May 24–June 10 | Opening May 24 @ 5:30 p.m.
Stone Gallery
855 Commonwealth Avenue
Tuesday–Sunday from 12 to 5 p.m.

Crossroads (Choreographies) is a multidisciplinary project that explores the idea of movement through an art installation as well as video and performances. Curated by Raquel Peula and Fran Ramallo, this is the first solo exhibition of London-based artist Rosana Antolí in the United States. Antolí, already successful in Europe, brings us “collective choreography” with a new perspective on transit and moving identities. In her own words, her work “focuses on the rhythm of urban spaces and the geographical gestures of the human body.”

By living in a globalized world, we all increasingly follow imposed itineraries. Art – a mirror of life in transit that is never detached from the many forms of human movement – offers new possibilities of motion, more gentle and amiable, to reflect upon. The space and the circular structures filling it establish a route that incorporates old codes and new interpretations. The spectator is inevitably transformed into another element in transit, provoking further possibilities for reflection where physical movements – and encounters – lead to psychological shifts. To think is to move.

Curated by Raquel Peula & Fran Ramallo

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