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There are 12 comments on Students Turn to Crowdfunding to Pay for College

  1. Given the horrifically high prices that BU and other universities are able to get away with fleecing the up and coming generation with it’s hardly surprising that students would turn to these sort of desperate measures.

  2. Yes BU is insanely expensive, and I don’t doubt that people have a hard time paying for it. I commend students for being brave enough to ask for help, but don’t understand how some students can ask in good faith. Take Breanna Allen for example, she is asking for help with tuition but going to the Bahamas for spring break? If you are so tight on money to be asking your peers and strangers for money to pay for your tuition, you shouldn’t be going on an expensive spring break.

  3. The trip the the Bahamas is not being paid for by my family. I was lucky enough to be offered the trip as a gift and I’m very grateful for the opportunity. Respectfully, Breanna Allen

  4. Cost of college goes far beyond problems at BU. I went to a local state college, lived at home, worked full time and paid off every penny. I had no “college experience”, no friends or student clubs, no activities or team sports, no extra curriculars or time spent conversing on campus. I parked, went to class, then went to work. This is such a regret even though I am debt free and a graduate student at BU. The cost of college needs to go down but also the worth of the degree needs to go up first. Boston University is a school of excellence and It can charge so much because people actually want to go here. A great balance needs to be found and can I suggest 0% interest student loans. Thank you for your story Breanna and I wish you much success and happiness.

  5. Breanna, with respect, the money for the Bahamas should be redirected to your education. Otherwise you’ve effectively asked people to fund your vacation. Did they know when they donated that you could afford an overseas holiday?

    1. like I said. My family is not paying for the trip and we weren’t given money. We were given a trip. It’s not something you can return and get cash from so why should we say no? It was a present and we are very grateful.

      1. “The trip the the Bahamas”

        Chris, please check the map yourself. The Bahamas are not a suburb of Miami. Whichever definition you use for “overseas” — to a foreign country, or a place across the water — the Bahamas qualify as an independent island nation.

        Breanna, I do mean “with respect.” You are struggling with many challenges while earning an education, an impressive effort. But this story, & the information you provide for it, raise significant questions. The story itself is muddled. best of luck to you.

  6. For students who are doing competitive sports, I recommend sports crowdfunding platform http://makeachamp.com

    There’s a whole generation of Canadian and american students who’ve been able to fund their athletic dreams (+also side expenses) with the platform

  7. This Story is the Great Example for all over the world to raise money for their own by crowdfunding and it shows that there are the people who believes in education and humanity. A great Example for all.

  8. I thought a scheme where everyone pays a percentage of income to some sort of elected body to coordinate its fair distribution as direct payments to under/post grad students and universities based on clear criteria, would be cheaper alround, easier and fairer? Economy of scale and all that, we could even have the students when they had finished pay into the scheme as well.

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