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There are 11 comments on From Childhood Trauma, Adult Tumors

  1. Those who have experienced childhood trauma are also more likely (perhaps due to depression and anxiety) to be more overweight and eat more unhealthy food. I wonder how much impact these two factors above have on the tumors (which again have been linked to being oveweight and an increased amount of estrogen).
    It will be very interesting to compare grown ups of childhood trauma who are normal weight and eating healthy vs those who are obese and eating an unhealthy diet. I wonder how much less the risk of fibroids and tumors is in the first group.
    Yes, America has the highest incidence of this in women in industrialized countries, but don’t we also have the highest number of people being overweight and eating unhealthy?
    While correlation does not mean causation…it just might, and it might be worth looking into.
    Great article by the way on the subject that impacts most women and we don’t talk much about it!

    1. Well, I’m a grown up who eats very well but who still suffers from infertility due to PCOS which isn’t mentioned here. However, I’m sure the raise in my cortisol level due to excruciating traumatic events as a child didn’t enhance my hormones. I was very abused as a child so there is one for you and I am not obese.

    1. I agree completely. I’ve known a few people who were raped at a very young age and it didn’t even mention scar tissue being a cause for the things you mentioned or fibroids.

  2. On 11/4/11 I will have a hysterectomy because I can no longer stand the pain of my menstrual cycles. I am 43. I was first molested for years at 6 by a baby sitter’s teenage son, then again at 12 and then at 19 and raped at 19. Anonymous, stay that way because the obviousness is that you are also beyond ignorant (I guess you are a man too). So you hate fattys and it must be the fat-fattys fault. Did YOU ever consider that that the result of making unhealthy choices is at first a beginning in childhood, brought on by irresponsible parents and that the overwhelming isolation and pain of being a molested child will result in unhealthy decisions as an adult- an adult survivor of childhood molestation. Yes, I am a fat-fat-fatty, diagnosed bipolar at 19 too, adult survivor of childhood molestation and rape, and I am having my uterus ripped out of me on 11/4/11. What did I want to become when I grew up? From earliest recollection: a mother.

    And Lili, you are so right. There is so much research coming out that childhood sexual abuse is not just a cause of fibroid tumors but all the above you mentioned and actually anything that results in problems around the pelvic area like irritable bowel syndrome – another of my ailments- oh and vaginismus- the challenging part of being penetrated during sexual intercourse. That one is really fun to deal with!!

    So Anonymous, before laying down uneducated and myopic narrow minded judgement, maybe you should consider that some twisted sickening man or boy laid their hands on that little girl who is now the fat-fat-fatty. Us fattys are the last safe joke, the last okay demographic to make fun of, belittle and humiliate- to those that do- you are not much better then the molester that contributed in our obesity.

    1. Hey I have read your story and my heart bleeds
      Although I have been raped repeatedly from the age of 6-10yrs old from a family friend. I did get the chance to have a child. I’m thinking that I may have been able to have a child due to my very young pregnancy. As soon as I was 17 I fell in love and wanted a child badly.
      But now I’m 48
      I had check ups because of soo much pain during sex. Bladder issues. Bowel Constipation.
      And have just been told that I have a huge fibroid on my uterus and also those ovarian polyps. I also have a retroverted uterus. Which I have noticed after speaking with other women who have been abused at a young age. I would like to know if anyone else suffers from this as well. I also went on this site just to see if my problems were related from my past. Funnily enough. Majority speaks.
      My rape had to be kept a secret as I guess all of you for the same reasons.
      Now. I was quite on the opposite end of the weight problem. I didn’t eat. I was as skinny as a rake. I mean frightful. Anorexic looking. I just couldn’t eat.
      And in those times
      It was. Eat what’s put in front of you or you’ll get nothing more to eat. And my mum meant it. So My stomach shrunk. Yet even after my parents took me to the drs about being sooo thin, for years. the dr kept saying. She’s healthy. And i still am. But now I have to have a hysterectomy. I have already had a hemorrhoid operation before the age of 30. Because of the abuser.
      I’m unsure if this was from the penetration there too or what I have read on here. About the bowel troubles. And having a retroverted uterus makes it difficult to pass motion.
      I found this read very interesting and eye opening. And I feel so sorry for you that you couldn’t bare children. I hear you and wish that I could just exchange numbers. One day I would like to be able to have the courage to talk out loud about all of this.
      All the best for all you do. And if you were my friend. Big or small. I’d luv ya just as equally. Ok
      Stuff these one eyed people

  3. I was told I had fibroids in my 20’s.
    I am not overweight and I was molested as a child at the age of 6.
    I am now 45. No one in my family has them just me.
    For some reason I think my fibroid was caused by this.
    My Dr wants me to have a hysterectomy and currently has me taking some pills to stop my cycle.
    I am scared would really like to hear from someone in my situation.

  4. My sister was raped and molested and I was molested by a family member as children. For my sister it was ongoing since she was 2 and myself when I was 9. We are now 42 and 46 years old. I have never had a problem with fibroid tumors or heavy bleeding. However, my sister now has on going heavy bleeding for weeks at a time and is going to have an ultrasound to find out why. She had fibroid tumors when she was 19 and was treated. Her doctor feels she could now have them again or it could be endometriosis, cysts, polyps or cancer. I came across this page trying to find out if all her problems might be caused by being raped very often as a child. She has been overweight most of her life and just recently shed the pounds. I have been overweight off and on since my 20’s. I really feel, especially after reading these responses that the reason is caused by childhood trauma.

  5. Have just been diagnosed with intramural fibroids. Lots of them. My very first thought was “So, my uterus is in pain. I wonder if this is the physical manestation of the emotional traumas I’ve had because of my uterus. Did being abused as a child, raped as a teenager and then raped by my partner have anything to do with this?” Googled ‘intramural fibroids emotion” and this is the first scholarly article to appear. Feels like bias confirmation, yet this is an academic study. My thoughts are that this is not necessarily evidence of sexual abuse, by of being subjected to ridiculous stress. My adrenal glands are fatigued (domestic violence for over 2 decades) and my cortisol stores were also nearly depleted. Living on the edge, kept in a state of stress, or on a reactive emotional rollercoaster with fear, grief, panic, depression from both neglect and abuse. Living in a state of regular flight/fight/freeze/fawn has surely caused physical symptoms. Support and positive intervention? Nope. Encouraging to see the girls that do get that have lower rates of fibroids. That at least is positive.

  6. Is it possible that child sexual abuse is also a contributing factor to a retroverted uterus? My older sister has a one, I do; and along with two of my four sister’s, suffered painful and very heavy menses. One sister has had a hysterectomy and all four of us suffered from abnormal, either very late or very early, start to menses. The other sisters suspect that they two have/had mild to moderate retroversions and will confirm their suspicions.
    In my mind, given the very delicate nature of the female anatomy, sexual abuse contributed to retroversion and many other issues that afflict victims as they matured.
    It only makes sense and it doesn’t require reams of medical documents and dense study reports to confirm what the body already knows. It seems that the mind knows it too, but not at the level that body registers the damage.

  7. I was molested by an older cousin. I had horrible periods had a hysterectomy at 39 no children. Ended up after years of diagnosed with fibroids to have Adenomyosis. I also have IBS and many health issues. I believe I was always sterile.

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