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There are 19 comments on BU Alumna Wins Upset Congressional Primary in New York City

  1. The incumbent she ran against went unchallenged for 14 years, I’m sure he forgot how to campaign a long time ago. I’m all about fresh blood when it comes to political offices but she’s a Bernie Sanders socialist. I’m sure she has lot’s of great ideas and no clue how to pay for them just like Bernie. Of course you can always raise taxes on one of the heaviest taxed states and then the government can just be really inefficient at redistributing that money. Good luck.

  2. This article fails to mention that AOC is a proud member of Democratic Socialists of America. Boston University got a YDSA (Young Democratic Socialist of America) chapter last year! Check out their good work if you share similar values to AOC and want to get involved on campus https://www.facebook.com/YDSABU/

  3. Best advice anyone could give this young woman at this point would be to take it all a little slowly, lest she appear a total lightweight/chum in the waters of the cesspool/snakepit that it DC … she should strongly consider staying away from The Colbert Show, CNN and even the digital/print media until she doesn’t appear as a deer in the headlights – get comfortable with the result first; her win is seismic within the establishment democratic party and MANY aren’t happy for her as the new kid on the block in spite of what’s been written/spoken as to her new ‘fresh face’ (Pelosi gave a quick backhand to the reporter who raised a question of what her win meant to the D party and Nancy’s role as leader), and republicans will be quick to pick her apart as a disciple of ‘Crazy Bernie’, the democratic socialist who’s ideas will never be able to work in a capitalistic society … she should also back away from broad ‘policy ideals’ – especially ‘impeachment’ as those words will be used to pummel her in the days ahead … remind her that her win really IS a Big Deal, that she truly DOES have a chance to make a difference/be heard, and that her actions genuinely COULD impact the lives of many – but ONLY if she doesn’t flame out quickly, or otherwise be made to appear as a space shot in a place where there are more horses behinds than there are actual horses!

    Just the $.02 of someone who would have NEVER voted for her (based on her socialistic ideologies and complete lack of resume/life achievements),

    A fellow Terrier

    1. I understand why most college kids would be into a “Democratic Socialist” because they’re broke, haven’t had uncle Sam take a huge chunk of their pay when they need to support a family, haven’t felt the full crushing debt of student loans, mortgage, etc… yet and taking from others when you have little to lose seems reasonable. But if you get outside of the liberal BU bubble you’ll discover that this country is vehemently opposed to socialism. There will always be fringe candidates like her and Bernie but try going to the Midwest and selling that socialism crap there or in a national stage it’s simply not going to happen. Once a person starts working and has bills to pay the idea of the government taking more of their money to pass around to others loses it’s appeal real quick.

    2. Greg is probably too young to realize that New York City had free college for all, when Bernie Sanders was a kid. Everyone could go to school free, and this was known as “opportunity”, and compatible with a capitalist system.

      1. That must have been nice, “free” college. One question though, if socialism was supposedly “compatible with capitalism” then where did all the free colleges go? NYC had a major fiscal crisis during the 1970’s where the city was in the brink of going bankrupt because of all that fun socialism that worked so well. The federal government refused to bail out NYC so NYC turned to Wall Street (capitalism) and raised money through selling bonds.

    3. Yeah, yeah, the voices of reaction will always predictably say that progessives must go slow, get more experience, don’t upset the status quo, etc. Well, right now the status quo stinks, & AOC is just the kind of fresh voice we need to hear loud & clear. Better to have her, & e.g. the wonderful Parkland FL civic activists, in charge than Pres Strumpet’s cesspool currently in DC. The times they are a-changin’!

      1. https://www.google.com/amp/s/nypost.com/2018/07/17/ocasio-cortez-ignites-controversy-with-comments-on-israeli-occupation/amp/

        And, almost to script … our famous ‘Alumnus’ has stepped on a rake with her ‘occupation of Palestine’ comment on ‘firing line’ … she’s now taking a pretty hard pounding for her extraordinarily poor and uninformed showing, will lose some of that ‘new car smell’ with her stupid comments, and more than likely will begin a slow fade away … she now won’t make much of a difference, won’t affect the lives of those she’d hoped to help, and generally be perceived as a lightweight.

        Sorry to be right on this one .. but it was too predictable.

  4. So is she a member of the Democratic party or the Democratic Socialists of America? Is there a difference between the two or are they one and the same?

    Her statement that the Democratic Party takes people of color for granted, are my feelings exactly. Beyond that, there is nothing that I would agree with her on. Her candidacy is going to push a lot of moderates and independents to the Republican side.

  5. Great to see a BU alum succeeding in the world. Although. She really needs to brush up on foreign relations as she takes interviews on the subject and looks very under educated in her responses. It’s donot n right uncomfortable. Sorry

  6. Most of the comments here are from months-old dates, which is good. AOC has not been, thus far, a good representative of the type of student that BU turns out. Her gaffes over the past few months have been silly and embarrassing. Social media is replete with comments denigrating not only her, but the school as well, with people saying they know where not to attend if she is representative of the education one receives. Frankly, someone should do her a favor, and muzzle her and tell her to learn what she is talking about before opening her mouth. I’m not trying to be mean, but do care a great deal about the reputation of the school, and of the graduates that have worked so hard and paid great sums of money to learn their programs. AOC is testimony to the fact that just because someone’s mouth moves, doesn’t mean intelligence or wisdom will come forth, and it is costing other alumni and the school.

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