal canal. I have had a few spinal taps and so far the doctors say I’m OK. Any other people have different thoughts?

  3. I would like to participate in a study like this. I’d do it for free. I’ve had over a dozen MRIs and did a sleep study once to determine whether I had sleep apnea (I didn’t). I’ve got fairly aggressive tinnitus, so noise isn’t the problem that it is for a lot of people when it comes to sleeping. I actually find that I sleep best when listening to the right kind of music (tends to mitigate the tinnitus).
    Always been a light intermittent sleeper though, don’t like drugs (ambien, etc.), maybe melatonin once in a while.

    1. Take Lion’s Mane supplements before bed, and you will sleep better. There is also a supplement called NAC that helps with tinnitus.

        1. NAC is N-acetyl cysteine

          NAC(N-Acetylcysteine) provides antioxidant cellular protection. lt boosts glutathioneproduction in the brain, liver and other organs. NAC supports enzymes that neutralise natural and man-made toxins and promotes the healthy functioning of numerous importantproteins.NAC supports liver detoxification as well as helping the lungs loosen mucus

    2. go to Virginia Center for Health and Wellness–you can do virtual. Tinnitus is usually the sign of an underlying infection that traditional medicine does not link or look for. Integrative medicine is light years ahead of traditional. Please try—

    3. I’m on my fourth year of tinnus, Most nights four hours of sleep with masking sound. This year my brain is making a second noise. Can you sleep with a helicopter and cicadas? Yes, had all the MRI, scan, Ent,and Hearing Specialist. Why does my brain never stop the sound even when I sleep?

    4. I think my tinnitus was triggered by viewing an IMAX movie, I don’t remember having it before that. Anyone else experienced this? I use a sound machine (purchased on Amazon) at bedtime, has a wide range of different sounds that I can focus on to alleviate the Tinnitus so I can get to sleep. Highly recommend this method.

  4. I am prompted to think about the individual who is blocking out the noise from the MRI machine during sleep, much like the focus occurring in meditation. Could this CSF wave patterns pathophysiology be related to the same effects of the healing properties of meditative effects of meditation.

    1. Yes, this is interesting. The patterns of red in this video reminds me of my last visit to an MIR scan. The sound of the vibrations was like a song, almost put
      me to sleep. Are these blood flow patterns influenced by that sound in some way. Like a repetitive, boom shica rap song… don’t know which one

  5. I would love to help with this study also. I have Chiari Malformation and have been decommissioned and a csf Rhinorrhea and I feel I could bring a lot to the plate. Having many different situations would give a big picture of how the brain works with people who actually have issues, not just people who are say well. This would also be great to do on someone awake to I’d think or is this wave that happens only happens when you’re sleeping? I’d love to be apart of any study that has to do with csf and finding a cure for me!!!!

  6. Is it ethical to pose a research question which asks how the blood, CSF, and neurons balance in the brain? I think that is not the question, but, rather, “Is the brain regulated by a homeostasis which we can enhance?”

  7. I’d love to participate in this study. I always fall asleep in an MRI tube, but have trouble sleeping in my bed. This might Zander’s the question..”why?”.

  8. Only in the last couple of years are people starting to listen to the connection between sleep and degenerative neurological diseases like Alzheimer’s. Interestingly, the VA has published studies relating this over the last several years. The concept of the glymphatic system is still resisted by healthcare and somewhat ignored by pharma. Sleep is nature’s medicine. This is misunderstood by many in medicine. Airway patency is crucial in children, to avoid the many times mistaken diagnosis of ADD, and the neurological consequences if not dealt with in children. FOr many it all comes down to sleep , and the right type, deep (slow wave) sleep. This stuff in the study is really cool!!!

  9. Can a similar study be initiated on the subjects during meditation. May reveal more insights on the correlation between the two Ms, Mental health and medicine.

  10. I find this interesting. As I have learned to meditate to a deep level of relaxation I hear a rhythmic flow. It sounds in my ears like putting your ear to a conch shell.

  11. To say that CSF flows into the head or though the brain is not quite right. CSFis synthesized in the head by choroid plexus and secreted into the ventricles. It then flows over the brain matter in the subarachnoid space, not actually through the brain itself.

    The pressure homeostasis hypothesis is more plausible than is let on. We know that high O2 and low CO2 causes vasoconstriction (narrowing of blood vessels) which decreases blood flow into the head. The choroid plexus would then ramp up secretion of CSF. There may be some overshoot, causing a pressure difference and a CSF “pulse” that restores normal intracranial pressure.

    Results in the older group would be interesting. If CSF pulses are less frequent we could target CSF production to improve toxin clearance and prevent degenerative disease.

  12. Have been taking Chantix which causes many vivid REM dreams all night long.
    Have lately noticed a clarity which I attribute to this cleansing cycle.
    Mentioned this to my cardiologist today but didn’t explain for her the mechanism.

  13. Incredible! We are now beginning to “see” a moment of the “Breath of Life” as described by Dr. William H. Sutherland with the cranial concept of Osteopathy, now taught with the Biodynamic Craniosacral curriculum.

    He also wrote about an invisible element contained within the cerebral spinal fluid which he referred to as, “Breath of Life.” He asked his students to visualize this Breath of Life as a fluid within the cerebral spinal fluid, something that has potency, which makes the fluid move with tidal motions. “Visualize a potency, an intelligent potency, that is more intelligent than your own human mentality.”

    Experience Biodynamic Craniosacral for your best “brain rinse”!

  14. Is it possible this can happen just after waking up?

    Every so often I will awake and I get what feels like a build up of something in the back of my head and I can hear a high-pitched noise, I assume is related to the pressure.

    Then it spreads all a cross the back of my head in both directions and moves its way forward to the front and seems to end at the center of my forehead between the eye brows. Also can head a whooshing sound when it does happen. This happens multiple times not just once and each pulse seems to last only 2-3 seconds before I feel the build up start again.

    None of this is painful and I’ve never actually had a headache . Its an odd sensation but definitely no pain.

    I’ve google this before now as it has been happening for years but never found anything that makes sense apart from this.

    1. I found this thread while looking for answers to my own, similar experience. On waking, I feel a sensation of pressured liquid spurting up the inside back of my head, which branches out to the left and right. It is accompanied by pulsitile tinnitus. Like you, I have no idea why this is happening.

    2. I have the same thing and also wondering what it was. I also looked on google and found nothing. Your the first person i have seen that has the same experience.

  15. The reason I typed in this question was that a couple of times a day, I feel like I’m blacking out, even sitting down; then there’s a washing sensation, as if a solution is washing through my brain. After the rinse cycle, I come back to normal. It takes about 3 seconds total, but it’s somewhat incapacitating and definitely disconcerting. It’s been happening two or three times a day, usually in the morning, for maybe two or three weeks..

    1. Your feeling might be somehow relevant to the Chinese QIGONG. In the final stage of long term practice of meditation, at rest or in motion, one would feel like that. Please ask for help of Chinese around you.

  16. I have these issues. So I want to find answers. So I typed in google I found these web site. I’m a cool, happy person, I don’t take stress, I live each and every minute of life I enjoy life with what I have and chase my dreams also I do exercise I do meditation I maintain happy relationships each and every in my life is perfect I made it perfect by adapting good habits technique. Im perusing medicine my question is when I sleep like baby as I don’t have any kind of stress but I will be tired as medicine is hard when I have a nap afternoon after lunch or after giving an examination or when I’m tired I can literally sense the blood supply to brain 2-3 large vessels in neck suddenly start to pulsate like hell they pulsate so strong that I can feel it so strong and one can see it through eyes if they observe keenly I cans sense large vessels pulsating in neck towards brain like pumping blood in waves manner producing ducc duccc ducc sounds (not literally sounds but movement of blood) and I can sense them popping up and down and pulsating on scalp. What happening what is the science behind it. Due to these I’m sleeping like a baby I can’t here a small sound also In lucid state also I can sleep like baby I feel very refreshed after the naps if I have head ache these nap will give sloution .these recent 2 years when I became more happy exercise stoped over thinking started meditating maintain healthy relationships family time I can sense these arteries pulsation are high

  17. I’ve struggled for years to explain what I’m going through on a nightly basis but this natural phenomena describes exactly what I experience. Only I’m somewhere between awake and asleep. There’s this sensation thats on a cycle and it is very intense and I fight to wake up before it repeats . I was diagnosed with hydrocephalus so the pressure made it worse. To this day no one has been able to Understand what I’m describing. It’s frightening and though not exactly painful it’s not a pleasant sensation. When my condition was at its peak it was as if the CSF was being forced in and out of my head so fast that the only comparable thing I can think of is like how the unpleasant it is for one to hear nails dragged across a chalk board. Sure your ears are made for hearing but at that frequency it’s awful, I need help.

  18. Why sleep has restorative or damaging effects on cognition and brain health has been an enduring mystery in biology. Researchers think cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) may flush toxic waste out, cleaning the brain and studies have shown that garbage clearance is hugely improved during sleep. They were not sure exactly how all this works, however, or why it should be so enhanced during sleep.

  19. Very interesting to read this article and the subsequent comments. You never know where a piece of information will take you in your research to find relief from one ailment or another!

    I have REM sleep behavior disorder and also suffer from tinnitus that worsens every year. (I feel my poor sleep contributes to the severity of the tinnitus, though I have also suffered a few big head injuries in my lifetime…). As one commenter suggested, I have been taking Lion’s Mane (and Reishi), but it’s too early to tell if it’s helping improve the quality of my sleep. I am interested in what others have mentioned about CST. Sleep is so critically important – just ask anyone who wants it but can’t get it!

  20. I am wondering now if the sound I hear in the bottom back part of my head after waking up is cerebrospinal fluid. It sounds like popping candy in your mouth. I am curious to know. It only happens after I wake up in the mornings and my head is resting on my pillow usually when I am hungry. I know this sounds crazy.

    1. Hilda – I just came across this article and saw your comment. I experience what I think is a similar experience, though I characterize it like small bubbles passing through a restricted tube … or something like that. The “popping candy” is pretty close, but maybe not as loud for me. I thought it had something to do with my salivary glands, but I have also wondered if it was brain juice!

  21. If a person truly has normal pressure hydrocephalus(by MR imaging, phase contrast etc and taps), I would predict that her/his sleep experience is defnitely different than a normal patient same age, same sex etc.

    please comment.

  22. I am not a student just an active self taught individual. I have to say, I learned more in the few minutes reading all the comments than I did the last last few months researching random articles. I appreciate the stimulation. There is so much to learn. Honestly I had no idea these rabbit holes of information existed. Amazing how quickly a perception can shift once you become aware of truth in one topic, that had me fooled my entire existence. Stemroll or Domino effect, sifting through the old, useless information, bias, fears, that was taught growing up replacing it with logical, evidence-based information. Exhausting but exciting….glad I made it before I was too old to do much about it. Thank you for the knowledge

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