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    Cydney Scott has been a professional photographer since graduating from the Ohio University VisCom program in 1998. She spent 10 years shooting for newspapers, first in upstate New York, then Palm Beach County, Fla., before moving back to her home city of Boston and joining BU Photography. Profile

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There are 57 comments on Finding Love on Comm Ave

  1. Even old professors find love on Comm Ave… I (SAR ’82) teach at SAR and met my husband 7 years before he began working at Questrom School of Management. But it wasn’t until he came to BU that we reconnected in Nov. 2010. Six weeks later we were engaged and married in Aug 2011 at ages 53 and 59. Sometimes you just know when it’s right!

  2. It’s on 1st January 2017.
    It hard to express the fun involved with wedding planning. We’re both BU Dental students who met about two years ago while applying to Dental school. Fortunately, we’re both terriers now and are planning our wedding for January.
    We graduated from the same high school and his face looked familiar when I first saw him two years ago. We had been travelling all through out the year for interviews and exams for dental school and most of our conversations happened over skype and Facetime. That’s how we fell in love. I look back at our conversations now and save a few snap shots to show our great grand children. :)

  3. Elinor and I met when we were chaplains at BU in 1959. Our offices were next to each other on Bay State. Our shared secretary had a great time matching us up – and sending our names to Honeymoon Havens in the Poconos. I think our entire courtship was attending BU hockey – a reach for a woman who went to a girls school and a womens college, a first sign of complete sacrifice. Our first two sons were born at the old BU hospital and ran around on the fenced lawn of what was then the Faculty Club. Lovely picture of Ernie and Diana above – Ernie and I were in CLA55 (now CAS). He was then in Elinor’s class at Union Seminary.

    1. Unfortunately, we heard from no LGBTQ couples when we sent out a query via our social media channels. We would have loved to have featured an LGBTQ couple.

      1. Hi,

        I missed your original query about this piece, but I would have happily shared my story! My fiancée Melissa (COM ’11) and I (SAR ’12, ’14) met freshman year through mutual friends in Warren Towers. We began dating the summer after our sophomore year and are getting married this coming September! We’re planning to take our engagement photos on campus this spring :)

    2. This was my thought as well – only hetero relationships. I also think that limiting it to married couples might have discouraged folks. I’m sure there are many LGBTQ who have met and formed committed relationships on Comm Ave.

      1. Our “call out” read ; “Calling all alumni in the Boston area: Did you meet your significant other at BU? Let us know and you could be featured in a Valentine’s Day story on BU Today.”
        So we certainly weren’t limiting, but it’s possible readers interpreted that to mean only married couples despite the wording being otherwise. Thanks for your comment!

  4. My husband Rafi (CAS ’12) and I (SED ’10) met the fall of 2008 at BU Hillel. We still visit BU every time we return to Boston to reminisce all of our early dates!

  5. I met my husband that first day of school at Splash (2008). He was the guy holding the sign up clipboard for the Catholic Center. Neither of use were interested in each other, but became friends over that year. Fortunately, he stuck around for a Ph.D. program (ENG’09,’11,’13), so we started dating the following Fall.

    We married after I graduated (ENG’12) and celebrated with BU friends that spanned 8 years on campus. This past November, we welcomed our baby girl (Estimated 2038)

  6. My husband (SAR ’08) and I (SED ’10) met in Warren Towers, where we both lived, my freshman year. He proposed to me on the ice at Agannis Arena after only one year of dating (I was only 19 years old)! We got married five years later (July 14, 2012) and just had our first baby, Samuel, on Nov. 23, 2015.

  7. We met at a CLA Russian History class taught by an old Polish Cavalry officer (really) in January of 1971. Marc and I have been married for more than 42 years and stay in touch with a number of BU friends.

  8. My husband (CGS ’07, COM ’09) and I (COM ’12) met at the BUTV station my freshman year of college. We got married in July of 2015. Our photographers were both BU alumni, our officiant was a BU alum, and many of our groomsmen were fellow Terriers as well!

  9. I love this! I met my husband while we were both undergrads at BU in 2007 (I graduated from COM, and he graduated from SED). We met through mutual friends, we now have two awesome kids, and this year we’ll be celebrating our 5th wedding anniversary. Thanks for the love connection, BU :-)

  10. I met my husband my first night at BU. We both lived on the 4th floor ofClaflin Hall. We just had our 20th wedding anniversary and hope that one of our three girls will one day be a Terrier!

  11. Myles Standish Hall, fall of 1975. We actually stood on top of the building during the World Series to watch that little patch of Fenway Park you could see from there.

    Years later, when we saw “Good Will Hunting,” we said, “Hey, they stole our story about meeting during the World Series.” Yeah, we were falling for each other the night Fisk hit that homer. Where does Robin Williams come off taking our story?

    My wife, Judy Stone, was CLA, class of 1976. I was SPC, ’77.

    It’s 40 years later, and we moved from Boston to Florida to Detroit to Philadelphia in 1987. We still try to get up for the Beanpot every couple of years.

    And, oh yeah, one of the kids born out of our story ended up at BU, class of 2008. Drum major for the marching band. So it all worked out pretty well.

  12. My husband and I met in the elevator of A Tower in Warren during move-in 1986, when he offered to help me carry my newly-rented mini-fridge. I was a senior with a front single, and he was a freshman in a double on the floor above mine. We were friends first — in fact, I got him the phone number of a girl I worked with in the Warren cafeteria during that period. By the end of October, though, we admitted we both wanted more than a friendship. Our first official date was Halloween Night.

  13. My husband, Gorka, and I became friends during our senior year (’06). He struck up a conversation with me while I was studying on a Friday afternoon. We were married in Brookline three years later.

  14. My husband Ed Ronan (91) and I met during our sophomore year in college. Although I didn’t graduate from BU, sometimes I feel like I went there and most people we know, as adults, think that I did. I spent many many nights at Walter Brown Arena watching him play hockey and our Christian life together began on Sunday nights at Marsh Chapel. I am forever grateful for my time at Boston University falling in love with my husband!! We will celebrate our 22nd wedding anniversary this summer.

  15. I love this story, especially because my folks are Diana and Ernie Geigis. BU means so much to them, and they really appreciate the interest the university has taken in their BU journey over the years. Marvelous, uplifting piece.

  16. I met my wife Judy at SED (both ’74) Our daughter met her husband (both COM ’05) on their first day in Warren Towers. Our son (CAS ’07) married outside the Terrier faith (Brown ’08)

  17. My husband Rob and I met my junior year of college in 2010. He was in a ScD program in Sargent at the time and I was studying psych and neuroscience undergrad (class of 2011.) We had our first kiss on a bench outside Shelton Hall that summer. We married in 2014 and are expecting our first baby in a few weeks!!

  18. My husband Brian (CAS ’05) and I (CAS ’05, SED ’06) met in Myles Standish our sophomore year, though it wasn’t until we were both RAs on staff there our senior year that we became great friends, though we were both dating other people. We eventually were both single at the same time and realized we wanted more than friendship! We ended up going to different medical schools but dated long-distance, then couples-matched together for residency and now we’re both practicing pediatricians. We were married in 2014 after seven years of dating…and twelve years after running into each other at Myles!

  19. My wife, Zenda, (COM’99) and I (SMG’98) met at the GSU on one of the last days of her freshman year and my sophomore year. We tied the knot in 2004 surrounded by tons of Alumni… 12 years down, 88 more to go… GO BU!!

  20. We met through very close friends during our senior year (Adam, ENG ’02 and me, CFA ’02 & ’03) and soon realized that our paths crossed many times during the previous years although we did not know it then. After almost nine years together, we married in May 2011 and welcomed our daughter in Dec 2012 and our son in Jan 2015 and while we were tempted to name them Scarlet and Rhett, we did not :) We celebrated our first wedding anniversary in Boston and made a special visit to campus for old times sake. We are looking forward to bringing our children there for a visit soon to show them where our family’s story began!

  21. Marsh Chapel is the place where my husband and I both met as freshmen undergrads in CFA and CAS. Fast forward to 2 months after graduation, when we wed in that very chapel where we met. Even Rhett the Terrier was a special guest during our wedding reception, wearing his finest tuxedo before slipping into the jersey of our beloved BU hockey team! Forever and always a BU couple!

  22. My husband Zach and I met within the first few weeks of my freshman year (2002). Zach was a Sophomore but had friends that lived in Rich Hall where I was living. He had a party at his off campus house and one of his friends invited me. We dated all four years of college and got married in 2010. We just had our daughter last year and we have been together for 13 years!

  23. My husband and I met in 1980, my freshman year and his junior. We lived on the same floor in a brownstone on Buswell St. I was so upset not to be in a freshman dorm but later appreciated how nice the brownstone was vs the craziness of Warren Towers. We started actually dating in the summer of 1981 and have been married 31 years. We have a son, 22 who is a first year environmental law student at Vermont Law.

  24. My husband, Colonel Jody Miller (CAS ’91) and I (CAS ’93) met at a ROTC award banquet in April 1991. We married in 1994 and have been together for the entirety of his Army career, to include 14-moves and about 10-years separated by deployments and training. We have two boys, ages 16 & 14.

    1. Stacy,

      Wow! You and your husband must have done things right to survive those 14 moves and 10 years of physical separation! You’re an inspiration to all married couples.

  25. We join the BU couples! I met my husband my Senior year at BU (CAS ’89) (previously CLA) He had just started his first year at BU Dental School, class 1992!! We celebrate this year our 24th year anniversary and this year we had the honor to take our daughter to start her freshmen year at BU!!! CGS class of 2019!!

  26. My fiancé Joe Harvey and I (both CAS ’10) met at orientation the summer before freshman year (2006). We are both from Colorado and actually went to high school 10 minutes away from each other at schools that competed in sports, but we never met in Colorado. He and his best friend, Adam Waters (CAS ’10), decided to go to BU and I met Adam first at orientation. I couldn’t believe there was another student from Colorado, I was so excited. And then he introduced me to Joe, and now I had two Colorado friends in Boston. I also immediately had a crush on Joe, because he’s funny and easy going and very cute. Of course, he had a girlfriend at the time, so we were just friends. And that was our story through almost 4 years of college. I loved hanging out with my Colorado friends, and especially when I was home sick, but I always secretly pined over Joe. All of my friends knew I had a crush on him, but I did a good job of hiding it from Joe. When he was finally single at the beginning of senior year, I had thought of us as friends for so long that I didn’t even tell him how I really felt. It took a whole year of hanging out and flirting a little for both of us to finally realize our feelings were mutual. We started our relationship during Senior Week right before graduation, and right before Joe was heading back to Colorado and I was staying in Boston for the summer, both unsure of our future plans. I think the only thing we both knew was that we were right for each other. I moved back to Colorado that fall and we’ve been together ever since. I don’t know how I was so lucky to meet the greatest Colorado guy out in Boston. Needless to say, we both know that going to BU was the best decision we’ve made. After 10 years of knowing each other and 6 years of dating, we’ll be getting married September 30 in Colorado with many of our fellow Terriers there to share in our joy. Proud to BU!

  27. Add one more couple to your list! In the spring of my senior year (SMG ’89) I met Kristi Jackson Brown (COM ’91). We hit it off right away but didn’t think there was much chance of a long term relationship because I was done in a couple months–boy were we wrong! Coming up on our 24th wedding anniversary! We have a boy and girl, 18 and 16 who are both amazing! Thinking back on it, the path we took was wildly unpredictable but I wouldn’t change a thing!

  28. My husband (COM ’08) and I (CFA ’06) met fencing épée at the BU Fencing Club. We’d both been drawn there by our childhood love of swashbuckling stories like The Three Musketeers and Captain Blood. At our wedding, a number of fellow BU fencers (including another married couple from the team) presented us with a wooden sword that they’d passed around for all the guests to sign. The couple that slays together stays together! ;)

  29. I saw her in Stats class in sophomore year 2012 and I remember telling my buddy “Who is that Goddess? Thats the kind of girl I would love to meet but I could never wind up with” and I so didnt act on it at the time. She dropped the class for another soon after. A semester later, I joined ZBT and there she was at my first party. I went up to her, she recognized me from class, and we hit it off. For a while we were just really good friends until New Years 2014-2015. She invited me to her place and I got snowed in for a week. After seeing how well I got along with her family, she finally gave me a chance at more. We have been together ever since and plan to get married in the distant future.

  30. Don MacLeod (CLA 58, SED 65) and I (SED 61, 69) met in 1958 when Don was an All-American hockey player and Captain of the Baseball Team. We were married in 1962 after he returned from playing 4 years in the Braves Organization. We have been married for 53 years and have 3 grown children and 8 grandchildren. Don was inducted into the BU Hall of Fame in 1973.

  31. I love this story! My husband (GRS ’99) and I (COM ’99) first met when he was my TA (whoops! we didn’t start dating until the semester finished, promise) for Astronomy 101. The first day of class, when he walked in, I turned to the girl sitting next to me (whom I have never spoken to, before or since — weirdly she never sat near me again) and said either “I’m going to marry him” or “I’m going to have his children.” It doesn’t really matter, though, both ended up being true, because I’m either persistent or it was meant to be.

  32. My wife Tiffany (CAS ’97, ’01) and I (CAS ’96) met in 1998 through her then-roommate Janine Waldman (Guido) (CAS ’97) via participation on the CAS Young Alumni Committee. Tiffany & I realized we recognized each other, as we had overlapping social circles and mutual friends. We started dating a few weeks later, with our shared love of BU being a huge part of our lives ever since.

    We finally got engaged in 2011 and married in 2013. We incorporated BU throughout our engagement and wedding, from me hiring Rhett to surprise Tiffany during my proposal, to our engagement photos throughout the BU campus, and to our wedding that was attended by 33 fellow BU alumni.

    We’ve lived in Boston throughout our time together and remain involved in the BU alumni community as well as continue our feverish support of BU hockey. Let’s go Terriers!

  33. I think we may be the most recently married BU couple–my husband Anik and I got married 3 weeks ago! We met as freshmen in ’08, started dating in 2011, and just got married on our 5th anniversary!

  34. I walked into a room at work with my BU sweater on. The girl, who was sitting there, said ‘you go to BU! I go to BU too!’ That was 31 years ago. That girl and I have been married for the past 27 of those 31 years.

  35. I (Questrom ’88, ’94) met my wife Maura (MET ’92) when we were both working at the Registrar’s Office (different areas!) in 1989. We started dating a couple of years later, got married at Marsh Chapel in 1994, and have been blissfully happy ever since! I still work at BU (Questrom), and our older daughter attends BU Academy. Both of our daughters have been taught two things since they could speak: “Who is the greatest hockey player of all time?” (“Bobby Orr”) and “Where will you NEVER go to college?” (“BC”)

  36. My husband, Ritchard, CLA ’80 and I, SAR ’80 met the 3rd week of freshman year at BU, Sept 1976, in Warren Towers, the Zoo. We started dating over winter break . We both graduated in 1980, And married in 1982, after 6 years of dating. We now live in NJ and have 2 sons ages 28 & 25.

  37. We found love at BU too! In 1982 I was freshman in Warren and my roomie was obsessed with a guy from student gov’t that appeared on the cover of the Freep. For the next two years every time she passed him on campus, she came home and excitedly told us how she saw “Craig” today! My junior year I sat in an orientation meeting for West Campus RA’s and was chatting unsuspectingly with a guy by the same name. When the meeting began and we stood to introduce ourselves, he said his full name and I began to laugh. I told him the story, we struck up a friendship and a few months later we began dating! Six years later we were married – after I graduated COM’86 and he graduated CLA’85, LAW’88! Twenty-three years later our oldest daughter graduated in the BU class of CLA’13 (and worked as an RA too!). We love BU for lots of reasons but the best reason is our 26 year marriage and the 3 beautiful kids it brought us! Go Terrier Love!

  38. This may not strictly count, but I graduated CLA/CAS in 1985, and married a girl from BU Binghamton University :-) She did come visit me on campus (I reciprocated and visited her “BU”), and loved our campus, so I treat her as an honorary “BU” grad !
    Our son has his application in now…

  39. It all started Valentines Day weekend 2000 at the old T.G.I. Friday’s on Newbury…fast forward to now…dating 16 years…married Mayra Cortez, CAS ’03, almost 11 and our own little Terrier hopefully class of 2037 – Julio Cotto, CAS ’03

  40. My husband of 6 years (CFA ’06) and I (SED ’06) met freshman year through mutual friends. Though it took almost 2 years for us to finally get together, we had our first date on July 4th 2004 in Boston. We have many great memories at BU, especially our wedding at Marsh Chapel in 2009. We now have a 6 month old son, and we can’t wait to take him back to BU to share all of the wonderful memories we had there. Thanks for a fun story!

  41. I would have loved to see more diversity of couples considering this article seems mainly focused on white heterosexual couples. Still, very cute stories

  42. There are numerous BU alumni on Cape Cod. We haven’t begun to reach them. We have a handful of alumni at Cape Cod events. How can we expand on our attendance?

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